French Cars Living and Dying in Poland

french cars in poland

We start this episode of cars that are living and/or dying in Poland with some bad news. Various government agencies in Poland, especially in big cities, are beginning to remove abandoned cars from the streets. Residents are complaining about these vehicles being the eyesores of their communities and that they are taking up precious parking space. The first ones to go are the cars without license plates or those that have open gas caps. Furthermore, like other European cities, Warsaw is planning on restricting vehicles of certain age from city center due to environmental issues. Enjoy these images now as soon many of these cars will be recycled.

We have seen French cars that are living and dying in Poland twice now, here and here. So many of you love French cars, that we are considering adding a sadomasochism section to Hooniverse. Enjoy the below pictures and just keep in mind that those images are not reprehensive of all of Poland, which is quite beautiful, but rather of cars which look crappy wherever in the world they would be. As usual, all images come courtesy of zlomnik.pl and its readers.

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24 Hours of Lemons There Goes The Neighborhood 2015 Wrap-up

Since our Lemons-loving friend Eric Rood has departed Hooniverse, I am taking it upon myself to provide some 24 Hours of Lemons coverage. Don’t expect anything too great from me, Mr. Root’s coverage of this race series was rather amazing and there is no way I could match it. That said, quick and dirty updates is what you’ll get. Above is the wrap-up video of the There Goes The Neighborhood race from Thompson, CT. There is some hot Buick action in the first thirty seconds, too.


New 2016 Toyota Fortuner Foreshadows Future 4Runner

Kamil Kaluski September 2, 2015 The News!

2015 Toyota Fortuner

Here is something you won’t see on other American automotive websites, mostly because there was no press release issued for it and there was no first drive at a fancy resort. Pictured above is a new Toyota Fortuner, an Australian cousin of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150. For those not familiar, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150 is the platform on which the current American market Toyota 4Runner and Lexus GX 460 are built. What this could mean is that the next generation of the 4Runner and GX might look something like the Fortuner. Or they might not, but the hardpoints and most of the hardware will be the same, as they have been in previous years. What it really means, is that Toyota is committed to having mid-size body-on-frame utility vehicles in its line-up for the foreseeable future.

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24 Hours of Lemons: 5th in class for “Idiots in a Buick”

11933484_10153233719069495_2510235967426971398_n (1)

We finished the There Goes the Neighborhood 24 Hours of Lemons race and this time we obtained great results. The “Idiots in the Buick” as Jay Lamm, the Chief Perp named us, finished fifth in class. Fifth! And 16th overall!

That’s a huge improvement from our last race, where we blew the motor, and much better than our eleventh in class, previously. But, the car that finished fourth in our class had a best lap about four seconds faster than our best lap. How do we improve on this?

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Norwegian 1994 BMW 850CiA comes to America, pukes


Remember Antti’s Norwegian friend Adrian? He is currently vacationing in the United States and Canada, and he brought his 1994 BMW 850CiA with him. Why? Because why not!? Also, because he needed a car with hand controls and Hertz doesn’t exactly keep those on the lot. Also, he’s gets to drive across North America in a 5.4-liter V12 BMW!

But, traveling in a twenty year old BMW is an adventure in itself. While driving from New York City to Boston, Adrian’s car started overheating (BMW? Overheating? SHOCKING!) and puking its coolant. Through our own Antti, he contacted me. I recommended that he have the BMW towed to Ace Performance in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. That’s the same place that sells Ariel Atoms, services lesser cars such as Porsches and BMWs, builds race cars, and is deemed good enough to work exotics such as my Integra, and my 4Runner (mad mods comin’, yo!).

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Craigslist: 1983 Polski Fiat 126p in Virginia


It is commonly known as Maluch in Poland, a Munchkin, and has been written about ad nauseam in recent years. For some reason Poland is experiencing feeling of nostalgia for those old days, perhaps people have more time on their hands now that they don’t have to stand in long lines for toilet paper, and every object from that time seems to be much coveted. On the top of the list, of course, are cars. People are asking ridiculous amounts of money rust buckets or horribly restored rust buckets. There seem an endless supply of low mileage factory models, rare prototypes, and barn finds of all kind – the pearls of PRL they call them.

Here is one of these pearls that was imported to the United States, and shocking, it seems to be pretty great!

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A visit to the Classic Car Club Manhattan


The original Classic Car Club started in 1995 in London. In 2005 it came to New York City. The idea is simple: join club, pay dues, drive cool cars, socialize, party. The club, located on Manhattan’s lower west side, close to the Holland Tunnel entrance, is a car enthusiast’s paradise on an island that is not known for its love of cars.

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Some interesting pics from There Goes the Neighborhood 24 Hours of Lemons race

IMG_0552 (Custom)

24 Hours of Lemons races can be, how do I say,… Interesting. I don’t mean the ridiculously themed cars or the intense racing. I mean the stuff other than cars: the people, the stuff the people bring, and the cars that bring the people. Last weekend’s There Goes the Neighborhood 24 Hours of Lemons in Thompson, CT, was no different. In the time I wasn’t driving, avoiding dehydration, or helping out my teammates, I ventured into the paddock and here is what I saw.

Full race report late this week.

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2016 Honda Civic Type R spotted at Mid-Ohio

2017 civic type r test mule

At this year’s New York Auto Show, Honda showed off the Civic Type R concept. In Honda speak, that means that the U.S. will see its second Type R badged car ever, which looks much like the concept, but without some of its jewelry. Hooniverse was probably one of very few American publications to actually drive the new Euro-spec Civic Type R part 1 part 2 and Chris liked it a lot.

My friend Jay, who owns a super-rare silver Integra Type R sedan, happened to be at the Mid-Ohio race track this weekend where the new Civic Type R was casually sitting in front of the Honda Employee tent.

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Truck Thursday: This FSC Star truck broke in half


FSC, full name of which is Fabryka Samochodów Ciężarowych, was a state-owned truck manufacturer during the communist era. They made a series of trucks called Star, named after Starachowice, the city in which they were made. In the 1990s, after the fall of communism, the company changed hands a few times but continued to manufacture trucks which were designed, but supposedly improved, in the 1970s up until 1999 when it was taken over my German MAN.

Pictured above is late model Star 8.125 (I think) manufactured some time between 1999 and 2005. Its frame casually broke in half in the the middle of a Warsaw street. Oops.

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