For Sale: The Original DeltaWing Race Car

Eric Rood February 13, 2017 Featured, For Sale, Motorsports

The original DeltaWing is for sale. That weirdest and most-phallic of all race cars is posted on WireWheel.com with an unlisted price. Few cars have been so divisive in the racing world, since the DeltaWing existed largely outside normal sports car regulations, was the centerpiece of legal battles, and suffered very public teething troubles. But here it is for sale with offers of Panoz support for anybody who takes it racing to its first race.

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Year of Endurance 2017: Bathurst 12 Hours Preview

Eric Rood February 1, 2017 Bathurst, Featured, Motorsports

This is Hooniverse and we owe a huge debt to Australia for the word that forms the basis of the site’s name. And we love our Australians, especially The DFL Show’s Joel Strickland. Joel shoots awesome photos and will be attending the LiquiMoly Bathurst 12 Hours this weekend, an endurance race that has grown immensely popular for the incredible racing it produces at one of the world’s most amazing circuits. Let’s give a quick rundown on the Bathurst 12 Hours ahead of time and we’ll let you look at some of Joel’s totally badass photos of some of the cars competing in the race for good measure. Be sure to follow Joel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too, to see what he’s up to at the race.

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24 Hours of LeMons: Barber 2017 Preview

After another fantastic 24 Hours of LeMons season in 2016 with twin-engined Cadillacs, mid-century cars, and an amphibious road-racing helicopter, the series launches a new campaign of crappy cars and silly themes. As it has for three of the last four years, LeMons starts at the obscenely beautiful facility at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama, for the “Shine Country Classic.” Weather can be a bit crazy this time of year—LeMons has arrived in town just after a huge snowstorm and ended early in a deluge—but so go the perils of LeMons scheduling.
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Total Insanity: Here’s Still Another Renault Medallion For Sale and It’s Beautiful

Eric Rood January 24, 2017 For Sale, Terrible Ideas


Since I work on the internet for a living now, I can say without doubt that I always feel like the world is trolling me. As Slartibartfast would have it, this is probably “perfectly normal paranoia.” However, after searching for Renault Medallions—inarguably one of the least-reliable cars ever sold stateside—for a full year and coming up virtually empty, I’m at a loss how suddenly three of them have come up for sale in the space of a few weeks. First, there was this beat-up one in Oklahoma, then another running(!) project in SeattleThis wagon version in Ohio for sale on eBay, however, is surely the finest Medallion left in the world.

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Year of Endurance 2017: A 24 Hours of Daytona Preview

To continue my quest to keep track of all the huge endurance races this year and preach that gospel to the 11 people who actually care, here’s another huge, burdensome look ahead at this weekend’s Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona. The IMSA race has an insanely deep field and plenty of new cars about which to be excited. The depth should produce oodles of close racing that will have you bleary-eyed on the edge of your seat for a full day. Or something. Like most of my writing, this is entirely self-indulgent.

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Spotted in the wild: 1990 Lancia Delta Integrale HF 16V


One of the great fringe benefits of hanging out at racetracks is that many people who turn up to races bring interesting road cars to the track. While on assignment for JP Magazine recently at the Lucky Dog Racing League weekend at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, I came across this Lancia Delta Integrale HF. Those in the know will know this as more or less the homologation version of the Italian builder’s rally cars. This one is a 1990 version with the 16-valve version of Lancia’s 2.0-liter engine, good for 200 horsepower. I know this because this very car was sold on Bring a Trailer in September 2015, as was noted on BaT’s Instagram page just around the same time I posted it on my own Instagram

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Still Rarer Than a LaFerrari: Another CraigsList Renault/Eagle Medallion

Eric Rood January 17, 2017 For Sale, Terrible Ideas


In the Universe’s grand schematic, there’s probably a proof that says “You shouldn’t have been looking for crap in the first place” “What you seek only turns up after you have given up looking.” For more than a year, I was obsessed with finding a Renault or Eagle Medallion because it was surely one of the absolute worst cars ever built. I searched every day for about a year for one; I eventually found one and it turned out that it belonged to a French-car-hoarding LeMons racer too far (~2,300 miles) away. Small world, but not a surprising development. I eventually gave up and in the last couple months, one turned up in Oklahoma and now another has cropped up in Washington state.

“I am selling my 1989 Renault Medallion, it has been a project car and I have done extensive work on it,to include brakes,shocks,and suspension. It has no bumpers, but I have some after market ones that could be modified to fit. The car runs very nice but has no battery.”

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Hoonivercinema: Tour Iceland’s ‘Route One’ in Real Time with Sigur Rós

Eric Rood January 16, 2017 Hoonivercinema, Road Trip


In my younger days when I was in bands and followed music more closely, it wouldn’t have taken me six months to notice that Icelandic ambient band Sigur Rós had released a concept recording of sorts. Ever the proponents of their volcanic home island, Sigur Rós teamed up with the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service to tour the entire country by bus on the 2016 Solstice and record a soundtrack to accompany the trip. This was done by circumnavigating the country on Route One (also the title of the resulting videos), the ring road that runs mostly around the island’s perimeter with. The road skirts craggy volcanic mountains, treeless plains, and barren seashores and because of its northerly latitude, the Solstice provides enough light to see it all. And the soundtrack plays while the trip unfolds in real time, totaling 24 hours on a leisurely jaunt around the 1,200-kilometer road.

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Year of Endurance 2017: A Last-Minute Preview of the 24 Hours of Dubai

Eric Rood January 12, 2017 Motorsports

Start Hankook 24H DUBAI 2016_800pix

Endurance racing has grown immensely in recent years. In addition to the “big” races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 12 Hours of Sebring, I have counted no fewer than 30 long (more than six hours) professional endurance races and, being the jerk that I am, I plan to preview all of them this year for Hooniverse. As the first big endurance race of the year, however, the 24 Hours of Dubai snuck up on me a bit so this one is a bit more haphazard than you’ll find. Nonetheless, the race starts Friday somewhere around 4 a.m. eastern time so there’s a good chance that the race will be partially done by the time this runs. Oops. Well, read on while you follow the race.

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Speed Reads: ‘Confessions from Quality Control’


[Disclaimer/Disclosure Thing: This reviewer paid $15 over market price during the book author’s crowdfunding campaign to be able to contribute 20 words about his first car. They’re in Chapter 13.]

When I read that Rich Duisberg from MotorPunk was writing a book, I was already shouting incoherently and waving my wallet around like a drunk at a live Home Shopping Network taping. I didn’t even care much about the topic, because Rich goes on grandly silly adventures with a typically witty English writing voice that renders his adventures even more silly and grand. However, his Confessions from Quality Control: Stories of bodges and balls-ups of car factories in the nineties documents his years in the 1990s selling quality-control instruments to British carmakers, which as Duisberg documents, are often unfamiliar with concepts like “instruments,” “control,” and “quality.”

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