Podcast: Episode 270 – Dinan [SEMA 2018]

Jeff Glucker November 7, 2018 Hooniverse Podcast

Live from the Magnaflow podcasting stage at SEMA 2018 I interview Dinan about their 2018/2019 offerings and specifically their return to flash tunes.

Hooniverse Asks: What’s your favorite not-a-car- vehicle?

Jeff Glucker November 7, 2018 Hooniverse Asks

I really want a Ducati Scrambler. I don’t ride, nor do I have my motorcycle license. I’m not going to get one but I really would like one. This is a prime example of one of my favorite not-a-car vehicles. Others include a Polaris RZR, the 1937 motor yacht Aphrodite, and the A10 Tank Killer.

Yes, I really ramped things up there.

What’s your favorite not-a-car?

This Unimog U500 is your true global adventure machine

Jeff Glucker November 6, 2018 For Sale

Do you want to go anywhere? Are you ready to escape from the grind for a bit? Do you also happen to have a few hundred grand stashed away in an account, itching to be spent? Then we have found the perfect machine for you. A user on the Expedition Portal forums is selling their 2005 Unimog U500 and it’s prepped to transit …everything.

This Mog is powered by a tuned version of the OM906LA turbodiesel engine. Normally these make a little bit of horsepower and buckets of torque. This one here, however, cranks out 312 horsepower. Torque is typically between 550 and 810 pound-feet for these rigs, but this one could be a bit higher with some engine upgrades.

You’ll need all of the energy available because this Mog will slog through its available 24 forward gears. Some for working and some for crawling. Don’t worry about fuel though because the tank can handle 160 gallons of the stuff.

V.I.S.I.T. – Mercedes-Benz Unimog U406

On the tail of this mobile fancy studio apartment is parking for a motorcycle or dirtbike. That’s perfect for when the trail tightens up and you want to go have some lightweight fun away from your new basecamp.

This package doesn’t come cheap, of course. The seller states that it’s in excellent condition and shows just 29,500 miles. If you want it, you’ll need to fork over $399,000. That’s so much money but you’re basically getting a house… that can go wherever you want.

Head over to ExpeditionPortal to see the full listing and more photos.

Hillclimb Monster: Watch a 700-hp Mitsubishi Evo scream up a Swiss hill

Jeff Glucker November 6, 2018 Hoonivercinema

The Mitsubishi 4G63 engine can be modified to do marvelous things. While there are a number of lower horsepower offerings using this engine, the performance minded vehicles fitted with this inline-4 are entertaining even in stock guise. Take the 4G63 and slap on crazy turbos, bore and stroke the engine, and then hold on. Like with this Evo 8 shown above, which now produces 700 horsepower.

Driver Thomas Kessler is taking this beast up the St. Ursanne hill climb event in Switzerland. The car weighs just a bit over 2,400 pounds. Stock, the car is about 3,200 pounds and it’s engine puts out quite a bit less power.

This is truly a proper hill climb monster and the driver grabs it by the scruff of the steering wheel. Click play and watch (and listen) to the action above.

BMW finally puts the M in motorcycles

Jeff Glucker November 6, 2018 Two-Wheel Tuesday

BMW’s Motorrad is taking a page out of the playbook from the automobile side of the family. It’s all about M as the motorcycle family will soon be able to option up their bikes with new options and performance parts. The goal here is performance, exclusivity, and individuality. And mucho dollars, of course.

First to receive the M goods is the new BMW S1000 RR. There is now an M package available and it consists of:

  • Motorsport paint finish
  • M carbon fibre wheels
  • M light weight battery
  • M Chassis Kit with rear ride height adjustment and swingarm pivot 
  • M sport seat
  • Pro Mode

The timing is great, as the S1000 RR is all new itself. This is a bike that now makes 205 horsepower (207 outside of the US) from a freshly developed 4-cylinder inline engine. BMW have completely reworked the suspension for improved traction while also increasing and improving rider feedback at the same time.

BMW have fitted the bike with four rider modes as well, with Pro Mode unlocked by that M package. In Pro Mode, the bike makes use of launch control for race starts and a pit lane limiter.

We don’t know how much the new bike costs, nor what those M package goodies will run. But M bits are irresistible to enthusiast-minded BMW buyers… if it translates to bikes the way it does with cars, this will work out rather well for BMW Motorrad.


