It’s simply known as “The Glen”

Jason Hopkins October 9, 2018 All Things Hoon

On the surface, this looks like many small towns dotting the Finger Lakes region of New York. Drive down Main Street and you’ll see typical bustling small town stuff. The local auto parts store. A county courthouse. There are a few banks and a singular Chinese restaurant. Signs direct you to a winery. There may even be a tractor rolling through town hauling hay bales. Then you stop for a minute and notice a checkered flag hanging from a light pole. And you hear something. Is it a ghost from the past or history being made? This is a village that does not hit you with its significance right off the bat. Like a flower blooming, its true nature is slowly revealed. This is a farming town with a racing problem.

To understand how this all began, we need to go back to 1948. The Glen was mostly known for its fishing and the natural beauty of the falls, but Cameron Argetsinger had a revolutionary thought. Let’s bring road racing back to America. He laid out a course (a damn challenging one mind you) using state and local roads to the east of town in the area of the state park. There’s almost 500 feet (picture a 50 story building) of elevation change between the top and bottom of the course. He then went to the Sports Car Club of of America, which was a fairly fresh organization at the time, and asked for sanctioning. With that blessing, on October 2, 1948, the first green flag dropped.

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