Found on eBay: An ‘eye stopper’ Pontiac Fiero kit car

Eric Rood November 24, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale


If you’re a regular visitor to Hooniverse, you probably possess a basic familiarity with Pontiac Fiero kit cars. Some are strange bespoke pieces, but most of them cash in on the Fiero’s mid-engined configuration to render them 1980s Italian exotic-car lookalikes if the observer squints a little and has recently downed a hogshead of Disaronno. At first glance, this Fiero-based, asking-$16,000 Lamborghini Countach 5000S clone—which the seller adequately describes as “one of a kind eye stopper Bat mobile looking”—almost passes the amoretto-soaked test, but after chomping on some more Italian stereotypes, you start to notice the details, some of which are after the jump.

[The Fiero-ghini you've been waiting for.

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Kickin’ Tires and takin’ photos with the Midwest Council of Sports Car Clubs

Eric Rood November 21, 2014 Motorsports


Earlier this week, I mentioned my friend Mike Palmer, a former racer in USAC Midgets who later graduated from the Panoz Racing School at Road Atlanta and ran a couple of races in the short-lived, single-make Panoz Racing Series (whose GT-WC cars you can still find for sale a decade later). For the last couple of years, I’ve had an outstanding offer to help him crew at any local Chicago club races he might attend and he took me up on that a few weeks ago in early October with the chance to flog his purpose-built Porsche 944 racecar around Autobahn Country Club near Chicago with the Midwest Council of Sports Car Clubs (MCSCC) for a day of high-speed autocross.

I brought along my camera and found the MCSCC sported a wide variety of entrants and even if it became a tough day for Mike, any day at a racetrack is better than any day without, we both agreed. Follow the jump for a bit of story and a lot of photos.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: November 21 to November 23

Eric Rood November 20, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. After a crazy championship weekend for both NASCAR and NHRA, it’s Formula One’s turn to crown a champion. Additionally, two of the world’s more unique forms of motorsport will showcase their wares while low-buck endurance racers can get their collective kicks just before Thanksgiving.

  •  Formula One’s big double-point bananarama in Abu Dhabi (With bonus rant!)

  •  Electric car racing that isn’t Scalextric.

  •  F*****g hydroplanes!

  •  World RallyCross on the globe’s flip side

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Hooniverse goes to IndyCar at Milwaukee Mile

Eric Rood November 18, 2014 Motorsports


[Author’s note: The astute among you may notice that the IndyCar season has been over for nearly a quarter of a year. Please allow me to play catch-up following a busy summer and fall of LeMons-ing.]

[Much] earlier this year, my good friend and former USAC racer Mike Palmer offered me a ticket for IndyCar’s race at the famed Milwaukee Mile. I had grown up watching American open-wheel racing on television and had recently come back to the series as a fan, but I’d never actually attended a race until this past August. It had been a year of motorsports firsts, having attended my first NASCAR race and my first big-time dirt-oval race, so why not go see the stars of IndyCar on the country’s oldest racing circuit?

I’d initially intended on going as a fan to simply enjoy the day, but just before leaving the house, I decided that I’d bring along a point-and-shoot camera in case anything interesting turned up. As it turns out, this was probably a wise decision.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: November 14 to November 16

Eric Rood November 13, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. This weekend sees two of the biggest American motorsports series crowning champions and the craziest off-road race in North America winding through Mexico. There are also prestigious season-enders in Great Britain and across the world in east Asia. And the longest endurance race in the world right now will run probably right under your own nose. It’s the last really big weekend of the year in motorsports and you can read about the races after the jump, including:

  •  NASCAR’s and NHRA’s final showdowns across the country from each other

  •  The Baja 1000

  •  The Macau Grand Prix

  •  Wales Rally Great Britain

  • ChumpCar racing for more than a day and a half, consecutively

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24 Hours of LeMons: ‘Gator-O-Rama’ (Houston) preview


Just a few weeks ago, we noted in our 24 Hours of LeMons South Fall preview that the series has visited Carolina Motorsports Park more than any other track with 1 races there. The next-most is 11 races at MSR Houston, which the series will visit this weekend to make an even dozen for Gator-O-Rama. Texas races seem to draw tremendously unpredictable weather with everything from lightning and gales to blizzard conditions interrupting races.

