Quick Pic: Hot Lap; Hot Car

Well, as apart of this AAP Sports car showdown weekend, Mercedes was nice enough to grant me a passenger lap in this beautiful AMG GT-S. And, since it wasn’t my first rodeo in the side seat of a supercar around the track, my driver, AJ, decided to light them up wherever he could to give me almost a full drift lap of COTA. For now, enjoy the beautiful Mercedes as I try to wipe the smile off my face.

MotoGP at COTA 2017: The Clash of the Two-Wheel Titans

Another year has come and that means the COTA season starts anew with the invasion of the highest classes of Motorcycle racing in the world. That’s right, MotoGP is back and bringing with it new rules, new heroes, and a whole load of action to get things started off with a bang in the Lone Star State. It’s the Yamaha new boy versus the only man to ever win the top class of this event, Marc Marquez. I was there the whole weekend to observe and relay all the happening both here and for The DFL Show, and boy what a treat it was to get back out here for a real race.

Friday was the start of the story, with Maverick and Marquez trading blows with each other; each taking the top spot in a free practice session. It set the tone quite well for Saturday, with the same thing happening going into my favorite part of the race weekend, which is always qualifying.

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IndyCar driver Fernando Alonso is a Bird Murderer. A Birderer.

Pulling what I like to call The Double Randy Johnson, Fernando Alonso murdered two birds at once yesterday when he took his Indycar out for the first time during rookie testing in anticipation of his Indy 500 attempt later this month. I have no idea what these two birds did for the universe to decide that they deserved to be vaporized by the two-time F1 world champion, but what a way to go.

Quick Pic: Got Beans?

While my full writeup for MotoGP is still being worked on as I deal with some medical stuff, I would have hated if none of you were able to see the amazingness that was this Jelly Belly sponsored MotoAmerica bike. Isn’t it just the best? Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go find some beans and finish up some articles.

Quick Pic: Remember the Porsche 918 RSR Concept?

Y’all remember this shit? This dope ass thing was Porsche playing around with the idea of upgrading their 911 GT3R Hybrid race car that raced here and there by sticking the giant flywheel KERS system into the then brand spanking new 918 concept.

While it never raced, and seems to be long forgotten in the world of the 919 LMP1 car, I still have a major soft spot in my heart for this car, and wished it would have reached the race track at some point.

Flat-Sixes Down Under, Porsche Finally Comes To Forza Horizon 3

Patrick Hoffstetter April 20, 2017 Forza

With the EA exclusivity done and dead, Porsche and Microsoft have announced a new six year deal that will include the iconic German in Forza games going forward. This is great news for fans of Forza like myself, with this deal meaning that Porsche should be included on day one for all Forza games going forward.

Along with the car pack that dropped last week, which includes cars like the GT3RS, and the mighty GT4, all this month there will be opportunities for you to win Porsche’s free of charge through the limited time Forzathon events. It’s a great way to introduce Porsche back into the Horizon economy, and a great way to get old players back into the game. I can’t wait to see what this new partnership produces down the line, but for now I’m going to blast across the outback in my GT3 and see how far this thing can fly.


Formula Fun: The Italian Stallion Vs. The Thunder Down Under

Well another F1 season has kicked off, ushering in a new generation of cars. Wider, faster, and more demanding to drive, when the lights went out down under we exited the uncertainty of the off season and went headfirst into the drama and action of the racing season. We had new drivers, brand new cars, and our first chance to see the sandbags come off and see how everyone truly measures up to one another. Ferrari might have scored first blood, but there is plenty to talk about, in this, the first post-race Formula Fun of 2017. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: 2017 Starts Now

Well it’s testing season and Australia grows ever closer, so let’s take this time to run through the storylines that we’ll follow through the next season of Formula One. New cars, new drivers, and the rush to see who will come out on top in these new look Formula. It’s all to play for this year, and all without the reigning champion on the grid! Intrigue, Excitement, Formula Fun!  … Continue Reading

PSA: Project CARS is Free to Xbox Live Gold Members

Project CARS, the flawed but fun racing simulator is one of this months free titles on Xbox Live for Gold members. Like Forza Horizon before it it’s nice to see Microsoft providing some free games for us gear heads in the audience, especially those of us that like to challenge ourselves with a bit of a more hardcore sim than the Forza games. I’ve spent some time with the game recently, so more thoughts after the jump. … Continue Reading

Quick Pic: The New F1 Hotness

Patrick Hoffstetter February 23, 2017 Quick Pics

Well we have our first F1 car in the flesh, and it’s the new, anniversary flavored Sauber. With a lovely blue and gold livery celebrating their 25 years in the sport it’s one hell of a good looking race car. Features to look out for on these new cars are the new style front and rear wings, the lovely shark-fin, and of course those massive wheels and tires. Expect a full breakdown from me over in Formula Fun town once we see more cars break their cover.