Someone in Poland drives a Lamborghini LM002 daily

Lamborghini LM002 rear

You know those series I do about the various cars in Poland? Yes, that one. And that one. And many others. Well, I do them because each time I see something that just blows my mind, and today is no exception. Someone sent me a link to Polish blog that posted the images of this Lambo. It started a conversation on the Polish reddit, known as Wykop.pl. There the commentators found out that it was registered as a farm machine, which I guess it could be. And which I guess is a bit of a sneaky to avoid some taxes, I’m guessing.

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’97 Acura Integra Type R sells for $43,300

ITR eBay

The ’97-01 US-market Acura Integra Type R. For some it’s an over-hyped Civic. For others, such as me, it is the best front-wheel-drive car ever made. It may also be the best performance value Honda has ever produced. Whatever your opinion is, it is probably the rarest Honda/Acura on American roads. Most have been stolen, many have been wrecked, and some have been modified in the worst of ways. Fortunately there are several hundred kept safe by their owners and used as intended.

Among the ITR faithful, the Championship White ones are known to be the fastest [ <– possible undetectable sarcasm]. The 1997s, the first year ITR, the pre-facelift ones, are the rarest, and the most sough-after. They were lighter and more powerful (195hp vs 170hp) than the three year old (at the time) GS-R model. All ITRs came without sunroofs, but only 97s came without air conditioning and without rear wipers. They all had a stiffer chassis, bigger brakes with 5-bolt hubs, and a mechanical limited slip differential, among many other things.

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How much for Bentley Continental pads and rotors?

bentley brakes how much

Congratulations on your new-ish Volkswagen Bentley Continental. It looks howt! Being a sensible person of taste, you don’t own the super amazing limited edition super fast model but you did wisely chose the proper twin-turbo W12 engine and not the puny, significantly less expensive, a lot more efficient, and equally fast V8. Being an automotive enthusiast and financially responsible, you were aware of the awesomeness of ceramic rotors but also their cost, so you chose the model with standard steel rotors. Another great decision!

When it comes to service, you are also aware that OEM parts are the best parts and dealer labor cost is a damn rip-off. Therefore you went to the dealer and bought a set of front rotors for $1138.42, front pads for $544.97, rear rotors, for $357.38, and rear pads, a bargain of the bunch, for only $230.30. $2271.07 to have your Phaeton Continental stop like new – another solid financial decision. Well, that doesn’t include the labor to install them, but hey, Craigslist is full of unemployable hack mechanics eager to charge you $100 or a few OxyContin pills for a day’s work.


Ariel Atom Drag Races Snowmobile on Ice Runway

TV shows and magazines just love to race super fast cars versus military airplanes. That’s great and all, but seriously, it’s a game at best. Comparing two land vehicles is more of an apple-to-apple thing. Here, our friends at ACE Performance, the Northeast dealer of the Ariel Atom, took their own Ariel Atom Spec racer, put it on winter tires that were studded with Woody’s Grip-It Twist screws, and drag raced a Polaris 800 Rush Pro-S snowmobile on an ice runway in Alton Bay, New Hampshire, the only FAA approved airport on ice in the contiguous United States.

Who would win in a drag race between an Ariel Atom and a snowmobile on an ice runway?

Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG gets hooned in the snow

lm63 amg snow hoon

The world is suddenly full of high performance SUVs. What sounds like a horrible idea on paper is actually quite fun on roads in upper class suburban neighborhoods. But in the end, these are vehicles which should have some off-road capability, and by off-road I mean snow covered roads, of course. Our friends from Manhattan’s Classic Car Club recently took the last ML63 AMG from the Mercedes’ press fleet and went crazy at a Lime Rock Winter Autocross. If that wasn’t enough they then went ice racing with it!

Click the jump or go the CCC’s website to see how a 518hp SUV with snow tires handles snow and ice. I was disappointed to see that they didn’t select a 30-something, blonde, big-sunglass wearing, mom from Scarsdale as their temporary Stig, because the challenge of texting and sipping a venti skim latte can only compliment a dab of oppo. Is this damn winter over yet?

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Submission Thursday: A Whole Bunch of Unimogs!


Hollis writes:

Hey, I figured you guys might be interested in seeing these pics.

I was driving through La Junta, Colorado (generally a less than remarkable town on the plains of eastern Colorado) yesterday, and I passed a dozen or so Unimogs in one place. Naturally I had to stop. Turns out the guy who owns the place runs a Unimog dealership/specialty mechanic. He imports some of them, and others he buys already imported. He said the 02-06 are easy, because they were made available for US import (I didn’t know that), but that he gets quite a few that aren’t 25 years old but have been able to get around that rule and are road legal with titles. Inside the shop was his personal collection (I didn’t get any pictures…), he had a 63 Unimog, another one from the 70s, as well as a Lamborghini Diablo and a beautiful 56 Studebaker Golden Hawk. The Hawk was actually the guy’s grandmother’s, and when she passed away in the 60s his dad got the car, and then sold it in 69. This guy found it 5 years ago- the same exact car, and bought it.

The one that intrigued me the most (me being a firefighter) was the Unimog turned fire engine. The owner said that the BLM in Nevada had six or so Unimogs they were trying out. I don’t know if they still had any, but this guy had two of them (the other one is the one in lime green with no back- the whole fire engine body had been removed). The one still assembled was fully functional, and he was trying to sell it to a fire department. One cool thing was that it had a dozer blade on the front, so not only could you flow some water from the engine, but you could cut some serious fireline with it. That’s a pretty rare combination- usually engines and dozers are two separate pieces of equipment.

The guy was pretty cool and seemed happy to take a few minutes to chat to someone else who at least knew what a Unimog was. So if anyone is ever passing through La Junta, I would encourage them to stop it. The shop is right on US-50, just look for all the Unimogs, you can’t miss it.

Anyway, sorry for some of the pics being lousy, all I had with me was my phone.

Hope you like them, feel free to use them and anything I’ve written for the site if you want to.

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V.I.S.I.T. – Random Cars of Warsaw


In October of 2014 I spent a few days in Warsaw, visiting with family. I managed to find a little time to aimlessly wonder around that city that I was born in, and moved out of at the age of ten. In between the familiar buildings, tourist traps, museums, unique stores, amazing bakeries, and decent restaurants, I found cars. Those cars are unlike anything we see in the United States and not much different than the “living and dying in Poland” series I’ve been running here for years. Enjoy.

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1965 Datsun Baby – 1 of 100


This is a two-seater coupe with four-wheel independent suspension (double wishbones upfront!). And cool looks, too. If you were a kid in 1965-1973 Japan, you could drive this fully functional car with a 200cc engine around Kodomo no Kuni amusement park in Yokohama, like 300,000 other kids have. Your speed was limited to 30kph, or 18 mph, which is pretty damn fast for any young hoon who has never driving anything bigger than Power Wheels.

The idea was to teach the young about traffic safety by letting them loose on a track in what is essentially a car! What a concept!

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Alex Roy drives from NYC to L.A. in 26 hours and 28 minutes


In 2006, he and co-driver David Maher shattered the old transcontinental record in 31 hours and 4 minutes in an E39 M5. Now he did it again, in a GT-R-powered Infiniti Q50 with two steering wheels(!!!). Read all about it on The Truth About Cars.

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VIDEO: Moran Cayman Driver Lacks a Brian

I have no idea what this guy was trying to do but I think he may have a career as a rally driver. Go. Never lift. Just keep going. And he did. Sort of. Kind of. I don’t know what else to say about this video other than the fact that it is amusing. For sale, Porsche Cayman, ran when parked.

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