Hooniverse Asks: What is the best continuation car you can find?

Jeff Glucker September 27, 2017 Hooniverse Asks

I recently spent a few hours behind the wheel of an amazing machine. It’s the Corvette Grand Sport, and no I don’t mean the latest C7 variant directly from the big Bow Tie. I’m talking about the old school Grand Sport. The one related to the original five sent forth by Zora himself to make glorious noise and present a bad ass stance to race tracks all over.

The one above is built by Superformance. It’s fully licensed and built to damn near the same spec as the original cars. A bonus on this car is that it comes fitted with an AC system from Vintage Air, and you can choose which engine you want under the hood as long as its one of eight engines offered through the GM Performance Parts Catalog. Don’t worry, they’re all great choices… though I’d be partial to the aluminum 377 with the quartet of 58mm Webers singing in unison.

There are other companies out there making replicas, continuation cars, and recreations, but if it were my money no one does it as well as Superformance. Am I wrong? If so, show me in the comments.

[Image copyright 2017 Jeff Glucker/Hooniverse]

Who’s ready for zero-to-awesome? The Nissan 300ZX will get you there

Jeff Glucker September 26, 2017 All Things Hoon

I still think about my 1985 Nissan 300ZX. It was the second car I ever owned, and I’d love to be able to take it for a spin today. When Nissan launched the car for the 1984 model year, they took to your television with spots like the one above.

A Redditor found this commercial on YouTube, and it’s clearly worth sharing further. The lines are hilarious, but perfectly fitting in the period in which this would’ve been viewed fresh.

Watching this makes me want to find a way to go from zero-to-awesome. Also, I had no clue these were offered with adjustable suspension. My ’85 Z31 was a non-turbo model with the analog gauges. I still loved it.

For years, the fastest I’d ever driven in a car was coming home from college while driving that Z. It was nighttime and I was a foolish young idiot who got egged into a highway race. The non-turbo car ran out of steam at 130 miles per hour. I believe the turbo cars had a limiter at that same speed. Regardless, the Z was stable as could be in that moment but it was too fast and I left off the throttle. Idiotically happy to drive that fast, happier still to no longer be there.

I miss that car.

[Source: YouTube via Reddit]

The Audi TT RS is so good we had to give it another go

Yeah, we drove it already… but we needed to give it another go. The 2018 Audi TT RS is worth the extra time, because it’s just so damn good now. Audi is offering up a 400-horsepower sports coupe that’s basically a budget R8.

It’s not cheap, but compared to the competition it’s well priced. Plus you can leave the carbon ceramic front brakes and RS suspension off your shopping list and save a healthy $6,000 to keep it all under $80k.

The Audi TT RS might just be the pinnacle of the MQB platform. It’s crazy fast, supremely confidence inspiring, and well styled. Unless you *have* to have those RWD tail-out shenanigans, the TT RS is the best choice in its segment.

Podcast: Episode 218 – Return of the Zack

Zack Klapman is back in the podcast studio, and he joins us in a discussion on some fresh news items. We chat about the McLaren body armor built for a billionaire, Toyota’s new GR sub-brand, and that rad Ford Lightning Tribute truck sold in Georgia.

After that it’s time for your questions, and there’s a lot of them so we never get to chatting about our own drives and recent vehicular experiences.

Hooniverse – Return of the Zack

Podcast: Episode 217 – Podcast Project One Concept Hyper Mega Tude

Chris and I dive into a bit of the news making its way ’round the old Internet this week. That includes the reveal of the Mercedes-AMG Project One, Bugatti making serious speed with a Chiron, Porsche releasing a 911 R-esque machine for the plebians, and a bit more. After that it’s time to dive into your questions before talking a bit about our own cars and what we’re driving.

Hooniverse – Podcast Project One Concept Hyper Mega Tude

Hooniverse Asks: Do you have a favorite reveal from the Frankfurt Motor Show?

Jeff Glucker September 13, 2017 Hooniverse Asks

The action in Frankfurt is in full swing with many a new model being trotted out. Yes, a lot of the super and hyper car action was to be expected but there are a few gems also offering up a nice surprise. Case in point is exhibit A seen above.

