A Short Cruise Around The Ozarks With This olelongrooffan


Now while this olelongrooffan realizes that the stuff I post here in the Hooniverse will never make it to that Featured Headline across the top of this page, that ain’t gonna stop me from sharing some of the (at least I think) cool stuff I see from time to time while out and about. At least until my Hooniverse Overlords yank the key to the vault from my grimy hands.

A whiles back I was out and stumbled upon a rather cool old warehouse and I couldn’t but help to gather some images of it to share with my fellow Hoons. Among other things.

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Long Shot: It’s A Turbo Dude


So the other day, this olelongrooffan had another Long Shots experience and thought I might share it with my fellow Hoons.

Now round these here parts of the Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri, many of the sightings to be seen by this olelongrooffan are generally of the Truck Persuasion but occasionally seeing something out in the wild of a rare nature deserves whipping a Ueeee to further investigate. And this kick butt Fastback was one of those things.

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Quick Shifts: Save A Buck Where You Can Edition

LongRoofian June 7, 2016 Quick Shifts


So the other day this olelongrooffan stopped at my local Stop-N-Rob to get me some cokes and smokes and I saw something I had not seen before. See the front axle on that tanker trailer? It is raised up off the ground about 10 inches or so. Of course, I had to ask the driver of this rig what was up?


He mentioned this was done so as not to scuff the tires while turning, improve the turning radius, and to increase fuel mileage while going on down the road with a light load. I can only wonder what the increase in cost for this set up versus the perceived savings in fuel and tire costs would be. Although the ease of turning would make it worthwhile to me.

In my 40+ years of driving, this olelongrooffan has never seen this set up previously. What about my fellow Hoons? Seen something like this or similar?

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan

“Whatcha Doin’ Brother?”


Author’s Note: So this weekend is Memorial Day weekend here in the good ole USA. Uncle Sam gives us this Monday off in remembrance of fallen members of the US Armed Services. While I am lucky that all three of my older brothers served and lived through it, there are many who did not. So while we are enjoying this day of leisure, remember the reason for this holiday. Thanks to all who served and serve to protect the right to enjoy the many things I do as I Celebrate Life.

1 021

Every week in Greg K’s Hooniverse News column, he winds up said column up with “What is your automotive news? Well as this olelongrooffan doesn’t wrench on my stuff much these days, I usually don’t have a lot to comment about in the comments section of those posts. However, that was changed up a couple weeks ago.

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Truck Thursday: An Ode To The Advance Design

My fellow Hoons, this offering by this olelongrooffan contains over 2,150 words and suffered through 40+ revisions. I might suggest finding a few minutes, a comfortable seat and a cold libation while reading about Bus_Plunge and Advance Designs. Or not. Anyways, thanks for staying tuned.

jim n bus

So it’s been a while since this olelongrooffan has contributed anything here in the Hooniverse. Please note my fellow Hoons, it’s not for lack of interest; I mean I probably have six or seven draft posts together and in various states of completion. But every time I commence editing one of them, I will sidetrack off to read something by one of my fellow contributors and, somehow, my stuff just doesn’t seem to measure up to their lofty offerings. Maybe it is the six year itch setting in. Yeah, it was May 1, 2010 that this olelongrooffan was bestowed the honor of contributing here in the Hooniverse. But then again, maybe I am just indolent after all. Anyway, my absence has gotten so noticeable that even some of my kinfolk who this olelongrooffan didn’t even know read my stuff here have contacted me to wonder what the hell is up? As such, this olelongrooffan decided to get off my lazy, self critiqueing ass and actually post something before the Hooniverse Overlords yank the Key to the Vault that is Hooniverse from my grimy hands.

Anyways, my fellow Hoons may remember a post this olelongrooffan did a long whiles back about the short bus my brother Bus_Plunge owned for many years and ended up selling to another grandpa down Texas way. I am told it is a pretty good read and ole Bus_Plunge himself even mentions it to me from time to time. Now that old bus is an Advance Design style truck produced by the General from the 1948 through early 1955 model years (even though the Task Force redesign occurred in 55, it appears some early 55’s were 54 AD carryovers). And Bus_Plunge surely does like him some Advance Design trucks.

