Track-N-Go changes your SUV into a snowmobile

This comes from the why-the-hell-didn’t-I-think-of-this file. It is basically an track add-on kit for that will work on many SUVs and pickup trucks. It is made by Track-N-Go. Other videos here. Pretty cool.

Thanks for the tip, Mike! 

Japanese Cars Living and Dying in Poland – Part 3

0 hooniverse lead japanese living poland

Going back to the communist times, the few cars that were available to the people of Poland were of Eastern Bloc production: Polish Fiats, Ladas, Skodas, Wartburgs, and many others that we have covered here before. They had a few traits in common, specifically that all were poorly made, were very small, inefficient, and frequently unreliable. But most Japanese cars were the exact opposite of that, with a bonus of a reasonable price. Buying a Japanese car in communist Poland was not an easy task, but once the Wall came down, the flood-gates of car importation have opened.

This is our third, and last, time looking at what older Japanese cars are currently living and dying in Poland. As always, all pictures have been provided by the faithful readers of zlomnik.pl (thank you), a page which has since undergone a complete makeover. Grab a beverage and enjoy!

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Craigslist: Bentley Continental R Replica Might Fool Many

Bentley Continental replica front

Each February I go to Palm Beach, that’s in Florida for you Geographically-challenged, with my wife and kids to thaw out from the northeast winter. While my in-laws take the kids to the beach, my wife and I go for a run around the island. We usually split up because a) I can’t keep up with her, and b) I stop every ten feet to take a picture of some car. One of the cars I saw this year was a Bentley Continental R with Washington D.C. plates of the “taxation without representation” kind. Cute.

The plate was cute, but not the car. The car was huge, even by modern day huge car standards. It was also handsome, graceful, and not exotic car flashy. It was confident, rich, and it was telling others that it doesn’t give a fuck. It wasn’t a veedub with lipstick like the current run of Bentley Continentals. It was the kind of a car that we will see at concours shows in thirty years or so, and will spend a few minutes absorbing it.

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Beverly Hills Car Club’s Google Map Tour Revaels Treasures

Kamil Kaluski April 15, 2016 For Sale

Beverly Hills car club google tour garage

Yesterday, Tim showed some potentially interesting, if slightly overpriced, project candidates from the Beverly Hills Car Club. The BHCC is not exactly a car club, like say the Manhattan Classic Car Club, but rather a Wheel-Dealer-type reseller of classics. What was really interesting in Tim’s post was a link to Google Maps location of BHCC.

Zoom in closer and you will see that Google Maps allows almost full access to Beverly Hill Car Club’s warehouse where many interesting cars are stored. In addition to that, Google Maps can take inside of a classic Bentley that is parked out front. I think that is a first inside-the-car-view for Google Maps. Now, let’s explore and see the goodies inside.

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Injecting More Life into a 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo

997 911 turbo service engine out rear

The Porsche 911 Turbo (997.1) is an amazing automobile right off the showroom floor. Its 480hp twin-turbo engine coupled to an all-wheel-drive system allowed it to get to 60mph in less than 3.5 seconds and kill the quarter mile in less than 11.5. Cornering and stopping are equally impressive. Along with awesome performance are somewhat understated, by exotic car standards, looks.

But time waits for no one, certainly not cars. The vehicle pictured here came into my friend’s shop, Ace Performance, because at 30,000 miles the clutch was on life support. Like many things on a 911, the clutch job required removal of the engine, so while there you might as well…

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Of Subprime Loans, Cars, Money, and Lawyers

I am not sure how it got onto my iPad browser, but there it was, at 3:03am, as I was waiting for kid #2 to fall back asleep, a Mother Jones article on the business of selling cheap cars to anyone for a ridiculous amount of money. It features the story of Detroit car dealer Don Foss. Allow me to say that I don’t know much about this Mother Jones website, their political views, or reputation, so please don’t hold that against me. What I do know is that this is an interesting article.

Automotive media typically looks at monthly and annual auto sales. You see how each company has had the best month/quarter/year ever selling the most boring cars to the dealerships, and how everyone is happy about that. But what you don’t see is the dirty truth, which in the past, and currently, has bubbled up, of dealers selling to the public. It’s not just cheap used cars but new, even pricey cars, that are getting sold to people who clearly cannot afford them. It’s a huge sum of money, so naturally it gets political. Lies, deceit, and manipulation, everything but a sex scandal is present. If you think the days of scummy car sales are over, you’re wrong.

Source: Mother Jones

Review: 2016 Volkswagen Golf R

2016 vw golf r front side

About a year ago I drove a VW GTI. Based on everything I have read about it, I should have been in love. But there I was, on the twisty Merritt Parkway, in the middle of the night, feeling rather indifferent. I wanted to love it, but just kind of liked it. It’s was a great little hatch, but until this day I don’t know what I did not like about it. I guess this is what modern dating must be like; high expectations based on a biased written description and an eventual disappointment during the real-life encounter.

But now I have a date with the Golf R, a GTI on steroids, if you will, with more power and all-wheel-drive. The question is how much better, or different, can vehicle be with some extra power, a little chassis tuning, and two more driven wheels really be?

Quite a lot, actually…

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Craigslist: This Yugo tank can be your next racer

yugo tank

Are you looking for a solid class C 24 Hours of Lemons racecar? Look no more!

Everyone knows that if you want to really dominate Lemons, you must win the Index of Effluancy. Everyone knows that it is pretty much to impossible to win IOE without being in class C – cars with no prayer of finishing. And what better cars to dominate class C are there than something horrible produced in Eastern Europe!?*

Bozi, formerly of Hooniverse, presently of The Truth About Cars, and whoever else takes his shit, found this amazing Yugo which has been converted into a paintball tank. This, my friends, is what Lemons racers call a win-win – a pre-themed Class C car!

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Flat tire and hunger for adventure starts a quest for mods

4runner flat tire bfg at

Perhaps slightly inspired by Zach Bowman’s mega adventure or the memories of my own African safari adventure, my wife and I have decided on a family road trip into the great white north this summer. The plan is to pack up the trusty 4Runner and drive toward Portland, Maine, from where we will take the fast ferry to Nova Scotia, if it actually runs this summer. There we would basically just drive around, stopping in various places for a night or three.

This trip would of course require me to properly prepare the 4Runner, which is to say I’d have an excuse to perform unnecessary mods to it just because I could sort of justify them. I was planning to upgrade the lighting, perhaps get new tires, and some kind of a cargo management. I would also add stuff that I should already have in the vehicle such as: a first aid kit, flashlight, emergency tools, shovel, perhaps an air compressor, fire extinguisher.

Little did I know that a simple trip to New York City would show me just how unprepared I was for a real road trip.

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Audi Q5 Falls Out of a 4th Floor Garage

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tells us that “stronger roofs crush less, reducing the risk that people will be injured by contact with the roof itself. Stronger roofs also can prevent occupants, especially those who aren’t using safety belts, from being ejected through windows, windshields or doors that have broken or opened because the roof has deformed.” And this is why we have to live with thick pillars, smaller windows, and the reduced visibility that comes with them.

But the IIHS says nothing of vehicles falling out of fourth floor parking garages. In this Baltimore County Police video we see a late model Audi Q5 fall out of a fourth floor parking garage after its driver failed to properly pull into the parking spot. The amazing thing is that the driver survived and was not even seriously injured, but probably seriously traumatized.

If surviving that means living with thicker pillars, I am fine with this. You may remember this Top Gear “Tribute to Saab” where Clarkson and May drop and older Saab and an E30 BMW from a much lower height, with much different results. Where we all love older cars, driving something modern can seriously save our lives.