Formula Fun: The Austrian Edition

The hills were alive with the sound of race cars this weekend! Grand Prix racing returned to Austria for the second year in a row at the Red Bull ring. Austria is a fast circuit with only 9 turns, which sees it churning out some of the fastest lap times in F1. This is a picture book circuit holding a lovely tale of a race.

Last year, the Williams duo locked out the front row but were unable to turn that into a win. Those honors went to Nico Rosberg. This year looked to be another cracker in the mountains, so let’s find out what happened! … Continue Reading

When Gold Rush Goes to COTA.

Gold Rush Rally is probably the most successful road rally not named Gumball at this point. When I learned they were going to be here in Austin, I knew I had to see the cavalcade of new money ballers with their super/hypercars. Click through to see how the group both completely confirmed and completely shattered the stereotypes you’d associate with the high-money road rally crowd. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Canadian Travels Edition

So, you all already know that I was in Montreal for this past grand prix. But what I shared was mostly a brief of the weekend and not the full experience of what all happened. I decided I would do a day by day recap of my trip, include some words on a few events that I think will shape my writing career from now on. So, if you will excuse me, let me tell you about my vacation to the wonderful city of Montreal. Also, try reading this in the combo Canadian/French accent. It’s a wonderful thing.

… Continue Reading

Formula Fun: I Was There This Time!

Now, I may have talked some big game going into this weekend about doing posts every night wrapping up the day’s events. Well, no plan ever survives contact with the enemy, and in this case, the enemy was lemon drops, Jameson, and Gin and Tonics. That, and a tad bit of food poisoning almost torpedoed my entire trip. But, thankfully, I recovered so I could go to the race today. This race was probably most interesting to me in that there were more reasons to be at the track and watch it there, than those at home.  … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Pre-Canada Edition

As I am a biased writer, I think one of the greatest races of the modern era took place in Montreal in 2011. Jenson Button pitted 6 times, was in every possible position you can imagine, and forced the near perfect Sebastian Vettel into an error on the last lap, letting him win the race. If you have the means, I must urge you to watch the 2011 race, as everything that can possibly happen, does.

So, in about three days, I will be in the land of the canuk, as I am journeying up to Montreal to see the race in person. I haven’t been this excited to see a race since the first Grand Prix here in Austin. Now, I haven’t been out of the country since I was an infant, and I am so pumped to see one of my favorite races on the calendar in person. From what I have heard, the race takes over the city, much like it does here in Texas, with a street festival, and plenty of meetups and events. Plus, did I mention how great the track is? Canada is one of the fastest and most exciting races of the year. From the Jenson surprise win in 2011, to Smiley Dan winning for the first time there last year, the racing is always great all across the grid.

Now, as I am leaving the country, and trying to get everything together so I can bring you all the best coverage of Canada that I can, this is a short entry. But, before I go, I will remind you to watch the 2011 race, and prepare for Lewis Hamilton to want blood after losing his race last week. See you all next week, and comment and let me know if you will be in Canada!

Formula Fun: Monaco GP Edition

When you think of one of the all time Monaco greats, you have to think about Ayrton Senna, who won the race an astounding six times during his career. Now after today, we add another name to the list of Monaco greats. Find out all the going ons of this weekend after the break. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Musings about the new rules.

We come to the beginning of another week. But this is the week before the crown of the F1 calendar, the one European race that I can never see leaving the schedule. It’s the week before Monaco, and the news cycle is going crazy. Not for the race, but for a rash of new rules that the F1 Strategy Group decided on this past week. Now, it has taken me way too long to get my thoughts together on this.

Being at a loss of words for a writer is a really odd feeling. But that is exactly what has happened with all these new rules. I was going to ignore most of this, and just try to focus on Monaco, but this is too important to not talk about and share my thoughts. I’m gonna do a list and opinion thing from here on out.

Next week will be all about Monaco, but his is new rules time.

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Formula Fun: Spanish Grand Prix edition

As we look into the past, we bridge last weeks article with this weeks. Aryton Senna’s DNA is flowing through the soul of the McLaren F1 team, and is still so well recognized 21 years after his death, that Tag Heuer has added him back into their portfolio of brand ambassadors. But watch talk isn’t what we are all here for, now is it? No, we are here because we watched the Spanish Grand Prix at the beautiful Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The hyphenation of which makes me think it is the Mazda Raceway of Spain, say the full name, or someone who paid money gets butthurt.

The lead up to the Spanish Grand Prix was one of promises. Promises to find reliability, power, aero, or any other matter of upgrades. Honda and Renault especially were keen to see their record improve. Lotus on the other hand, well, they brought something nobody really expected.

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Project Car SOTU: My Porsche 944

I believe our very own Jeff Glucker once said that everyone should own at least one car that is older than themselves. I decided that this was the best time in my life to get a 944 then, as I would probably never be able to get one for a good price when I felt like buying a second car. The car is a 1985.1 car, with the 2.5 Liter inline four. It has 110 thousand miles, and starts (Almost) every time. Also, it is my only car. That’s right, I decided that when my dear S2o00 was taken from me thanks to an accident with a city bus, that I should get the one 80’s Porsche that I have always thought was cool. To me, the 944 is the grandfather of the Toyobaru twins. Except I believe that the 944 drives and looks far much better than the modern examples.

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Formula Fun: Remembering Senna Edition


21 years ago this past Friday, the greatest racer Formula 1 has ever seen passed away after massive head injuries sustained while racing at Imola. His death was part of F1’s so called “Black Weekend” where, Reubens Barichello had a massive accident, Roland Ratzenburger died after a crash during Saturday Running, and Aryton died during the race on Sunday. Fans where also injured after a crash at the start, that sent debris into the crowded stands.

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