The More Things Change: Trucks At That Street Rod Show

More than a few years ago, this olelongrooffan first heard the phrase from some unremembered, unnamed oldtimer, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Well, it appears that our favorite go to Hooniverse may be headed for some changes but one thing will remain the same for as long as it fits into the overall scheme of things per the Overlords ultimate approval.

That sameness is this olelongrooffan and the sharing of my “Went There, Saw That” experiences here in the Hooniverse.

If my fellow Hoons would like to take in another one of those experiences, don’t hesitate to make the jump with this olelongrooffan.

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Just Cleaning Up The Thumbdrives: VW Ads

So this olelongrooffan has been spending some of my free time lately trying to organize the over 5,000 images I have saved to several different thumbdrives over the past few years. Some of the many images I have saved have been Vintage VW Ads. Most were created by Doyle, Dane and Bernbach and their early VW ads demonstrated a then new concept in advertising which I find entertaining. I especially like the lede image as it represents a food truck, long before their current popularity.

Below the jump are a few others I found in my “coolstuff/ads” file but a quick google image search will turn up hundreds more.

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A Rare Three Wheeler

So the other day this olelongrooffan was out and about, cruising down old Route 66 here in the Queen City of The Ozarks and spotted this contraption offered for sale. It was parked on the sidewalk outside of those nearly commonplace antique shops lining that historic roadway.

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Don’t Squash That Gold Bug

Many of the undertakings this olelongrooffan has shared with my fellow Hoons have been described as “Went There, Saw That” experiences and many of those experiences have been at car shows, both local and national in exposure. I have also noted that the capture of images of Tri 5 Bowties at those shows has not been high on my priority list as they seem to be nearly ubiquitous these days. On this past Father’s Day, after viewing the end of the the 24 Hours of LeMans, I decided to head out to the School of The Ozarks to catch their annual Father’s Day car show and brunch. As it was a dark and stormy Sunday morning, I was kinda curious what the turn out would, well, turn out to be. I was not surprised when the area designated for parking for the show cars was at less than fifty percent capacity. And the majority of those cars were, you guessed it, Tri 5 Chevys. Now the spectator parking lot was filled but I noticed the area around the show cars for spectators was sparsely populated. I’m aguessing that brunch must have been pretty tasty.

Anyway, my longerroof cruised the perimeter of that show car lot to make sure there wasn’t some ride this olelongrooffan was missing out on for sharing with my fellow Hoons. Other than a bunch of Tri 5s, there was one of those red and white 2005 or so GT40s that seem to be a near dime a dozen for me (a few years ago, I saw five of them offered for sale at two different auctions over the course of two weeks). Additionally, there was a sweet bone ass stock two tone round fendered Ranchero that a certain Hooniverse Overlord would greatly appreciate. I cruised that spectator parking area once more searching for a close by the show place to light for a bit and found nothing. An executive decision was then made to vacate all these moms, dads, and student kids lingering around, take leave of this almost country club like setting at this quasi private local college and head on down the road.

And that’s what this olelongrooffan did.

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Truck Thursday: Not Your Average Craigslist Barn Find

This olelongrooffan is not sure as to whether or not my fellow Hoons remember the oldstationbus of which I was the caretaker for a few years a whiles back. It was a 1963 Ford Falcon Station Bus, a sister to the Ford Econoline. When it was acquired off of the bay that is e out near that city with the Alamo, the Texas license plate proudly displayed on its bumpers was enumerated “N63-NSY.” When TheGoodAttorney saw that plate adorning the wall of my Taj Mahal just off the beach down there in The Birthplace of Speed, he immediately came up with “Great 63- Not So Young.” Hence its name, oldstationbus.

Anyway, ever since that buggy was in my possession, several of my friends and brothers continue to keep this olelongrooffan posted on the latest and greatest of all things happening with the Blue Oval’s forward control van of the early to mid 1960s. The Beast featured for today’s Truck Thursday is one of those offerings, I think it was TheKenMan who alerted us to it. Now know this my fellow Hoons, most of this olelongrooffan’s offerings are personal experience based but this one is just to sweet to pass up.

Feel free to make the jump to check this one out.

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Just An Afternoon Drive With This olelongrooffan

So one of the things this olelongrooffan enjoys doing and has done in every place lived in over the years is to stumble upon some obscure roadway, drive until lost and then try to find the way back to the taj mahal. And one of the most satisfying aspects of an experience such as this is to never use a GPS. What fun is that? As a Geography major with an urban planning emphasis, this olelongrooffan spent a significant part of my advanced educational life hunkered over old school maps utilizing them for directions, growth patterns, topography, economic transitions, among a bunch of other crap, as well as trying my hand at drawing one or two. (Trust this olelongrooffan when I tell you that drawing a map is a work of art, and I am no artist.) As a member of the age group long eligible for membership in AARP, smart phones, GPSs, and all of that modern electronic gadgetry my younger fellow Hoons take for granted these days is often to much of a pain for this olelongrooffan to decipher. And know this my fellow Hoons, a GPS is only as good as the person who programmed it. Yeah, a tried and true old time road map just suits this olelongrooffan just fine.

Anyway, many of the roadways this olelongrooffan traverses round these here Ozarks tend to look a lot like the one in the lede image, although this one has a few more lines on it than are usually seen. My fellow Hoons, please feel free to click on through to see what was seen as soon as I snapped this image through the windscreen of my longerroof that day.

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The 21st Annual Ozark Trails Orphan Car Show

So quite a whiles back, this olelongrooffan had the opportunity to attend a smallish Orphan Car Show here in the Music Capital of the World. It was sponsored by the Studebaker Driver’s Club so it is only appropriate the majority of attendees were products of Raymond Loewy’s Design Team. Needless to say, a longroof is featured as the lede image of this post. This version of the 1961(?) Lark was stark in its simplicity and was one of this olelongrooffan’s favorites of the show.

If my fellow Hoons are so inclined, feel free to click on through to see some of the other orphan cars spotted that sunny Saturday afternoon.

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Quick Pic: The Chrysler Sebring

This olelongrooffan never realized wheels from this gen Sebring are worth so much money that stealing them is worthwhile.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2017/longrooffan

Truck Thursday: Long Shots: Nice Truck, Hombre

The other day this olelongrooffan was out and about round these Ozark Mountains and came across a vehicle that had previously passed under my relatively limited new car radar. I was unaware that these were even in production as late as 2009, although given their limited production numbers, this olelongrooffan isn’t totally surprised.

My fellow Hoons are most likely familiar with this little brother of the Chevrolet LUV but feel free to click on through to see just a few more images of the rare discovery stumbled upon that day.

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Wagon Wednesday: Mid America Street Rod Nationals: The Longroof Edition

Memorial Day Weekend here in the Queen City of the Ozarks was the Mid America Street Rod Nationals gathering. It coincided with the return of the Kearney Street Cruise-In so on that Saturday this olelongrooffan was treated to a sensory overload of street rods, Mid America Style. While previous attendance was had at the South Eastern Street Rod Nationals down in the Sunshine State with TheKenMan a whiles back, this was the first time ever this olelongrooffan had attended one in this geographic region of these here United States of ‘Merica.

Coverage of this show is split into a couple, three offerings and, as the title indicates, this one covers the longroofs for this Wagon Wednesday. Let’s start with one of my favorite longroofs, a first gen Chevy II. This olelongrooffan would take one of these with a bone stock straight six and a two speed powerglide.

My fellow Hoons should feel free to click on through to see some of the other longroofs spotted that afternoon.

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