Come Play Forza Horizon 3 with The DFL Show!

Patrick Hoffstetter January 13, 2017 Forza

Did you miss The DFL Show this week? Do you have Forza Horizon 3? Would you like to play said Forza with me to make up for the lack of an episode this week? Well join me on Xbox Live this Saturday at 7 Central, by adding GamerTag: McChiken116. I’ll be posting reminders on the DFL social media channels, and I hope to see you guys online.

Quick Pic: Kachow, I Guess

Do you know where YOUR cars are?

On our way to Dallas for a little anniversary trip, my girlfriend and I spotted the dead corpses of Disney’s Cars. Apparently these buddies can’t drive on their own anymore, and lay dormant until they are called upon again.

Formula Fun: Baby (Don’t?) Come Back

Patrick Hoffstetter January 5, 2017 Formula 1

Image Credit: Sutton Images

Well it’s a new year and silly season has taken a step back while the teams wait to make their next move. But we still have the cloud over the seat at Mercedes, and the conundrum that it’s made for the Williams team. The People’s champion has been allegedly offered his seat back, but should he take it?  … Continue Reading

Quick Pic: The Lego Audi R18 TDi

Patrick Hoffstetter December 30, 2016 Quick Pics

It seems only fitting that the Lego set I would end the year on would be the mighty Audi R18 TDI. A fun little set from the Speed Champions line, it took about 30 minutes to build.

RIP big R18, my little R18 will live on in your honor.

Forza Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain: A Perfect Snow Day

Patrick Hoffstetter December 29, 2016 Forza

The first full expansion to Forza Horizon 3 takes us to a whole new place, with a brand new surface to the game, adding snow and ice. Snow tires, black ice, and a new rally monster are all up for offer, but do you pick it up now? My thoughts inside.

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The Joy’s of Perfection: McLaren of Houston Visit

It’s no secret here that McLaren is my favorite brand, so when I got the opportunity to visit McLaren of Houston over the holiday’s I hopped in the Miata and got there as fast as I could. McLaren has a reputation for being perfectionists in every way, and seeing what one of their newest dealerships was like was something I knew I had to check out.

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2016 HCOTY Nominee: The GT-86 Cup Car.


As opposed to last year, I have decided to ignore everything I drove this year in favor of selecting the car that I had the best experience with as my nominee. This car scared me, thrilled me, and I wouldn’t trade my time with it for almost anything in the world. I humbly nominate the GT-86 Cup Car as my 2016 nominee. … Continue Reading

An American Hoonicorn in London

One of the only saving graces of the most recent season of Top Gear was seeing the Hoonicorn give Matt LeBlanc a tour of London, while leaving tire particulates all over town. It’s a cool car and a cool segment, and as a holiday gift Top Gear has decided to share the full directors cut so we can enjoy even more tire smoke around jolly old England.


Project MokotoNB: Update 1 – A Lot of Dunlop

Patrick Hoffstetter December 12, 2016 Project Cars

It’s been six months since I picked up the Miata, and minus a shift knob things have stayed pretty much stock. But I figured with a full set of tires out of my way I can let you know the ins and outs of buying the cheapest NB you can, and my thoughts on the Dunlop Direzza DZ102.

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Formula Fun: Danke Nico Edition

The season is done and dusted, and we have a new champion. That normally should end most of the discussions about seats and the like, but there has been one last 2016 surprise. Our new champion is stepping down, retiring to spend time with his family.

Now what?

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