Mike Conway on His Career and Toyota Motorsports

The DFL Show – Pat Interviews Mike Conway

As part of my trip to Toyota Motorsports, I had the chance to interview Mike Conway over the phone to talk about his career, and his place at TMG. Mike has driven everything from Indycar, to these amazing LMP1 Hybrids. It’s a good interview, so go ahead and give it a listen. And thank you again to Toyota Motorsports for flying me out and letting me get such a great look at what they really do over there.

Alex Wurz on Safety and the Current State of Racing

The DFL Show – Pat Interviews Alex Wurz

As part of my recent trip to Germany to visit the lovely folks over at TMG, I was given the chance to talk with Alex Wurz over the phone for a nice interview about his racing career, his safety advocacy, and what he thinks the right way to go forward is in racing. Alex is a great guy and has a great vision of how to make motor racing a better place for all of us.

The GT-86 Cup; Customer Racing at The Ring!

As a part of my trip to visit the lovely folks over at TMG, they arranged a taxi ride for me around the Nurburgring in one of their VLN customer team’s GT-86 cup cars. Developed in house at TMG, the customer GT-86 cup races in VLN around the legendary Nurburgring. So, how does it feel from the passenger seat? Oh, and did I mention they threw me in the passenger seat during a VLN session? Yeah, it was all a tad special. … Continue Reading

I’m Going to Germany! Toyota Motorsports and The Ring!

That’s right kids, it’s finally time to take the lovely folks over at Toyota Motorsports up on their offer to bring me to Germany. I leave tomorrow afternoon at the time of this writing, and I am very excited. But what I want to do most of all is get some good coverage for all of you back at home. I have a full factory tour and rundown of their WEC program, some exciting looks at the GT-86 Cup car, some time at the ‘Ring, and I will be a guest at a VLN race this Saturday.

What would you like to see from me? What burning questions do you have about the team? What do you want to know about the famed Nurburgring? Leave a comment and I will do everything in my power to answer your question.

Do Not Do As I Have Done…
Or Don’t Use Walmart Tire

Mokoto, my little Miata, has been a darling car. I’ve enjoyed a lot of miles with her already. One thing I seem to forget to do, however, was rotate my tires. So this past month I have had the wonderful experience of trying to get tires mounted and balanced before I head off to Germany.

I went cheap.
I went weak.
I went to Walmart.

Let me tell you why that was a mistake.  … Continue Reading

Project Car SOTU 2016: MokotoNB Update


So here we have it. One year later, the Porsche is gone, replaced by a Miata named after an anime character. What happened? What is going to happen? And will I ever fix my broken fog lights? A full rundown as I log my SOTU for this year.


… Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Radio Ga-Ga and Remembering Jules


Before we get into the debate about radio use and how it should play into our sport, let us laugh at what we have listened to so far this year on the radio. And of course, I couldn’t write today’s column without briefly talking about Jules Bianchi, who we lost a year ago.  … Continue Reading

Hooniverse PSA: Please Put the Pokemon Down When you Drive. Please?

Look, this isn’t what I thought I would ever have to be telling all of you out there, but please, for the love of god, can you put the phone down? There will be plenty of time to catch these fun little critters when you aren’t driving! … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Martin Brundle, Mercedes, and an Announcement

Well hello there readers, I hope the week is finding you well. We are hot off the heels of the British GP, and are looking at the week of the Silverstone test. In this edition of Formula Fun we are beginning what I will call “Season Two” of this column. I’ll leave exactly what that means until the end of the piece, as there are other topics I would like to tackle today. Let’s go on, shall we? … Continue Reading

The Brainchild of Adrian Newey and Aston Martin Unveiled

When it was announced earlier this year that Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin would be teaming up to give the British brand a hypercar, there was much excitement. Now, four months after the announcement we have our first look at the project, named the AM-RB001. … Continue Reading