New Mustang Supercar breaks cover ahead of its racing debut next year

Next year is an exciting year for Ford Fans in Australia. The Ford Mustang is set to hit the track in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. Today, Ford fans have been given a first look at what the new Mustang Supercar will look like.

The first Mustang Supercar has been turning laps at Queensland Raceway, with the team from DJR Penske shaking down the car. This is their first of three homologation tests, with another test scheduled for Phillip Island later in the week. A straight line test against the Commodore and Altima Supercars will be held later in the year, to help with homologation.

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HCOTY 2017 Nominee: Aussie Lifted Foz

Christmas time means it’s a very special time of year. Yes, it’s the Hooniverse Car of the Year. What I love about HCOTY is that we get to celebrate cars we find during the year that are different and unique. This nomination comes to you all the way from Australia.

I spotted this awesome modified Subaru Forester at the Subinats Event held at Phillip Island. It’s awesome to see that someone had gone to the trouble to modify their Forester by turning it into a custom off roader.

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These Mecum Monterey lots were the highest no-sales

Pebble Beach in Monterey, California is paradise for car fans in the third week of August. One of the highlights is the multiple cars auctions.

The Mecum Collector Car Auction had a large list of great cars this year.
But instead of looking at the top sales, we look at the no sales. So below we’re presenting the top nine cars that didn’t sell despite the bidding reaching over one million dollars.

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Cruising one of Australias Best Roads – The Great Ocean Road

It was a cold and crisp Sunday morning, on Sunday 7th of May, when we joined the Melbourne Mustang 6G Club held their recent Great Ocean Road Cruise. The Club was formed as a result of the demand for a dedicated area for the growing 6th generation S550 Mustang owners in Victoria. The club has currently around 500 members.

Our choice of vehicle for the trip was a 2017 Ford Mustang GT Convertible, thanks to our friends at Ford Australia.

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Police Down Under swap their Aussie muscle for the US-made stuff

NSW Police Chrysler 300 SRT

With the demise of the locally built Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon in Australia, the various Police forces around the country are currently looking for replacements.

The NSW Police Highway Patrol has recently taken possession of a Chrysler 300 SRT, which will be used for promotional duties as various Events across the state. It will be interesting to watch others states and which way they will head. In the past we have seen everything from Toyota Camry’s to Hyundai Sonatas.

Hopefully the interest in American Muscle continues

[Image courtesy of NSW Police]

Quick Pic: Aussie Classic Ford Muscle


Quick Camera phone shot from behind the scenes of my photo shoot during the week of Four Classic 70’s Aussie Ford Falcons.

Enjoy Ford Fans….

Toyota Australia creates the ultimate Tonka Truck

Joel Strickland March 29, 2017 The News!

We love our utes in Australia and in particular, we love the Toyota HiLux. It is actually our best selling vehicle. To celebrate that, Toyota teamed up with Tonka (again) to create what they call the ultimate Tonka truck ute.  

The mods are actually very cool – a total lift on six inches, thanks in part to portal axles (!!) and 35″ Toyo Open Country Mud-Terrain tires tyres on Method wheels. It’s got all kinds of lights, rack, snorkel, and other typically common off-road equipment. And it was sprayed in the typical Tonka yellow to make it even more visible. Cool.

Pics and specs after the jump. 

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Top Gear Returns with Season 24

Top Gear is back for another season, and it’s arriving on your TV screens this weekend. Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid return for the 24th season of Top Gear, and the boys are getting right down to business. On the season opener, Chris Harris delivers an incredible experience while piloting the Ferrari FXX K, and he does so on the banked turns of Daytona.

After that it’s back to the business of a challenge. Matt, Chris, and Rory have to race across Kazakhstan in 3 high-mileage cars. Each vehicle has to be showing as much mileage on its odometer as the distance between the Earth and the Moon. That’s because there’s a space-related portion of this episode, and it leaves the trio in awe at the end.

A new season also means a new car for celebs to destroy. This time it’s not a simple econobox. Instead the visiting famous folk will get to attempt to set Top Gear test track lap times while behind the wheel of the Toyota GT86. Professor Xavier (the young version) arrives in the form of James McAvoy, and he’s the first person to set a time for the cameras.

Over the course of the seven-episode season, the guys will experience old-school motorsport in Cuba, road trip through the US in the latest convertible supercars, and attempt to create a luxury yacht from a van. It sounds like old-school Top Gear greatness but with fresh new folks helming the ship.

Watching in the USA? The show will air on Sunday, March 12th at 8/7c on BBC America. Our friends in Australia can watch it on Monday the 13th of March at 8:30pm on BBC Knowledge. We will post a Hooniversal Opinion piece on Monday after we all watch the show.

Australian Rallycross – How the Aussie put their spin on the sport.

Rallycross in Australia has a new series, called Rallycross Australia, and we were there to cover their first event which was run on Sunday the 26th February in NSW at the Marulan Dirt & Tar Circuit.

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Australian Ford Mustang Track Day

The Ford Mustang has been very popular in Australia since they were first released in the 60’s. But the Mustang was never officially sold by Ford Australia, there was a limited import between 2001-2002 when Ford Australia contracted Tickford Vehicle Engineering to convert 250 fourth generation Mustangs to RHD.

That all changed recently when Ford Australia announced that they would be officially importing and releasing for sale, through their dealer network, the new S550 sixth generation Mustang.

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