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Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus Tell All: The Post Easter Edition

LongRoofian March 30, 2016 All Things Hoon


So since there has been the passage of at least three major holidays since the Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus Holiday 2016, this olelongrooffan figured the time was about right for we Hoons to share what we received from our fellow Hoons this past Hoonimas.

This was the first year this olelongrooffan was fortunate enough to be the Secret Santa’s helper and man was it a project. But in the end, all was well. The final Hoonigift finally reached its destination in early February so the posting of this at the end of March only seems correct.

This olelongrooffan was on the receiving end of Hoonimas from a first time participant and was asked by my benefactor what I wanted? “Hell, Man, I don’t know. A couple Hot Wheels cars and a bag of Reeses? Whatever you want.” And that is just what this olelongrooffan found in my rural style mailbox just down the street from my cabin on Christmas morning as I was en route to NotSoLilJim’s hacienda for a kid filled Christmas day with 2 young girls and 2 teenage boys.

Thanks Man. I regifted that stuff and the girls loved the Reeses, even if it was 10 am when they got them and those boys? Well, NotSoLilJim and Bus_Plunge and this olelongrooffan educated them youngsters on the tradition of the old standby guy gift, Hot Wheels. This olelongrooffan doesn’t even remember what I sent off to my recipient for Hoonimas but I hope it was as appreciated.

So anyway my fellow Hoons, do you remember what you got? Let’s see.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan

Just Cruising Out and About In The Ozarks

LongRoofian March 11, 2016 All Things Hoon


So, yeah, my fellow Hoons, it appears the Hooniverse Overlords have yet to pry the Key to the Hooniverse Vault from the grimy hands of this olelongrooffan so I thought (with sly encouragement from dukeisduke) I would pop up a few things spotted around these here Ozark Mountains over the past little whiles. As I usually do, this olelongrooffan often heads out to get myself lost and find my way back to the hacienda while simultaneously trying to find what I think is some cool shit to share with my fellow Hoons. I believe this day was no different. After all, when was the last time any of us have spotted a ’70 Thunderbird coupe live and in the flesh? With complimentary algae at no extra charge.

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Long Shots: 1985 Buick Skylark

LongRoofian February 12, 2016 All Things Hoon


So one of the things this olelongrooffan has been doing to keep myself out of trouble these days has been gathering up random images for freelance publication in some local print publications. The other day I happened upon the unloading of an old ferris wheel a local multiple go kart track theme park owning company has purchased for assembly on the grounds of one of their speed parks. This ferris wheel has been in use at the Chicago Navy Pier for the last 20 some years. The transportation of this 150 foot tall, 240 seat ride required the use of some 45 flatbed semi trucks which have been unloaded by that huge ass crane over the past week. It has been a pretty cool sight to see and I look forward to photo documenting the reassembly of this thing over the next few weeks. But wait, what is that even older ride seen just to the left in this image?

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Truck Thursday: Dale Jr.’s Replica Show Car and Truck

LongRoofian February 11, 2016 All Things Hoon


So a whiles back this olelongrooffan was cruising up (or is it down) the Strip here in the Music Capital of The World and spotted this ride in the parking lot of one of the literally hundreds of live music theatres along this strip. Of course I had to whip a Ueee to further check it out. While appearing to be authentic, something about this Pace Car just seemed a bit off. A cursory search of my image library failed to gather up an image of one of these similarly set up. The Z06s I have documented over the years have all been multi colored but, quite candidly, it is okay. Just the sight of it made me a bit homesick for my old stomping grounds. And the sighting of what was seen after the jump didn’t help a whole lot to diminish those feelings.

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The Car Sara Bought

LongRoofian February 2, 2016 All Things Hoon


So it was a whiles back that this olelongrooffan posed the question “What Car Should Sara Buy?” to my fellow Hoons. And while I posted a bunch of white cars in that post, none of them really met with the approval of my fellow Hoons. With the exception of one. And it was suggested not to get a white one. Feel free to click on through to see which suggestion by my fellow Hoon that Sara chose to follow.

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