For Sale: Ten brand new unsold 1985 Mazda 323 and Mazda 626

brand new mazda 323 626 2

Somehow, there are ten brand new, never sold and never registered, Mazda 323s and 626s, five of each, for sale in Wroclaw, Poland. The ad says that all ten cars were parked in an upper level of a showroom and they all have between eight and 246 kilometers (5 – 153 miles) on their odometers.

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Truck Thursday: 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser is expedition ready

Kamil Kaluski January 22, 2015 All Things Hoon

Land Cruiser side

Each February, my wife, kids, and I spend a week in southern Florida. This year is no different, and like last year, I am now checking the local craigslist for the next potential family car before I get there. This gives me time to, in the event I do find something amazing for an amazing price, to convince the boss of it. No, despite many conversations, I have still not bought a new or used family car – my decade old Acura MDX runs too damn well to simply replace it with some appliance.

So I found this, what appears to be a well sorted, expedition ready 80-series Land Cruiser.

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Caddy and Lincoln joined in Holy Matrimony


Weddings are huge events in Poland. Not unlike everywhere else, everyone who is getting married wants to be driven to their wedding is something prestigious, classy, memorable, and obviously pricey. In post-communist Poland, a Rolls-Royce would be most solid choice, but there were none to be found. Mercedes would be a good alternative, if it wasn’t for the fact that old cheap one were as common as VW Golfs. So, if you wanted something with more bling, something that no one else had – what did you get?

You got a big-ass Caddy!

Everyone in Poland kind of knew what a Caddy was. Even if they did not see them real life, they have seen them in Godfather, and Reagan had one, so to many this must have been the best vehicle in the world.

Now imagine you’re guy who is starting a wedding car business in post-communist Poland. It’s a great money maker, if not for the fact that everyone started doing it, but it required some upfront capital. Let’s say you convince your whole family to go in together on a Caddy. That car will be bought used in United States by your surgeon uncle who is in the U.S. working as truck loader because it pays more. The vehicle will be fixed up by his physicist friend who is working in a U.S. body shop because it pays more, and then shipped to Poland.

But money is tight, so you want the cheapest best looking car there is. You don’t care about the title, accident history, or performance, just as long as it looks good from twenty feet away and is able to move on its own power. That is what I think happened to the above pictured Cadillac, which somehow ended up with a Lincoln Two Car (or a Mercury Grand Marquis?) front-end on it.

But don’t think that this kind of phenomenon is strictly limited to Poland. Nope.

Image source: Zlomnik.pl

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For Sale: 30 million dollar house with a 28-car garage

Kamil Kaluski January 21, 2015 All Things Hoon

house 22 car garage

The second most important purchase, after a car, is one’s home. Car dorks like us put garages high on the priority list for obvious reasons, but what if you own more than three cars? What if you have a whole collection of cars that you just can’t part with?

Can I suggest this lovely log 22,000 square-foot log cabin in Park City, Utah?

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Video: Ariel Atom on the street and on the track

ACE Performance is a northeast Ariel Atom retailer and a good friend of Hooniverse. One of their clients is Henry Cipolla who owns an Ariel Atom and has it serviced there. His driving time is split equally between street and tracks. The two got together to make two videos about this amazing vehicle, check them out.

(Another clip after the jump)

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Drill-powered Wooden Go-kart

Kamil Kaluski January 8, 2015 All Things Hoon

I’m a father of two little kids, so I’m always on a look for fun and interesting toys. Obviously the most interesting toys offer a ton of free play time for the kids, with bonus bonding time if there is some easily assembly. To date however, I was not convinced that I could make my own toys, at least not cool ones. Budget is always an issue too, and between LEGOs, Thomas train-sets, and Bruder trucks, it creeps up quickly. It’s a real struggle.

Some dad, somewhere, decided to create a go-kart for his son. His budget may have been limited and/or perhaps we wanted a challanging project to work on with his son. Whatever the case it, they built this little go-kart, which I think it’s pretty awesome considering that they used “only household items and parts from hardware store”


Hot deal on a Land Rover Defender 110

Kamil Kaluski January 2, 2015 All Things Hoon

hot land rover

Seems like everyone wants a Land Rover Defender these days, despite that fact that the excellent Wrangler can be had brand new for less money. This goes further for the 110 Defender, of which less than a thousand were sold in the U.S. Asking prices for a mint U.S.-spec D110 can be higher than $200,000 which is just insane in my opinion. Once in a while, however, a hot Craigs List deal can be found even on a Defender 110.

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Two Polish Junk Yards


Last October I went to Poland. While there I took care of some personal stuff, visited family, met up with the man behind zlomnik.pl (I frequently feature pictures from that awesome site) and of course did some car-related things. One of them was stopping by a junk yard that was just outside of Warsaw. It was really random, we were just driving by it in my father’s Lada Niva and I decided to stop in, see what’s what and how similar/different it is from American junk yards.

The second set of junk yard pictures was taken by my Polonez owning cousin Darek. He drove some place far away to a junk yard that specialized in FSO parts, where he picked up various trim pieces and some doors for his car. Check out all the images after the jump.

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For Sale: 1950 Tatra 600 Tatraplan

Kamil Kaluski December 26, 2014 All Things Hoon

tatra 600

The Czechoslovakian Tatra has become one of the most iconic and sought-after Eastern Bloc cars. Its unusual shape and drivetrain layout, along with high build quality and limited production quantities, contribute to its cult following. Unlike many other cars build by the former member of the Warsaw Pact, it is impossible to find a Tatra that can be purchased for its scrap value – people know what they have and they are asking crack prices for their Project Car Hell candidates.

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Video: Dust Devils – Ford GT National Rally 9

Kamil Kaluski December 23, 2014 All Things Hoon

Justin Lapriore, whom you may remember from such videos as Chasing Ferrari 250 GTOs and Born of a Blue Sky, The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Experience is back with a new video from a recent Ford GT National Rally. Over eighty Ford GTs showed up to the ninth annual event which included trips on desert roads, race tracks, highways, the Las Vegas Strip, the Hoover Dam, and Shelby American.

The timing of the video is almost as perfect, as Ford will unveil a new GT at next month’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Additional big news is that this new GT, if Ford decides to use that name, will race in the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans with Chip Ganassi Racing. Star drivers Scott Pruett and Joey Hand have been confirmed, and given my  own 24 Hours of LeMons successes, I am probably on their short list.


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