Formula Fun: Radio Ga-Ga and Remembering Jules


Before we get into the debate about radio use and how it should play into our sport, let us laugh at what we have listened to so far this year on the radio. And of course, I couldn’t write today’s column without briefly talking about Jules Bianchi, who we lost a year ago.  … Continue Reading

Hooniverse PSA: Please Put the Pokemon Down When you Drive. Please?

Look, this isn’t what I thought I would ever have to be telling all of you out there, but please, for the love of god, can you put the phone down? There will be plenty of time to catch these fun little critters when you aren’t driving! … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Martin Brundle, Mercedes, and an Announcement

Well hello there readers, I hope the week is finding you well. We are hot off the heels of the British GP, and are looking at the week of the Silverstone test. In this edition of Formula Fun we are beginning what I will call “Season Two” of this column. I’ll leave exactly what that means until the end of the piece, as there are other topics I would like to tackle today. Let’s go on, shall we? … Continue Reading

The Brainchild of Adrian Newey and Aston Martin Unveiled

When it was announced earlier this year that Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin would be teaming up to give the British brand a hypercar, there was much excitement. Now, four months after the announcement we have our first look at the project, named the AM-RB001. … Continue Reading

The Forza 6 NASCAR Expansion: Casual Friday

Patrick Hoffstetter June 24, 2016 Forza

It has been long rumored that NASCAR, absent since Forza Motorsport 4 on the 360, would be making it’s return. And last month it came in a big way. But also a very odd way. Alongside a full compliment of cars, and a new track, you get a story mode not unlike the Porsche expansion. And if you can guess from the image above, Turn 10 let things get weird with the NASCAR expansion and the game is all the better for it. … Continue Reading

The Agony of Le Mans

Every year, some of the most high tech automobiles in the world contest the Circuit de la Sarthe for 24 hours in the most grueling race on Earth. This is a race of heroes, legends, and failures. This year, it was an all out melee all across the board, with plenty to prove, or to lose. From Audi trying to reclaim their throne at the top, to Porsche trying to prove that they are back to stay, and Toyota, always the bridesmaid in second, never the bride, desperate for their first win. You put all this together, and you get an instant classic, albeit, for the tragic twist at the end.

… Continue Reading

Formula Fun: The Rise of Mighty Max, and Monaco Madness

A lot has happened since I last sat down to talk about the current happenings of F1. Max Verstappen going to Red Bull, the Mercedes boys taking each other out, and Lewis Hamilton is finally triumphant in Monaco. Of course, theres’s also the 2017 rules, the silly season has started, and I have musings on the future of the sport. … Continue Reading

Waxing Poetic About This Enthusiasm of Mine; My New Miata

Those that have known me for a long time, or know my car history, remember that I had an Honda S2000 a few years ago. It was a brilliant car that I owned during a very rough time in my life filled with loss, breakups, and the transition out of the first phase of growing up. That car met a horrible death not long after I moved to Austin, and even though the 944 I had after that taught me a lot, I never loved it as deeply as the Honda.

I loved what I experienced with the S2000. The open road and the open sky with a friend by my side. When I decided to move on from the Porsche and try something new, I thought about all of the great times I had with the Honda. This led to my decision to try a Miata on for size. This isn’t a breakdown of the car I bought and it’s not a full introduction, but please, let’s be a bit haughty and emotional together. … Continue Reading

The Cayman GTS, a Flat-Six Celebration

When a buddy of mine offered me the keys to his 2015 Cayman GTS for a few days I knew I was literally being presented an offer I couldn’t refuse. I have always liked the plucky little Cayman, even if the big boys in the 911 department seem to have strangled the car power wise to keep their pet project the king.

Of course, I never actually knew how good the Cayman was, and as the platform switches away from the flat-six to a flat-four I thought this GTS would be a good way to experience the ultimate in the road going Cayman. So with keys in hand and a fresh tank of 93, I took off to explore the world of the mid-engined Porsches.

… Continue Reading

The 944 Post-mortem

I sold “Red Sonja” last week and bought an NB Miata.

When I first bought my 944 it was on the suggestion of many in the Austin automotive community. It was in good shape, it had a wonderful engine, and it was the right color. I was very excited to join the world of Porsche ownership and camaraderie. But, after a year, I have some thoughts on the car, and some more on the state of Porsche ownership in general.

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