Modern Art Monday: Can My Fellow Hoons, Once Again, Help This olelongrooffan Out?


So yesterday was the 12th annual Winter Park Concours d’Elegance down on Park Avenue in toney Winter Park, Florida just outside the eastern edge of MickeyMouseLand. This olelongrooffan has attended this event pretty much every other year since its inception 12 years ago and as it has been a couple years since I have attended, I figured I would take the three hour trip up there to see what was up. Yeah, I guess I am a Hoon as I traveled nearly seven hours to spend three hours with a bunch of people, some of whom did not even know what a 1957 Chevrolet BelAir was. Yeah, I can’t make this sh*( up. But I did get to meet a couple of fellow Hoons both of whom said “Nice T’Shirt” as I walked by in one of them The Missus sends my way every so often. More on those dudes in a future post.

Now after sharing this with my fellow Hoons, I can hear my fellow Hoons screaming what does this have to do with Modern Art Monday?

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Long Shots: Yet Another GMC Motorhome Sighting

LongRoofian November 5, 2013 All Things Hoon


Sometimes, life just never ceases to amaze me. This olelongrooffan has, on more than one occasion, stated how it seems that I will spot one vehicle and then in somewhat rapid succession see others just like it. I mean this has happened with old firetrucks, wooden bedded pickups, Lasalles, this olelongrooffan could link on and on. I hadn’t remembered seeing one in years, but recently this phenomenon has been GMC Motorhomes. I spotted the “Purist” over in the town by that big lake here in south Florida, then I spotted the “Butcher” up in MickeyMouseLand.

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The Ted Vernon Collection: In The Paint Booth

LongRoofian October 20, 2013 All Things Hoon


A couple a weeks ago, this olelongrooffan spent some time wandering around Ted Vernon’s used car lot and gathering up some images of some of the weird and oddball stuff he has. In the post I did on Saturday about his sports cars, fellow Hoon Bruce commented about Ted and his collection as if he knew him. He also made the following claim “His cars are very edgy and poorly painted,,,sometimes with a mop. But I gotta hand it to Ted…he is a survivor!” Well my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan was planning a post about that very same topic but you’ll have to make the jump to see what’s in the paint booth.

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Weekend Edition: How About A Four Wheel Drive?


A whiles back this olelongrooffan was up in MickeyMouseLand and this pair of Bowties was spotted out in front of an automotive repair shop. While I was preparing my Ted Vernon’s Sports Car post, it reminded me of this sighting. A few close up images of these beasts can be seen after the jump.

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Weekend Edition: A Look At Ted Vernon’s Sports Cars

LongRoofian October 19, 2013 All Things Hoon


Last weekend, this olelongrooffan shared with my fellow Hoons the Elkys I spotted while at The Ted Vernon Collection a few weekends ago. This time around, I am here to share the sports cars I had spotted while wandering around that place. And this olelongrooffan was not sole visitor to what fellow Hoon stigshift describes this way, ” Just looks like a used car lot circa 1985. With shitty rims” and my fellow Hoons, know that he is not far removed from the truth. There were lots of folks there along with this olelongrooffan and we spotted some pretty cool sports cars lingering around. Feel free to make the jump to see a few of them.

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V.I.S.I.T: A Disabled Member of the Tour America Parade


Earlier today, this olelongrooffan had just finished a liquid lunch with Donald Duck and the boys up in MickeyMouseLand and was cruisin down Florida’s Highway 9 toward my Miami style bungalow. I was chatting it up on my newfangled iPhone with my counterpart over in the doors and millwork division of the  company we represent around this here Sunshine State. As my phone is slowly becoming my daily driver image taker, I took 20 miles per hour off my speed to conclude that conversation so I could gather these images. A couple more are after the jump.

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Weekend Edition: Yet Another GMC Motorhome Experience

LongRoofian October 13, 2013 All Things Hoon


Last month at some campground up in Branson, Missouri, there was a gathering of supposedly over 100 of those highly desirable GMC Land Yachts. Of course, my brother, Bus Plunge, had to wander over from his cabin in Rockaway Beach to gather this image to place on his page over at that book about his face. This olelongrooffan shamelessly stole it to provide the lede image for this post. It’s about another gathering of GMC Motorhomes much like the experience I had here. Click on through should you be interested is reading a bit about this adventure.

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Weekend Edition: Visiting The Ted Vernon Collection

LongRoofian October 13, 2013 All Things Hoon


So, a couple weekends ago this olelongrooffan decided to take a drive down to South Beach on Miami Beach and take in some sites. As I was cruising down Eisenhour’s Interstate System, I spotted this line up of vehicles alongside that roadway and I immediately knew my visit to South Beach was going to be delayed. There was such a huge variety of vehicles there that this olelongrooffan almost doesn’t know where to begin.

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Hoon Tales Weekend Edition: What Is a 2,500 Pound Black Angus Bull Worth?

LongRoofian October 6, 2013 All Things Hoon

1 008

My dad, TheGentlemanFarmer, always had a great taste for Hoonworthy automobiles. This olelongrooffan believes I have shared with my fellow Hoons his unique interest in off the wall vehicles. The last Hoon car he owned was this bright red Fiat ragtop. He always seemed to have something in his possession that was rather unique. But I wanted to share with my fellow Hoons a tale about one he had the longest. Please let this olelongrooffan apologize for the wonkiness of some of the sizes of the images in the post. Most of them are over forty years old and are old school photographs.

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Trackday Weekend Edition: An Unplanned Visit To Sebring International Raceway

LongRoofian October 6, 2013 All Things Hoon


As happens a lot of the time, this olelongrooffan seems to just stumble upon, what is to me, some pretty cool stuff, I thought I might share this with my fellow Hoons.

So, late on Friday afternoon this olelongrooffan received a call from one of the superintendents for which we supply stairs and rails informing me that on of the sets of stairs in one of his $800,000 townhouses was installed crooked. He asked if I could send over the installer who installed them to correct this issue. Well, said installer was scheduled for Saturday to install a custom set of stairs in a home down on the water and next week he is up in MickeyMouseLand doing a huge condo project. I mentioned to my super that this olelongrooffan would head on over to the home of the Ringling Brother’s museum and make that correction my own da*n self. Now the route to that project allows this olelongrooffan to pass through Sebring, Florida and since this was the first time I had made this journey on a weekend day, I thought I might just detour off Federal Highway 98 and see if I could find something interesting. Guess what?

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