HCOTY Nominee: The Wagon Wednesday Edition


So one of the things the Hooniverse Overlords demand of we mere contributors to this wonderful website is that we nominate a Hooniworthy vehicle as the Hooniversal Car Of The Year. In years past, this olelongrooffan has had an easy time based on what I had seen out and about around whatever parts of the Sunshine State I live in. This year living, once again, down in what I call FantasyLand that is Naples, Florida, my choices have been rather slim and I have, until today, been undecided as to what would be nominated.

Yeah round these here parts, the sighting of a Diablo, Maserati, Bentley, Ferrari (I have a client who owns two), Rolls, McLaren Mercedes, you name it they are all here and seen on a daily basis. Thus far we have had some great nominations, but to this olelongrooffan, New Cars, Schmoo Cars, I mean who needs a 700HP sedan when the fastest you can go, unless you are MadScience (there is a link somewhere), is 80+ mph and nearly get away with it, and race trucks-my fellow Hoons, racing trucks have been around since my 2014 nomination was on the showroom floor.

So without further ado, hit the jump and see why this nomination must be your selection for the Hooniveral Car Of The Year choice.

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Last Call: Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus 2014

LongRoofian December 15, 2014 All Things Hoon


Are any of my fellow Hoons interested in being on the receiving end of any of the cool type crap this olelongrooffan received a couple Hoonimas’ ago, and as shown in the above image? Yeah, it is time for the now annual Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus.

How does it work? Well fellow Hoons you have until nightfall on Wednesday to get your snail mail address to Hooniclaus over at ninjaclaus@atomictoasters.com. In that email include some of your interests (mine are old school automotive pinup posters and cookies) and Hooniclaus will match your snail mail with a fellow Hoon and voila! just a short time later a batch of goodies such as seen above will arrive at your door via a uniformed member of the national government.

The caveat? Well, Hooniclaus himself says it best:

“I have a list and I am checking it twice. I know who has been naughty and nice so if you signed up last year and didn’t follow through you will have to send two crummy gifts this year to participate. Anywho, this is fun for a bunch of people so ifn you wanna play, then play. It’s my bad that I am late getting this going so I will run this all the way up through new years if you guys want (I have reports that some of last years people finally received gifts as late as last month. Better late than never?)

Merry Hoonimas everybody!


So remember to get your snail mail off and go out the garage, look in that Hooniverse swag box and get something off post haste.

On The Road With This olelongrooffan: Let’s Cruise The Loop, Shall We?

LongRoofian November 28, 2014 All Things Hoon

IMG_2684 So after having spent the last few days roadtripping it around the upper parts of the Sunshine State, this day this olelongrooffan hung around the Birthplace of Speed to see what could be seen. While there are a trailer loads of cool ass cars in town for the Turkey Rod Run, and already hanging out at BelAire Plaza, I wasn’t quite ready to immerse myself in that experience just yet, after all it is a long weekend ahead. No, this olelongrooffan just cruised around and, in my typical fashion, stumbled upon this pretty sweet longroof over on the always cool Carswell Avenue down in Daytona Beach. Click on through to see what that has to do with the Cruising The Loop. … Continue Reading

On The Road With This olelongrooffan: Let’s Go To The Folkston Funnel, Shall We?


So this olelongrooffan is certain my fellow Hoons are trying to figure out what this image of some random rail cars has anything to do with the happenings here in the Hooniverse. Well, as I hope my fellow Hoons have most likely figured out by now, this olelongrooffan ventures out on a regular basis to see if I can find some, what I think is, cool stuff to share with my fellow Hoons. So far, although with some exceptions, all seems to be good. Hope the same can be said today. So if my fellow Hoons don’t mind some longrooffan ramblings and the reason these rail cars are featured “above the fold” feel free to click on through.

