Craigslist Find: 1986 Volkswagen Golf


There’s just something about a small German hatchback that makes me happy. It  could be the clean, straight lines that epitomize the 80′s econobox, or the simple, honest fun of driving an underpowered car to its limits and beyond. Around here, we call it slow car fast, and as we all know, slow car fast is fun to da max. Let’s take a look at this example, shall we? … Continue Reading

Shots in the Lot: 1969 Pontiac Firebird


Not to be outdone by the glorious golden Firebird we looked at last week, this blue bird was spotted in a Redmond parking lot just a few weeks ago. As usual, I decided to stop and get a few pictures to share with all y’all. Check it out. … Continue Reading

Craigslist: 1964 Mercury Park Lane with Some Junk in the Trunk


The summer weather finally here to stay for a few weeks in the Puget Sound area, I’ve got the urge to throw a sleeping bag in the back of the truck and hit the road for some serious summer outdoor fun. However, I do have a wife, which means I not only have requirements this camper/canopy/cap must meet, but a budget it must stay under. So I’ve been on the hunt for a good camper shell, canopy, or cap to sit atop the bed of my F-150

It was just as I was about to pull the trigger on a sweet aluminum shell with leaky windows that I came across this, the 1964 Mercury Park Lane with that glorious breezeway window. Some of you are probably wondering why I would consider a 50-year old family car an alternative to a flimsy canopy, but like many cars from the 60′s, there’s more here than meets the eye. Check it out. … Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T. – Murica Edition


This year for Independence Day, the wife and I decided not to blow up our own fireworks, opting instead to watch the city do it for us; after all, those tax dollars aren’t going to spend themselves. However, I did run down to the fireworks stand to pick up the obligatory sparklers and morning glories to make the kids happy. It was on that sunny day one week ago that I came across this flaming beacon of freedom – the Pontiac Firebird.

It’s not unusual to spot the occasional Firebird or Trans Am around here, but seeing one this nice is a rare bird, indeed. Most 3rd-generation F-body Camaros or Firebirds I see these days are sagging, sunburnt, and slow – a little like their owners. This appears to be a 1983 model with matching gold wheels, but the experts among us can correct me if I’m wrong. All I know is I know what I like, and I like this. A lot. It’s in good shape, including the correct bad panel gaps! A few scuffs here and there, but nothing unusual for a 30-year old car.

There is nothing that says ‘Murica quite like a shiny gold, T-top Firebird, is there? I want to grow a mullet and pop in a Bruce Springsteen cassette just looking at this. The thing that makes me the most proud, though? Just as I finished taking these pictures, a teenage boy trotted out of the store and hopped in with his buddy. This kid has good taste.

… Continue Reading

Rental Car Review: 2014 Ford Fusion SE


Last fall, I told you about my experience with the 2013 Chevy Cruze LTZ. We had rented it for a trip down the Oregon coast, and we enjoyed our time in the car; the EcoTec 4-cylinder handled my right-food requests well enough, and it rode like a sporty compact should. This past weekend, we made the same trip again, but in a 2014 Ford Fusion SE with the EcoBoost engine. How would the Ford measure up? Take the jump below to find out. … Continue Reading

Roadside Attractions: Beautiful Blue BMW 320i Beckons


The last few weeks around our house have been busy, and I have put more than a few miles on my truck going to interviews (the end is in sight!). As is my wont, I like to take the long way home after a busy day running around, when I can relax and enjoy the sights. Recently, I came across this blue beauty you see here, a 1983 BMW 320i coupe. You know what comes next: … Continue Reading

For Sale: A Gently Used 1991 Mazda Miata


Ah, the Mazda Miata; small, cheap, fun, and generally harmless. In a way, it’s odd that this little car was ever considered worthy of being a race car. We all know, however, that these make excellent racers, and should be at the top of anyone’s list who is thinking about sports car racing. One of the most popular classes in SCCA is the Spec Miata (SM) class, and as the name implies, it’s a class full of Miatas. It’s a competitive, low-cost way to get some track experience, and as I mentioned, is one of the most popular classes in the SCCA.

All that brings us to this, today’s Craigslist find, and I think this could be one of the best yet. While making my usual rounds through the For Sale section (I like to see what my truck is worth - it never hurts to look, right?), my eyes landed on “Spec Miata” and “race car”. I didn’t know much about Spec Miata, so I was curious to see just what a Spec Miata is and why it’s so special. After reading through the details of the ad, my eyes have been opened, and I see the light!


… Continue Reading

Hemmings Hotties: Power Wagon Edition


Up for your consideration and eyeball enjoyment today comes this red beauty from the famous town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. It’s home to the Andretti family, the old Nazareth speedway, and this – a 1963 Dodge W300 Power Wagon with all the bells and whistles. Let’s take a closer look at this big rig. (hat tip: my old man – thanks for the email!) … Continue Reading

Craigslist Find: 1951 Henry J 4×4


What do you get when you cross a poorly designed and marketed car with a poorly designed and marketed truck? You get one awesome car that appeals to everyone and no one at the same time. Take a look at this 1951 Henry J, with a lift kit. … Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T. – 2014 Mercedes Sprinter Van


After another too long break from the Hooniverse, I’ve come sprinting back with a van-geance. See what I did there? In honor of Truck Thursday and general trucking goodness, I felt obliged to share this Vehicle I Saw In Traffic with you all. … Continue Reading


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