When in Doubt, Camp Out: A First-Timer’s View of the 12 Hours of Sebring

Number 4 Corvette C7.R at sunset

The folks who were there just to cover the final race were probably there and gone within 24 hours, but we camped out early to check out the full experience and to place ourselves within the non-stop 24-hour party that is the 12 Hours of Sebring. For me, it would be a first; three days of wonderful exhaust sounds, shooting photos, eating salty camping food, and sweating, out in the Florida heat, to bring you the sights and experiences of the 12 Hours of Sebring from Sebring, Florida. … Continue Reading

Project Miata Roars Back to Life

Miata at golden hour

There have been many ups and downs with this project and it’s great to say that we’re starting the year off back on an upswing. It took some work to get here but take a look after the jump and you’ll see how far we’ve come.  … Continue Reading

duPont REGISTRY’s November Cars and Coffee

Lamborghini Huracan

The recent November edition of the Cars & Coffee car show at duPont Registry of St Petersburg, Florida was a great mix of classic beauty and in-your-face exotics. Some regulars were recognized from my last trip to the registry back in 2011, along with a few cars that are just now beginning to trickle out of Europe and Japan. … Continue Reading

A Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey – Miata, A Turkey No More… Or Is It?

Miata with new wheels

When we last left off with my dear roadster, things were looking up. The shifter has been rebuilt, the cam angle sensor was no longer leaking. Just a trip to the alignment rack, and we’d be good to go. Except, with a nearly 20 year old project car, nothing is ever that simple. Follow the jump to see what I’ve been up to this time. … Continue Reading

Project Car SOTU: The ’95 Mazda Miata

Miata SOTU

[Somehow we missed scheduling Bryce’s Project Car update yesterday, so the PCSOTU continues into Day Two – Ed.]

Things have been looking up for “Roadster” since the setback with the oil cooler last year. With reliability now in check, safety has been more of a focus since the last update. With the head gasket replacement right after purchase last year, much of this was delayed but now it’s getting close to where it otherwise would have been at this time last year. … Continue Reading

Google Unveils Exciting And Terrifying Future Of Automated Driving, In A Cute Package

Google Car Prototype

Automation, it’s happening everywhere. Many of us have bid goodbye to notebooks, personal digital assistants, paper calendars, but is the steering wheel really headed for extinction? I mull over the positive, negative, and possible unexpected side effects of an automated driving future after the jump. … Continue Reading

Our Cars: Thunder Bunny’s New Kicks

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit

This Candy White 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit, owned by my wife, is affectionately known as the Thunder Bunny. It’s served faithfully as our daily driver for the past six years, an end of the year model that stuck around the lot until 2008 when we ran across it in just the right color and options (white, like my father in law’s Mk.I Rabbit). It had everything but wheels, which we said we’d get “eventually.” Eventually took some time. … Continue Reading

Wagon Wednesday – Zombie Ford Falcon Surf Wagon


When I first saw this zombie-fied surf wagon at a quick glance, I thought it was a Corvair. I made a quick turn around and pulled into the empty lot next to the car wash and found in front of me a first generation Ford Falcon station wagon and this particular one looks to be waiting to be saved. It was spotted recently on the side of A1A in St Augustine Beach, Florida. … Continue Reading

2014 Firestone Grand Prix of St Pete Launches The IndyCar Season

2014 Firestone Grand Prix podium winners

Rough weather, heavy rain, and wind greeted the race weekend in St Petersburg this year. Despite that, Takuma Sato was able to capture pole position for the IndyCar race. On Sunday, the skies cleared up for race day and a cool breeze set in for what would be the 10th year of the running of the Firestone Grand Prix of St Petersburg. 

This was already shaping up to be a year of change for both the Firestone Grand Prix of St Petersburg and for IndyCar itself. In terms of sponsorship, these changes are likely to be good for the races in that they’ll secure their financial futures for years to come, but from a local Tampa Bay area perspective, it has taken a little getting used to. Gone were the eye-catching liveried Honda S2000s that could previously be spotted around town at this time of year, replaced by Corvettes and Camaros with more simple livery designs which I only spotted at the race. More notably, this year was different for my photography as I was unable to volunteer to shoot for the entire weekend, so access was much more restricted. Despite that, I bring you some of my best shots from the race this year.  … Continue Reading

A Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey – My First Fowl Year of Miata Ownership


From the past year of my personal automotive frustration, here is a story of my own Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey. A comedy of errors that could only happen when you combine a man who hadn’t bought a car in almost ten years, hadn’t owned anything with a manual transmission since five years before that, and a location saturated with overpriced and under-maintained Miatas just waiting to win hearts… or break them. … Continue Reading