Hooniverse Asks: If You Were Going to Get an Auto-Related Tattoo, What Would it Be?

Getting ink, it’s something we’ve all thought about doing. Some of us may have even actually gone under the needle. The most amazing thing about tattoo artistry is its permanence. I mean they found skin art on that mummified hunter they dug up way up in the Alps. Yeah, you can get tattoos “lasered” off but that’s a pain in the ass. For the most part, tattoos are going to be with you forever, through good times and bad, 24/7, all-year long until you start pushing up those proverbial daisies.

That means you damn-well better make your tattoo a good one. We’ve seen plenty of heinous tattoos, full of questionable artistic endeavor and perhaps most egregious of all, with un-rectifiable misspellings. That’s gotta hurt in more ways than one. Since we’re all car nuts here, the question for today is, if you were going to get an auto-related tattoo—which why would you not?—what would be the subject matter for that tat?

Image Autosaur

Last Call: Upgrade Edition

Robert Emslie April 17, 2017 Last Call

I appreciate the effort, but if this were a real Mercedes Benz I’m sure the masking tape would match the paint.

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It’s Queen’s English Car Show Time Again

Robert Emslie April 17, 2017 Car Shows

Once a year Woodley Park in Van Nuys CA hosts what I like to call the annual oiling of the grass, or as its promoters prefer; the Queen’s English All-British Car Meet and Jumble. This year’s British invasion takes place next Sunday, the 23rd. Assuming participants can get their cars started (and it doesn’t rain) the show will kick off at 9am.  Food vendors will let you get your bangers and mash on, and things will wrap up at a questionable electrical system-friendly 4pm. One thing to keep in mind is that spectator parking is somewhat limited so you might want to come early. Maybe right after having your kippers for breaky.

It will be well worth it. Participating will be over 400 cars, trucks, and motorcycles, including a riot of Rovers, a multitude of MG, an avalanche of Austins, and lots of Loti. The Jumble (or swap meet) may be the opportunity to find that missing leaf spring gaiter or key fob you’ve been desperately seeking. The show is free for spectators, and there’s a nominal charge for getting your own Brit barge on display, the participant entry form may being found here. Similarly, a Map and directions are here.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area this upcoming weekend, this is a must-see event for all enthusiasts, and especially so if you also happen to be an anglophile or just someone who’s always wondered how Lucas manages to put all that smoke in their wires.

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Because it’s Monday: Let’s Watch a Bentley W12 Engine Being Put Together

I just love taking things apart and putting them back together. Well, to be honest, I really love just taking things apart. The putting together oftentimes befuddles me and I inevitably end up with a number of unidentifiable parts left over at the end.

That’s why I find this video of craftsmen assembling the Volkswagen-engineered W12 engine for Bentley so relaxing. Not only do they have all the right tools, it looks like they get all the parts in too! There’s also something fascinating about that scrunched up little VR-12 engine that is made even more intriguing when you see it in its unassembled state. So, since the week ahead is filled with your own work, sit back and relax while you watch someone else toil for a while.

Source: YouTube

Hooniverse Asks: What Failed Car or Truck Model Would You Totally Now Buy?

Do you remember that somewhat awkward or weird kid in school that you secretly had a crush on, perhaps because of their unique nature? You couldn’t act on that feeling back then less you face derision and ridicule by your peers, but should you hook up with that school yard crush years later and discover them to still be oddly captivating, maybe then, free from the demands of peer conformity you might just take action.

Cars are a lot like those schoolyard dalliances. How many of you have eschewed a certain make or model despite some personal interest because “you wouldn’t want other people to see you driving one of those?” There have been a number of automotive risk-takers that have flopped in the market because, at the time of their debut they were seem as awkward, ungainly, or just a square peg when all people really wanted was a round hole. Now, time heals all wounds and there’s surely a number of cars an trucks out there that, while they may have not been successes, they did have some intrinsic quality that perhaps made them attractive in one way or another. What we want to know today is which of those oddballs would you totally now buy if enough time had passed and a deal was to be had?

Image: TopSpeed

Last Call: For a Lark Edition

Robert Emslie April 14, 2017 Last Call

Sally has it right—when speeding on rural lanes in your Studebaker Lark, it’s important that the color of your handkerchief match that of your car. Way to go Sally. Tres gauche Ethel, your white hanky just won’t do. That’s why Sally always gets to ride in the front seat.

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Image: Found in Mom’s Basement

Mystery Car

Robert Emslie April 14, 2017 Mystery Car

Traditionally in the U.S., April 15th is tax day which, this being April 14th, would mean many of you would be scrambling around looking for potential dependents and postage stamps. This year however, traditional tax day falls on a Saturday and that means that we have until April 18th to get our filings in. That means you’ll have no excuse to participate in this week’s Mystery Car contest. Make and Model on line 57 if you don’t mind.

Image; ©2017 Hooniverse/Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

Hooniverse Asks: What Will be The Next Automotive Operational Skill to Atrophy?

At one point in time, early in the automobile’s existence, driving a car required an intimate understanding of spark advance. At the same time the starting of said automobile demanded the use of a crank, and perhaps a compression release valve.

These, and other vestiges of automotive interaction have long since faded into the past, and a number of more modern activities are rapidly following them. Explain to a Gen-Y’er just exactly why we say to crank up the window. While they’re wrapping their melon around that, hit them with the concept of the clutch pedal. 

There are so many aspects of auto use that are falling by the wayside that it’s almost hard to keep up. Wait, you used to stick a key in a lock to get into your car? Ewww! As we run pell-mell into an unfathomable future, what now-common automotive practice do you think will be next on the chopping block?

Image: Pinterest

Last Call: Inception Garage Edition

Robert Emslie April 13, 2017 Last Call

If I lived in this house I would do all my car work out in the driveway. I’m not sure what might use that door in the ceiling but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to find out.

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Thursday Trivia

Welcome to Thursday Trivia where we offer up a historical automotive trivia question and you try and solve it before seeing the answer after the jump. It’s like a history test, with cars! 

This week’s question: In the early 1950s Ford F-100 pickups with eight-cylinder engines carried a V-8 emblem in the middle of their grille. What emblem did the trucks with six-cylinder engines carry?

If you think you know the answer, make the jump and see if you’re right. … Continue Reading