First Drive: 2019 Hyundai Veloster N

We’ve been eagerly waiting for this drive. Hyundai wants to get serious about performance and, for us here in the States, the first taste of this notion is the Veloster N.

N it’s pretty damn good.

This is a 275-horsepower Hyundai hot hatch with all the right ingredients. A stiff chassis, sorted suspension, slick-shifting 6-speed manual, and proper brakes and tires add up to a seriously fun car to drive.

EDIT: Quick note regarding the tires on the 18-inch wheels of the standard version. It gets super sticky Michelin Pilot Sports not Pirellis. The 19-inch Performance pack wheels get the P Zeros.

[Disclaimer: Hyundai flew us to Northern California, put us in a hotel, and fed us.]

Hooniverse Asks: What’s the “Starbucks Holiday Cups” of the automotive space?

Jeff Glucker November 5, 2018 Hooniverse Asks

One year, we actually made Hooniverse holiday cars and sent them out to various folks we’d worked with over the course of a year. It was fun. And we managed to work in Tim’s old 1967 Ford Country Sedan as the poster child for the postcard greetings. But not every image is filled with holiday cheer. For some reason, folks can’t seem to enjoy the holidays when it doesn’t fit in with their vision of the holidays. 

California Dreamin’ – Running up the coast in a 1967 Ford Country Sedan

Be it Starbucks cups, TV specials, the wrong color lights, or any other perceived slight that really isn’t… the holidays can be a confusing time for some.

What’s the automotive equivalent of the Starbucks Holiday cups? A means of reaching out to folks with what one perceives as happiness that in the end is received as the opposite by a group of folks. Maybe the Nissan 370Z Clubsport 23? The Roxor from Mahindra? Or quite possibly a machine we’re not even considering… so tell us about it below.

Project Binky has an alternator problem and it’s been solved in an insane way

Jeff Glucker November 2, 2018 Hoonivercinema

Episode 20 of Project Binky is up on YouTube. This is the saga of Bad Obsession Motorsport and its quest to turn an old Mini into a Celica All-Trac powered rally beast. As you might imagine, this is a journey fraught with fabrication peril. Thankfully the Bad Obsession team are amazing in this space. From small items you’d never think of (the headlight wire placeholder tab for when the front clip is open or off) to large scale changes requiring many weeks of measuring, cutting, and tea. The latest episode provides an update on some wiring placement, but it also features an ingenious solution to a rather difficult problem.

The alternator needs to charge up the battery and also run the AC system. But the placement of pulleys on the back of the engine make for a difficult run to the alternator which was to sit above the gearbox. The solution is to fashion new pulleys. Use a fascinating flexishaft. Fab up alternator brackets. And then run the system from the back of the engine, around to the side, under the side of the intake, and on out to the alternator where it sits above the gearbox.

This is a long episode, so if you want to jump straight into the alternator fabrication work then skip ahead to about the 17:40 mark. It’s worth your time though, because the skill on display here is top notch.

Honda has built a go-anywhere Ridgeline side-by-side concept

This is a prime example of less is more. Honda has taken a Ridgeline pickup truck and stripped it of some non-essential items. Those would be things like the doors, roof, front windshield, and anything that wouldn’t be useful off road. Once deconstructed, this Ridgeline has been reformed using parts from the Honda Pioneer 1000 UTV.

The result is a jumbo side-by-side with plenty of power for dune bashing, trail running, and other off-road shenanigans.

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Hooniverse Asks: What’s the best color combo for a car?

Jeff Glucker November 2, 2018 Hooniverse Asks

I’m dreaming up color schemes for my Mercedes wagon project; the Wombat. Right now it’s standard 80’s Mercedes-Benz silver. I want to change that though once we get far enough along, and I think I found the right color. It’s an old Benz hue called Moss Green Metallic and it looks gorgeous on the 1968 280SL  shown above. Additionally, that green and the dark tan interior are a truly classic match when it comes to exterior and interior perfection.

What are some other great examples of exterior and interior matches made in heaven? A C1 Corvette finished in white with a red interior is certainly a great place to start. All black everything works if you’re the menacing sort with a mean machine.

What’s your favorite color combination for a car?

[Image sourced from TopClassicCarsForSale.com]