Weekend Edition: Long Shots: 1960 Ford F100

LongRoofian January 23, 2016 All Things Hoon


Sold this old truck last month for my sister and her husband’s company. Got a great price for it and just received a text from the buyer up near Kansas City. (About 3 hours away). “Made it home no problem. Truck’s great. I appreciate doing business with good honest people. Thanks.” Of course I replied back with a thanks and “Honesty is under rated these days.” What does this have to do with a 1960 Ford pickup, longrooffan?”  Well my fellow Hoons will have to make the jump to find out.

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Weekend Edition: Long Shots: 1970’s Pontiac Ventura and A Bonus Dam Image

LongRoofian January 23, 2016 All Things Hoon


So this olelongrooffan knows it has been a while since anything has emanated from my trusty laptop to these pages, something blatantly pointed out earlier this evening by Bus_Plunge. Well my fellow Hoons, that is something this olelongrooffan plans on changing up, post-haste.

Over the New Year’s weekend, the Ozark Mountains got hit with about 20 inches of rain and every creek, river, pothole and lake was flooded beyond its borders. This is the Corp of Engineer’s dam that forms Table Rock Lake about 15 minutes from the cabin Bus_Plunge is so graciously allowing this olelongrooffan to utilize until I can once again get my shit together. (Don’t hold your breath my fellow Hoons.) These spillways rise up 252 feet from the surface of the old White River, now known as Lake Taneycomo. You see that lake is in Taney Co Mo. This is the first time since 2002 that the Corp has displaced so much water across its ten spillways. Yeah, 72,000 cubic feet of water per second. That is a helluva lot of water folks. It was a pretty cool sighting, one this old Hoon has never seen previously, well certainly not in a long time.

But enough with my ramblings about this old damn dam. If my fellow Hoons are so inclined, feel free to make the jump to see What Else I Saw That Day.

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HCOTY Nominee: A Multi-Generational 1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo



Well my fellow Hoons, it is that time of year once again and this olelongrooffan is not talking about cold weather, long johns and hot cocoa. No, it is time once again for the Hooniversal Car of the Year nominations. While I was putting this together, I researched my past nominees (curiously absent was a winner) and with the exception of 2012 when I nominated Ralstig’s Miata RaceCar, all of my nominees have been longroofs. Anyone surprised? Well, this year this olelongrooffan is going to nominate yet another longroof, albeit one with a longroof family connection.

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Bonus Hooniverse Asks: What Car Should Sarah Buy?

LongRoofian December 4, 2015 All Things Hoon


Bus_Plunge’s 35 year old unmarried daughter is looking to purchase a “fun car” for her to use when she is not toting all of her horse shit around in the bed of her late model S10 truck. Earlier this week on that book about her face, she posted that she was looking at a G35 coupe for her budgeted $7,500.00. Of course, when her Uncle JohnJohn vetoed that one based on the fact it was showing 140,000 miles, 3 previous owners, plus it had been lowered and stanced and had some “engine mods”, I was delegated to the basement for not agreeing with my niece on her choice. Sarah is not the nicest to the vehicles she drives so I am encouraging her to find one that is stock, somewhat low mileage and if possible, adult owned as Bus_Plunge and this olelongrooffan will be her rescue squad when she needs one.

Today on that book about her face, she posted a list of acceptable cars she would like to get for her budgeted $7,500.00. As none of these are longroofs, they hold little fascination for this olelongrooffan. But I suspect her $7,500 won’t go far in the purchase of one of these. I gathered up these images from around the web so one might be a 2015 while another may be a 2008, I just don’t know. Oh yeah, no automatics.

Anyway my fellow Hoons, take the jump to see her list of desirables and sound off in the comments section with your thoughts on what she should get. My fellow Hoons have a lot more credibility than Bus_Plunge and this olelongrooffan. Thanks.

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Last Call: Happy Birthday Mr. Emslie

LongRoofian November 27, 2015 All Things Hoon


As the Esteemed Mr. Emslie is continuing to Celebrate Life on his birthday, this olelongrooffan speaks on behalf of all of my fellow Hoons in wishing him a Happy Birthday for the Last Call here in The Hooniverse this Black Friday.

Image Shamelessly Stolen From These Interwebs But Proportedly To Have Been Taken In Daytona Beach, Florida.

Hooniversal Ninja Santa Claus 2015

LongRoofian November 19, 2015 All Things Hoon


Are any of my fellow Hoons interested in being on the receiving end of any of the cool type crap this olelongrooffan received a few Hoonimas’ ago, and as shown in the above image? Yeah, it is time for the now annual Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus.

