Motorsports Weekend Guide: March 27 to March 29

Eric Rood March 26, 2015 Motorsports


Thanks for reading this weekly edition of Hooniverse’s guide to racing for the upcoming weekend. The coming days bring the opening of two big series, one highly anticipated with series changes and the other highly anticipated to see if a young phenom can match his performance last year. In addition, the F1 and NASCAR seasons roll on while Down Under visits one of this author’s favorite circuits. Read about those and more after the jump.

Want more information on a series mentioned below? Click here for Hooniverse’s Massively Oversized Guide to Motorsports 2015, which will tell you all you need to know (and then some).

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Found on CraigsList: A four-cylinder, daily-driven Mercury Comet

Eric Rood March 25, 2015 For Sale


As odd as it seems, this automotive writer has never really had a dream car. I have enthusiasm for a variety of makes and models, but none have ever struck me as a “must-own.” Instead, I typically fancy a car for a few weeks or months and then file it away to my dream garage for when I have a few thousand-dollar bills laying around. Lately, the early 1960s Mercury Comet has been the car of my fancy; I love the Ford Falcon (its platform mate) lines blended with a vestigial 1950s fin and, for whatever reason, the crosshairs on the front fenders complete the look.

In my mind, I’d love a nice driver in teal with the original Ford 170 six-cylinder engine, but a recent CraigsList search turned up a primer gray 1962 Comet in North Carolina. I like that look just fine, actually, but the interesting part is (allegedly) under the hood: The seller—who is apparently trying to gauge interest—has swapped in the fuel-injected Ford Lima 2.3-liter engine and five-speed transmission from a Ford Ranger along with the 8-inch rear end from a Ford Maverick. The Lima is a robust and durable mill and, according to the seller who claims to daily drive it, the four-banger Comet will get gas mileage in the high 20s, making this a surprisingly practical 53-year-old car.

The ad lists the car for $7,000, which seems a bit much without showing the mechanical bits of the car, but I kind of love the idea of this car. Am I crazy? Is this automotive travesty or triumph? And here is perhaps a bigger question: What kind of cars should someone who loves the idea of this car consider a “must-own?”

Full text for posterity:

Just seeing if anyone might be interested in this. I don’t want to sell, but have found another project I want. This is a daily driven car. It has a 2.3 fuel injected engine and 5 speed manual out of a 93 ranger. Has front disk brakes and an 8 inch rear out of a 71 maverick. Gets close to 30 mpg . Body is in great shape and is primered gray. No trades unless they include a 5 speed truck and cash .

[Asheville CraigsList]

Hooniverse’s Massively Oversized Guide to Motorsports, 2015

Eric Rood March 23, 2015 Featured, Motorsports


Every week, Hooniverse gives you a simple weekly guide to the looming weekend in motorsport. Racing in those previews runs the gamut from the unobtainium-grade engineering of Formula 1 to the duct-tape-and-beer-can-aluminum garage necesseering of the 24 Hours of LeMons. However, in a quest to simplify those previews and create less work for the person who writes them by omitting explaining what each series is every week, we offer a guide to the racing series covered in the Motorsports Weekend Guide. Follow the jump for the Guide to our Weekly Guides.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: March 20 to March 22

Eric Rood March 18, 2015 Motorsports


Welcome to another 24-carrot edition of Hooniverse’s weekly guide to who is racing what and where this weekend. This weekend finds the oldest-running American sports car race holding its 63rd annual edition while California hosts a broad swath of racing on the country’s other side. There’s plenty of amateur racing of note and, if you live south of the Equator, you can enjoy your weird-looking stock cars, too.

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24 Hours of LeMons: ‘Sears Pointless’ preview from Sonoma Raceway


No, you’re not hallucinating; the 24 Hours of LeMons is once again at California’s Sonoma Raceway this weekend for packed track of wheel-to-wheel action and inaction. Well, maybe you’re hallucinating. But that doesn’t change the fact that LeMons holds its sixth annual “Sears Pointless” at the Track Formerly Known as Sears Point and Infineon Raceway. As has historically been the case, this is one of LeMons most popular races with 180 teams signed up to try their hand on the track’s insane, roller-coaster contours.

The traditional March race at Sonoma occasionally exhibits grumpy weather, but early-week forecasts call for extremely pleasant weather in California’s wine country. This particular field exudes excellence and effluence (as you can see on the unofficial entry list), so follow the jump for what is certainly Hooniverse’s best 24 Hours of LeMons preview yet.

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Found on eBay: 1965 Bobsy Vanguard Formula Vee project

Eric Rood March 16, 2015 For Sale

Bodywork Lead

For a long time, the cheapest way to go wheel-to-wheel racing was simply to buy a Formula Vee, an extremely simple open-wheel racecar built almost entirely with stock Volkswagen Beetle mechanical components. With horsepower in the mid-double digits, Formula Vee was essentially a slightly bigger go-kart. Because of the cheap and plentiful nature of components, Formula Vees could be built for virtually nothing when introduced in the late 1950s and owing to their extremely light nature, towed behind the family sedan, too. Today, while classic and vintage car markets boom, the simple Formula Vee remains an affordable vintage racing option, as this 1965 Bobsy Vanguard chassis project shows a $2,850 Buy It Now tag on eBay.

Source: (old.school.restorations on eBay)

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24 Hours of LeMons: Up-to-the-week-ish news!


The 24 Hours of LeMons season hasn’t picked up quite yet this season with just one race a month in the year’s early going, so we at Hooniverse thought we’d bridge the gap between races with a few general news items of interest. Let me shuffle my papers as, in the finest sense of Brian Williams-esque newsreading, I am reporting from LeMons Chief Perpetrator Jay Lamm’s palatial estate, built on the backs of the proletariat $500 at a time. Specifically, I’m sitting on Jay’s favorite chair, lacquered with the collected tears of those who have violated the No Whiners Rule and leveled by wedging stacks of thousand-dollar bills under the legs.

[The only true part is about the news items. See them after the jump.]

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: March 13 to March 15

Eric Rood March 12, 2015 All Things Hoon


Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly guide to who is racing what and where this upcoming weekend. This weekend marks the “real start” of racing for the world’s biggest motorsports series while the first professional all-electric racing heads to the U.S. for the first time. The usual suspects are in play stateside, as well, oddly occupying most of the Southern states. Follow the jump for the scoop.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: March 6 to March 8

Eric Rood March 5, 2015 All Things Hoon


Welcome to another edition of Hooniverse’s weekly look forward to the weekend ahead in racing. For this week, two FIA series go westward, NASCAR, and a huge field heads to Texas. Follow the jump for more.

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JuggaLambo: A short tribute to the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP



This is the 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. It features a supercharged V6, a heads-up display, a gimmicky car information center, a CD player with seven-band equalizer, five-spoke alloy wheels, a trunklid spoiler, so much body cladding, weird lines, acceptable crash test ratings (Take that, Grand Am!), and probably water in the taillights. This is an attainable aspirational vehicle in the downtrodden and depressed parts of the Rust Belt. This is the JuggaLambo.

What then, dear readers, is the JuggaLexus?


[Photo: ProductionCars.com]