Wagon Wednesday: Bus-Plunge Spots A Cherry ’58 Nomad


By this point in time, this olelongrooffan suspects that my fellow Hoons are aware that not a whole lot of stuff happens in this olelongrooffan’s life without there being a story attached. And if, in fact, my fellow Hoons realize this, you will not be surprised to know there is a story attached to the above image. However, my fellow Hoons are required to make the jump to capture the story about this longroof, this Mom and those Hoonayoungsters.

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Truck Thursday: Long Shots: A Mildew Covered Red Cargostar Spotted In The Wild


Well my fellow Hoons, ever since this olelongrooffan started driving my new baby longroof, my on the road exploits have mostly been destination driven. Well after I posted that tidbit of information, this olelongrooffan once again began pondering what a real balanced existence is. I mean, yes, my job is important and I believe in giving as much as I have to my employer, however, we all need to have balances in our lives. As such, this olelongrooffan decided during that fateful trip across the Everglades to stop and take a moment to smell the exhaust fumes every once in a while. Well, my fellow Hoons, I had just exited off of Eisenhower’s Interstate System when I spotted this Cargostar sitting under that live oak tree just waiting for this olelongrooffan to take a moment and enjoy its nuances. And I did.

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Tudor Tuesday: A Pair Of Real Beauties


As this olelongrooffan has been a lazy *ss Hoon of late the Hooniverse is running a bit light on this 30th Tuesday in this year of the Snake, this olelongrooffan thought I would share with my fellow Hoons a pair of sweet tudors I spotted recently out in the wild. Although neither of these silver ones are in the most pristine of condition, I thought they might be Hooniworthy enough to share. This beat up 944 is a freebee. Making the jump is necessary to see the other silver one this olelongrooffan spotted.

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Weekend Edition: Last Call: Get Prepared My Fellow Hoons

LongRoofian July 14, 2013 Announcements


While many of my fellow Hoons may be aware this past July 13 was Collector Car Appreciation Day, as set forth by the US Congress, how many of you are aware this Saturday, July 20th is Ugly Truck Appreciation Day?

With that this olelongrooffan sets forth the above image and challenges all of my fellow Hoons to come up with one better this coming weekend.

Stay t-Hooned.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

Weekend Edition: A Pair of ’56 Belairs: Original vs. Stock


Now this olelongrooffan has shared with my fellow Hoons that I love most everything automotive. My head turns on a regular basis on my travels around looking at pretty much everything I can see from my perch piloting my longerroof or my, new to me, xBox. Additionally, I have the opportunity to attend quite a few car shows and events around these here parts. Further, the bulk of my favorites on this latest laptop I daily drive are automotive related. autoextremist, Hemmings, The Old Motor, The View Through the Windshield, seeing some cool stuff with Jesse, and many, many more. I also enjoy hanging in the carport when the opportunity presents itself. It seems that on more than a few of them, one of the topics that arises is the term “original” versus the term “stock.” Now while I certainly do not consider myself an automotive expert, as I am sure most of my fellow Hoons will agree, this olelongrooffan certainly does have an opinion about the use of these two terms and their application to our automotive passion. And if my fellow Hoons are interested in some ramblings from this olelongrooffan on this subject, feel free to make the jump at your convenience.

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Truck Thursday: Well, Technically, It Is A Longroof


So, as this olelongrooffan has previously mentioned, I gots me a job that allows me to put nearly 1,000 miles a week on my mini longroof checking out projects in which I am involved all over the southern end of the Sunshine State. One of the attractions to me with this company is that I get to V.I.S.I.T. my old hometown of Naples, Florida on a once a week basis. Although it is about a two hour drive across Alligator Alley through the Everglades, it does mean I get to see my daughter, TheSmartOne, a whole lot more often than I have in the past few years. Plus, I get to see some other pretty cool stuff, at least to me, over in FantasyLand and I hope my fellow Hoons don’t mind this olelongrooffan sharing some of that cool stuff with you.

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Wagon Wednesday: Long Shots: A Quasi Rare Cougar Longroof


So recently, this olelongrooffan was out and about checking on various things going on in my life these days and up in front of one of Bennett’s Auto Parts locations, I spotted something that hits two buttons in the life of this olelongrooffan. Longroofs and Cougars.

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V.I.S.I.T.: A Highly Desirable Pagoda


So, a whiles back this olelongrooffan shared with my fellow Hoons the fact that I have yet another daily driver for utilization in cruising the highways and byways of the southern half of the Sunshine State trying to coerce some dudes to install some stairs and railings for OldAJ and the firm he owns. Contrary to my previous life where, as thejeepjunkie liked to say, “it takes the oldlongrooffan 7 hours to make a 3 hour journey,” (something I am rather proud of BTW,) these days my life is all about getting from destination to destination, the journey be damned. As such, there is little time to stop and smell the gear oil and most of my sightings are on one of Eisenhower’s Highway Systems.

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The 4th of July Holiday Weekend Last Call

LongRoofian July 7, 2013 Last Call


As we here in the Hooniverse wind up this long holiday weekend, what better American way to end it than with a big *ssed flag made up of flattened automobiles? And not a Mystery Car posting in sight.

A hearty gracias to regular commenter batshitbox for this tip via cnn.

Thanks for tuning in to the Hooniverse and enjoy this post holiday work week.

A Kind Of A Driving Impressions Tale: My Newish xBox


So, it’s been a long whiles since this olelongrooffan has contributed anything to my favorite blog on these here interwebs. So long so that the Chief Blooger even dropped me an old fashioned email asking if I was okay? Well, once the Big Brass get involved, you know it is time to get off your lazy *ss and do something. So if any of my fellow Hoons have a few minutes this fine Truck Thursday to read a long white beard kind of pseudo folksy post, this is it. If not, you may want to wait a bit and read through while enjoying a cold libation of your choice.

As my fellow Hoons may be able to make out, in the above image of my longerroof, it is covered in dust and tree leaves and this olelongrooffan hasn’t driven it in nearly three weeks. Why? Well making the jump would be required at this point in time.

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