The False Neutral Episode #64: 2017 Smackdab Ride

This week Pete is back and fan of the show Ethan Saeta joins us as well to talk about their adventures for the 2017 Smackdab ride.  We talk not only about the ride, but getting to the starting point, the where they headed out after the ride was over, and Ethan talks about the BMW R1200RT he rented from Eagle Riders.

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False Neutral – The False Neutral Episode #64: Smackdab!

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The False Neutral Episode #63: Garrett’s Ride Report

The False Neutral Episode 63

Garrett is back this week! In this episode, we talk about Harley possibly buying Ducati and Ducati’s next V4 Superbike to replace the current Panigale. Garrett then catches us up on his multi-day ride with his friends and talks about all the things they saw and just missed.

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False Neutral – Garrett’s Ride Report

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The False Neutral Episode #62: Flying Solo

The False Neutral Episode #62

This week Garrett is off on his group ride for his birthday and the guest we had hoped to book fell through, so Eric flys solo.  Since it’s only Eric, it’s a short show, about 20 minutes, and he talks about two topics, The Motor Company possibly buying Ducati and this past weekend’s MotoGP race at the legendary Assen track.

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False Neutral – Flying Solo

The False Neutral #61: Debunking Internet Lore

This week Garrett and Eric dive into internet lore when it comes to motorcycle maintenance and modifications.  Items like race fuel, aftermarket pipes, and dino v synthetic oils.  Garrett also discusses his upcoming four-day trip and how he talked his friend with the old Kawasaki to buy something newer for the trip.  Please remember to like, share and subscribe to the show as well as rate us on Apple Podcast.
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False Neutral – Debunking Internet Lore

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A Return To Rugged Ridge

Omix-ADA Rugged Ridge Showroom

The phrase, “It’s a Jeep thing you wouldn’t understand” is one we have all heard, and to a point understand, but have you ever deep dived into the Jeep culture? Even just for a short time? A recent trip to Atlanta to visit Omix-ADA (i.e. Rugged Ridge) gave me a taste.

In a fairly short time, Omix-ADA has carved themselves out a nice niche in the $3 billion dollar Jeep aftermarket. Starting in 1993 they now have over 10,000 SKU’s and over 300,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Taking a tour of their warehouse was fairly eye opening, the width and breadth of their product line were substantial. If you want to farkle up your Jeep, or you want to replace almost any part in an older CJ, they probably have it. The owner, Al Azadi, is known for finding crates of parts in interesting places, acquiring them to stack them high and deep because there will be those two people who need that one part. We saw the crates, many with old Chrysler era markings from the Philippines and Malaysia. While they resell a number of brands, they also manufacture most of their own SKU’s and also white label some items for Mopar.

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The False Neutral Episode 60: Freestylin

The False Neutral Podcast Episode 60

Garrett and Eric are rolling without Pete to quarterback the show for the first time, so, we are just freestyling it and catching up since it’s been a few weeks. Garrett talks about his new to him FZ1 and a former bike that found it’s way back into the garage. Garrett is also planning for a four-day 1,000-mile ride with friends in the next few weeks.

Eric brings us up to date with his XS400 project bike and an interesting observation from a recent trip to North Georgia. We also take a few minutes to talk about Nicky Hayden and his passing.
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False Neutral – Freestylin

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The False Neutral Episode 59: Pete Heads Out

This week the gang is back together, but that ends up being a story unto its self! As maybe you can gather by the title, work, life, the universe and everything has taken all of Pete’s time and in an attempt to balance it all, he is going to be stepping away from the show.  With that we would like your input as to the future direction of the show.

We also talk about Garrett’s new bike, along with news from KTM, Kawasaki, and Harley Davidson.

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False Neutral – Pete Heads Out

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Nicky Hayden: The Passing Of A True Champion

Nicky Hayden 2006 MotoGP Champion

Happiness is the exercise of vital powers, along lines of excellence, in a life affording them scope.  The test of a persons character is not how they act to others when things are going well, but when they aren’t.

In the outpouring of messages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram yesterday with the news of Nicky Hayden’s passing one theme kept repeating, as great of a race that Nicky was, he was a better person and sportsman.

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2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI: The Gray Man’s Hot Hatch

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI Sport

What is a “gray man”? Urban Dictionary says, “A man who can blend in to any scene or situation without standing out, hiding his skills and qualities  OK, the red GTI that I had in for the week isn’t exactly subtle, but take off the minimal badging ( badges, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges) and it looks like any other Golf five-door, and therein lies the beauty.

Today’s landscape of hot hatches in the U.S. is two, the Focus ST and the Golf GTI.  The forthcoming Civic Type R is more in line with the Golf R and Focus RS, toss the WRX STI in even though it’s a sedan.  Even in Golf R form, in a world where everyone else tacks on body kit parts like there is a 70% off sale at J.C. Whitney, The GTI, and the R, keep a low profile.

Now, perhaps your personality is one where you do like to shout “look at me”, and that’s cool, this hobby takes all kinds, but there are some who like to have all of the fun, and fly below the radar.  It’s this slot where the GTI shines.  Like the grey man, the GTI just blends in with it’s very conservative, though still handsome shape.  On the inside of our Sport edition it has one fashion statement, the heated tartan cloth seats, other than that one item, the interior is the well appointed and well done Golf.  If you want leather you can get that in the SE and Autobahn models.

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False Neutral #53 : David Emmett of motomatters.com

This week Eric rides solo and chats with David Emmett of motomatters.com.  They talk about pre-season testing in MotoGP, a rundown of the riders and the machines they will pilot in 2017, and a look ahead to the 2017 season and what to expect.  Further along in the show they also look ahead to what we can expect in Moto2 and Moto3.

False Neutral – David Emmitt of motomatters.com

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