Start your week with the 1967 Lola T142

Our brains aren’t working yet. The coffee is brewing. The skies outside are gray. It’s Monday. So to get this week started right, we present to you the 1967 Lola T142.

An old Formula 5000 racing machine that roars with joy as it’s pushed hard around Road Atlanta. This is how you start your Monday correctly.

The Dinan BMW M2 S2 – Making excellent even better

Dinan keeps crushing it…

This is their latest and greatest. It’s the DInan twist on the BMW M2, and it’s twisted in all the right directions. The Dinan M2 S2 adds power, grip, stopping performance, and all of the other metrics that make an enjoyable car that much better. Also, noise.

Instead of an M2 with the stock 365 horsepower on hand, you have one that now makes 446 horsepower. Torque has been pushed from 343 pound-feet up to 455 lb-ft. But this is Dinan, so the car is well rounded from there. That means brakes, exhaust, wheels and tires, and a nearly full reworking of the stock suspension.

It’s a complete package.

And it’s an excellent one at that.

[Disclaimer: Dinan let me borrow the car for a few days and included a tank of fuel.]

Night School: Episode 5 – It all comes together

That was a long weekend.

This is the final episode in this chapter of our Valvoline Night School saga. It all comes together here, as the work Tim and I have put in on my 1965 Ford F100 is complete. The #HoonTruck has a fresh exhaust system, a new cam and valve seals, and an excellent new clutch.

So how does it sound and drive? Click play and let’s go for a ride.

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Quick Shift: New eyes for the old Benz

So I’m eager to make our YouTube channel a bit more well rounded. The full-on reviews are nice, but occasionally we need to slow down and take a look at what’s really going on in the garage. This new series, which I’ve tentatively titled Quick Shift (and I already don’t love the title, but I don’t hate it either) is going to serve as that space.

First up, we’re swapping the headlights on the 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 sedan I recently purchased. I had a headlight go out on me and I was already thinking of getting LED units anyway, so this just sped up that process. It’s a fairly basic clip, but there’s going to be a lot more about …well, anything really.

We’ll cover HoonTruck upgrades, LeMons bits, random burnouts, behind-the-scenes of full-on shoots, and anything else that makes sense for the space. So sound off with any and all comments, and also on what you’d like to see in this space.


Podcast: Episode 202 – Questionable Accents

Zack joins me in the studio and we run through some fresh updates on our vehicles. Additionally, I just got back from driving a minivan in Hawaii yet I still found a way to make the tires spin. We get to your questions and we’ve decided that we’ll answer the Patreon questions by way of the accent cards Zack keeps in the studio… so that’s fun.

Hooniverse – Questionable Accents

Can a rally driver become a drifter?

Can a rally driver jump into a drift car and give it a go? Will the learned skills honed on gravel, snow, and tarmac transfer when you’re behind the wheel of a beat-to-hell Nissan 240SX? If you’re My Life As A Rallyist’s Ryan Symancek, then the answer is a smoky smooth yes.

Ryan trekked down to New Jersey’s Club Loose to try his hand at good ole skid racing. He borrowed a drift-prepped 240SX from Broken Motorsports and set out on the course. How’d he fare? You’ve got to watch the video, but a spoiler alert will tell you that the kid can wheel.

Night School: Episode 4 – Exhaust

You’ve met the truck. We’ve swapped out the bad clutch for a fresh unit from Centerforce. The camshaft and valve seals have been replaced. Now? It’s time to bring the noise. On this episode of Valvoline’s Night School, we’re ditching the glasspack setup that’s on the truck now for a clean bit of plumbing courtesy of our friends at Magnaflow.

Tim is responsible for most of the action in Episode 4… because I’d burn his garage to the ground if he let me try the welder.

Check out the video above, but also head over to Team Valvoline for more great content.

Driving Chris Forsberg’s Datsun 280Z

The car is a 1975 Datsun 280Z. It’s a beloved project beast owned by champion drifter Chris Forsberg, and it was completed with support from a number of sponsors including Clarion.

The old L-series engine is gone. In its place sits the mighty RB25DET, which is a turbocharged engine usually found between the fenders of the R32 Skyline. Here it’s been tweaked and upgraded so that it’s producing somewhere in the neighborhood of a reported 500 horsepower.

Inside the car, (and you can find gorgeous photos of all of this on Speedhunters) is an interior with a bunch of Forsberg’s own logos and plenty of suede. There’s the massive hydraulic brake lever you’d expect to find in a drifter’s daily, and a pumped up audio system with navigation.

The steering responds to inputs with immediacy. There’s some lag from the turbo, but keep your foot planted and the revs rise up then you’re into some serious boost. It sounds amazing and reminds you that if you’re not hearing that noise, then you’re not driving the car hard enough.

Still, it’s a project and all projects are nearly always just that. The car is running hot because Chris is letting ham-fisted journalists have a go. The throttle is sticking, so the engine sounds a bit upset between shifts. Finally, the gearbox is a bit sloppier than I expected. Chris could find gears in his own gear with no issues, but I was trying to stir a bowl of spaghetti. With more time, that would be a non issue but it’s daunting when the owner of the car is riding shotgun and you’re staring down turns on a racing circuit.

It’s a gorgeous machine and an absolute blast to drive. Thanks to Chris and Clarion for the opportunity.

Podcast: Episode 201 – Original Formulation

From the arid plains of Texas we are joined by a mythical figure, few dare utter his name and fewer still believed the legend that he would one day return to reclaim his rightful throne to rule with an iron fist adorned in vintage style clothing with a belly full of beer and a complete disregard for microphone etiquette. 

That’s right, it’s the return of Mr. Rong.

Hooniverse – Original Formulation

Night School: Episode 3 – Camshaft and Valve Seals

Attention class, I need you to sit down because it’s time to take in Episode 3 of Valvoline’s Night School. In this episode we will be diving a bit more deeply into the engine of my 1965 Ford F100. That’s because we’re swapping in an upgraded camshaft and also replacing the valve seals. I want more lope, and I definitely get …way more loud.

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