Motorsports Weekend Guide: December 19 to December 21

Eric Rood December 18, 2014 Motorsports


This weekend is devoid of live motorsports so catch up with your family or an old friend or a car or an old friend’s car or a lemur. Instead of delving further into my depraved mind, how about a bonus, motorsport-related Hooniverse Asks.

Hell, let’s make it a two-parter: What was the best racing you saw this year? What are you looking forward to in 2015? I’ll let you Hoons sort it out in the Comments section.

Photo copyright 2014 Hooniverse/Eric Rood.

Hooniverse goes to the PRI show in Indianapolis

Eric Rood December 17, 2014 Featured, Motorsports


Last week, I convinced Jeff and Tim that I should represent Hooniverse at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis. It was the first time I’ve been to any commercial trade show, so I had little idea quite what to expect. I knew some people who’d be there and had fully intended to meet them, but in the end I mostly walked around in a stupor, at first drooling over the scads of racecars parked on the ever-present showfloor carpeting and then later just kind of numbed from the thousands of simultaneous conversations creating a droning background noise.

Somehow, I never found anybody on the show floor I was supposed to except one LeMons racer who was there looking for some crapcan upgrade information. But along the way, I found some neat stuff and will give you the nickel tour.

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Meet the NASA Spec Prototype for 2016

Eric Rood December 16, 2014 Motorsports


At last week’s Performance Industry Show in Indianapolis, the National Auto Sport Association announced the launching of a new NASA Spec Prototype class in 2016 with its own new car, the Elan NP01. Hooniverse was at the Spec Prototype launch and managed to get some good information on the racecar designed and built by Elan Technologies. Follow the jump for more on the car.

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We chat with RealTime Racing’s Ryan Eversley

Eric Rood December 15, 2014 Featured, Motorsports


At last week’s Performance Racing Industry trade show at the Indianapolis Convention Center, RealTime Racing announced they were adding experienced sports car racer Ryan Eversley (second from left) to the team to race an Acura TLX-GT in Pirelli World Challenge. Eversley joins one of the most accomplished World Challenge racers, seven-time series champion Peter Cunningham (second from right), to form a solid pair. For Eversley, this is an extension of his longtime Honda service in Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge’s ST class with a Honda Civic, although the RealTime car is a completely different beast.

The TLX-GT is an all-wheel drive beast powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine that is set far back from the the stock location almost to the A-pillar with the seating position set back accordingly. Eversley will race the Acura in the top GT class of World Challenge against mostly FIA GT3-spec cars. We caught Ryan for a couple minutes at the PRI show. Follow the jump for a few words from Monsieur Eversley.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: December 12 to December 14

Eric Rood December 10, 2014 All Things Hoon


Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. This weekend sees dueling endurance sports car series totaling nearly two full days of race time while south of the Equator, electric cars face off at an unlikely (but entirely suitable) temporary street circuit. Follow the jump to hear about these three races .

  • Formula E in Uruguay

  • Maxi Endurance 32 Hours

  • Gulf 12 Hours

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: December 5 to December 7

Eric Rood December 4, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. This might be the last weekend with several pro(-ish) races so enjoy it. Live coverage of it is pretty limited—especially on TV—so check TVRacer for listings of replays during the offseason, which usually includes some good forn racing. In the meantime, here’s what’s going on in the coming few days.

  • V8 Supercars wrapping up their season with big news for the future.

  • The longest club race in the U.S.

  • Probably the final race of the most disappointing professional sports car series in the world

  • Two crapcan races on opposite sides of the country.

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24 Hours of LeMons: ‘Arse-Freeze-Apalooza’ preview at Sonoma Raceway


California’s Sonoma region is renowned for its micro-climate producing some remarkable grapes for wine production and the region thereby being known as a Classy Place. Having once visited there, I mostly think it’s a place where well-to-do people (or well-to-do hangers-on) find it socially acceptable to get snockered on scads of wine, which they can then discuss with other people getting tore up on the fermented grape juice. To offset the balance of Classy Places and the well-to-do’s watering holes, the 24 Hours of LeMons will visit the region’s Sonoma Raceway three times in the next four months or so, starting with this weekend’s Arse-Freeze-Apalooza.

Arse-Freeze is longest-running race in the LeMons’ calendar, having been held at four different racetracks since 2007 and it is also 2014’s season-ending race. This means that it will decide who wins the season championships (that I haven’t really been keeping track of) and that LeMons has somehow survived its seventh full season of racing. Enough of my rambling here, however, because there’s plenty more after the jump.

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eBay: 1982 Alfa Romeo GTV6 with Callaway twin turbo setup


If I have learned only one thing from the 24 Hours of LeMons, it’s that the song of an Alfa Romeo V6 rivals the sweetest strains of polyphony from the most alluring of sirens. I want one.

And of all the American-market cars Alfa powered with their 2.5-liter and 3.0-liter V6s, the GTV6 is surely the most striking. While it produced healthy power numbers for the time, it wasn’t suitably crazy enough for an Italian car, so Alfa entered an agreement with tuners Callaway, who built the beautiful twin-turbo engine in this GTV6 up for sale on eBay.

Alfa Romeo with Callaway Twin-Turbo Setup

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A Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey: The Renault (and Eagle) Medallion


To understand this Thanksgiving Turkey requires a bit of digging and short history lesson, but we’ll get to that soon enough. The American-market Renault was one of the final French-built cars sold in the United States, even though it was sold in its final model year (1989) as the Eagle Medallion. Whatever else you can say about it, the Americanized Renault 21 finished up the French builder’s short stay on this side of the pond with a low note.

Why does any of this matter to me? Because I desperately want to drive one and possibly, sickly, to own one. Their utter awfulness, however, has conspired against me as the Renault Medallion may very well be functionally extinct. I recently found one on Los Angeles’ CraigsList for $375 that was, unsurprisingly, listed as “parts or project car.” It has since disappeared, which leads me to believe someone who wasn’t 2,000 miles away dropped a thin stack of bills on the rare-but-not-valuable merde.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: November 28 to November 30

Eric Rood November 26, 2014 All Things Hoon


Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. The year’s remaining race weekends are pretty empty compared with those of just a couple months ago and there are only three races this weekend, all either south of the Equator or right on it. Follow the jump to read more about these races:

  •  World Endurance Championship from Brazil

  •  Crazies driving through the mud in Southeast Asia

  •  World RallyCross on the globe’s flip side

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