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Weekend Edition: 2014 Turkey Rod Run Road Trip: And Out Of Naples

IMG_2644 So one of the perks of my new gig, one that was unknown to this olelongrooffan, is that after six months employment, I was awarded two weeks paid vacation. The caveat is that those days of vacation needed to be used by the end of the calendar year. As I run the customer service division of my company for the new home communities we have in the southwest part of the Sunshine State and the snow birds having been fleeing the northern part of this great country in droves to my part of this world, my skinny white butt has been spread pretty thin. However, last week during my performance evaluation (four exceptional and four outstanding, thank you very much) I was chatting it up with the British monarchy I work for (Charles, Diana and Henry) about my workload for Thanksgiving week and they all agreed that my taking off for this coming week would be a great idea and to have fun. Well as I had planning on spending Thanksgiving weekend at the Turkey Rod Run at the Daytona International Speedway, this olelongrooffan thought I would road trip it up there trying to avoid Eisenhower’s Interstate System. If my fellow Hoons are so inclined, click on through to ride along with me and see some of the sights I saw on Saturday. … Continue Reading

The Street Rod Show: An Image Dump


Now my fellow Hoons know this olelongrooffan tends to run on with my posts and get all wordy. That ain’t the case this time. I am getting ready to head out on a road trip all around the Sunshine State culminating at the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach next weekend. I just checked my email and it was determined a post was needed for this time slot. Well, this one was in draft form since April and this olelongrooffan determined it was good to go. So click through as see the rest of the stuff I saw while walking around with TheKenMan and Goldie that spring day.

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A Day With TheKenMan: The Naples/Marco AACA Show At The Depot: “It’s A Lambo, Dude”


So, a whiles back this olelongrooffan posted here in the Hooniverse some images of some pretty cool cars TheKenMan and I had seen while at an AACA car show here in toney Naples, Florida. In that post was this image of this sweet ole first gen Grand Prix. Several commenters had questioned what the yellow car in the background was. Well, as the title of this posts suggests, “It’s a Lambo, Dude.” Click on through to see a little more of it as well as the wonder just beyond it.

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A Day With TheKenMan: The Roosevelt Edition


So this olelongrooffan was out at the AACA Naples/Marco Chapter’s show a whiles back and came across some pretty sweet old rides that I didn’t even know about. This was one of them. It is a Roosevelt, as in Teddy Roosevelt, Automobile. Any of my fellow Hoons seen one of these previously?

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Truck Thursday: The Naples/Marco AACA Show Edition


So there this olelongrooffan and TheKenMan were at our third car show of that eventful 8 hour stretch one day last winter. We had already seen some pretty cool ass street rods out at the Seminole Indian Casino in Immokalee (sorry dead batteries and no place close by to get some more AA’s), spent a little time learning some more history about Ford’s Mustang at its birthday party and here at this exquisite show presented by the Naples/Marco Island branch of the Antique Automobile Club of America at the Naples Depot. Now this olelongrooffan must admit I was mistaken when I previously mentioned that no trains had run there since the early 80’s. They still run a kiddie scale train, much like the one TheGentleManFarmer had when I was a teenager, running around the perimeter of the grounds of this now train museum. But enough about that, we are here to chat it up about some trucks. For mere beauty, this 1934 Ford truck was the coolest one we saw there. Click on through to see more of it.

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A Day With TheKenMan: The Naples/Marco AACA Show At The Depot, Chapter 2

LongRoofian September 29, 2014 All Things Hoon


So as this olelongrooffan mentioned last week, my buddy TheKenMan and I did the trifecta of car show goodness one day last winter and ended up at the Antique Automobile Club of America’s Naples/Marco Island chapter’s annual car show at the Naples depot. Now, other than the 1947 Club Car and the 1909 caboose they have on a section of track there, no trains have been run there since the early 1980’s. The Depot does have a pretty kickass Lionel train layout should a Hoon choose to fork over a fin to gain acceptance. Needless to say, TheKenMan and this olelongrooffan were to cheap too fork over that kind of folding that day. We were, after all, there to see the free car show. And we did.

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