Truck Thursday: A 1319 Diesel For A 13:19 Post


[Just a quick note: Here in the Hooniverse, we post about every hour and a half. It is based on Pacific time and in 24 hour clock format. Thus, this olelongrooffan often gets extreme confused trying to figure all this out while living in the Eastern time zone. I finally figured out that 13:00 = 6 pm for me and that is where I try to stay. However, in honor of today’s Truck Thursday, this olelongrooffan has deliberately self scheduled this post for 13:19. Please forgive this olelongrooffan my Hooniverse Overlords.]

Now this olelongrooffan has previously shared with my fellow Hoons that my new gig has me hanging in a pretty upscale FantasyLand residential community. Now most of the subcontractors my firm hire put a ton o miles on their vehicles every year. As a result, bright and shiny new trucks and SUVs, as well as many varieties of luxury cars belonging to our homebuyers, pass by this olelongrooffan prett near every day. There was this one day however, this olelongrooffan heard a unique, almost guttural, growl of a vehicle pass by the window of the den of my $2,000,000 cube and I just knew I had to check it out. Zyncro anyone?

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Hoon Tales: Country Squires, A CT70 And A Pontoon

LongRoofian March 10, 2014 All Things Hoon

1822 n 65ford

Way back when the Hooniverse Overlords decided to bestow this olelongrooffan a key to the vault that is Hooniverse, the venerable Blake Z. Rong and I exchanged a series of emails about content round these here parts. He encouraged this olelongrooffan to share some of my Hoon Tales and see what happens? Well, I did so and it seems this olelongrooffan did recollect a few Tales that some my fellow Hoons found enjoyable. Other Hoons? Maybe not so much. As such, I am always hesitant to share some of my personal Hoon Tales as, after all, this is not my personal blog. But then every time I express this trepidation to our Hooniverse Overlords, the response, thus far, has been a resounding, “If we don’t like something, we’ll let you know.” Well the last time I shared some of my ramblings, I was thoroughly surprised that so many of my fellow Hoons were so happy for this olelongrooffan and my career progress subsequent to the Recession of ’08. Having said that, if my fellow Hoons are interested in another, kinda all across the board, Tale from this olelongrooffan, please feel free to hang around and, perhaps, enjoy some more of this olelongrooffan’s ramblings. It’s gonna take a while and my fellow Hoons may want to wait until all ya’all are comfortably settled with a cold beverage before making the jump. And, once again, please excuse the wonkieness of the images as most are scans of decades old old school photographs and negatives. Please remember clicking on through is your option so no grumbling. OK?

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V.I.S.I.T.: A Flat Black Rattle Can Mazda Miata


A whiles back this olelongrooffan shared my somewhat jaded experience down on toney 5th Ave South here in FantasyLand with all the seemingly every day run of the mill cars they had down there. Now I know that is not entirely true but just yesterday I was heading down Airport Road to pick up some plumbing supplies, no seriously I needed some towel bars for a home and the most efficient way for that to go down was for me to head south about 8 minutes, pick them up and get back to have my already on site guy install them. Ah sh*t, another digression.

Anyway, I spotted not one, but two late model Beemers of the 650 persuasion. Now just to let my fellow Hoons know, one was an everyday convertible while the other was the rarer fastback version. But there they were on an eight minute run to my plumbing supply house. And, by the way, just to the left of my longerroof is one of many exotic car dealerships round these here parts.

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Truck Thursday: A Few From The Street Rod Nationals


So, a whiles back this olelongrooffan spent some time wandering around a field at the spring training facility of some major league baseball team (don’t remember which one and don’t really care–I just know it wasn’t the Cards) up in Fort Myers, and while there I spotted a few trucks at that Street Rod show. One of them was this OJ front Bronco. Yeah, a few years ago while this olelongrooffan was still living in Sl-Ocala, I picked up a ’93 F150 for some reason or another. H*ll, I owned a home on three acres and a Hoon just has to have a truck while living on a ranchette. Anyway, I called thejeepjunkie and as I described it he exclaimed, “Oh, it’s the one with an OJ front.” Ever since then, that is how this olelongrooffan describes this gen of 150s. My fellow Hoons will need to make the jump to see some of the other trucks spotted for this Truck Thursday.

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The Ferrari Club of Naples: Cars On Fifth


Last weekend, the Ferrari Club of Naples commandeered toney 5th Avenue South here in FantasyLand for a pretty cool show, if you are into exotic supercars. This olelongrooffan decided to join the massive crowd and headed down to check it out. I had heard of the one they had last year and thought this might be something to capture and share with my fellow Hoons

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Monday MOPAR Marvels


At that car show this olelongrooffan attended a coupla weeks ago, I spotted several cars of the MOPAR persuasion and grabbed some images of the more interesting ones, well at least to this olelongrooffan anyways. Feel free to make the jump to see what cool MOPAR stuff I spotted besides this tricked up Savoy.

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Weekend Edition: The Willys Edition


So this olelongrooffan is sitting on the lanai here at Tami’sPlace enjoying a Chamber of Commerce kind of day and looking through some images loaded on my first ever spanking new laptop. I stumbled across some images of thejeepjunkie’s favorite ride I had gathered at a recent car show. I thought my fellow Hoons might be interested in taking a peak at them.

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Hoon Tales: This olelongrooffan’s New Gig


So, recently, this olelongrooffan popped in a post here in the Hooniverse showcasing my new longroof. One of our fellow Hoons questioned if this olelongrooffan had taken yet another new job? Well my fellow Hoons, the answer to that question is, without hesitation, a resounding Yes. Now as this olelongrooffan had been cruising around the Sunshine State in my XBenz for just six months, what was it that made this olelongrooffan decide to, once again, upend my career? Well, sometimes it seems that my life has been a series of “It seemed like a good idea at the time” decisions. But ya know what my fellow Hoons? It just seems to work for me.

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Truck Thursday: V.I.S.I.T.: A Stateside Kei Truck

kei truck

So after grabbing a sammich at my local Chick-fil-A which serves as my local In n Out, this olelongrooffan was heading back to my new gig when I spotted this kei truck. I am such a jaded Hoon that it took me a second to realize just what it was and then to grab my shitty work provided Blackberry and grab an image of it.

Yeah, that is a Florida temp tag hanging off the rear end of it proving, once again, that you can register pretty much anything here in the Sunshine State.

And that sign in the rear window? This right hand drive short roof is for sale for a mere $4,400.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan

V.I.S.I.T.: My New Longroof

LongRoofian February 17, 2014 All Things Hoon


Well, my fellow Hoons, a whole helluva lot has changed up for this olelongrooffan in the past few months.

I have moved on from my minilongroof back to my longerroof and now onto this EV longroof. Additionally, this olelongrooffan moved to West Coast and is totally immersed in solving problems. And, after fewer than 90 days into my new position in FantasyLand, I have been promoted and now am the chief problem solver (not to be confused with the Chief Blooger) on the entire West Coast.

And to quote Johnny Carson, “More to Come.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2014/longrooffan