WEC is the Battle of the Future, Today.

Patrick Hoffstetter September 25, 2015 Motorsports

There is only one series on earth where the largest car manufactures do battle with one another, and that is WEC. Sure F1 has brands like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Renault, but the big two only do battle in the realm of endurance. I am, of course, talking about Toyota and the VW group, who each have teams in the top category of the WEC, LMP1HY. That and it’s also different than F1 due to the freedom that the teams have in choosing how they make and deliver power. I’ll fill you in after the jump for the rest of the picture. … Continue Reading

Hooniverse At Lone Star LeMans: A Quick Chat with Conor Daly

conor daly

Conor Daly is here in Austin, Texas for the Tudor Lone Star LeMans, and I had the chance to talk to him briefly about his racing career and his thoughts on the recent debate on closed cockpits. This season, Conor has raced in the Prototype Challenge class, piloting a 450 horse power Oreca FLM09, powered by a Chevrolet LS3. That and his duties picking up several Indycar races for the injured James Hinchcliffe, including a personal best finish of 6th at the Detroit race.

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We’re at COTA all weekend for WEC and Tudor

I will be at both big races happening in Austin this weekend. WEC has the massive 6 hours of COTA and Tudor has the Lone Star LeMans. I have full paddock access for both series and I will be bringing you daily updates about the going on’s here in ATX. If you want anything specific, let me know either in the comments, or send me an @ on Twitter @PartyPat116

Forza 6: The Best Yet

Patrick Hoffstetter September 16, 2015 Featured, Forza, Tech

When Forza 6 starts you at a track they have made themselves, you know they must be proud of what they have to show you. They plop you in the bucket seat of the 2017 Ford GT, and they line you up against some of the most impressive GT cars in the world. You line up on the grid, the boost behind you building on your right trigger, holding the brake with the left. The other engines of the other cars rise to crescendo as the game counts you down, and as the lights go green, you race away, pounding through the gears and hearing the lovely whoosh and whine of the EcoBoost in your Ford GT. You snake through traffic, racing amongst the mountains. You see Christ the Redeemer as you pass for the lead. That is how this game starts. This is the hook they give you. Welcome to Forza Motorsports 6, it’s going to be a fun one.

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Formula Fun: The IndyCar Detour


As I type this, the final IndyCar race of the season is about to start. A battle in the shadow of tragedy. On Monday, we lost friend of the site Justin Wilson. A giant in both frame and character. Another head injury claiming a driver that was much beloved by fans, for what they could do in cars that weren’t quite up to par. Losing Jules and Justin in the same year has been cruel. But yet the racing goes on, and it is still amazing and breathtaking.  … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Back In Belgium Edition

We are back after the long summer break everyone, back at the most beautiful track we have on the calendar. Arden is right after COTA in my heart in terms of how amazing the race is to behold. It is often claimed that Monaco is the crown jewel of the F1 season, but I have to argue that while it lacks the glitz and glamor of the opulence of the Principality it makes up for it in shear speed and difficulty. The track in the Arden, a mysterious forest full of the echoes of decades of racing.
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Things you learn when driving in Austin

You see that Porsche? That’s my car. Her and I are partners in crime around Austin. Braving the heat, bad roads, and even worse drivers. Austin is a haven of good food, great sights, and great music. And for the most part, very good people. That is, until they step behind the controls of a Motor Vehicle. Moving from The Woodlands, to Austin, has taught me many things about Texans and their driving habits.

Let me explain. … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: Collecting in the US

This is my F1 collection, proudly displayed in my new apartment. The only items missing are any pieces of F1 clothing I have, like shoes, jackets, and shirts. That and a few books and magazines are also not pictured.

Getting all of this in the US is harder than it should be.  … Continue Reading

Formula Fun: YouTube Edition

I am packing up my apartment and also at a convention this weekend, so pardon the dust and enjoy the selection of videos I have for you this week. Next week I should be all settled in my new place.

I’ll be talking about how collecting F1 stuff is harder than doing so in most other sports.

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Formula Fun: The Best of Jenson Edition

This week, I thought I would bring you all the very best videos of my person favorite driver, Jenson Button. The 2009 world champion has had many ups and downs in an F1 career almost as long as my life. Ever since I first saw the Englishman race, I knew he was the driver I was going to support. While I wasn’t watching F1 in that late 2000’s, I knew he was still racing, gaining a first win in 2006, and then getting his world title in 2009. When I came back to the sport full time in 2012, (I always caught a few races every year, but 2012 was the first season in my comeback. Haven’t missed a race since.) I saw immediately that Jenson was in a great car, with a great team, and on that morning in March of 2012, I saw him race all the way to a great win in Melbourne. That sealed it. Being a McLaren fan, and a JB fan, the 2012 year had it’s ups and downs, but seeing him take 3 wins and several podiums was great. The past couple years have been hard, but he has been nothing but class, grace, and charm.

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