Project 4Runner: Rigid Industries D2 LED Lights Review

Somewhat thankfully, the long winter months are behind us now. The days are longer and wearing hats and gloves is no longer required. The ski season is also over and with it are our frequent trips to northern New England. In January, our fifth generation Toyota 4Runner project rig received a set of LED auxiliary driving lights from Rigid Industries to combat the darkness of New England’s secondary roads. 

In the initial post I went into detail of what my additional lighting needs were and why I chose the lights I did. Since then I have installed the lights, or rather paid someone to install them for me, and have used them throughout the winter. Let’s take a closer look at the installation and performance of these lights. 

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Modern Classics Meet in Warsaw

Youngtimer Warsaw is a group of automotive enthusiasts who gather several times per year in Warsaw. Each event is a meet, cars-and-coffee type of a thing, where everyone can check out each other’s ride and shoot the shit. Dumb behavior, such as burnouts and racing, is strongly discouraged. This past weekend was their 2017 season opener at the site of the former FSO factory and test track. 

The theme here of course is the cars of the common era, something between 1950s and 1990s. Your loud Aventador or Bentayga wrapped in purple matte won’t impress anyone, sorry not sorry. But judging by the Youngtimer Warsaw‘s Facebook page, the cars that did gather would be a welcome sight at any meet on this side of the Atlantic. Check out the pictures below and like their page to fill your feed with these awesome machines. 

All photos and photo credits are on the YT facebook page. Make sure to check out Youngtimer Warsaw website, too. 

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Video: Honda del Sol and Its TransTop Power Roof

The little Honda del Sol has always been overshadowed by its predecessor, the CR-X. Perhaps rightfully so, too. The del Sol gained as much as 300 pounds or so over the CR-X without a meaningful increase in power until later on it life when it was offered with the DOHC B16 engine. The del Sol was also less functional as it got rid of the hatch and the cargo space behind the seats. The vehicle therefore was not loved by enthusiasts as much as the CR-X but it did gain many new customers.

The one feature of the del Sol that was never offered in North America was the TransTop roof. Where we had to manually remove the targa-like top, customers in other parts of the world could have opted for the seemly complex TransTop. The mechanism would raise the trunk lid straight up and then deploy a set of grab arms to lift the tilted roof section and slide it under the lid. It’s pretty amazing to watch. 

It would take Porsche more than twenty years to develop the 911 Carrara Targa which accomplished a similar maneuver. 

Spy Shots! 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and/or GMC Sierra 1500, we think

Kamil Kaluski April 19, 2017 The News!

Our friend, owner of some amazing vehicles, and apparently an amateur automotive spy photographer sent us these pictures from Colorado. This is the disguised all-new 2019 Chevy Silverado and/or GMC Sierra 1500 pickup. Pictures of these test mules, poorly disguised as a Ford pickup, have been seen around the web in other places around the country. Here, they seem to be undergoing high altitude testing. 

We know it’s the 1500 version due to the six-bolt wheel pattern and the fact that the 2500/3500 are usually a year behind in the production cycle. In addition to the two huge transport trucks, with huge sleeper cabs and an inconspicuous “Pilot Transportation” logo on the sides of the trailers, the test mules were joined by a Chevy Tahoe and Ford Expedition support vehicles. 

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Colour Your Classic Car – The Coloring Book You Want!

Those of us who have kids are likely to be overwhelmed with coloring books at home. And really, coloring books are great – they keep little kids occupied while teaching them basic artistic skills. But if you’re like me it’s likely that you found something wrong with most kids’ coloring books. If the book features cars, planes, construction equipment, the kind of stuff that a techy parent is likely to care about, it’s likely that there is something wrong with it. It’s either the size, the anonymity of the portrayed vehicle, or just clear technical mistakes. Sometimes those are intentional and sometimes they are not, but always disappointing. 

Colour Your Classic Car, by Francois Rousse, is different. Not only does it feature 62 classic, or relatively modern classic, cars that are technically correct, it also features period correct settings for each vehicle. Check out more images after the jump. 

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Video: The Last Dodge Viper

Ask the right people, the racers, the track junkies, the people who have driven many and know much. Ask them what is one of the best track cars on the market and many will tell you it’s the Dodge Viper ACR Coupe. With its 645hp V10 engine, reduced weight, stiff adjustable suspension, carbon ceramic brakes, and crazy aerodynamics, it’s pretty much a GT car with a VIN number and a license plate bracket. 

But unfortunately 2017 is the last year for this beast of a car. FCA is unceremoniously killing it and replacing it with an overweight drag car as their halo car. And that’s a damn shame because there won’t be another one like it, ever. To celebrate the end of this era, Pennzoil created automotive porn video featuring the Viper in all its fire-spitting and tire-smoking glory. Enjoy. 

2017 New York International Auto Show – Hooniverse Coverage

The 2017 New York Auto Show is upon us. Much like the Los Angeles International Auto Show, this is the one we always cover, mostly because some of us live close to it. Ross Ballot and I will be there, covering it. Ross will man the Official Hooniverse Instagram account and I will be managing Facebook and @TheHooniverse Twitter accounts, if I can remember the password. After the show, probably on Thursday or Friday, we will have our typical opinion post on all the new cars from the show. 

The show opens to the public on Friday, April 14th. 

Here’s what to expect from the show…

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2017 Honda Civic Si – 205hp, 192lb-ft, 6-speed, LSD, y0!

Kamil Kaluski April 6, 2017 The News!

The new Civic Type R is the big news for Civic fan boys and girls in North America. But the Type R won’t be a vehicle for everyone. It will be relatively pricey and sold in fewer numbers. Mostly, it will be an overkill for those who are realistic about their track driving aspirations but still want a fun and functional commuter vehicle. Enter the Civic Si – less powerful than the Type R, but still fun, and less expensive. It fills the performance gap between the top conventional Civic and the Type R. 

Power aside, the biggest difference between the Type R and the Si is in the available body styles. The Type R is strictly a five-door hatchback whereas the Si will come in two-door coupe (given the amount of four-door coupes these days, I felt like this needed to be specified) and a four-door sedan versions. 

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Video: Time Lapse Automatic Transmission Rebuild

Confession: I only vaguely understand how automatic transmissions work. It’s a box with gears and stuff that should never be messed with. I don’t know what’s actually going on with all those gears or how the shifter changes them. Automatics are like black boxes of mystery – the engine spins, shaft goes in, some magical fluid, PRNDL, shaft goes out, wheels spin. 

But there are people who do understand theses things. Here is a time-lapse video of an old Thunderbird automatic transmission overhaul. After you watch you will be able to confidently rebuild your own 9-speed automatic transmission out of your 2016 all-wheel-drive vehicle. They’re all the same, really.  

Different Kind of Russian Dash Cam Video

The common use of dashboard-mounted cameras in Russia has generated some amazing videos over the years. Most of those videos are of accidents, bad people doing bad things, and stupid people doing stupid things. It’s rather unfortunate as it gives the world a very skewed perception of Russia.

This video is different. There are no wrecks, no fights, and no idiots. Instead it shows humanity and compassion.

Crazy, right? Watch and enjoy.