Forgotten Racetracks: Visiting Meadowdale International Raceway


Not long ago, I wrote occasionally about former racetracks in the United States that have largely disappeared. Those primarily covered temporary circuits set up on closed public roads in the early days of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) while some permanent circuits were set up. Some of those that I’ve covered—Brynfan Tyddyn in Pennsylvania, Lake Garnett in Kansas, and Las Ochas Millas in New Mexico—were spectacularly dangerous. As a result, purpose-built circuits like Road America and Watkins Glen International started to become the rule of the day. One of these tracks was Meadowdale International Raceway in Carpentersville, Illinois, just northwest of Chicago. Unlike most forgotten tracks, Meadowdale is often remembered today and even more often visited in its current guise, Raceway Woods Forest Preserve. I visited Raceway Wood a couple years ago and then did nothing with the photos. Until today!

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24 Hours of LeMons New Hampshire Preview: Vermin Supreme!


I don’t really have time to give a full preview of the 24 Hours of LeMons’Halloween Hooptiefest” at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend, though you can get the official-ish entry list right here. It should be a typically chilly weekend, but we can tell you that the members of the 24 Hours of LeMons Supreme Court are ebullient because they have convinced head-booted presidential candidate Vermin Supreme to act as the race’s grand marshal for Saturday morning.

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Killer LeMons Bribe: 1940s Sinclair United States Tour Map


Hey, it’s me! I haven’t dropped by these parts in a while, but I told that tall guy who talks about butt wipes at the beginning of his videos (Jeff still does that, right?) that I wanted to write a post or two a week because I rather like this part of the internet and miss it. So here you go: A post. This one comes courtesy of a great 24 Hours of LeMons Supreme Court bribe: a 1940s Sinclair Gasoline Tour Map of the United States.

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The Japanese commentary during Toyota’s heartbreaking Le Mans loss is painful to listen to

Eric Rood June 20, 2016 Hoonivercinema


In case you were living under a rock in the automotive world last weekend, you missed one of the most unbelievable 24 Hours of Le Mans finishes in history. Nay, one of the most unbelievable racing sports finishes of all time. Just as the race-leading #5 Toyota TS050 was about to start the final lap of a triumphant and long-overdue victory, cruel fate intervened and the car ground to a halt in front of pit lane. In front of 200,000 people. The #2 Porsche flashed past and Toyota—who was on pace to be just the second Japanese manufacturer to win at Le Mans (Mazda did it in 1991)—had lost in shocking fashion. Click through to hear the Japanese commentary team convey an entire country of racing fans’ devastation.

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Hooniverse goes to PRI 2015


Hi, I’m Eric Rood. You may remember me from such Hooniverse articles as “America is Just Swell,” “America is Still Just Swell,” and “Beef Casserole Doesn’t Taste Any Better Than It Looks, Sounds, or Smells.” I’m here today to explain to you the wonders of the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis, which I attended a month ago by renewing my Hooniverse media credentials and making some vague half-promise to Jeff Glucker to write about it for the site.

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HCOTY: Spark-Renault SRT_01E Formula E car


Look, race cars are not popular with even the general auto enthusiast public and this one is perhaps even less popular than most. In my own head, I imagine this akin to Time Magazine nominating divisive or antagonistic People of the Year not because I dislike the Spark-Renault SRT_01. Rather, I see it as an object of poignant reflection on motorsports’ present and future.

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A Hooniverse swan song: Matching your lifestyle with the right Eagle


This is a long overdue post and a tough one to write. Literally, it’s been difficult to write; I’ve started and revised it dozens of times. Also, notice that I didn’t say “story” or “report.” It’s a post and probably not a very good one and…

Look, I’m just here to say that I very recently accepted an offer to write elsewhere and, at least for me here and now on Hooniverse, things are just like Jeff Beck sang: “This is the end.”

That said, of all the hundreds of things I’ve written here in the last two years, my favorite by far was the Ford Tempo Buyer’s Guide in 2013 and I’ve always meant to follow that up. I struggled to figure out what completely unwanted car should be next and I eventually settled on the full line of Eagle, the orphaned brand caught between the worlds of failing American Motors Corporation and their pseudo-saviors at Chrysler. Follow the jump for the only guide you’ll ever need to buying an Eagle product.

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Rotten Rental [Van] Review: 2015 Ford Transit 250


I’m going to keep this as short as I can since I only spent a bit over an hour driving this van and I don’t want to spend any more time writing this than I did driving it. So here goes: My sister lives in Chicago about 25 minutes from the Home of the Magnum. She and her husband used to live in Madison while she was going to grad school and I crashed at their place on several occasions, usually to catch a good rock show. When I stayed there, I was grateful for their trusty red couch, a cheap-but-impossibly-comfortable piece of furniture that put people to sleep on it faster and more thoroughly than three shots of Nyquil and a Netflix streaming queue filled with all nine (!) season of According to Jim.

Several years ago, my wife remarked that she’d like to have that couch if it were ever replaced and when my sister told me last week that it was marked for replacement, I immediately said yes. Visions of Sunday afternoon naps sprawled out on the now-a-bit-dingy couch are undeniable. Lacking the time to borrow a truck, I instead rented a van from the local rentalry. I had thought nothing of it and figured I’d get a run-of-the-mill Econoline, but I was excited to be greeted instead by a low-mileage Ford Transit 250.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: August 28 to August 30

Eric Rood August 27, 2015 Motorsports


Welcome to your Thursday look ahead to the weekend in racing. It’s a big weekend, as usual. IndyCar wraps up their season in California with heavy hearts while Europe hosts two raging championships. It’s also the weekend where American stock cars go completely bonkers on road courses for the final time this season. Follow the jump for more.

Pro tip: Keep this page open all weekend or bookmark so you have all the resources handy. Want more information on a series mentioned below? Click here for Hooniverse’s Massively Oversized Guide to Motorsports 2015, which will tell you all you need to know (and then some).

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CraigsList: Buy this GM Value Van for just 33 million Vietnamese Dong!

Eric Rood August 24, 2015 For Sale


That converts to $1,500 U.S., by the way, and I doubt the seller accepts dong. You can pick the 350-powered 1967 GM Value Van up in Ottawa, Illinois, just a couple hundred feet from the local adult bookstore and gentleman’s club. Click here if/when the ad disappears; here’s the full ad text:

“It used to be a vendor wagon it dont have none of the stuff left inside i think there is a hot dog roller from Wrigley field that i purchased 2 years ago when they upgraded. it has a great running 350 in it. fires up first turn every time even in the winter. Would be a great service truck. 1500 obo no trades cash only.”


[Source: Chicago CraigsList]