Truck Thursday: Let’s Start With A Tow Truck: A Midmorning Stroll With This olelongrooffan


Ever since this olelongrooffan acquired my driver’s side doors smashed in minilongroof, I have been scouring my local U-Pull-Its trying to locate replacement body parts for it. Unfortunately, I have thus far been unable to locate a donor and on my two previous visits to my local parts yards, I didn’t even see anything remotely Hoonable to share with my fellow Hoons. And believe it or not, this past Sunday I attended a muscle car show down by where the cops eat and I did not even take one image that day either. No, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan is not getting rusty but generic Mustang and Camaro muscle cars, no matter what the vintage, just don’t do it for me. Not that there is anything wrong with that. However on this stroll, a few things that may be of interest to my fellow Hoons were observed and I grabbed up some images. Just know that making the jump would be required at this point in time.

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Wagon Wednesday: How About Some Loooongrooofs?


So this olelongrooffan would suspect those of my fellow Hoons,  who have been hanging around here in the Hooniverse long enough, comprehend that each of we contributors to do just that in what I, altruistically, believe is a truly fun fashion. And we do so unconditionally and this olelongrooffan, in my own way, strives to contribute to it in just that way. 

On a daily basis we contributors, with access to the tips@hooniverse hotline, receive a bunch of pics and links and the editors here sort through as to who gets what. Normally the esteemed Mister’s Emslie and UDMan get the fun and obscure stuff but recently when fellow Hoon gooberpeaze sent over these images, this olelongrooffan jumped up from my cubicle way way in the back with my hand in the air shouting “Please, Please, Can I have this one? Pretty Please with sugar on top!”

Well, my fellow Hoons, the Hooniverse Overlords agreed and this olelongrooffan has the pleasure of sharing gooberpeaze’s finds up there in Daphane, Alabama. Although it is “down there” for most of fellow Hoons.

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A Trip Across Highway 66, Sunshine State Style

LongRoofian August 27, 2013 All Things Hoon


So this olelongrooffan has shared with my fellow Hoons that I inflict more than a one thousand miles per week on my newish minilongroof (this week past it was 1,396). It often has been accomplished while traveling in the far left lane on Eisenhower’s Highway System down here in Central and South Florida. During those experiences, it was hard for this olelongrooffan to stop and smell the exhaust fumes as it is truly a concrete jungle. Recently however the need for those left lane excursions have ceased to be necessary and this olelongrooffan is able to travel on “surface” highways and, indeed, stop and smell the exhaust fumes. Well, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan has previously shared something pretty dang cool with all ya’all and today I thought I might share with you some of the other cool stuff I saw on one of those “off the Eisenhower Highway System” road trips. Oh yeah, 497 miles that day alone. Be prepared, my fellow Hoons, this is another of this olelongrooffan’s usual long white beard, rambling all over the place kind of posts.

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Truck Thursday: V.I.S.I.T: Long Shots: Series One Land Rover


So the Miami Beach style bungalow this olelongrooffan calls home down here in the town that thinks its Lake is Worth something is about a fifteen minute drive from the dust factory I call my woodshed these days. While the ride is a tadbit shorter if I happen to utilize one of Eisenhower’s Highways to get home, as I spend alot of my day on this beasts, I usually take a bit more leisurely stroll, if you will, along the surface streets to reach my humble abode. And along one of those streets, Dixie Highway, there is a lot containing some rather mundane trucks. However they do have a couple on their lot that strikes the fancy of this olelongrooffan. This Series One Land Rover is one of them.

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Long Shots: 1960 Chevrolet Impala

LongRoofian August 20, 2013 All Things Hoon


So at my new gig chasing a bunch of guys around the Sunshine State persuading them to install some stairways and stair rails, this olelongrooffan spends an inordinate amount of time screaming up and down Eisenhower’s Highway System around these here parts of the good ole USA. Sometimes, however, it is possible for me to just languish about and mosey around town. Fortunately, this latter experience occurred one day last week and while down in a recently becoming revitalized area in nearby downtown Delray Beach, Florida, I happened to stumble upon this sweet looking 1960 Chevrolet Impala thought my fellow Hoons might enjoy. But making the jump is required to see more of it.

