Nitto’s Auto Enthusiast Day takes over the Angel Stadium parking lot

It’s the summer in Orange County, California and that means you can count on a few things being true. The OC Fair opening for it’s final year, for the third year running. People who live in Riverside ruining the US Open (I’m kidding. Everyone deserves the beach). And, finally Auto Enthusiast Day put on by Nitto and Driving Line.

Now unless you know about this event or know Nitto itself, then it doesn’t sound all that fun. A car show in June? In the parking lot of Angel Stadium? I’d rather be inside watching reruns of The Office while putting off-brand Otter Pops down my boxers. Trust me, it’s fun. But I’m not doing that because Nitto puts on a pretty great show. 

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Tire Rack and Michelin team up for a lesson in winter tires

Josh Ostrander September 25, 2017 All Things Hoon

Winter tires have always been an enigma to me spending most of my life on the beach. Still, I lived in Colorado for a time, yet even then I left the summer tires on my Subaru Impreza. This was more so because I was a broke kid then pure ignorance. As it turns out not everyone can enjoy 70 degree breezes year round, most of the country has seasons, and a large percentage of those places get cold. Really cold. Those places need winter tires.

“But Josh” you say, “I don’t get much snow where I live and when I do the plows are always on their A game, it’s just balls cold in the winter.” And I respond with “how cold are balls really?” and you still need winter tires because the summer tire compound does not perform well if at all when it’s under 40 degrees outside. Even most all seasons aren’t safe to use under about 20 degrees. That’s not me trying to convince you to spend money, it’s facts.

Speaking of money you won’t be spending double if you purchase a set of winter tires. Think about it. 2 sets of tires being used for roughly half of the year that are being worn at half the rate if you were to use one set. You will however have to either buy an additional set of wheels or pay for the mounting and dismounting fees. I call that tax for living in a place that isn’t Southern California.

(Disclaimer: Tire Rack flew me out to South Bend Indiana and out me up in The Morris Inn for 2 nights and gave me enough beer to finally make Jeff proud of me.)

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Capturing the madness at Formula Drift Long Beach

Last week I shot for my first full scale motorsports event. It was the Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach event. Here are some things someone looking to do the same should know beforehand.

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