Early-week forecasts suggest some rain, but the big weather story is likely to be high temperatures in the 50s and 60s for the weekend. I won’t belabor the point or beleaguer you, the reader, any more than I have to. Follow the jump for the race preview or, if you’re the kind who isn’t high on others’ opinions, see the unofficial entry list here.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: November 7 to November 9

Eric Rood November 6, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. This weekend sees a lot of series wrapping up or almost wrapping up for the year. In some cases, the championship was decided weeks ago while others will duke it out to the last few inches of 2014 race distance. Make the jump for the races this weekend, which include:

  •  A race that already happened. It’s like time travel!

  •  NASCAR’s and F1’s penultimate weekends!

  •  Four different season finales with varying dramatic tensions!

  •  A rather large club race in Sonoma!

  •  Exclamation marks!

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eBay: Snowmobile-powered Yugo GV project is the best Yugo project

Eric Rood November 5, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale


Look, I know what you’re saying after reading that headline: “Project…I know what that means.” And you’re probably right, because people abandoning projects is usually a recipe for long, sleepless nights wondering what the heck the original builder was thinking and trying to put yourself into their deranged-in-similar-ways-but-just-differently-enough-to-make-it-hair-ripping state of mind.

And you probably already know that crazy things can be done with a snowmobile engine and its continuously variable transmission. And crazy things can be done with a Yugo. And, and, and.

Read this:

Up for auction is my 1987 Yugo Gv. Its a pretty clean little Hot Rod with some rust but still very solid. Its now rear wheel drive and has nothing in the front under the hood except for the radiator and fan.

Its got a 1995 Arctic Cat Thundercat 900cc snowmobile engine (180 horsepower) mated to a Franklin Quick Change rear end with a reverse rotation 4:56 ring and pinion and final driven at 8:50 gear. Power is transmitted thru a CVT Comet drive with a comet pro4 primary clutch and puck style secondary. This car does not have reverse…it pushed very easy. Both the engine and rearend are rebuilt with all new parts. It does run and drive but still needs a few things to finish it up like a permanent fuel cell and lights/turn signals wired. This car is crazy fast and I would bet it would do mid to high 11’s with no problem. Im moving and cant afford to ship my YUGO across the country!

Last auction winner was not prepared to buy so its back up for auction. It was being sold locally for $2500.00 but now its a NO RESERVE auction.

Snowmobile-powered Yugo GV on eBay

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Gittin’s Ready to Rock series comes to the 2015 Mustang

Eric Rood November 4, 2014 All Things Hoon


In the past year, we’ve brought you some cool bits and bobs from our friends over at AmericanMuscle: a contest to win a sweet custom SEMA Mustang, a collection of homage parts for the upcoming 2015 Mustang, and some coverage from AmericanMuscle’s massive Mustang show in Pennsylvania. Now, AmericanMuscle is releasing special Vaughn Gittin Jr. signature Mustang RTR parts in January for the freshly designed 2015 Mustang. Follow the jump for more information.

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Want to get people’s attention in a LeMons paddock? Bring this car.


It takes a lot of effort sometimes to get noticed in a 24 Hours of LeMons paddock. In addition to the scads of beat-up and clapped-out racecars, drivers tend to bring their show-offiest vehicles to the race even if they’re just driving. But sometimes, just the right car will stop everyone in their tracks to come take a peek. For one of the Aussies who were at Gingerman Raceway to race the #1 Firenerds V6 Pontiac Firebird, that meant bringing his 1963 Holden EH Special to the track.

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