That’s the Honda Urban EV Concept. It’s fantastic looking, from its retro body lines to its ultra cool wheels. Additionally, Honda says a production version of this very car will hit European streets by 2019.

Our friend Jonny Lieberman had a great idea that Honda should call it the EVCC. We agree and we can only hope a version that looks a whole lot like this makes it to US production at some point as well.

So what’s your favorite car shown in Frankfurt so far? Do you have one or are you holding out for something else at an upcoming show in the months to come?

Saying good bye to my 1965 Ford F100 [Shift Happens]

It’s been a good run with this one here. At the end of 2014, I purchased a 1965 Ford F100. The intent was to find a project truck that was drivable but that needed some love as well. I wanted to learn how to wrench, and this truck would be the one to help teach me.

In the beginning, I set the timing backwards, tore through steering couplers, and would peer into an engine bay with little clue of what I was actually staring. At the end though, I’d recently helped swap in a hotter cam, pop in new valve seals, change the clutch, and even just diagnoses and repaired an oil leak.

Both the truck and I have some quite a ways. I’ve learned a lot and no longer fear opening up my toolbox to work on my own machine. That was the goal here, and it’s been achieved. 

Now I need something that I can enjoy while bringing my young daughter along for the ride. The truck needs to go for that to happen.

So I’ve sold it.

Will I miss it? Certainly. Am I excited for the next project car phase? Absolutely.

Podcast: Episode 216 – Joel Strickland arrives with Aussie Beer (and car stories)

Friend of Hooniverse Joel Strickland is an Australian photographer. He’s contributed to our site, and also produces great imagery work for a whole lot of automakers and motorsports teams in his native land. Joel happened to be stateside for a few days, so we invited him on to the podcast.

We’re going to learn about some Aussie beer before diving into the world of the automobile.

Hooniverse – Joel Strickland arrives with Aussie Beer (and car stories)

I fixed the oil leak in my 1965 Ford F100

We’ve come a ways with this truck. I bought it to learn a bit about wrenching, and I believe I’ve done that to some degree. Before owning this truck, I would only venture under the hood to check the oil or point at things and go “Yep, that’s the problem”. Now? I’ve helped swap a cam, replace a clutch, plop in fresh valve seals, and get this machine running more strongly.

The latest fix involved a bit of diagnosis and then problem solving. I never had an oil leak before we did all of the work for the Valvoline video campaign. After getting the truck home, I’d find spots of oil on the ground and I knew that it was related to something I did. Taking a closer look, it seems the area where timing cover meets oil pan wasn’t sealed as tightly as it should be.

So I had to take the front of the engine apart, clean it all up, and then re-gasket and seal everything. I did that. It took me longer than I thought it would, but the job is done and the truck isn’t leaking anymore.

It’s a victory for me personally. But it’s a victory for this truck, because it’s still doing a job all these decades after it rolled off an assembly line.

Hooniverse Asks: So what’s your favorite wagon?

The above video by our friends at Petrolicious is just wonderful. They’ve managed to find someone who owns a 1987 Mercedes-Benz AMG Hammer Wagon. This is a real deal longroof built by the Affalterbach best.  Someone back in the late 1980s bought a diesel wagon, then shipped that big beautiful bastard back to Germany for the full Hammer treatment. Now a 6.0-liter 32-valve V-8 engine sits under the hood in a vehicle that would be casually dismissed as nothing more than a humble grocery getter.

This is good wagon right here. It’s tremendous wagon. In fact, it sits quite high on my list of all-time great wagons. Of course the more modern E63 AMG is also up there. As is the RS6 from Audi. It’s not just Germany that makes some great wagons though, as the Buick Roadmaster and Cadillac CTS-V are pantheon longroofs.

Which wagon though… is best wagon?

I’ll accept custom answers such as the Bertone Jet and Ferrari Breadvan, but special consideration is given to full-on factory offerings. Hit me with your best shots… fire away.