An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: And On To The B’s Nest


So after spending another delight filled evening with thefoamguy and his beautiful wife, this olelongrooffan arose from a slumber on the Monday after the 4th of July realizing moving on to the conclusion of this Unexpected Road Trip Adventure was necessary. (This olelongroofan does apologize to my fellow Hoons but a whole lot of socializing, intermittent internet access and other stuff has gotten in the way of getting these adventures posted sooner.) However, it has been eight days On The Road and afterall, thefoamguy needed to get back to coordinating the fabrication of foam rubber seat inserts for Bass Tracker boats, his beautiful wife needed to coordinate some medical visits for her aging parents, Bus_Plunge and his PrvtRN were preparing to get On The Road in their big blue burban and vintage Airstream and NotSoLilJim and Lil Mom have a whole dang bunch of family obligations to manage with their brood of two teenage boys and two beautiful girls. And BabySisterJoan? Who the hell knows what she has going on these days? So what is this olelongrooffan to do next? Well head down to the B’s Nest in Rockaway Beach via Branson, Missouri, of course.

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An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: Wagon Wednesday


So there this olelongrooffan was continuing on with my Unexpected Road Trip Adventure and I was up there in Greenfield, Missouri getting some go juice, and ice, at the local Casey’s General Store. Now this is not an old school general store as seen down on Old Route 66 but one of a chain of modern stop and rob’s seen ’round these here parts. Just across Highway 39 was this old BBQ stand which I am confident started life as an old school gas station back when Greenfield was merely a wide spot in the road. Now I can hear my fellow Hoons questioning the judgment of this olelongrooffan as to why I would suffer the potential wrath of the Hooniverse Overlords by including an image of this old building as the lede image in a Wagon Wednesday post here in the Hooniverse?

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An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: The End Is Nigh


So after taking leave of the thefoamguy and his wonderful wife’s lake house, the plan was to meet up with them later at their home in the Queen City of the Ozarks prior to heading down to another lake in TaneyCoMo. Now as those two have their longstanding rituals of what it takes to close up the lake house for the week and get settled into their city house, this olelongrooffan knew I had a few hours to make that 45 minute drive back to their place. So I decided to do a rare thing and retrace my previous route and check out an area near Haven Lee Farm, Halltown Edition, just off old Route 66.

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An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: The Party At BabySisterJoan’s Pad

LongRoofian July 20, 2015 Road Trip


This was to have published prior to my “On To The Lake” post last week but somehow when saving this one, I lost a bunch of it. So enjoy a moment back in time courtesy of this olelongrooffan.

So here is this olelongrooffan on An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure the first week in July, 2015 in the Ozark Mountain region of the ShoMe State and heading out to the whole reason I am on this Unexpected Road Trip Adventure, BabySisterJoan’s 3rd of July party. I am confident my fellow Hoons are wondering what the hell this snowy picture of an M38A1 towing a single axle trailer full of baled hay out on Haven Lee Farm, Halltown edition, circa 1970 or 71 with BigBrotherBob driving that A1, thejeepjunkie waving at the photographer and this olelongrooffan holding onto the top of that stack of hay for dear life has to do with anything here in the Hooniverse? Well, my fellow Hoons, if any of all ya’all are interested in discovering that bit of trivia, a jump would be in order at this point in time.

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An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: And On To The Lake

LongRoofian July 17, 2015 Road Trip


So this olelongrooffan is still on my Unexpected Road Trip Adventure and after leaving all those narrow bridges in my wake, I was hot footing it up to spend some time with some old friends at their weekend home on the shores of Stockton Lake. Lo and behold was this olelongrooffan surprised to see these airplane carcasses resting comfortably alongside some metal building out in the middle of nowhere. So surprised that I had to whip a Ueee to share them with my fellow Hoons. Feel free to make the jump to see what other sites were seen that day by this olelongrooffan.

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An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: Off To Paris Springs Junction


So the day after attending BabySisterJoan’s 3rd of July party, obstensably the reason for this Unexpected Road Trip Adventure this olelongrooffan is embarking upon, a trip to a friend’s lake home was in order. A bonus for this adventure was that to get there, I could either drive directly through the farmlands of southwest Missouri headed toward the Kansas City way or head west a ways traversing old Route 66 then head north to the lake. Need any of my fellow Hoons wonder which option this olelongrooffan chose?

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An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure: A Stroll Through Bus_Plunge’s Miniature Barn


So continuing on with this Unexpected Road Trip Adventure, I thought we might take a stroll through my brother, Bus_Plunge’s, miniature barn he has resting comfortably in his backyard. It is crammed full of all sorts of cool stuff with tools and the odd diecast or tin type on the first floor while the upstairs is devoted almost exclusively to diecasts and models. Now please note my fellow Hoons, these are the part of his collection he keeps in the barn. The uber cool 1:24 scale diecasts are reserved for that special room his Prvt RN actually lets him have inside the house. Of course, this olelongrooffan thought this Kingswood was one of the coolest vehicles in this collection. But there are more, many more, after the jump.

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An Unexpected Adventure: A Hoon’s Visit To NotSoLilJim’s Garage


My fellow Hoons may remember this olelongrooffan is on an Unexpected Road Trip Adventure up here in the Ozark Mountains. A blast has been had hanging with friends and family and sharing those experiences with my fellow Hoons. If you have been riding along with me, you may remember a comment Bus_Plunge had about seeing, but not remembering an intermediate leaf spring on the rear end of that Advanced Design truck frame we rescued for a buddy of his. Well, every time one of us Lee boys do a road trip to see one another, we always bring along a box of traveling museum pieces in the form of models or diecasts or combinations of each. This Road Trip was no exception. Packaged inside the museum box from thejeepjunkie, a box that was two and half years in getting here, there were bits and pieces of a 3100 Advanced Design pickup truck. Bus_Plunge opened that box and pulled out the frame for it. Sure enough, there was that long forgotten but now remembered intermediate leaf spring. Of course, Bus_Plunge immediately and gleefully pointed it out to this olelongrooffan. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best.

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An Unexpected Adventure Continues: Now About Those Projects


So, the morning after my rainy drive across the southern part of the ShoMe State and a restful night’s sleep in a vintage Airstream, Bus_Plunge informs this olelongrooffan that we have a mission to help out a buddy of his up in the greater St. Louis area. It seems this dude has found a must have project on the List that is Craig’s and the price for it was to good to pass up. “But first,” he says, “we have to go out to daughter Sarah’s horse ranch and get a trailer. But not the one in the above image.

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An Unexpected Road Trip Adventure Continues: And Into The Ozarks


So it was just after hanging at Helen Keller’s pad that this olelongrooffan decided to head up to Eisenhower’s Interstate System and find a rest area to crash my weary bones. As much as I am not a fan of his Interstate System, the rest areas provide a safe haven to crash and have bathrooms to boot! Luckily, there was one right near Exit 69 (yeah) and I found my way there relatively easily. The next morning, my wake up call was from Bus_Plunge. “Where are you now, longroof?” Just left Helen Keller and heading up to see JD Lee and then over 60 to the Ozarks, was my response. “Well, hurry the hell up, we got projects!” So off I went. Headed to Kentucky.

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