Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus: Part… something

Jo Schmo December 8, 2014 Announcements


Welcome back to HSNC, the thirty-third of Nevuary!  Shall we play a game?

Whelp, it’s that time of year again.  A time of giving.  A time of receiving (maybe… if you signed up last year and did not participate move on.)  Rules are same as always. Contact me via ninjaclaus@atomictoasters.com and I will match you up with your secret victim and someone else will get your contact info to send you nefarious… uh stuff.  You can also follow us in our Facebook Group, however I won’t be accepting requests there this year.  It is a logistical nightmare to match FB and non-FB participants.  There is no cap on this because who really puts a value on car related crap right?  Someone might get a hubcap from a retired LeMons car, someone might get a brand new Xbox with the latest Forza on it, and, hopefully this year everybody gets something.  I have a list and I am checking it twice.  I know who has been naughty and nice so if you signed up last year and didn’t follow through you will have to send two crummy gifts this year to participate.  Anywho, this is fun for a bunch of people so ifn you wanna play, then play.   It’s my bad that I am late getting this going so I will run this all the way up through new years if you guys want (I have reports that some of last years people finally received gifts as late as last month.  Better late than never?)

Merry Hoonimas everybody!



Deck the car with carbs of Holley vrr rrr rrr rrr rrr, rrr rrr rrr VROOM!

Jo Schmo November 27, 2013 Announcements, Featured


Welcome back to another installment of Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus™!

First and foremost, if you didn’t get anything last time, email me and I will do my best to rectify the situation THERE WILL BE BEATINGS… and sternly worded insults emailed to the slackers mom.

Now keep reading.

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HCOTY 2012 Nominee – Wothahellizat

I stumbled upon the “Wothahellizat” (say it out loud) awhile back and instantly fell in love with it.

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Hooniversal Secret NinjaClaus… The Third!

Jo Schmo November 23, 2012 Announcements, Featured

Welp, it’s that time of year again.  A time for giving, a time for receiving… random crap from strangers you met on the internetz.

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Evolution of a Unique Automobile

Or maybe de-evolution is the term I am looking for.  I have featured this particular automobile previously in a Reasonably Priced Bar™  post and every time I see it there is more and more “stuff” attached to it.  Is anyone brave enough to follow me down this rabbit hole?

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Last Call – To Hooniverse And Beyond!

Jo Schmo July 25, 2012 Last Call

One minute you’re defending the whole galaxy, and, suddenly, you find yourself sucking down darjeeling with Marie Antoinette… and her little sister.

Image: [Jo Schmo, All Rights Reserved]

Cool Cars At A Reasonably Priced Bar – Part 4

Ok, so this feature has been a bit hit and miss but I am still refining it.  I hope that this one redeems me just a little

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Mystery Car Bonus: Everything’s So Blurry

I snapped this photo under pressure (meaning I couldn’t get my phone out of my pocket in time for a respectable photo.)  Still, I was rather pleased with it’s artistic merit.  What say you Hoons?  Schmo did gud? Now find your inner CSI and enhance that thing. Make and model will do.

Cool Cars At A Reasonably Priced Bar – Part 3

In part 1 of this series we checked out a read bad ass. In part 2 Mr. Belvedere made an appearance.  For part 3 we are going to examine this pristine 91 Cadillac Limo…

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Cool Cars At A Reasonably Priced Bar – Part 2

Carrying on my series of “Cool Cars at a Reasonably Priced Bar” I spotted this beauty just barely poking out from the side street opposite my beer perch… … Continue Reading