Car Show Review: Orphaned and Discontinued Cars


Do you need some sunshine and steel in your life? Fall rain got you down? I have just the thing. This was a truly great summer for car shows in the Northwest: the weather was excellent this year, there were cars shows all over the place, and there was a good variety of vehicles to be seen. New cars, old trucks, muscle cars, even speed boats were on offer this summer. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to to round up some of my favorite pictures from my favorite shows and share them with all y’all. Take the jump to see more. … Continue Reading

Hoon On The Road: Over Some Rivers and Through the Woods


When I first made my plans to drive up to Darrington, I wanted to take the scenic route. I read a few years ago about a road called the Mountain Loop Highway, and I’ve wanted to drive it since then. It’s called a loop because the full run will take you around the mountains and back, but most people are referring to the stretch of highway between Granite Falls and Darrington. I don’t spend much quality time with the Focus anymore, so for one weekend I parked the truck, grabbed my wife’s keys, and hopped in the first car I ever financed. What follows is a short review of our time together. … Continue Reading

Is Cadillac the Only Brand Still Making Tail Fins?


This is one of those questions that usually come to mind while sitting in traffic or while reading my favorite posts at the Hooniverse. In fact, this question did come up while I was driving home the other day – is Cadillac truly the only car maker still putting tail fins on their cars? Has the vertical taillight/tail fin combination become so integrated with the Cadillac design philosophy that they dare not break the mold? Let’s look to the cars for evidence.

… Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T. – 1970 Saab 95


If there’s anything I’ve learned while living in Seattle, it’s that the coolest cars show up in the most unexpected places. Just last night, a Hummer H1 truck was parked in the neighbor’s driveway; the week before I was driving behind something that looked like a space capsule on wheels. You know never what you’re going to see on the streets, and this blue beauty is no different. … Continue Reading

V8 Supercars – Mount and the Mustang


As many of my fellow Hoons know, the Bathurst 1000 is less than two weeks away. The biggest race on the Australian continent – the race that stops a nation – is ramping up, and one of my favorite drivers, Mark Winterbottom is helping set the stage with this beautiful video tour of the mighty Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst. He couldn’t have picked a better car do it in, either. This is a gorgeous Mustang, even if the steering wheel is on the wrong side!

The great thing about the Mount Panorama circuit is that it’s a public road, and Frosty does a great job of showing how ordinary and unassuming the track is most of the year. Oh sure – it’s hard to look past the red and white curbs, and the sponsor signs are everywhere, but with a 60kph speed limit and two-way traffic, this road looks like, well, a road. Have a look at the video below and see if you don’t agree. I’m excited for the race; I’m looking forward to an epic battle between Ford, Holden, Nissan, Volvo, and AMG (although I want to see the blue oval on top again).

… Continue Reading

Craigslist: 1991 Ford F-150 is Ready to Take You Back in Time


For your Truck Thursday enjoyment, I present to you what might be the coolest truck on the internet today.

1991 was a good year for Ford trucks – it was the final year of the 8th-generation F-Series, and with a full range of trim levels on offer, Ford was determined to send it out with a bang. This truck is one of the nicest examples of a top-of-the-line XLT Lariat that I have seen in a long time. Take the jump below and see if you don’t agree.

… Continue Reading

V.I.S.I.T. – BMW 733 Has Been Around a Time or Two


I’ve always been attracted to the look of the BMW 7 Series E23 cars, especially the 745. To me, it combines the classic muscle car look in a contemporary German grand touring design. So when I ran across this 733 recently, I had to stop and get a closer look. … Continue Reading

2014 GT500 Shelby Super Snake is Everything You Think It Is


A few weeks ago, I went the annual Northwest Mustang Roundup and All Ford show on the campus of Bellevue College. With its tall fir and hemlock trees providing a verdant backdrop, acres upon acres of Mustangs and Fords of all kinds lay before us like a blue oval buffet. One of them stood out above the others, though; it was head and shoulders (and haunches) above the rest. Like what you see? Take the jump below to see more. … Continue Reading

Hoon’s Day Out: NHRA O’Reilly Auto Parts Northwest Nationals


A few months ago, I got an email from the NHRA with a special offer just for me. If I ponied up the dough for two reserved seats at the Northwest Nationals in August, they would throw in VIP parking and two tickets to a Lucas Oil event in the future. Needless to say, I bit. I’m a lot of things, but a fool isn’t one: the big boys only come around here once a year, and if you know Pacific Raceways at all, you know VIP parking alone is worth the price. I decided to take my wife along this time, and it proved to be one of the best races of the summer. Take the jump below to read more about our adventures.

… Continue Reading

Hooniverse Asks Bonus: What’s the Creepiest Vehicle You’ve Ever Seen?


One of my new favorite Twitter accounts is Abandoned Places, a site dedicated to derelict, decaying, and disused buildings around the world. Oftentimes, this includes abandoned vehicles, left to slowly decompose and return to the earth, a rusty reminder of better days. Last night, I saw this rusted out London bus and wanted to share it with you all.

We’re all familiar with the popular Living and Dying series that features here at the Hooniverse quite often: cars all over the world are put out to pasture (sometimes literally) and left to die. The question to you is simple: what is the weirdest, creepiest, or perhaps coolest abandoned vehicle you have ever seen with your own eyes?

[Source: Abandoned Places]


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