Hooniverse Asks Bonus: How Do You Get Ice Off The Windshield?

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Car Show Crazy: 417 Coffee & Cars is Back (Almost)



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Craigslist Find: 1987 Accord is (Almost) Track Ready

1987 Accord

Now here’s a Lemons worthy car if I’ve ever seen one. … Continue Reading

Bus Drifting is Child’s Play

YouTube Preview Image

Tis the season to be sideways . . .

Some of us have been lucky to enjoy a pretty mild winter. On the other hand, some of us buried under snow right now. How do you take advantage of the white stuff? You can build a snowman, sure, but that’s no fun. Drifting? One thing I always do when the snow does come is practice my drifting skills, especially with my 4-wheel drive. Ya dig?

Sitting ahead of the front axle while drifting a 40-foot bus must be a trip.

Truck Thursday: How to Ruin a Truck


Happy Hoon Year, my friends.

It’s 2016, and we’re all full of hope. Some of us are just wrapping up the Christmas season (12 days of Christmas and all), while others have long since put away the decorations and are cleaning up after their New Year’s parties. As for me, I’m enjoying a quiet evening in the Queen City, reflecting on the past year while making plans for 2016. I’ve got Top Gear reruns playing on the TV, and the list that is Craig’s on my laptop, so it’s safe to say that some things never change in life.

Speaking of things that never change, planning ahead, and looking to the past, some guys never learn. You see, the Dodge D150 is a perfectly respectable pickup, capable and utilitarian in its own right. In fact, Dodge even made an off-road version of the D150, which made a good truck even better on the loose stuff. This truck, I’d bet my next cup of coffee, is none of those things…

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A Tale of Two Fords


These two Fords have absolutely nothing in common. Yet, they are similar in a few ways. Why am I talking nonsense? Read on and decide for yourself whether I’m making any sense. … Continue Reading

Truck Thursday: 1936 Hudson Terraplane Pickup


For your Truck Thursday enjoyment, I want to share with you one of the more interesting pickups in automotive history – the Hudson Terraplane pickup. … Continue Reading

Racing Worth Watching: Blancpain GT Series

Marcal Eilenstein December 1, 2015 Motorsports


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V8 Utes On a Chilly Day


It’s a cold, windy Saturday here in the Ozarks, too cold to do much outside, so I’m catching up on my new favorite racing series (until Indycar comes back next year, anyway) – V8 Utes. Have you ever watched? … Continue Reading

Craigslist Find: 1965 Ford F-100

1965 Ford F-100

It’s Truck Thursday, and I am pretty excited to share this pickup with you today, because it happens to be one of my favorites. This is an all original 1965 Ford F-100. … Continue Reading