The Porsche 944 is the cheapest 80’s hero car

Patrick Hoffstetter November 16, 2015 Project Cars

Last night I was in a foul mood. It was chilly, rainy, and I had a bug up my ass. I wanted to get out, get out of my apartment, get out of who I was in my head at that moment. I tried watching Kung Fury, a fun little 80’s send up that our very own Jeff Glucker had recommended on twitter.

That little 3o minute tribute to the 80’s, synth and kung fu had two really great standouts to me. The brilliant red Countach that was used as the hero car, and the amazing soundtrack of music that can only be called Outrun now. All of this had me thinking about what I could do.  … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: North American Wrap-up

Yes friends, it’s been a while. I want to say I’ve been gallivanting about doing fun stuff, but no, my grandfather passed away the week of the USGP. I only had a Friday at the track, and then a few days of taking a break from writing. I’m doing okay before you ask, and any sympathies are appreciated. But enough of that, we have had two crackers in North America, and I want to waste no time getting to them. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: A Quick Chat With Graeme Lowdon

Looking back one year, the F1 team which was then known as Marussia was done for. The outfit had run out of money just one race after the tragic 2014 Japanese Grand Prix that ended up taking Jules Bianchi’s life. They ran one car in Sochi, and left the other ready to race as a tribute to Jules. Now they have even more to thank Jules for as they have come back this year, re-branded as Manor Grand Prix. While Marussia had missed last years USGP, Manor racing was here in full force, and with an American behind the wheel no less, causing a wave of enthusiasm that I haven’t seen for a long time.

With all of this unfolding in Austin, Manor Marussia CEO Graeme Lowdon was kind enough to sit down with me for a quick chat about the team, missing the end of last year, and looking towards the future of Manor. We sat down in the lobby of the Radisson hotel, with Manor personal all moving about and getting ready for the first day of running. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: The Calm Before

There are things that we love here in Austin. Breakfast tacos, paying too much for organic food, and sitting in traffic. Ironically then, this towns embrace of F1 will always blow those who come into town away. Ever since 2012, this city has transformed itself for one week in the fall, with downtown becoming the center for F1 fans. The teams run about like busy bees, moving to and from appointments, all trying to make it known that yes, Formula One and its teams care about Texas, and they care about the US. We have built one of the best circuits in the world, in one of the best cities in the world, in the best country in the world. Let’s have a party everyone. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: The Hunt for Race October.

Rubbing is racing, and Russian is racing! This much the Sochi Autodrom has taught us. While last year’s Russian Grand Prix was both a snooze fest because of what happened on track, and off, this year had a few cracks of action, all around the world of F1. From engines, to tires, to big hits, this was a weekend to perk up and take note.  … Continue Reading

Taking The Next Step: Reviewing Logitech’s New Racing Wheel

After word got out that I was working on a review for Forza 6, the lovely people over at Logitech asked if I was interested in review their brand new force feedback wheel, built from the ground up for Xbox One and PC. As someone who is usually adamant about playing Forza with a controller, I had to of course accept their offer, and see what the learning curve from controller to wheel really is, and what a brand new wheel and peddles can do in the year 2015.

[Disclaimer: Logitech wanted me to review their wheel and pedals enough that they sent me that, and two shifter ad ons to keep, along with any support I needed directly from their team.] … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Japan Etc Edition

Weekly is more of a state of mind, than an actual promise dear reader. Actually, no it isn’t, I made that up. I told you would have a new article every week about F1, and I got stuck behind with school stuff, WEC happening, and to be honest, a sort of lapse in my ability to write. I’ve still watched every race, and been tweeting about it over at @PatryPat116 along with thoughts on how great Metal Gear is, and general car and racing news.

But, back to the topic(s) on hand. Formula 1. -heavy sigh- … Continue Reading

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Miata: A quick drive

Right now, Mazda is touring the nation with their new Miata, letting the faithful from far and wide experience the fourth coming of everyones favorite roadster. I was lucky enough to get to tackle Austin Driveway (a local track with a few fun turns) in a 2016 MX-5 in Grand Touring trim and with the 6 speed manual. Here are my quick thoughts on the car, the experience, and whether it’s the savior of all things driving. … Continue Reading

WEC is the Battle of the Future, Today.

Patrick Hoffstetter September 25, 2015 Motorsports

There is only one series on earth where the largest car manufactures do battle with one another, and that is WEC. Sure F1 has brands like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Renault, but the big two only do battle in the realm of endurance. I am, of course, talking about Toyota and the VW group, who each have teams in the top category of the WEC, LMP1HY. That and it’s also different than F1 due to the freedom that the teams have in choosing how they make and deliver power. I’ll fill you in after the jump for the rest of the picture. … Continue Reading

Hooniverse At Lone Star LeMans: A Quick Chat with Conor Daly

conor daly

Conor Daly is here in Austin, Texas for the Tudor Lone Star LeMans, and I had the chance to talk to him briefly about his racing career and his thoughts on the recent debate on closed cockpits. This season, Conor has raced in the Prototype Challenge class, piloting a 450 horse power Oreca FLM09, powered by a Chevrolet LS3. That and his duties picking up several Indycar races for the injured James Hinchcliffe, including a personal best finish of 6th at the Detroit race.

… Continue Reading