Outsider’s Perspective: Utes, a Eulogy


Ladies, Gentlemen; thank you for joining me in saying goodbye to a vehicle that has been for many years a forbidden fruit in most every part of the word. Even for those not hampered by random import restrictions, a lack of left-hand-drive options made them unappealing for all but the most dedicated men and women on the market, brave people who laughed in the face of the great Gearhead depreciation paradox. Let us take a moment to say farewell to the Australian ute, who passed away in July 29 of this year at the age of 84.
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Outsider’s Perspective: Honor thy Title


Here’s something new Ladies and Gentlemen, A post where I am actually an outsider and get a perspective on something. Namely, driving in America. And…well, you’re all better than you think.

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Outsider’s Perspective: 2016 New York Auto Show


It has been a while hasn’t it? Well, best not to waste any time then!

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Outsider’s Perspective: 2016 North American International Auto Show (Part 2)

Gerardo Solis February 2, 2016 All Things Hoon


Ladies and Gentlemen rejoice! The Taurus SHO is back!

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Outsider’s Perspective: 2016 North American International Auto Show (Part 1 )


What do you mean it has been a year already!?
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Outsider’s Perspective: A Beater in Every Garage


If I were to run for president of the United States, which is impossible for a number of reasons even before we get to the Constitution’s requirements for eligibility, my transport policies would be threefold: Increased speed limits on American highways, repeal of the infamous Mercedes law and crucially, every citizen acquiring their driver permits must spend the first six months of their driving days in a beater.
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Outsider’s Perspective: Don’t Forget to Blink!

I was in the middle of a meeting about the organization of one of those projects that’s doomed to fail. Most of them are, but it is completely incosequent as long as the meetings themselves give everyone the sensation that they are creating something magical that will change the lives of everyone forever. Even if they all know the project is doomed to failure but do not want to say it to anyone else because they all look so damn pleased with themselves. That’s when I heard it, a liquid sound coming from someone’s pocket.

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Outsider’s Perspective: Going Down the Ranks


Christmas is here(really!?), which means that for the next couple of weeks you will host or be invited to many many parties to make pleasant small talk with people you usually see once in the hallways in your office or only get together with on these occasions or when someone dies. It was walking past one of these when I noticed that parked on the sidewalk was a Third-gen Honda CR-V, and what distinguished it from any other of the seventy three billion third-gen CR-V’s produced was that this one had a horribly done paint job.

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Outsider’s Perspective: InFlexible


I was doing my usual thing. Browsing the forums, checking reddit, making sure we are doomed as a species; when all of a sudden I came across a conversation about the new Mazda CX-9 and how it stacked up against the Ford Flex when it hit me: They would have to restyle this thing eventually, and when they do they’ll have some serious work to do.

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Outsider’s Perspective: Back to the Missed Opportunities


Well, a month has passed and I think that finally the terrible taste of what was rather uncreative in naming “Back to the Future Day” around the Internet has finally weaned off enough so that we can see it on an objective manner. And in an objective manner I can say: Screw You Toyota.
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