Formula Fun: Hungarian Edition

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The Hungarian Grand Prix is always interesting. It was the first race that ever took place behind the Iron Curtain, and it’s the one with the so called “Hungarian Curse.” No one that has won this race has gone onto win the title since 2004. With that said, this race was very much the most interesting race we’ve had since Canada 2011. It went from the standard weekend that everyone had expected to one where every move was as unpredictable as the next. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: A Eulogy

The clock on F1 goes back to zero. We have lost another. Jules Bianchi was one of the brightest rookies we had ever seen. His drive to 9th at Monaco was one of the greatest drives I have seen in Formula One. He did things in a back marker car that should have been impossible, and he was poised to keep moving up the gird, surely a future race winner, and seemingly WDC material. He was a shining young star, taken from us way too young.

From that dark October day, to this dark July week, we have done nothing but root for him to pull through. This week is all about Jules, and what he meant to me.  … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: A More Serious Note

Now, we should all know the young man in this image. His name is Jules Bianchi, and he currently lies in a coma in a French Hospital. His career was ended at a Japanese Grand Prix last year. Not since Ayrton Senna had a grand prix driver suffered an accident so horribly during a race. He hit a crane that was removing Adrian Sutil’s car from the gravel trap it was stranded in.

After that accident, the F1 world rallied once again towards safety, the largest push since the Sainted Professor Sid Watkins led his charge after seeing his friend Aryton die after a massive wreck. Now, some fellow F1 writers have been calling for F1 to return to a “Rebel Yell” of political incorrectness and danger.

I’ll tell you my thoughts on that after the jump.  … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Post Homecoming Edition

Ahh yes, we are home Formula One fans. Well, spiritually at least. Silverstone is the home of F1, and F1 is most at home in Silverstone. The former airbase is the home of the most attended Grand Prix of the year. Where the silly season get’s its start, and get started it did. For once I will indulge the headlines, because I think this race weekend has produced the rumor of which I’m the most excited about in years.

Find out about that rumor, and what all happened during the race with me after the break.

… Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Goodwood Edition

This weekend the Goodwood Festival of Speed once again had race cars and street cars of much provenance attack the Hill at the Goodwood estate. That means it’s a good time to show off the most important and most fun F1 and F1-related cars that ran up the hill this year. Let’s start off with Jenson Button taking a V10 Honda up the hill. Sad to say that it’s much faster than the company car that he actually competes in… … Continue Reading

COTA needs to be the new automotive proving ground

With news this week of The Green Hell banning manufacturers from attempting lap records, the automotive dick measuring world was stunned. What non-biased field of battle will we have the fastest road legal cars on earth battle on? Where will forum kiddies go to argue about what car is better, looking at only lap times? With Top Gear taking a while to get going again, and many fans maybe not following the new show as closely, where will everyone go?

I have a proposal: Circuit of the Americas. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: The Austrian Edition

The hills were alive with the sound of race cars this weekend! Grand Prix racing returned to Austria for the second year in a row at the Red Bull ring. Austria is a fast circuit with only 9 turns, which sees it churning out some of the fastest lap times in F1. This is a picture book circuit holding a lovely tale of a race.

Last year, the Williams duo locked out the front row but were unable to turn that into a win. Those honors went to Nico Rosberg. This year looked to be another cracker in the mountains, so let’s find out what happened! … Continue Reading

When Gold Rush Goes to COTA.

Gold Rush Rally is probably the most successful road rally not named Gumball at this point. When I learned they were going to be here in Austin, I knew I had to see the cavalcade of new money ballers with their super/hypercars. Click through to see how the group both completely confirmed and completely shattered the stereotypes you’d associate with the high-money road rally crowd. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Canadian Travels Edition

So, you all already know that I was in Montreal for this past grand prix. But what I shared was mostly a brief of the weekend and not the full experience of what all happened. I decided I would do a day by day recap of my trip, include some words on a few events that I think will shape my writing career from now on. So, if you will excuse me, let me tell you about my vacation to the wonderful city of Montreal. Also, try reading this in the combo Canadian/French accent. It’s a wonderful thing.

… Continue Reading

Formula Fun: I Was There This Time!

Now, I may have talked some big game going into this weekend about doing posts every night wrapping up the day’s events. Well, no plan ever survives contact with the enemy, and in this case, the enemy was lemon drops, Jameson, and Gin and Tonics. That, and a tad bit of food poisoning almost torpedoed my entire trip. But, thankfully, I recovered so I could go to the race today. This race was probably most interesting to me in that there were more reasons to be at the track and watch it there, than those at home.  … Continue Reading