Podcast: Episode 222 – Go Team Discovery!

JonathOn Klein and Colin Woodard join us in the Hooniverse podcast studio today. You all know Klein, and Mr. Woodard joins us as a guest from Motor Trend. We talk about some of the interesting machines they’ve driven lately. This includes a Dirt Sprint car that apparently wants to behave more like a rally car than a dirty drift machine.

After that it’s time for questions, and we ponder far too long about the fate of the upcoming C8 Corvette.

Hooniverse – Go Team Discovery!

Hooniverse Asks: What was the greatest racing event of all time?

Jeff Glucker October 16, 2017 Hooniverse Asks

For those of us who enjoy motorsport, we all have our preferred type of motorsport to watch. Be it two wheels or four, open wheel or closed cockpit endurance spaceship, gravel slinging rally machine or focused street car, there is racing for everyone.

If you had to narrow it down to one singular racing event though, not just an entire series but one actual race… what would you consider to be the greatest racing event of all time?

Will it be Senna in the rain? Audi at Le Mans? Loeb being Loeb? Or maybe it’s Joey Dunlop and one of his 26 race wins at the Isle of Man? There are going to be a lot of great answers… and some serious discussion surrounding those answers.

I can’t wait to see what you have to say in the comments below.

The latest Land Rover Discovery summed up in less than five minutes

It’s been around for decades, and it’s been to every pocket of the globe during that time. The Land Rover Discovery has entered its fifth generation, and this latest one brings the Disco to a new place. Yes, it’s still very much a more approachable Land Rover product than its larger (and more expensive) Range Rover sibling but it doesn’t sacrifice in the off-road equipment department.

It’s also not cheap. This one here costs around $80k. Yes, it’s nice inside and most of the options have been checked, but that doesn’t make the price feel less than it is.

Forgetting that price tag for a moment, the Discovery drives wonderfully both on road and off of it. That’s due in part here to the Td6 diesel engine fitted under the hood. There’s tremendous torque to be had, and it’s available down low and right on up through a major swath of the rev range.

Will those who part with all of this dough be ready to dirty up their own Discos? I hope so, because that’s where the Discovery shines brightest. Not in a Whole Foods parking lot, but in the jungle/outback/desert/snow/mud, or anywhere other vehicles fear to tread. 

[Disclaimer: Land Rover tossed us the keys to the Discovery and included a tank of diesel fuel.] 

Podcast: Episode 221 – Trippin’ in the Benz

Jeff Glucker October 11, 2017 Hooniverse Podcast

Here’s a solo episode from the road. I just took my 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 for a drive from Orange County out to Palm Springs to sample the new Land Rover Velar. It’s the longest trip I’ve done in the Benz to date, and the old Merc handled it like a champ.

So I chat about that and some plans for the car, but also talk about the Volvo V90 CC I just spent a week driving. After that it’s time for your questions.

Hooniverse – Tripin’ in the Benz

Hooniverse Asks: Touch-up paint?

Jeff Glucker October 11, 2017 Hooniverse Asks

I’ve been working to bring the paint of my ’74 Benz back to life. The folks at Meguiar’s just helped out a lot by showing me how a proper wax job can do just that. One issue that this has highlighted, however, is all of the dings, dents, and scratches that have accumulated on this 43-year-old body.

That’s led me on a rabbit hole of paintless-dent and scratch repair videos. I’ll leave the PDR to a professional, but I want to knock out a number of the paint issues myself. YouTube is a great resource for finding examples of folks who have done the same, but you are a better resource… the wealth of knowledge here is one of my favorite aspects of this place.

So, dear Hooniversarians, what are you experiences with touch-up paint? What brand do you prefer? What methods work the best?

Help me, help my Benz.

Anthony Bourdain explores the world of Hazan Motorworks

Jeff Glucker October 10, 2017 Two-Wheel Tuesday

A custom built motorcycle can easily be considered a bit of rolling art. Such are the pieces created by Max Hazan out of his Hazan Motorworks shop in Los Angeles. The frames spring forth to cradle the heart that is the engine while the wheels and tires stand strong like a pair of shoulders firm in a resolution of weight holding. Sure these won’t be for everyone, but the bare, basic nature of a Hazan bike is a definite conversation piece.

It’s that want of a conversation that drew Anthony Bourdain into the Hazdan work space to see how Max creates. Bourdain is hosting a web series called Raw Craft, which is a sponsor piece for Balvenie scotch.

Bringing Bourdain, good scotch, and a great topic together is enough for us to pay attention. Now we need to have the show find a great car builder to talk with as well.

Hooniverse Asks: What new automotive technology has your attention?

Jeff Glucker October 10, 2017 Hooniverse Asks

We love old cars. There’s no denying the fact that driving a machine predating our own year of birth is a joy many of us relish. Still, there are aspects of old car ownership that can be tiresome at times. It’s all worth putting up with, but occasionally you see a bit of the newer tech offered in brand new cars and it captures your attention.

We’re on the cusp of higher levels of semi-autonomous driving. Bluetooth everything is offered on the most entry level vehicles. Heated front seats are nearly standard equipment on all but the cheapest of new rides. What bit of recent or near-future technology has your ears perked, eyes open, and brain spinning? Is there anything you’ve experienced that you can’t live without after getting a taste? Is there something coming down the pipe that has you itching to give it a go?

What bit of modern automotive technology, if anything, has you most interested?

Watch Bill Caswell drink beer and talk about his life

Bill Caswell is a human person that is basically automotive enthusiasm distilled to its purest essence. He gave up a career that paid him well to do insane things with cars. From his $500 BMW entry in WRC Mexico to his continuing adventures today, Caswell is a man with many stories.

He’s a friend of Hooniverse as well. So to see him spill the beans on many aspects of his crazy life makes for a fun watch. Click play and enjoy.

Podcast: Episode 220 – Solo on the mic

Solo once again, and I’m here to answer your questions. Before that, I have a brief bit of info on what I’m driving now and later in the week.

Also, I just put out a new Shift Happens video focusing on restoring the paint on my ’74 Benz. Then it’s question time and like always, you all deliver wonderfully.

Hooniverse – Solo on the mic

Restoring the paint on my 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280

Strap in because this one is a long one… I’ve come to the good people at Meguiar’s to see if they could help me breathe some life back into my old Benz. It’s faded, oxidized, and fairly jacked up in general. Can it be helped? Yes, of course it can. And the results are amazing.

The blue is deeper and more rich. There’s an actual reflection you can see in the body panels. It feels like a different car when you stare at it. Now, the paint still isn’t perfect but that’s to be expected. There are a few dents, plenty of scratches, and a bit of lame attempted bodywork by a previous owner. I won’t plan on fixing all of that, but the final result here as my itching to take this paint even further. Some paint-less dent repair and addressing some of the larger scratches will happen down the road.

Also, sorry for the out-of-focus bits… we were having trouble with the lens initially, but it was sorted out later in the video.