Mr. Regular wants to find out Which Neon is Best Neon?

Any gathering of a singular make and model is typically to be filled with a percentage of people who go too far. Odd additions and parts find their way onto the bodies, under the hoods, and supporting the tires of pretty much all manner of car or truck on the planet. If there’s a car, there’s a club that support that car and members that make questionable decisions.

Mr. Regular knows this well. He trekked to a Dodge Neon gathering and examined the vehicles in attendance. His goal? To determine which Neon is the best Neon.

He found that the best Neon wasn’t even a Neon at all…

Podcast: Episode 209 – A Fusion of Sound

We’re in a new location for this episode; producer Chris Hayes has a new apartment and we’re going to explore the space. Topics today include the new Ford Fusion Sport, some updates to the HoonTruck and the Benz, and a little bit of chatter about an upcoming drive of the new Subaru Crosstrek taking place in South Dakota.

After that, it’s time for your questions

Hooniverse – A Fusion of Sound

Some quick tunnel blasts in the Jaguar F-Type R convertible

Shift Happens. When you’re at an event packed with plenty of cars and trucks, and it happens to be located near some of California’s great roads, which vehicle do you walk towards first?

For me, it was towards the keys of a Jaguar F-Type R convertible… because I know that a pair of tunnels sit just a few miles down the road.

Exhaust button pressed to open the baffles. DSC set to Track. Paddles engaged.

Unleash hellfire…

Shift Happens: Off-Roading the Chevy Colorado ZR2

Shift Happens… I ventured up to a Motor Press Guild event and ran into our old pal Jason Connor. While there, he and I hopped into the new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 and took it around the Calmigos Ranch Trails.

This is a Shift Happens because it’s not a standard video or a regular review. It’s almost more like a podcast that happens to be focused on a truck, taking place solely in the cab of that truck.

I’m getting my hands on the truck soon for a much deeper dive into all of its off-road goodies. Stay tuned for more on that.

Breaking down the opening scene of John Wick 2

If you haven’t seen the second installment in the John Wick franchise, you’re missing out. I don’t believe it’s quite as good as the first one but it’s still an excellent watch. The opening scene jumps directly into the action and sees Wick attempting to rescue his beloved Mustang. He gets it… but he also kills it along the way.

Darrin Prescott is the Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director for the film. Vanity Fair brought him in to talk about that opening scene, and he does a great job of breaking it all down while providing excellent insight as well.

The scene is great to watch, but it’s even more interesting to learn about what it takes for something like this to come together.

The Jaguar F-Type SVR summed up in 3 minutes

It’s the shape of the thing… that hits you first.

The long hood, the open face, and those hips… To say that Ian Callum’s style influence at Jaguar has been a good thing is as vast an understatement as saying the F-Type is a non-subtle piece of automobile.

Despite the fact that your heart never fully moves on from the lines of the car, your eyes do… that’s because your ears are taken over by the noise of the thing.

Between the valley created by the front fenders, you have a 5.0-liter V8 and it works like a superhero duo with the supercharger sitting on top of it. Batman and Robin don’t cause screams like these two though, because they don’t use guns. The F-Type, however, sounds like it’s fronting an assault on everything and everyone it drives by because there’s the rapid fire pop when you lift off the throttle.

This is one of the few machines that sounds as good or even better off the throttle as it does when your foot is attempting to squeeze the life out of the go pedal.

The steering is fine but you won’t be dancing with a Porsche on a curvy road. The gearbox is perfectly suited for the car because it’s the oft-used and always loved ZF eight speed. Sending the power out to all four wheels, you’d think would sap some of the RWD fun of the prior R iteration… but you’d be wrong.

This is still the Gentleman Hooligan’s ride of choice. If you desire to arrive to your local high society snob spot, you can do so sideways and loud. And I recommend you do this everywhere you go by pressing that exhaust button and leaving all four pipes un baffled so they may sing the V8 song to all those present in a three county radius.

You want one of these for yourself. That’s no surprise. You’ll need to part with at least $130,000. In an anti-porsche move, the options list doesn’t climb too high from there. You don’t need the carbon ceramics because you’re not taking this to the track…. So save the dough. Enjoy the open road, the view of the hood and fenders stretching before you, and one of the hilariously great soundtracks of any modern vehicle on this planet.

[Disclaimer: Jaguar tossed us the keys to the F-Type SVR for a week and included a tank of fuel. That fuel went quick, as most of it was burnt up by the exhaust farting awesomeness into the air.]

Bentley Bentayga: Classier or just more costly a Range Rover?

A Bentley is typically something that is purchased by an individual who isn’t out to question their own purchase. They see the vehicle and they want the vehicle, so they buy the vehicle.

For the first time with a Bentley product, that buyer might pause and ask *why* they’re buying a Bentayga. This is Bentley’s foray into the SUV market. It’s a strong foray, as far as forays go, because the Bentayga packs a 600-horsepower twin-turbocharged W12 engine under its hood.

You tuck that engine, some Bentley body panels, and an exquisite interior into the shell of an Audi Q7 and you get to charge $200k and up… this one here is $250k, and it’s rather easy to turn one into a vehicle costing $300k.

So why should you buy one and spend $100k to $200k MORE than you would on a Range Rover?

[Disclaimer: Bentley tossed us the keys to the Bentayga for a few days, and included a full tank of fuel. Instead of buying beer like usual, I was compelled to buy champagne… that notion passed and I merely bought more expensive beer.]

Can a minivan ever be cool?

I’ve spent a week with the Chrysler Pacifica because I wanted to see if a minivan could ever be considered remotely cool. Believe it or not, there are ways…

Besides making for a tremendous camera car platform, the minivan represents a stupendous road trip machine. If you consider it not a van but an overweight wagon, then it gets cooler still. That’s because you can fit many things inside of this fat wagon.

You might not agree that a minivan will ever be cool. I don’t blame as it’s hard to find the good… but not as hard as you think. Come along as I tip toe into the minivan waters to find a few ways that might help you rethink how a minivan can be used.

[Disclaimer: Chrysler let us borrow the Pacifica for a week and included a tank of fuel. I did not see keg carrying capacity on the spec sheet, but I’d be happy to find that stat for them… and all other automakers.]

Podcast: Episode 208 – In my car hole…

Running solo during this holiday week to try and get an episode up and out. I am sitting in my garage in the new Acura MDX hybrid and talking to my laptop, which is on my lap.

Topics include my truck, my Benz, some upcoming rides, and a few upcoming trips. It’s a short episode so I apologize for that but I wanted to make sure we got some content out for you.

And I hit the reader questions from last week.

Hooniverse – In my car hole

A DETHPRF Nova way to start your Wednesday

Death Proof. It’s a movie written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, and it’s a modern ode to 70’s exploitation films. Kurt Russell stars alongside a cast of stellar women, but the real star for many folks is the main car.

A blacked-out 1971 Chevrolet Nova driven by an aging stuntman. It’s sole purpose? To protect the driver… and offer no such protection to any passenger. It’s “death proof” for the person behind the wheel.

Tarantino considers Death Proof to be his worst film. But that means it sits at the bottom of a list occupied by some tremendous films.

One of the cars from the film has wound up in the hands of a stunt driver who worked on the film. He owns the car and he can clearly drive it well. It’s still killing things… but in this case, those things are tires and it’s time for them to die.

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