CraigsList: The Rare $500 ‘No’

Eric Rood December 27, 2016 For Sale, Terrible Ideas


We’re just not used to CraigsList sellers being so honest, that’s all.

[Photo: Chicago CraigsList]

Racing Free-For-All: TCR International Series

Eric Rood December 21, 2016 Motorsports

TCR International Series, Buriram, Thailand 27 - 28 August 2016

Welcome to the occasional feature where I help our readers find reading that costs them nothing but their Internet and/or phone bill. With lots of motorsports moving to a la carte (Romanian for “at the cart” or something) streaming services, it’s actually getting easier for the connected car fan to find good racing. This week, let’s take a look at the TCR International Series, a touring car series you can watch free on the series’ YouTube Channel

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Mr. Regular Reviews the Most-Regular Car: The 1989 Buick Century

Eric Rood December 20, 2016 All Things Hoon


I often refer to General Motors’ front-wheel-drive A-Body platform as the automotive cockroach and should you ever visit the Midwest for a prolonged period of time, you’ll understand why. If you drive much, you will undoubtedly spot the unmistakably conservative three-box shape of a Buick Century or Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera at least every other day. They were mechanically simple and while most of them you see have lost significant percentages of their body to rust, they are still solidly there. Or at enough there. Personally, I’ve wanted to see Regular Car Reviews tackle the A-Body for some time, so I was delighted this Monday morning to see that Mr. Regular and The Roman had finally offered their take on it.

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HCOTY Nominee: Danny and Mickey Thompson’s 400 MPH ‘Challenger 2’


This was a great year for drama in motorsports: Alexander Rossi won an improbable Indy 500. Toyota lost Le Mans with a last-minute mechanical failure. Formula 1’s season featured ample teammate drama punctuated by a retiring champion. Even Hot Rod’s Drag Week included a Hail Mary six-second run by Jeff Lutz after two days of total sleep deprivation. But perhaps the most dramatic event happened far from the roaring crowds and instead took place in the salted wastelands that have become, over the last 80 years, a grand temple to speed. I’m talking about Danny Thompson eclipsing 400 mph at Bonneville in the Challenger 2—a streamliner originally built by his pops Mickey Thompson—that is my Hooniversal Car of the Year nominee.

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Random 24 Hours of LeMons GIF: Why Not Zoidberg?

A while ago, I started making GIFs from the 24 Hours of LeMons recaps on YouTube because I was often bored at my dayjob. So here’s one for you to enjoy on this fine Wednesday of Dr. Zoidberg trying to manage the Rocket Surgery Racing Renault 4CV’s steering wheel with his pincers. Why Zoidberg? Because the Rocket Surgery 4CV was painted up like the Planet Express Delivery Ship from Futurama and included Bender, Leela, Zoidberg, and—most importantly—Nixon’s head in a jar.

[Shamelessly clipped from the 2012 24 Hours of LeMons B.F.E. GP wrap-up on YouTube]

CraigsList: 1988 Renault Medallion, rarer than a LaFerrari

Eric Rood December 1, 2016 Craigslist Crapshoot


“Just breathe, Eric. It’s going to be alright. Breathe.”

I think I’m gonna make it. After searching almost every day for a year some time ago, I gave up hope of a Renault/Eagle Medallion ever turning up for sale. Yes, I know of one in Southern California I could have for free, ostensibly, but this $500 five-speed Medallion is for sale far closer to me in Tulsa. Almost too close. Full ad text:

“1988 Renault Medallion LX

Running & driving when parked but had a weak fuel pump. Complete car. Very few dents. Great parts car.
– 106k miles
– 5 speed manual transmission
Willing to trade for an atv, bike, motorcycle, bang bang, etc”

Why is the Medallion a big deal? Enjoy a short lesson after the jump.

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24 Hours of LeMons: Arse-Freeze-A-Paloozza 2016 Preview


The 2016 24 Hours of LeMons season draws to a close this weekend at Sonoma Raceway just north of San Francisco and Oakland. California’s Wine Country has now hosted nearly more than a dozen LeMons races, which makes sense since it’s become the de facto “home” race for the series and many teams. December races in Sonoma County can be a weather crapshoot, but with early weather forecasts calling for sun and pleasant temperatures, it should be a perfect race weekend for the 188 registered teams.

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Thanksgiving Turkey: Nissan GT-R LM NISMO

Eric Rood November 24, 2016 Motorsports


As of last Thanksgiving, Nissan’s LMP1 program still existed, in theory. It seems like much longer ago than that since the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO only raced once in June 2015 at Le Mans. The GT-R LM remains an easy target, sure, but the reality is that the program’s failures are more complex than “The design was bad” or “Everything was a heaping pile of capybara dung.” Nevertheless, I took dibs on the GT-R LM for my Thanksgiving Turkey because I’ve never been able to articulate my final thoughts on the doomed race car.

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Minimalist ‘Wrench Aesthetics’ Wrenches: Just…Why?

Eric Rood November 17, 2016 Diss-ign


Don’t you hate how modern wrenches allow you to grip the rounded handle and put leverage on stubborn bolts? Do you wish your wrenches were smaller, harder to grip, and featured Roman numerals instead of universally understood Arabic numbers? Today is your lucky day then, because Romanian designer Schneider Sarto reinvented the wrench!

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Hooniverse Goes to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry


On a whim last weekend, my wife and I took my daughter to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago because, frankly, it’s just an awesome museum. There are all kinds of hands-on science experiments and exhibits to get the little ones interested in how the world works. I have my favorite exhibit—the Boeing 727 that flew into Meigs Field (before Richie Daley had it cratered in the middle of the night)—but I also took some time to appreciate MSI’s small and bizarre automotive exhibit, which comprises many pre-war cars, a couple of Indy 500 cars from the 1970s, and a couple more oddballs. It’s a very Hoon-worthy setup so let’s take a look.

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