24 Hours of LeMons LIVEBLOG: ‘Where the Elite Meet to Cheat’ (Sunday)


Welcome to Day Two of 24 Hours of LeMons’ “Where the Elite Meet to Cheat” at Gingerman Raceway in Southwest MIchigan. Today’s finale of the race begins as soon after the mandatory quiet time ends, which is noon. Engines should fire up then and, after a lap or two to check transponders, racing will begin as soon as possible and run until the 5:30 p.m. checkered flag. If you want to get caught up, read yesterday’s liveblog transcript and then read my weekend preview to see how far off-base I’ve been. You may also find the unofficial entry list and live timing from Specialty Timing handy if you’re following along today. I’m already set up in the Penalty Box’s heavenly confines and ready to bring you, dear Hooniverse reader, the rust-encrusted drama of the 24 Hours of LeMons as it unfolds today.

Want to follow along or ask questions? Leave a comment down below and I’ll try to get back to you as much as I can. Follow the jump for updates and know that this post will be updated frequently throughout the day (race circuit Internet deities permitting) with the newest updates at the post’s bottom.

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24 Hours of LeMons LIVEBLOG: ‘Where the Elite Meet to Cheat’ (Saturday)


Good morning and happy Alaska Day, Hooniverse readers and crapcan enthusiasts. I am live today from the 24 Hours of LeMons Penalty Box at Gingerman Raceway in South Haven, Michigan, which is hosting the “Where the Elite Meet to Cheat” race. I’ll be posting live updates throughout the weekend with photos and text coming over the following 14-1/2 hours of racing between today and tomorrow. I’ll be doing this all while meting out punishment for poor driving to teams that accrue black flags.

Today’s race begins officially at 9:30 a.m. local time (Eastern time) and ends at 6:30 p.m., making this a long nine-hour endurance test for the race’s first day. Want the low-down on who’s racing? Read my weekend preview that, while perhaps short on the details, should give a feeling for the teams and drivers involved. Or you can just see the entire unofficial entry list here. If you’re still interested, you can follow live timing over on Specialty Timing’s website. If you’re reading this, then I’m already trackside and getting ready for the green flag. Want to follow along or ask questions? Leave a comment down below and I’ll try to get back to you as much as I can. Follow the jump for updates and know that this post will be updated frequently throughout the day (race circuit Internet deities permitting) with the newest updates at the post’s bottom.

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24 Hours of LeMons Year-End Tent Sale Event Blowout!


[Disclaimer: Neither Hooniverse nor the 24 Hours of LeMons is selling these cars. They are being sold by private owners. It's only a headline.] 

Autumn brings about many changes in the year, but perhaps the most important change is that 24 Hours of LeMons teams turn over a new leaf, shedding their cars just as automotive writers toss out so many overwrought story ledes. Yes, the end of a racing season finds LeMons teams moving up, moving on, or sometimes just plain moving, leaving the budding crapcanista to benefit with a reasonably priced, already-built racecar. Of course, “reasonably priced” means different things to different people, but the general agreement among racers is that building a first car with all the required safety equipment requires an investment of at least $3,500. Consequently, a used-hooptie price usually reflects that builder’s investment.

I’m not nearly the used crapcan salesman that Spank Worthington is, but follow the jump for a list of tremendous LeMons cars up for sale right now for you to buy with American (or Canadian, in some cases) dollars to take racing. Or you could just look at them, I guess. Or park them in your yard to drive down property values. Whatever.

It’s time to clear these owners’ lots for next year’s models, so follow the jump to find the crapcan that fills your needs and Save, Save, Save!

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: October 17 to October 19

Eric Rood October 16, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. One of the great historic races begins its week-long run to the American border tomorrow while several series wrap up their seasons. Some have already crowned champions and some titles hang in the balance, waiting for the drivers to determine their fates. Read about these and more after the jump:

  • The long Pan-American Road Race

  • No fewer than five season finales

  • Five different crapcan races

  • The least-surprising 2014 champion beginning a three-race victory lap

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24 Hours of LeMons: ‘Where the Elite Meet to Cheat’ preview

Eric Rood October 14, 2014 All Things Hoon


The 24 Hours of LeMons wraps up its season in the Midwest this weekend with the third and final race in the region at Gingerman Raceway near South Haven, Michigan. Both previous Midwest races have been won outright by teams based outside the region (Maryland’s Speedycop at Gingerman in April and Houston’s Back to the Past at Autobahn in July) so will another marauding band of crapcan crusaders sweep the region at “Where the Elite Meet to Cheat?”

Races at Gingerman tend to be unique among LeMons races for a few reasons. Scheduling conflicts with a neighboring church means no racing before noon Sunday, so Saturday’s race session makes up a good chunk of that time, clocking 9-1/2 hours. That long session time combined with the track’s technical circuit with lots of hard right-hand turns means that brakes and tires—particularly front-left tires—can be mostly used up before Sunday even begins. In case that’s not challenging enough, poor weather often rears its ugly head at Gingerman, where snow has fallen on two race weekends.

