Epilogue: When Auto Journos Don’t Heed Their Own Damn Advice

It was just over a year ago I had to replace my daily because of a catastrophic failure, the frame around the right rear suspension had rusted away. As detailed in a post about auto journos not heeding their own advise (buying a German car out of warranty without a PPI) I acquired a 2007 Mercedes E350 4Matic wagon which had a few issues I found out after the fact.

For the last twelve months, I’ve driven the wagon with almost no issues, a flat tire and I had to replace the front brakes. Other than that it had been mint. I’d taken it on several trips over 500 miles and it was fantastic. The car was quiet, comfortable for those long trips, and it returned 24mpg on the highway. It hauled my Mastiff around, swallowed all kinds of items from Home Depot, in other words, it was exactly the vehicle I had hoped it to be.

Then, it all went pear-shaped.

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2017 Bathurst 1000 Preview

Eric Trytko October 6, 2017 Bathurst, Motorsports

The end of September and beginning of October are circled on Australian racing fans calendars, like Memorial Day weekend for Indy Car fans and mid-June for sports car fans. Memorial Day is the Indy 500, mid-June, the 24 hours of LeMans, the end of September is an equally historic and important race, it’s the Bathurst 1000 at Mt. Panorama.

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The False Neutral Episode #71 Pete’s Back And The AIMExpo

Pete is back for this episode!  We catch up with him and his adventure to the recent AIMExpo in Columbus, OH, he saw a lot of interesting things there so we talk about that, plus catch up on his project bikes.

Photo’s for most of the items we talk about are after the break.

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False Neutral – The Return Of Pete And The AIMExpo

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A Week With The Rugged Ridge Mango Jeep

Back in June, I took a trip down to the Atlanta area to visit Omix-ADA/Rugged Ridge.  While down there with a number of other journalists we toured their warehouse and museum and got to take several of their historic Jeeps for a drive around the industrial park in which the offices resides.  We also took several modified JK Jeeps out to drive offroad through some North Georgia trails and through a few water crossings.

One of the Jeeps that we drove on the trail, the one they called Mango, was shipped up to Detroit and put in the local press fleet.  For whatever reason, most pubs didn’t so much as get the rig dirty.  When I was contacted to see if I’d like to review the Mango Jeep, I said SURE and in doing so was determined to drive it in the environment it was designed for, as well as see how it did the daily grind.

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Jaguar Shows off E-PACE And Sportbrake in Detroit

As part of Jaguar’s Art Of Performance Tour, the company made a stop in Detroit and invited the media to hear Chief Designer Ian Callum talk about the new E-PACE and Sportbrake and the transformation of Jaguar over the last five years.

The E-PACE is set to take on the Mercedes GLC, BMW X3, Lexus NX and Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and when you look at that competitive class, the new Jag does seem to be a nice balance of all the above.

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The False Neutral Episode #70: Miscellaneous Ramblings

The False Neutral Podcast Episode #70

The week Garrett and Eric get together and talk about forest fires in the PNW, Garrett taking his wife on a motorcycle ride, her second ever.  Eric talks about the Yamaha R3 as well as his quick observations on the FZ-09, 9 and 10 now that he’s had a chance to sit on them.  Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, facebook.com/thefalseneutral as well as like share and subscribe to the show.

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False Neutral – Miscellaneous Ramblings

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The False Neutral Episode #69: Interview With CSBK’s Colin Frasier

The False Neutral Episode #69

This week Eric travels north of the border to Canada and has a conversation with the organizer of the Canadian National Superbike Series Colin Fraser.  The main item they discuss is a new Lightweight Sportbike class to be added to their National Series next year, but they also talk about the state of racing in Canada and the prospects of a young Canadian racer making it on to the world stage once again.

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False Neutral – Canada Eh?

Back To School In A Widebody Hellcat Challenger

Most auto journos think they are very good drivers. In reality, few of them actually are as good as they think. I’ve found low interest in attending schools with track instruction. In their own mind, these folks are as good a driver as the instructors. For very few, perhaps they’re correct. The majority of the time, however, that’s not the case.

This can lead to folks with little actual driving instruction served their way being handed the keys to immensely capable and powerful machines. One of the organizations to which I belong, the Midwest Automotive Media Association, has seen this trend and is trying to do something about it.  Now in it’s third year the school has had good reception for those who have attended, now myself included.

The class is broken up into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning is for the “beginner” group, while the afternoon is for “intermediate and advanced”. The school is sponsored by Dodge, and by sponsored I mean they paid to rent GingerMan Raceway and brought a fleet of SRT vehicles for us to drive. We had a variety of vehicles to choose from, SRT 392 Challengers and Chargers, the new 475 horsepower SRT Durango, a couple Hellcat Chargers and Challengers and three widebody Hellcat Challengers.

This should be good.

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The False Neutral #68: A Chat With Chris Jonnum

Chris Jonnom is a veteran of the motorcycle industry, he’s been a journalist, the editor of Road Racer X, the Press Officer for Ducati MotoGP and now heads his own PR Agency working with the Powersports market. Eric catches up with Chris, it’s been some time since they last spoke. They talk about the state of print motorcycle magazines, the MotoGP experience, Nicky Hayden and what it’s like to branch out on your own and start Jonnum Media.

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False Neutral – A Chat With Chris Jonnom

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The False Neutral Episode #67: Electric Avenue

The False Neutral Episode #67

Garrett and Eric are on the same episode!!  We catch up with what’s been going on, we talk a little about full dresser motorcycles like the Goldwing, Indian Roadmaster Classic, and the Harley Road Glide.  We also talk at length about the Zero SR that Zack Courts just tested for Motorcyclist.com and the future of electric motorcycles.

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Bikes discussed on the show can be found after the break.

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False Neutral – Electric Avenue

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