An Unexpected Adventure With This olelongrooffan


It was late on Saturday afternoon this past weekend as this olelongrooffan was sitting amongst a bunch of cool old cars chatting it up with my coworker about the dismal amount of traffic we have seen over the past month since we started schleping classics cars, our congenial sales manager approached us. “The owner has decided to make some changes and I have been told to release you two guys from our employment.” Yeah, one month in and my career as a classic car salesman has come to a screeching halt. WTF? It sure has been an interesting year for this olelongrooffan. So after spending the evening on Saturday pondering my next move with a bit of the Skye, I could only come to one conclusion as to my immediate next move.

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So They’re Gonna Let Me Stay Another Day


So it was a coupla weeks ago this olelongrooffan shared with my fellow Hoons my new gig in life. Even though I sell classic cars, I still sell cars and the sale of cars is what this job is all about. Well Hoons, this week this olelongrooffan sold my first car for PJ’s Auto World here where the Water is Clear in the Sunshine State.

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V.I.S.I.T.: Remembering Long Lost Friends


It seems like ever since we somewhat reluctantly switched over to Discus as our posting and commenting system, some longtime Hoons seem not to have made the jump with us. But regardless of the reason, we here in the Hooniverse remember all fondly. And of course, who could forget Muthalovin’?

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Long Shots: 1963 Cadillac Sedan DeVille


So it was a whiles back this olelongrooffan ventured over to historic Mount Dora, Florida to check out the Antique Automobile Club of America local show at the Lakeside Inn. It was there a bunch of cool ass crap was spotted and this olelongrooffan is extremely delinquent in sharing with my fellow Hoons. Good things come to those who wait and all that. Anyways, as I was traversing the Withlacoochee State Forest on the way home, Mother Nature hollered at me so I decided to stop and have a chat. In the meantime, this ole bouldvard cruiser was spotted and of course the rules for Hooniverse Long Shots required this olelongrooffan to gather up a few images to share.

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Truck Thursday: NPOCP – First Generation Econoline Pickup


So as my fellow Hoons may remember, this olelongrooffan used to Hoon around in a 1963 Ford Falcon Station Bus. Like every car I have ever owned, whenever I see a variant of that olestationbus, I have to stop and check it out.

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Wagon Wednesday: Truly A Long Shot Of A Longroof Restoration Project


So this olelongrooffan is still hanging out in the pits and the garage area and with a little free time on my hands here in “Tree City USA,” Florida, I thought I might head a couple burgs over to see if that old muffler man was still on duty keeping an eye on things. Well, sure enough he was still there. Alas, it appears today’s muffler systems may be just a tad too complicated for him, yeah you know, catalytic converters and all, as he switched up that age old muffler up for a good old fashioned combination wrench similar to those found in every Hoon’s tool box for that last century or so. Well, my fellow Hoons after seeing that muffler man, the third one spotted in as many weeks for this olelongrooffan, I decided to head back to Tree City on the most back roads I could navigate as located in that bible road atlas I have in my possession which shows every country road, but not one damn city street, in the Sunshine State. And was there ever a sighting to be seen on one of those back woods roads.

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A Brief Visit To RJ’s Basement


So a short whiles back this olelongrooffan shared with my fellow Hoons that while I was hanging in the pits and garage, I decided to head over to my Rolex24 buddy, RJ’s, pad to see what was up over there in the “Hub of Lake County.” While there, we got to hook up with some pretty cools sightings, a couple of which I have shared with my fellow Hoons. Yeah, Alex Job Racing is first class and I can’t wait to see if some of the predictions he shared with us come to fruition. At the end of that post, I commented we were heading back to RJ’s new two story pad and check out what was in the basement. Yeah, it turns out the Garage of his old house just wasn’t big enough. Hell he had to put his 68 Corvette in a storage unit, God forbid. Well a couple years Rj decided to rectify that situation and build him one big ass house, nearly 50% of which is his basement. Feel free to click on through to see some of what I ended up seeing that evening.

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Taxi Tuesday: Man, Sometimes Life Is A Marathon


Yeah my fellow Hoons, the past 90 days have seemed like a never ending Marathon for this olelongrooffan. It was exactly 90 days ago, Monday, March 2, after spending the weekend judging the Treasure Coast Builder’s Parade of Homes, that I had returned to my office to my job of catering to a bunch of rich folk who had built multi million dollar new homes with the company employing me and just trying to make them happy with their purchase, after the fact. Well anyway, after our usual Monday morning staff meeting I was instructed to see King Henry and Princess Diana in Di’s office. It was there I was informed that while I had done a great job, even receiving a five figure bonus the previous November, the services of this olelongrooffan would not be utilized at the company’s newest subdivision and I was immediately terminated. It seems there was a customer service team on the east coast who had worked through their warranted homes over there and that team would be relocated to perform the same duties in the newest company subdivision on this, the west coast of Florida. They were even at that staff meeting, noticed but unknown to this olelongrooffan. Yeah, this was the effect of not having a Hispanic origin (speculation) and possessing the least senority (fact) of any in the customer service department. When I returned to my office to pack up my shit, I stopped by the office of the guy who hired me, the only other white guy in the office, and let him know. He was floored and assured me that he had my back and would definitely give me a great referral. I loaded all my car related crap up and walked out that door without a look back. No debriefing, no regrets, no callbacks. So there this olelongrooffan was, 18 months into living there in FantasyLand and realizing that I was missing all of the cool car related crap I had been involved with to prior to moving there and decided to explore my options throughout the Sunshine State once again.

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A Visit To Alex Job Racing and The Ultimate Rod Shop


Well, my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan is still hanging out in the pits and garage area of life these days so, on a fluke, I emailed my Rolex24 buddy, RJ, to see if he was in town for Mother’s Day. Well, it turns out he is in the USA for a few weeks off his job as an engineer on an oil industry supply boat in the Persian Gulf and he asked me to come on over and enjoy his hometown for a few days, catch up with each other and spend all day on Sunday planted on the sofas of his new home getting overloaded on some racing action. Well, can my fellow Hoons guess what this olelongrooffan did?

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Truck Thursday: Topkickurban


You know what my fellow Hoons? Sometimes having an old school Suburban in your livery is just not quite enough. I mean you can drop the shell on a one ton chassis with added fender flares out back. You can even lift it several feet, even put obnoxious stickers on the rear window and it still isn’t enough.

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