What do you want to know about the 2016 MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas?

That’s right everybody, it is MotoGP time once again. With the loss of the races in Indy and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, this race at COTA marks the only time that MotoGP will be hitting the shores of the US of A. And unlike last year, I have media access for this weekend so I’ll be in and out of the paddock all.

So, my dear readers, if there is anything you want me to try to tackle this weekend please let me know in the comments.

Formula Fun: Thunder Down Under

This time last year I was talking about how the race in Australia was a curious one. We had more retirements than any race the year prior, and the Mercedes duo were able to walk away with it again. This year was different in as many ways as it was the same. It was still a Mercedes one two, with a Ferrari behind them, but that isn’t the real story of this years Australian GP. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Guess Who’s Back, Back Again?

Renault’s back, tell a friend! Also, we are back for another exciting Formula 1 season here at Hooniverse. At the time of this writing, it is Thursday morning in the United States and the first press conference of the year has already taken place. Teams are renamed, drivers are back, drivers are gone, and we have a brand new American team. Let’s get caught up, shall we? … Continue Reading

The Hooniverse Q&A with Duncan Ende

You all know Duncan Ende. He’s the SoCal Hot shoe that has helped us out with, well, a lot. From appearing on the Podcast with Jeff and Blake, to helping us out with the new Miata, Duncan has been a good friend to us here at Hooniverse. With him being in town for TRG Aston Martin for the Pirelli World Challenge I thought I should sit down with him and ask some questions from fans of the site… … Continue Reading

Pirelli World Challenge: Diversity in Racing

When you first walk into the open paddock of the Pirelli World Challenge you are struck by two things. One, how open and inviting all of the teams big and small are. Two, that it almost has the variety of your local track day. Teams are either giant, almost factory efforts, or a small rag tag group running a B-spec Mazda 2 or two. That’s where the magic in this race series happens: when you have so many different teams you get close, magic racing, that is fan friendly. It’s magic and it’s what sportscar racing should be in this country. … Continue Reading

The COBB Tuning Ecoboost Mustang: Future Proof

When I was a little boy growing up in Minnesota, my dad bought a cherry red 67 Fastback with white go fast stripes. I never got to ride in it much. It didn’t run often, but god damn it was pretty. And in my mind it was the most amazing machine on the face of the Earth. From the time it first showed up, to the day it left us after we moved to Texas, I was in love with that car.

Ever since it left, however, I have had trouble falling in love with any of the new mustangs that followed. The SN95 was ugly and half hearted. The S197 was better, but still felt lost about what it wanted to really be. When the latest generation finally arrived it stirred something inside me. It was more European, more daring, and more suited to a modern world. And when you introduce the Ecoboost version of the car to the lovely folks at COBB Tuning, it becomes something you can absolutely get excited about driving. … Continue Reading

The Forza 6 Porsche Expansion: Worth every penny.

Patrick Hoffstetter March 7, 2016 Tech

Ever since EA got the exclusive rights to have Porsche cars in their racing games, even the best games and sims have felt a little empty. So when Turn10 announced that the legendary Stuttgart brand would be once again coming to Forza 6 I was all aboard. Usually, a car pack includes just a handful of cars and maybe one or two more rival challenges for you to tackle. But when you are given a shot at one of the most prestiges marque in motorsports, you have to go all out, don’t you? … Continue Reading

We are here at the Pirelli World Challenge Opener!

That’s right party people, the drought of winter is over and racing is back in full swing. I will be here at COTA all weekend for the Pirelli World Challenge series, one of the most diverse racing series in the world. I’ll be here every day, and wandering around the paddock and track with my COTA tattoo on my arm.

If you see me, come and say hi. If you have anything you want to see in particular, sound off in the comments and I will try my hardest to make it happen.

Watch McLaren Celebrate the Sinister 650S GT3’s Performance at Bathurst

Most know McLaren from their historical home in Formula One, but through their McLaren Automotive arm they have been competing in GT3 series races all throughout the world. Most recently, they were at the 12 hours of Bathurst taking place at Mount Panorama in Australia.

They were a tad successful. … Continue Reading

Quick Spin: Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid
The Most Confusing Hybrid on Earth

I turned the key to the right and shockingly, nothing seemed to happen. This was the first of several odd moments I had while driving the 2016 Cayenne S Hybrid. On a day full of seeing the latest and greatest and driving some of the hot new hybrids on the street, the one that I am still mulling over is perhaps the oddest of the lot. … Continue Reading