At this race, this humble LeMons correspondent will sit on the LeMons Supreme Court for the eighth time and while I’m currently unsure if I’ll be liveblogging as I have in the past, I should be providing some kind of coverage throughout the weekend for Hooniverse. So be sure to check back for that. And be sure to follow the jump where I preview every single car registered for the race (or you can just get that list here).

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24 Hours of LeMons releases 2015 schedule


The 24 Hours of LeMons has released its calendar for 2015, which will be the series’ eighth full season (Depending on how you quantify a “season” of LeMons). This is, in some ways, probably surreal for a series that was really just going to be a one-off event in 2006 for kicks, but LeMons has grown into an amateur racing sensation with more than a thousand entries every year and several thousand drivers driving crapcans every year. The schedule looks very similar to last year’s, albeit with a couple of changes.

Make the jump for the full schedule and a tiny bit of analysis.

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Motorsports Weekend Guide: October 10 to October 12

Eric Rood October 9, 2014 Motorsports


Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. Even more series wrap up their seasons this weekend while the greatest race in the Southern Hemisphere crests a mountain and then descends it in pants-filling fashion. Meanwhile, F1 Goes to Russia and, well, just read on for details on these (and more!) races:

  • V8 Supercars on a freaking mountain!

  • Drifting and the SCCA Runoffs in California

  • Sports cars and high-power bikes in Japan

  • The most surprising and under-the-radar victory in motorsports this year

  • Some other neat-o stuff

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Review: 2015 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1


I triple-checked the parking brake and glanced ahead through the narrow windshield—almost more of a viewing port—at the “ZL1″ affixed to the hood scoop’s side. I heard Jeff Glucker, Hooniverse’s executive editor, in my head.

Don’t f— it up.

Well, he hadn’t said those words, but he’d typed them in an email to let me know what I’d be driving for my short weekend visit to California to serve as a member of the austere and somber 24 Hours of LeMons Supreme Court. Nevertheless, I heard his voice when I first read those words and I heard it again as my thumb pinched the ignition key against my index finger.

Don’t f— it up.

My foot floored the stiff clutch pedal and I rolled my wrist forward. The Chevrolet Camaro’s supercharged 6.2-liter V8 sprang to burbling life and the whole chassis oscillated with the cam’s lope, a mighty American bear awakened. Ready to pounce.

I chanced a grin before those words popped up again in a buttery smooth podcast voice.

Don’t f— it up.

I furrowed my brow. This brand-new Camaro was about to see the easiest 330 journalist miles of its service life.

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Found on eBay: Lada-powered Soviet Formula Vostok

Eric Rood October 3, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale


In the past, this writer has occasionally found some worthy racecars for sale on eBay: a vintage Elva, a bright-green Challenger, and one of the last IMSA GT Porsches, to name a few. They’ve all been interesting in their own ways, but nothing—and I mean nothing—has ever come from so far out of left field as to puzzle this Hooniversal Hoonitarian. Until I stumbled upon this Formula Vostok open-wheel racecar, I simply had not ever considered that the Soviet Union would have held a Bourgeoisie affair like motor racing. Yet, here lies the evidence to the contrary: a Soviet-era racecar powered by a 1.3-liter Lada engine.

Sure, the driver’s feet protrude well out in front of the front axle—Even if “crash boxes” had been well-developed in 1987, the Soviets surely wouldn’t have built them in race cars for another decade—and a tall pilot like that pictured will feel the air of dozens of kilometers per hour on his or her shoulders, but how great would it be to casually pop in to the local HPDE next to Corvettes and M3s with a racecar built and raced by Mikhail Gorbachev himself?









OK, I made up that last part. Nevertheless, this is a unique opportunity to purchase and import a weird car that, unfortunately, currently resides in Riga, Latvia. The seller claims the car was fully restored in 2012 and modified to accommodate a tall cosmonaut (Soviet for “wreckless human being”). Information on the web seems hard to come by regarding Soviet motorsports so I have little to offer by way of explaining what this car is, but the starting auction price of $13,000 seems a tad steep, especially if a potential buyer wanted to ship it stateside (eBay’s shipping cost estimator seems to have melted down at the suggestion of shipping a car from Latvia to the U.S.).

But can you really put a price on a weird piece of motorsports history here? Surely, this is a racecar that can be fixed at a Siberian racetrack (Those exist, right?) with a crescent wrench and a blowtorch, like most robustly engineered marvels of Soviet spartanism.

Estonia 21M Soviet Formula Vostok



Motorsports Weekend Guide: October 3 to October 5

Eric Rood October 2, 2014 Motorsports



Welcome to Hooniverse’s weekly look ahead to who’s racing what and where this weekend. This weekend will crown several champions in road racing, both pro and amateur, with huge events on opposite coasts (and a winner on dirt somewhere in the country’s middle). You can get a hefty dose of racing of all sizes elsewhere in the world with everything from lightweight sportbikes to five-ton behemoths gracing tracks across the ocean(s). Follow the jump for more on these races:

  • Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta

  • F1 at Suzuka

  • Two different truck racing series in Europe

  • The SCCA Runoffs at a legendary American racing icon

  • And a whole lot more

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