Forza 7 revealed at E3

Turn 10 Studios is back at it with the latest installment in the Forza franchise. This time we’re eyeballing the trailer for Forza Motorsport 7, which takes things a bit more seriously than the Forza Horizon series. This will be a launch game for the also-recently announced Xbox One X. That’s the name of the latest version of the Microsoft console system, and it looks to bring super smooth 4K graphics to your television…

You don’t have one of those yet? Better start shopping if you want the cleanest looking games when everything comes to market this fall. We don’t know much about the latest Forza sim at the moment, but we will be interviewing the car-loving Creative Director at Turn 10 Dan Greenawalt later this week on the podcast.

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“We run the night” is your automotive visual awesome for the day

Some folks are really good at pointing the camera at a subject and capturing that focal point for all its worth. The Lowdown and Hartnett Media teamed up to do that recently when they shot a group of cars taking over the late night roads in a section of Australia. Visually, this is an epic short video that encapsulates what it’s like to meet up with like-minded friends and just set off on a drive. There are no words, just stunning visuals and appropriately paired music.

It works well, and it’s a perfect escape for your Friday afternoon doldrums at work.

[Source: Reddit /r/Cars]

Range Rover Evoque Convertible: Who is it for?

Land Rover has created …something interesting. It’s called the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. It’s a drop-top version of Land Rover’s compact SUV, and it comes bearing 2.0-liter turbocharged power under its hood. It also has Terrain Response, a halfway decent wading depth for a mall crawler, and a few other bits and bobs that show its very much still a Range Rover.

Still… it’s an odd duck. No one praised Nissan when it built the Murano Cross Cabriolet. The Jeep Wrangler is pretty much the main contender when it comes to the idea of pairing top-down motoring with off-road adventure.

So who exactly is the Range Rover Evoque Convertible for? Let’s try to find out…

[Disclaimer: Land Rover tossed us the key fob to the Evoque Convertible and included a tank of fuel. We used that tank trying to figure out who would buy this thing.]

Become a Mopar magnate with this Craigslist trifecta

Are you looking to add a bit more Mopar into your life? Of course you are! We all are, right? No? Just shut up and listen for a second please. I said please.

Someone on Craigslist has a trifecta of Mopar machines that might interest you. We have a 1974 Dodge truck, 1984 Dodge truck, and an unrestored 1970 Dodge Challenger. That last one has no running gear, which is a bit of a bummer but it does leave you with quite the open canvas.

The vehicle in the best shape of the three is the truck from 1984. It apparently has just 66k miles on its clock and is a one-owner truck. The 1974 truck doesn’t run at the moment but it does have a 318 V8 swapped in, as opposed to the 360 that used to leave betwixt its fenders.

So are you ready to tackle two of these projects while driving the third to pickup your parts? There’s no price offered but you can make an offer of your own and see what the owner needs to part with all three.

[Source: Craigslist]

Hot Wheels Deora restoration will relax and impress you

One of our favorite YouTube channels is baremetalHW. It’s all about Hot Wheels. More specifically the hands and voice behind the channel is quite skilled at breathing new life into old, tired, beaten up Hot Wheels vehicles.

Today’s video shows the restoration of a classic Redline Deora. It’s from 1968. There are years of abuse clearly visible, and baremetalHW brings it to a whole new place. The old blue cracked and pitted paint work is removed and the refreshed Deora goes purple and black. A pair of surfboards once again ride in the bed space, and the glass is cleaned up as well.

It’s great to see such care applied to these scale dream machines. If you’re ready to get lost down a rabbit hole of this stuff, then you need to hit play and see where it all leads.

Podcast: Episode 205 – Sleepy in Seattle

I’m up here in Seattle for the launch of the new Audi A5 and S5 Sportback. While that’s going on, I decided to step away from the booze and schmooze for a moment to record a solo episode of the podcast. It’s mostly me taking your questions, as that helps to cover the topics I’d want to cover anyway… including the Indy 500.

Hooniverse – Sleepy in Seattle

A reminder that racing wagons are awesome

Good morning and happy Wagon Wednesday. This post is here to serve as your reminder that racing wagons were most certainly a thing, and that they were also quite awesome. Volvo raced the 850 in the British Touring Car Championship. So if you’ve ever wondered just how fantastic a liveried-up wagon can look, see above as your Exhibit A(wesome).

Someone needs to recreate this style on a V60 Polestar. That combination of current Volvo wagon greatness and classic racing history would cause our brain to explode with wonder and our hearts to grow three sizes.

We need more wagons, folks. When someone tells you that they’re boring, show them this picture… and smack them in the face a little too, because they don’t get it.

[Image stolen from Jalopnik]

Chris Forsberg gets seat time with Clarion’s latest project car

Chris Forsberg knows how to wheel. He also has pretty good taste in cars. Working with Clarion, he’s been able to drive some sweet machines as of late. This includes the oh-so excellent BMW 2002 that Clarion built to kick off its ClarionBuilds program. After that we’ve seen an Acura NSX get the treatment (Full drive video of that one coming soon) and now there’s a new member in the Clarion stable.

This time Clarion has turned its attention to a 1993 BMW 850Ci. Knowing the attention provided to the upgrades of its cars, we expect this build to be a stunner. That 5.0-liter V12 made just under 300 horsepower when it arrived factory fresh. Clarion likes to inject a bit more power, so we can’t wait to get our own grubby mitts on this machine.

For now, we’ll just have to live vicariously through Professor Forsberg.

Ford Raptor: The Baja blaster supreme is better than ever

Gone is the song that the V8 sings… let us mourn. Okay stop mourning, because nearly everything else about the new Ford Raptor is fantastic.

Under the hood you’ll find a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost 6, which is good for 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough power to get this 5,700-pound beast up to 60 miles per hour from a standstill in just five seconds. Fox Racing and the Ford Performance team joined forces once again to make sure the Raptor is more than capable on all sorts of surfaces. The travel is tremendous, the dampening is excellent, and the ride is a blast.

If we had to pick two weak spots, it would be the engine note compared to that of the prior V8 and the new 10-speed automatic gearbox is a bit annoying around town. The good news here is that the snarly V6 grows on you and the 10-speed likes it when you flog it.

Ford’s go-anywhere at any-speed dune-smashing desert destroying truck is back and better than ever.

[Disclaimer: Ford tossed us the keys to the Raptor and included a tank of fuel. We proceeded to get mud… everywhere. It took a long time in the power washing bay to get most of it off.]

Is the new Civic Type R a good deal at $34k?

We recently reviewed the all-new Honda Civic Si, and it seems like a fun machine especially at its $24k-$25k price point. There’s a hotter Civic just over the horizon, and it should prove to be a potent performer. In fact, it recently sat the Nürburgring on fire when it laid down the fastest lap for a front-driver production car. Will it too represent a good deal in the performance car space?

If the window sticker photo nabbed by CivicX.com is any indication, that could be a pretty strong yes. You can see the picture for yourself by clicking that link, but what you’ll find is an MSRP of $33,900. Add in Destination and Handling (that should be a band name, by the way) and you arrive at $34,775.

So we’re about to have a Honda Civic that is asking a little less than Volkswagen Golf R money yet also has 306 horsepower on tap. We’re going to have a Civic that wants less than Subaru WRX STI money and has around the same horsepower figure, but should weigh a bit less.

The Civic Type R should be a beastly front-driving machine. Is it priced right at $34k?

What say you…

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