24 Hours of LeMons: ‘Good Effort Grand Prix’ wrap-up


The 24 Hours of LeMons, better known as one of Hooniverse’s motorsports spirit animals, opened its 2015 season with at Sonoma Raceway a week ago for the “Good Effort Grand Prix.” LeMons held a race at Sonoma a month prior, but since several teams had to be cut from the entry list to accommodate limited space, the series held another event for those sorry teams that were cut. For the Official Winners Post, check out Murilee Martin’s probably more entertaining words.

For an anorak’s view of the race, make the jump to see how the winners won their respective races. And to get a bit of perspective on the two-day race, check out my post from seldom-updated crapcan blog after the first day to see how things shook out in comparison. And revisit the race preview to see how far off base I was.

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eBay: The marvelous ‘Launcha Splatos’ crapcan racer is for sale


720-Splatos_LedeIt’s not every day that I see two cars listed for sale that make your heart skip a beat, but today has been a remarkable day. Bringatrailer.com already beat me to writing up the lurid Panhard project for sale in Los Angeles and this evening I discovered that one of my absolute favorite 24 Hours of LeMons cars is up for sale.

If you’re on this site, you’re likely familiar with the rallying legend the Lancia Stratos, a screaming, mid-engined, V6-powered, 1970s wedge that looked couldn’t possibly have been more Italian. The Stratos’ V6 made about 210 horsepower, which was plenty in a car that weighed all of a ton. In fact, those numbers would be great in a series like, say, the low-buck endurance racing 24 Hours of LeMons, a great racecar builder might think. Enter Mike and Darren Besic and their crapcan Stratos replica, the Launcha Splatos.

Launcha Splatos on eBay

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: January 23 to January 25

Eric Rood January 22, 2015 All Things Hoon


The racing season begins in earnest now with two world-famous races of very different character taking place this weekend. In addition, you can find some of the big guns from Baja staying sharp south of the border this weekend over a shorter distance than the usual 1,000-mile trek. You can find out more after the jump and by next week, I’ll have the 2015 Overwrought Guide to Racing Series for your perusal.

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24 Hours of LeMons: ‘Good Effort Grand Prix’ at Sonoma Raceway preview


This weekend marks the start of the 2015 24 Hours of LeMons season at Sonoma Raceway with the “Good Effort Grand Prix,” a late addition to the 2015 calendar  as a means of accommodating those who were bumped from other Sonoma races due to entry-number restrictions at the popular Bay Area track. As we covered last fall, this year’s LeMons schedule closely resembles last season’s, although the addition of a January race means this is the first LeMons season since 2010 with a race in each month.

This is also the first of three Sonoma races this season and because it’s likely to be Gulag-cold, the entry list size should be around half of the normal 180-car field. The race will run Sunday and Monday with a charity track walk Saturday morning before that afternoon’s BS and Tech Inspections. Make the jump for a quick rundown of the field and the race.

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Ride along with J.J. Yeley in a Midget racecar at this year’s Chili Bowl

Eric Rood January 15, 2015 Motorsports


In last week’s Motorsports Weekend Guide, we mentioned that the annual short-track racing pilgrimage to Tulsa for the Chili Bowl Nationals was imminent. Now, in the middle of the week, the Chili Bowl is in full swing and Hooniverse reader Rich Chesavage is there helping crew for USAC Triple Crown winner and NASCAR driver J.J. Yeley. Rich, being ever the gentleman, loaned us the video of Yeley’s win in his 10-lap heat race last night from pole position. You can see it—along with a couple of pre-race hot laps—after the jump, courtesy of Yeley and TRD.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: January 16 to January 18

Eric Rood January 15, 2015 All Things Hoon


Here’s another summary of who is racing what this weekend across the globe and the U.S. This week, most of the racing is focused locally in the States and while this forthcoming weekend is relatively quiet, the racing picks up in a hurry starting next week. The completely brief guide to motorsports series alluded to in last weekend’s guide is still in progress, but it is coming along rather nicely. Make the jump to see more detailed info.

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Vintage Wheels wants to make it easier for you to buy classic cars

Eric Rood January 13, 2015 For Sale


The Internet can be a daunting place for someone in the market for a classic car, particularly those who don’t necessarily know what they’re looking for. While some sites already aggregate classified postings, new classic-car browsing site Vintage Wheels sifts through the classified detritus with a slick and powerful interface. The site aggregates postings, sure, but it also offers an incredible wealth of information regarding the classic car market to make sure the buyer is getting what he or she wants.

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Polygons ahoy: Some MS-DOS racing games worth a try on Archive.org


If you’re around my age (and probably a few years older), you came of age around the time when home computing was similarly coming of age. And if you’re like me, you spent an inordinate amount of time tinkering with polygonal and/or text-based MS-DOS games. While many of these games have fallen into the Abandonware file (although still runnable in Windows with a DOS emulator like DOSBOX), that’s always been just annoying enough to keep my attention.

However, the wonderful Archive.org recently teamed up with DOSBOX to provide a forum that lets nostalgic types like myself play old DOS games from the comfort of their preferred web browser. You can find that DOS games archive/in-browser emulator here. There are enough nerdy types here on Hooniverse to discuss and debate the merits of the myriad of games (Oregon Trail vs. Wolfenstein 3D: In which game do you shoot more? Go.), but let’s instead discuss some good automotive-related games I found worth my time.

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24 Hours of LeMons holds official Guinness Record for largest race

Eric Rood January 8, 2015 24 Hours of Lemons


Last September, Hooniverse’s own Tim Odell and I joined the 24 Hours of LeMons’ Supreme Court for the series’ “Vodden the Hell Are We Doing” at Thunderhill Raceway. That race was the first LeMons race on the new five-mile “Thunderschleife” circuit, which allowed the largest field in series history and, as it turns out, in the official record books. After several months of back and forth with LeMons Official Record Liaison Julian Cordle, Guinness finally issued its stamp of approval by sending a poorly proofread certificate of World Records to 24 Hours of LeMons Headquarters in Emeryville, California.

[Photo: 24 Hours of LeMons Facebook page]

Motorsports Weekend Guide: January 9 to January 11

Eric Rood January 7, 2015 Motorsports


The year 2015 brings with it a new season in racing and a chance to start things anew. While this isn’t the first Motorsports Weekend Guide of the year, it is the first of a new format that, well, isn’t quite done. But it will be.

In the near future, the weekend guide will feature prominently three or four big events for the coming weekend and then list the rest of the events below with a few or no words. I know what you’re thinking: “I don’t really care anyway But how will I know what the hell you’re talking about when you say ‘International GT Open?'” Fret not, for I am working on a guide to all of the MWG series on our Hooniversal calendar that you can reference and allow you to proclaim you still don’t care to impress yourself at parties (because it’s so hard to impress oneself anymore).

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