Deck the car with carbs of Holley vrr rrr rrr rrr rrr, rrr rrr rrr VROOM!

Jo Schmo November 27, 2013 Announcements, Featured


Welcome back to another installment of Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus™!

First and foremost, if you didn’t get anything last time, email me and I will do my best to rectify the situation THERE WILL BE BEATINGS… and sternly worded insults emailed to the slackers mom.

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Evolution of a Unique Automobile

Or maybe de-evolution is the term I am looking for.  I have featured this particular automobile previously in a Reasonably Priced Bar™  post and every time I see it there is more and more “stuff” attached to it.  Is anyone brave enough to follow me down this rabbit hole?

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Last Call – To Hooniverse And Beyond!

Jo Schmo July 25, 2012 Last Call

One minute you’re defending the whole galaxy, and, suddenly, you find yourself sucking down darjeeling with Marie Antoinette… and her little sister.

Image: [Jo Schmo, All Rights Reserved]

Mystery Car Bonus: Everything’s So Blurry

I snapped this photo under pressure (meaning I couldn’t get my phone out of my pocket in time for a respectable photo.)  Still, I was rather pleased with it’s artistic merit.  What say you Hoons?  Schmo did gud? Now find your inner CSI and enhance that thing. Make and model will do.

Cool Cars At A Reasonably Priced Bar

The amBadAssador

For awhile now, I have been stopping on occasion at a bar near work for a beer or three at the end of the workday.  I really love to go there and shoot pool but when the weather is nice you can probably find me on the patio enjoying the sun and sights.  It occurred to me recently that I have accumulated quite a stash of cool/interesting/weird car photos from my beer perch.

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Hooniverse Marketplace

Featuring Top 2/3 of vehicles Available in Marketplace

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