How does it work? Well fellow Hoons you have until nightfall on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 to get your name and snail mail address along with your Hooniverse nickname (if you have one) to this olelongrooffan over at hooniversesecretsantaclaus@gmail.com. In that email include some of your interests (mine are Hot Wheels and chocolates) and this olelongrooffan will match your snail mail with a fellow Hoon and voila! just a short time later a batch of goodies such as seen above will arrive at your door via a uniformed member of the national government.

Also, for my fellow Hoons residing outside the continental United States, please include your country of origin. In an attempt to hold shipping costs to a minimum this year, I’ll try to arrange the exchanges via country. Are shipping costs the same throughout the European continent? Canada? South America? Down Under?

One other item, for ease in sorting my fellow Hoons, please include your email address in the body of the email you send my way. Thanks.

As I indicated, due to scheduling constraints in the life of The Original Hooniclaus, this olelongrooffan is filling in for him this year.

The caveat? Well, The Original Hooniclaus himself says it best:

“I have a list and I am checking it twice. I know who has been naughty and nice so if you signed up last year and didn’t follow through you will have to send two crummy gifts this year to participate. Anywho, this is fun for a bunch of people so ifn you wanna play, then play.

My fellow Hoons have until December 15, 2015 to get your crap worthless possessions prized gifts off. And as The Original Hooniclaus threatened, this olelongrooffan will publicly expose any slackers who fail to get those gifts off to their fellow Hoon. This olelongrooffan is kinda like The Grinch in that way.

Merry Hoonimas everybody!

Remember to get your snail mail off and go out the garage, look in that Hooniverse swag box and get something off post haste. Or else.

Weekend Edition: 417 Cars and Coffee – 2015 Wrap-up, The Sequel


So last Tuesday, fellow Hooniverse contributor and also fellow Ozarkian, Marcal Eilenstein posted his wrap up of the final 417 Cars & Coffee of the 2015 season. If my fellow Hoons missed it, you should take a take a look at it here. Marcal and this olelongrooffan have similar posting styles in that we often take an event we have attended and break it into different segments….my recent Branson Auctions posts come to mind…and he had broken his attendance at this event up similarly. But as to fact his post was the Wrap-up, I can only presume fellow Hoon Marcal has forgotten this olelongrooffan is a member of the Slacktivism group over on that Book about my Face. I do, however, find it interesting to see what two Hoons attending the same event find to be notable and worth sharing. Click on through to see what this olelongrooffan found worthy of sharing.

But first, the obligatory ’55 Chevy Belair Hardtop, seldom noted by this author and the only Tri 5 spotted that day by this olelongrooffan.

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Weekend Edition: Finishing Up At The Branson Auction


Just to finish this olelongrooffan’s sharing of the stuff I saw while out at the Branson Auction a whiles back. If my fellow Hoons believe that General Motors is the only manufacturer to build a Super Sport you would be sorely mistaken. This 1951 Crosley Super Sport precedes those GM products by at least four years. And this wasn’t included previously in my Detroit Steel post because these were built in Marion, Indiana. It was a cute little buggy and sold for a fee inclusive $9,180.00. I would call that well sold. Click on through to see a couple more, if you like.

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Weekend Edition: Saturday Imports Spotted At The Branson Auction


So it was nigh onto a month ago this olelongrooffan decided to part with a trio of fins and attend the Branson Auction to see what was up with the only classic cars auction around these here parts. Previously, the Friday cars were shared and on Wednesday, this olelongrooffan was honored to have my Saturday Detroit Steel posted by my Hooniverse Overlords in a rare, at least for me, early morning timeframe. Thanks Guys. But, like yesterday’s ole school newspaper, that is old news. Well, today this olelongrooffan shares with my fellow Hoons the Imports seen on that warm Saturday in October here in the Ozark Mountains.

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Truck Thursday: Some Of The Saturday Trucks Seen At The Branson Auction


I logged into all things Hoon recently and realized I had not completed my coverage of the Branson Auction from a coupla weeks back so I thought I would get this update gathered up for my fellow Hoon’s Truck Thursday enjoyment.

This olelongrooffan has related that on more than one occasion I would spot a vehicle and in short order would see another similar type ride. Well, my fellow Hoons, that tradition continues on, this time in the version of Tow Mater.


The sightings of these things since I moved to the Ozarks continues to amaze this olelongrooffan even if this one is in the form of a golf cart. Feel free to click on through to see some of the other trucks spotted that Saturday.

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