Hooniverse Goes to the Citroen Conservatoire


Lady and gentlemen, the Citroen Conservatoire is one of those places where you say to yourself, after the visit– If I die now, I have no regrets and I’ve lived a full life. The collection is that extraordinary. And here’s the secret– It’s not a private collection that is next to impossible to see. Just send a courteous email to the staff, and they’ll happily fit you in.

There are hundreds of cars in the collection, so I have split this tour into four posts. Make the jump to see Nirvana-on-Earth.

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Shopping for Saabs (x4)

Jim Yu April 27, 2015 All Things Hoon, For Sale


The wrecked Volvo is going to be replaced by some kind of Saab, probably. Last weekend, I checked out four. And I need your help.  … Continue Reading

Need to Replace the V50 Wagon

Jim Yu April 21, 2015 All Things Hoon, For Sale


That, lady and gentlemen, is $9,199 worth of damage. A matte black Yukon with a pre-runner bar rear ended my beloved wagon. The car, 1 of just 400 FWD 6-speed manuals sold in America, is a total loss. As many of you know, it takes me a long time– typically more than a year– to choose and find a car. Well, I don’t have the luxury of time and need your help. Make the jump to see what I’m considering.

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Hooniverse Goes to Formula E


1 series. 10 teams. 20 drivers. 40 cars. Say what? Because the electric racers don’t have enough juice to run the entire hour-long race, Formula E drivers have to switch cars midway through. And you know what? That’s not the most absurd thing about this series. Make the jump to find out why I think the series is a novelty with a three-year expiration date, tops.

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Flagship Dealerships of the Champs-Elysees: Renault, Citroen


Ready for something weird? Really weird? French weird?

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Flagship Dealerships of the Champs-Elysees: Peugeot, Mercedes, Toyota

Jim Yu February 24, 2015 Hooniverse Goes To...


After spending two days at Retromobile, I yearned for more! Five fancy dealerships– Peugeot, Mercedes, Toyota, Renault, and Citroen– were within a few blocks of each other along the Champs-Elysees. I braved sub-freezing weather to visit them, and I was not disappointed.

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Retromobile 2015: Potpourri Edition

Jim Yu February 20, 2015 Hooniverse Goes To...


We end Hooniverse’s coverage of Retromobile 2015 with random oddities. From old prototypes to coach-built one-offs, we’ve got everything. I approached this white car from the rear and assumed it was some obscure Japanese car, perhaps a Mazda. Wrong. It’s a 1963 Lancia Flaminia by Pininfarina. I really dig the taillight treatment.

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Retromobile 2015: The Merchandise

Jim Yu February 19, 2015 Hooniverse Goes To...


Hooniverse’s Retromobile coverage now focuses on the mom-and-pop businesses with booths at the classic car show. The sheer volume of Hoontastic toys and baubles available is mind blowing. What I have captured here is just a tiny fraction of the products on offer. The lede photo is a hand built, 1/43 scale, ultra-detailed 1938 Alfa Romeo Le Mans racer for a mere 2,900 Euros. Make the jump to see what else you can pick up with your hard earned cash.

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Retromobile 2015: What the Manufacturers Brought

Jim Yu February 17, 2015 Hooniverse Goes To...


Hooniverse’s Retromobile coverage continues with what the manufacturers brought to the Parisian car show. A handful of carmakers brought cars for their displays. For the most part, the cars were rare classics from the companies’ heritage collections. Mercedes had a substantial presence, and this beautiful C111 blew me away. Make the jump to see what else Mercedes (and other European manufacturers) brought.

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Retromobile 2015: The Artcurial Collection

Jim Yu February 16, 2015 Hooniverse Goes To...


Hooniverse’s coverage of Retromobile continues. The auction house Artcurial was not only responsible for displaying and selling the Baillon Collection at the car show. Oh, no. Artcurial was also responsible for a separate mega-display in the main exhibit hall showcasing a gaggle of other classic cars up for auction. This Quattroporte III (sold for 22,648 euros) was relegated to the nosebleed section of the showroom floor. Can you imagine what Artcurial would have on display in the better real estate? Make the jump to find out.

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