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Hooniverse Truck Thursday: For Consideration, A 333,917 Mile Possessing 2005 Toyota Tundra


So this olelongrooffan has previously shared that I am Hooning around a free to me 2006 Scion xBox these days at my new gig. When it came into my possession it possessed just over 200K on its clock and that number is now over 214,000. 562 miles on Wednesday alone. Anyway, on Tuesday this olelongrooffan climbed into the driver’s seat to move my peer’s 2005 Toyota Tundra from its resting place in our parking lot blocking my xBox from escaping. When I climbed inside the cockpit of this beast and shifted it into reverse, it took moment for the transmission to engage, and then it did so with a disconcerting lurch. Now this olelongrooffan does realize this later model Japanese offering is not as Hooniworthy as are a lot of other trucks, (wait ’til Josh’s story) its history is a bit interesting.

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V.I.S.I.T.: The Automotive Equivalent Of A Bald Head

photo (16)

Nuf said.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2013/longrooffan

Truck Thursday: A Truly Surprising GMCMH Experience

LongRoofian August 8, 2013 All Things Hoon


Over the past few months this olelongrooffan has shared with my fellow Hoons how I ended up moving from the Birthplace of Speed up the next town north of The World Center of Racing to toney Palm Beach, Florida. Later I shared how I came about my minilongroof that I Hoon around south and central Florida to the tune of 1,000 miles a week. Yeah, since June 3 I have added another 9,947 miles to the clock of that 2006 xBox which was showing just over 200K when it came into my possession. 496 miles on Wednesday alone. My new position coordinating a bunch of folks installing stairs and rails in residential homes takes me from southeast Florida (think an hour north of that famous topless sobeach) to MickeyMouseLand, the bayfront area of St. Petersburg and south through Sarasota, Fort Myers and Naples. Then a quick 90 minute trip through the Everglades across Alligator Alley and 40 minutes north and home. 

When this olelongrooffan started up at my gig, I was in a thirty foot hole with a twenty five foot ladder and my entire professional life was putting out fires and my Hooniversal life was put on hold. I mean I was on Eisenhower’s Highway System and the money required to pass by the booth highways all day long. Usually at near top speed in my xBox. Life was destination driven and man, it sucks trying  to Celebrate Life when things are that way.

Nowadays? I am proud, although not boasting, things are going smoothly as I have some great staff to work with. Sure there is an occasional glitch but when coordinating the efforts of over 40 grown men and women on multiple, remote jobsites, you are gonna have that.

Now this olelongrooffan can hear my fellow Hoons screaming what the h*ll does this have to do with all things Hooniverse? Well, the answer to that question is just beyond the jump. Care to join this olelongrooffan for an On The Road sighting? If so,  please excuse the fogginess of the first trio of images. I was so excited about seeing this place that I didn’t let my air conditioned image taker acclimate to my humid south Florida weather.

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This olelongrooffan Is No Longer A Cars and Coffee Virgin


That’s right my fellow Hoons. This olelongrooffan has been to some pretty awesome places in the past few years. I have visited The Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, spotted a vintage Cadillac Flower Car in a killer junkyard up in the Hoosier State,  strolled through The Cussler Museum out in Ms. Martin hometown, and snuck into more events at the Daytona International Speedway than this olelongrooffan can shake a stick at. But until last weekend, I have never attended a Cars and Coffee.

Yeah, The Elliott Museum up in the hometown of Blue Marlin Motors hosted a C&C event and this non-coffee-drinking olelongrooffan just had to make the 25 minute trek up Florida’s Highway 9 to attend. While this event wasn’t filled with the ubiquitous SuperCars that seem to attend C&C event out there on the left coast of these United States, there was still lots of cool stuff to be seen. This was especially true of the stuff seen in the normally padlocked garage of that there museum. This is a fairly image laden adventure so if my fellow Hoons have a few minutes, feel free to click on through to see more.

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Truck Thursday: Long Shots: 1963 Jeep FC150

LongRoofian August 1, 2013 All Things Hoon


So last week, this olelongrooffan was trying to stay off of Eisenhower’s Highway System and sticking to surface streets in my attempt to slow my life down a bit and take a moment to smell the exhaust fumes. Well, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan was successful in this endeavor as this 1963 FC 150 was spotted down in Riviera Beach at a local, to that area, repair facility.

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