Craigslist freebie 1970 Gremlin Drag Car


There have been dozens of Hooniverse contributors that have come through our revolving doors over the years. Some of them faded away, but many of then went on to do great automotive writing things, ending up in places such as Autoweek, Autoblog, and Road & Track. One of those contributors was a young man named Philip Thomas who has recently started working at a popular publication called Hot Rod Magazine.

Philip’s new job required him to move from Texas to California. He did that ever so adventurously by packing up his belongs and dogs into an old Chevy truck and driving. The move was basically an initiation into the Hot Rod world as the truck required many repairs along the way. Finally settled in, Philip started doing what all of us do in our spare time – pointlessly searching Craigslist for treasures.

The problem with pointlessly searching Craigslist for shit you don’t need is that you eventually find something you want. And Philip found a free (kind of) 1970 Gremlin Drag Car that was stashed away and forgotten in a backyard in Venice until the property went on sale. The whole story is quite amazing, so read it here on the Hot Rod Magazine website.


I am a father of two little kids. If my kids every do something like this, it will mean that I failed as a father. And by something like this I obviously mean not knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

Still, this is funny!

Driverless Citroën DS from the 1960’s

These days everyone is losing their shit over autonomous, or self-driving, cars. Research is being conducted, laws are being changed, and huge money is spent. In all that everyone seems to forgetting that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions.

Sometime in the 1960’s, as per the above randomly found YouTube video, Citroen has developed a self-driving car. Or at least a “automated steering” car. Kind of. In those pre-digital, pre-GPS, days, the Citroen DS was modified with magnetic sensors to follow the cables buried under the asphalt. While not quite self-driving, it clearly worked.

Implementation of a modern version of a magnetic system like this is possible, if needed, but the costs would probably be astronomical. Addition of speed-control systems to it would be easy and basically already exists. The biggest advantage of this system could be that it could work in conjunction with, or as a redundant backup to, the modern satellite or cellphone tower based systems.


The off-road Ariel Nomad is now available in America

Ariel Atom nomad 2016 tmi motorsport TACTICAL

Some time ago the British Ariel Motor Company has introduced a new kind of Ariel, the off-road ready Nomad. Right away computer-bound car -guys all over the world have fallen in love with it and expressed that love through pictures of Fry throwing money.

The really great news is that the Ariel Nomad will now be manufactured by TMI AutoTech, Inc. in the United States, and be available for order to American customers. Now we all can literally have them take our money. The pictured Ariel Nomad Tactical is the first Ariel Nomad in the United States.

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Double Review: 2016 Ford Focus Titanium and 2016 Focus SE EcoBoost

2016 ford focus titanium front 34

When it comes to reviewing new cars, most media outlets depend on whatever vehicle the manufacturer supplies them with. One would think that an automaker would be providing top models filled with all the available options, but that is not always true. Sometimes manufacturers provide the press with lower optioned cars to avoid a large deviation from the starting price. Sometimes they provide most commonly sold models, other times a special edition or a newly introduced trim. And sometimes they simply provide whatever they have available.

Recently I had the rare opportunity to drive two versions of the same car, a Ford Focus. First was a white Titanium model that was loaded with just about every option. The second was a mid-range SE model equipped with a new for 2016 three-cylinder EcoBoost engine (previously only available on the Fiesta), automatic transmission, and a cold weather package.

The question is, how different could two same model cars really be?

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Hooniverse 24 Hours of Lemons: Another Season for the Buick

Buick hooniverse 24 lemons 2016

It’s hard to believe that this is the fourth season of our crapcan Buick racer. This year, like for the last two years, we are starting off at Real Hoopties of New Jersey, at New Jersey Motorsports Park. As always, we’re preparing ourselves for a fun weekend of racing and [then] drinking. We never attempt to be the fastest or best in class, but we try our best. We want to drive as much as possible, avoid track-side repairs as much as we want to avoid penalties. This is why few weeks before each race we gather together to go over the car, plan stuff, and decide what food to bring.

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The art of parking a small car in a small garage

Unless you live smack in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the United States, chances are that you don’t much of an issue with parking your car at your home. In Europe, where people didn’t run for the ‘burbs, parking is more of an issue, especially in older parts of cities. And it keeps getting worse, as populations increase and cars become more obtainable.

This video is a bit old, from 2010, which in internet years is eighty, but it shows how an old man parks his narrow Fiat Panda in his narrow garage. What is really interesting, is watching him get out of his garage-parked Panda.


Wagon Wednesday: 1994 Bentley Brooklands Estate

Bentley wagon front

Estate, Avant, Touring, Kombi, it is amazing how many ways there are to say wagon. In my fake Bentley post two weeks ago Manic_King posted a picture of a non-fake Bentley wagon. Like woah, one of supposedly nine, made for some Middle Eastern price who has more money than sense. Of course it has like never been driven, and probably saw the outside light no more than a dozen times. But still, it’s cool and I want one! Kind of. Maybe. I don’t know.

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Massachusetts State Police vs. Altered Ride Height

Ma state police towing stance ride height

The Massachusetts State Police recently posted on their Facebook page they’re enforcing the state law which prohibits vehicle ride height modification. It said that the pictured Miata’s “height had been altered (among other violations), far below what is safe” and it “should be considered “show use” only and are not safe to be driven on the public way, in violation of Massachusetts General Laws”

Now many of us here think that the whole stance thing is kind of dumb, but to each his own. In the end, the guy who owns and drives the car is another enthusiast but with different tastes. The state law, posted after the jump, limits the vehicle ride height alternations to plus or minus two inches from stock. Is this really a problem that the police should be spending time and resources on, never mind bragging about it on Facebook?

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LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS is coming summer 2016

lego 911

The new LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3, Lego model number 42056, is officially coming this summer! …And it looks a little weird. As someone who was obsessed with LEGO as a child, an obsession that has been picked up by my own kids, I should love this Technic GT3 RS, but I don’t know if I do. Something is off in the gaps near the headlights and A-pillar for me. It looked better the first time we saw in pre-production black and camo. No word if it will be in only in Lava Orange or in black camo, too. But the rest of is seem pretty cool!

Edit: Added a video

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