Long Shots: First Gen Corvair

LongRoofian December 9, 2013 All Things Hoon


As is often the case, this olelongrooffan will be just out and about and I will stumble upon a cool old car to share with my fellow Hoons. In this case it would be the first gen Corvair our very own UDMan campaigned around the LeMons race series with some success.

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2013 HCOTY: My Fellow Hoons Must Agree It’s This Longroof


Man oh Man my fellow Hoons, another year has sped on by and it is time, once again, for the Hooniversal Car Of The Year. As this olelongrooffan would suspect, my fellow Hoons know I would, once again, nominate a longroof. I have seen quite a few cool conventional longroofs over the past year. And making the decision about which one would make the cut has not been an easy one for this olelongrooffan. Click on through to see a few more missing the cut and the one that did make it.

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Lost Images From In The Lot At The Winter Park Concours


When this olelongrooffan attended the Winter Park Concours D’Elegance a whiles back, the batteries in my daily driver image taker were low so I shot most of the images I took there with my company provided iPhone. As I have changed up my life, once again, purchasing AA batteries for that image taker was required. When I was doing my In The Lot post on that trip, this olelongrooffan absolutely knew I had captured some images that were pretty memorable to me. As they were on my image taker and not that iPhone, I figured I had probably inadvertantly deleted them. Well, today I was downloading some images of a craptastic Cavalier and found those lost images. Click on through to see what others I thought were Hoonworthy that day.

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Long Shots: A Slightly Modified Cavalier

LongRoofian December 3, 2013 Terrible Ideas


So, a couple weeks ago this olelongrooffan successfully negotiated a new professional gig making a whole lot more money, driving a h*ll of a lot less, and divert out of my life a whole d*mn bunch of business related drama. Plus this olelongrooffan has been able to relocate back to my old hometown, Naples, Florida, an area I refer to as FantasyLand. Yeah, I am pretty stoked about it. However, my permanent living accomodations have yet to gel so I am Residence Inning it until I can find the right spot. As such, weekly visits to one of those places that takes coins to clean my clothes has been required. But it’s okay, its kind like a working vacation (or college) and on this trip I spotted a super cool Cavalier to share with my fellow Hoons should you choose to jump on through.

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Long Shots: A Chrome Rolls Royce Anyone?

LongRoofian November 25, 2013 All Things Hoon

 So, the other day while I was still living in the concrete jungle that is southeast Florida and driving some 1,500 miles a week, this olelongrooffan spotted a first for me. That would be a chrome wrapped Rolls Royce sitting on one of the hoyty toyty cars lots down Boca way.

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Fastback Friday: A PMY 1966 Dodge Charger



So while this olelongrooffan was up in toney Winter Park, Florida for their annual Concours, I spotted a train load of cool cars. Many of them have been, or will be, shared with my fellow Hoons. This one, however, as much as the black beauty that is Bentley, fit the bill for our Fastback Friday feature here in the Hooniverse. Feel free to click on through to see a bit more of this quasi finned fastback.

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Truck Thursday: Long Shots: Early 60’s Dodge Town Panel


Recently this olelongrooffan has been spending way too much time racing around the Sunshine State on the Eisenhower Interstate System and not enough time cruising around taking the time to smell the exhaust fumes. I changed that up on a recent Sunday and got in my now repatriated longerroof and just cruised around the mainland area where my Miami style bungalow is located, spotting some pretty cool cars, to share with my fellow Hoons along the way. This Dodge Town Panel was one of them.

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Wagon Wednesday: 1961 Chrysler Town and Country Hardtop Station Wagon


How can any of my fellow Hoons not like a longroof with seven words in its name? Yes, this Capri and Parisian Blue colored hardtop wagon was spotted by this olelongrooffan at the Winter Park Concours and I just had to share it with all ya’all. Not only that, it has Show Biz connections as well. Click on through to “Read All About It.”

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Winter Park Concours: The In The Lot Edition


As all of we Hoons know, at car shows, sometimes, the coolest cars are seen in the parking lot. And there certainly were some cool cars in the neighborhoods surrounding Park Avenue there in toney Winter Park, Florida. While this olelongrooffan spotted this longgggroof buster a mile or so away at a VDub shop, it is just unique enough to gain inclusion in this recollection. The ones you see beyond the jump were all at the show.

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Two Wheel Tuesday: Just A Triumphant Ducati


Now this olelongrooffan readily admits that I am not much of a two wheel kind of guy, their possessing no roof after all. Having said that, while I was up in toney Winter Park for their Concours this past Sunday, a local motorcycle dealer had paid some big bucks to have their two wheeled wonders parked on that cobblestone street so I kinda figured that they had some pretty meaningful bikes. So I decided to grab a few images as I strolled on by figuring our fellow Hoon up Kansas City way might enjoy some of them and let all of we Hoons know what they are. Hoons feel free to chime in.

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