Review: 2015 Hyundai Genesis AWD 3.8

2015 hyundai genesis side

I do some of my best thinking while driving. Not city or spirited driving, but long wide highway at night type of driving, where there is sure to be a speed trap. With the cruise control set to fourteen over the limit, my mind starts wandering. Sometimes it’s about life, past and present, people that inspired me, lost loves, missed opportunities, and choices made. Other times it’s about the car I am driving, and sometimes, when the conditions are just right, it’s all of the above.

The latter was the case when I was driving this 2015 Hyundai Genesis. Its smooth and quiet ride was quite conducive my mind running amok. Deep thoughts commenced – in college, did Kathy know that I was in love with her? Should I continue at my current job or look for more interesting opportunities? Big projects? Government work? Automotive industry? Wow, these seats are really soft – soft yet supportive! How am I going to pay for Gabby’s college? Should she go to a private school? These pretzels are making me thirsty. Why is a V8 even an option on this car? It’s not like it’s short on power.

This continued for a while and eventually developed into a conversation about the car. This review of this 2015 Hyundai Genesis is a transcript of this conversation that I had with myself. In reality, if this was an interview or a podcast with Jeff, it wouldn’t have sounded any different.

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Hooniverse 24 Hours of Lemons: Sucking, Knocking, and Blowing in Jersey

That said, everything can change tomorrow

And everything did change the next day. An hour into the second day of the race we were in fourteenth or fifteenth place overall out of 120 or so cars, which seemed pretty damn amazing. I was getting ready for my stint when a radio message from my driving teammate came in “lost some power, about 20%-30%, feels like something is dragging”

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Project Car SOTU: 1995 Acura Integra GS-R


So, I’m at a predicament. I bought this car on a whim, if you recall (part 1part 2). Since then, and since the first update, I have dumped a ton of money into it and hardly drove it. I still live in a downtown Boston high-rise building where parking is pricey, I walk to work or drive whatever car I’m reviewing, I own a Lemons racecar and a family MDX, I have two little kids, big boy day job, fun writing gigs, and therefore no time to drive it. But we are looking at some houses with proper garages and driveways. But we really want to stay in the city.

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Hooniverse 24 Hours of Lemons: Real Hoopties of NJ update

buick hooniverse real hoopties newjersey

Day one of the 2015 24 Hours of Lemons Real Hoopties of New Jersey (did you notice how races always have long names?) is done. To say that it was a great would be an understatement; beautiful, if hot, day, an air show at a nearby airport, no accidents, no breakdowns, no penalties!

We are currently in 20th place overall (out of 112) and 8th in our class (B). And I’m super happy with that. Our top secret plan is working! That said, everything can change tomorrow.

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Frankenstein Benz Project – 190E body on a C36 AMG


If you think that our Project Wombat is ambitious,  you need to see this. Piper Motorsports is mounting a classic 1985 Mercedes-Benz E190 body on top of a 2010 C63 AMG. As per their website, “The 190E will feature the engine, transmission, entire driveline, suspension, brakes, fire wall, dash, electronics and even the floor pan from the C63 AMG. The exterior will resemble the old school EVO style 190’s, perhaps with some added DTM style flare”

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Hooniverse 24 Hours of Lemons Racing – The Buick is Back!

hooniverse buick lemons nj hoopties

We bought this Buick almost two years ago. Thus far it has been in five races, in two different crap-can series, with eight different drivers. It is now on its second engine and it is sporting various minor improvements. Our next race is The Real Hoopties of New Jersey, this weekend, May 9th and 10th. While many teams have changed cars in that time, we, stubbornly, race the same crap-can and expect better results.

Well, not quite!

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The Ultima Tow Vehicle

Ultima trailer

Here is a trailer being hitched up to one of the fastest vehicles in the world. Your reasoning for purchasing a diesel F-350 and an enclosed trailer to haul your rusted E30 to the track is invalid.

The Beauty of Treasured Junk

beautiful junkyard

The story goes like this: sometime ago the creator of Zlomnik.pl (my third favorite website ever!) found some cars on Google Maps that seemed to be scattered across a property. It wasn’t a junk yard, it wasn’t an impound yard, he had no idea what it was. Little bit of research showed that the land belonged to some crazy guy who lived in a hut and would supposedly shoot any visitors with a BB gun. That man supposedly collected junked cars with the hopes of restoring them and selling for profit, much like any of us would, given enough land and alcohol. Zlomnik’s friends suggest that they go there anyway, maybe even fly over it with a drone or even a Cessna, but the trip never came to fruition.

Recently one of Zlomnik’s readers, who was fishing nearby, simply walked through there. The crazy man is now dead and these cars have been rotting further away. That reader happened to have a decent camera and managed to take some great pictures of the place. The place is filled with some amazing cars and everyone is likely to see something they like. Go to zlomnik.pl, ignore the words you can’t understand, and just look at the pictures – they are amazing!

Someone in Poland drives a Lamborghini LM002 daily

Lamborghini LM002 rear

You know those series I do about the various cars in Poland? Yes, that one. And that one. And many others. Well, I do them because each time I see something that just blows my mind, and today is no exception. Someone sent me a link to Polish blog that posted the images of this Lambo. It started a conversation on the Polish reddit, known as Wykop.pl. There the commentators found out that it was registered as a farm machine, which I guess it could be. And which I guess is a bit of a sneaky to avoid some taxes, I’m guessing.

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’97 Acura Integra Type R sells for $43,300

ITR eBay

The ’97-01 US-market Acura Integra Type R. For some it’s an over-hyped Civic. For others, such as me, it is the best front-wheel-drive car ever made. It may also be the best performance value Honda has ever produced. Whatever your opinion is, it is probably the rarest Honda/Acura on American roads. Most have been stolen, many have been wrecked, and some have been modified in the worst of ways. Fortunately there are several hundred kept safe by their owners and used as intended.

Among the ITR faithful, the Championship White ones are known to be the fastest [ <– possible undetectable sarcasm]. The 1997s, the first year ITR, the pre-facelift ones, are the rarest, and the most sough-after. They were lighter and more powerful (195hp vs 170hp) than the three year old (at the time) GS-R model. All ITRs came without sunroofs, but only 97s came without air conditioning and without rear wipers. They all had a stiffer chassis, bigger brakes with 5-bolt hubs, and a mechanical limited slip differential, among many other things.

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