Lamborghini Manic: The Huracan at Driveway Austin

Patrick Hoffstetter October 19, 2016 Quick Spin

When the folks over at Xtreme Xperience call and ask if you want to come back out to Driveway Austin and sample another one of their supercars, the answer is always yes. This time it was a shiny red Huracan on offer. Crossing a Lamborghini off the proverbial “list” seems like a brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

So that’s what I did. … Continue Reading

The DFL Show at Lone Star LeMans: Santino Ferrucci

Haas F1 junior Santino Ferrucci sat down with me during the Lone Star LeMans, where he made his sportscar debut, winning both Super Trofeo races during the race weekend. He’s a very bright young lad, and I look forward to tracking his progress. Enjoy!

The DFL Show – The DFL Show at Lone Star LeMans: Santino Ferrucci

The DFL Show at Lone Star LeMans: Allan McNish

Allan McNish was kind enough to stand with me in the hallway of the COTA media center to talk all things Audi, racing, and his life after driving. Allan is an amazing person to talk to, and I could listen to him talk all day long. This one was a treat, so I hope you all enjoy it.


The DFL Show – The DFL Show at Lone Star LeMans: Allan McNish

Quick Pic: Welcome to Rat Rod Hell


There are certain ideas that always seem like a winner, but when you actually start to get to what you thought you wanted, you’ve realized you’ve created a god-damn monster. I have to imagine that this is the reason why this particular “Rat Rod” is up for sale. Take one whole Chevy HHR, chop the hood and front bumper to hell and back, and attach the saddest front end you can find.

I’ve seen better looking cars wandering the wastelands of Fallout than what this monster presents. But hey, you can drive it anywhere! Just make sure you can deal with the zero frontal visibility and what I imagine are horrifying aerodynamic issues.

If you are in the mood to burn a cool $3500, then I suggest you seek this out.

Credit to /r/Shitty_Car_Mods for the image!


DFL at Lone Star LeMans: Bruno Senna Interview

Bruno Senna has driven almost everything on earth, and he was nice enough to sit down with me for a quick interview during his busy weekend with the RGR Sport team, hot off a win at the 6 Hours of Mexico. I asked him about the team, his past, and what he thinks the future of racing looks like to him. I had a really great time talking to Bruno, and I hope you all enjoy the interview.

The DFL Show – DFL at Lone Star LeMans: Bruno Senna


DFL at The Lone Star LeMans: Graeme Lowdon Interview

Graeme Lowdon is a person you should know in motorsports. His work with Manor has taken him all across the racing world, and his most recent project, an LMP2 team in the WEC, competed during the recent Lone Star LeMans weekend here in Austin. Graeme and I had sat down together last year to talk about his F1 venture, and he was kind enough to sit down with me again to see what the last year has brought in terms of changing disciplines.

The DFL Show – DFL at The Lone Star LeMans: Graeme Lowdon

Forza Horizon 3: The New Standard of Open World Driving

Patrick Hoffstetter September 21, 2016 Featured, Forza

It seems hard to believe that the Forza Horizon sub-franchise has already reached it’s third game, as just years ago I was tearing through Colorado, or the south of France. And while the last game might not have stuck with me as much as the first, the games have always been some solid open world fun. But now we have a bigger map, more cars, redone water and off-roading. Oh, and did I mention you are in charge of the festival now?

It’s evolution and revolution at the same time. This is Horizon 3. … Continue Reading

Forza Horizon Is Perfect; A Retrospective

Patrick Hoffstetter September 12, 2016 Featured, Forza

When the first Forza Horizon came out in 2012, it seemed like an odd project for the franchise to tackle. A weird premise, an engine that was originally designed for circuit only racing, and a new team built from the ashes of other studios. A recipe for disaster? Maybe. But the game we ended up getting four years ago was one of the best driving and automotive experiences that I have ever experienced. A fantastic soundtrack, legendary Forza handling, and a sense of humor and fun that was sometimes lacking in the motorsport side of the franchise. Now it’s available for Xbox One, and it’s free with gold, so lets take a little look back in time. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: The Silly Season 2016

Well, after my little trip to Germany to focus on the sportscar side of racing, there has been plenty of F1 news to keep us guessing about what is happening next. Retirements, sabbaticals, and maybe even the sale of the sport. 2017 will be a new dawn for F1 in a lot of ways. But it will also see at least two giants of our sport take a step back. The 30 second champion, and the 2009 champion. Let’s dive into what these two have meant to F1, and maybe speculate about the next generation. … Continue Reading

F1 2016: The F1 Game We Have Been Waiting For

When I reviewed last year’s F1 Game, I was surprised at how far the game had come from the previous year, 2014, but was disappointed by the lack of a real career and how the engine felt during races. A solid effort, but hamstrung by time and dealing with new hardware. All of that came together to make sure that I spent less time with 2015 than I had ever spent with an F1 game. I had no idea what to expect from 2016 before I got my hands on it, but now that I have spent a solid amount of time with the game, I can attest at just how far this series has come in a year.  … Continue Reading