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Jeff Glucker April 17, 2015 All Things Hoon
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No new review this week… so we decided to just have some fun.

Next week there’s a new Hooniverse Garage as well as an update on the HoonTruck.

For now, enjoy your weekend… and your car

Podcast: Episode 100 – Audio Issues! [w/guest AJ Gordon]


So it wouldn’t be a Hooniverse podcast without the potential for audio issues… and that’s what you get to celebrate episode 100!

Our guest this week is AJ Gordon who is the Content & Social Media Manager for the Petersen Museum. He’s also the host of the great Car Stories podcast, which has tons of guests. Our chatter this week revolves around what we’ve done over the past 100 episodes, the new Paul Newman biopic, and also what’s going on with HoonTruck and Blake’s Miata.

Additionally, we dive into what it’s like to work at the Petersen and focus on a crowd-funding project the museum is taking on. It’s to revive a one-of-17 Davis Divan. If you’re interested in learning more and possibly helping out, check out their IndieGoGo page.

Hooniverse – Audio Issues [w/guest AJ Gordon]

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2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06: Bang for the buck… redefined

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Remember when the rest of the world used to make fun of the Corvette? It wasn’t completely warranted, yet there were some criticisms that both stuck and stung. Those days were officially pushed into the past when the new C7 Corvette arrived.

The 2015 Corvette Z06, however, takes those old notions, douses them in high-octane fuel, and sets them ablaze. That’s because it just might be the best bang for the buck performance machine on the planet.

Hell it might be one of the best performance machines on the planet *period*

[DisclaimerChevrolet threw us the keys to the Z06 and let us borrow it for a weekend. Fuel was used to generate noise, tire smoke, and a burning desire to own a new Z06.]

Podcast: Episode 99 – The Cult of Harbor Freight


Blake, Producer Chris, and myself are joined by Zack Klapman from The Smoking Tire. The chatter this time around centers on the new Furious 7 movie, joining the cult of Harbor Freight, and then what we plan on doing for episode 100. There’s also a bit of light HoonTruck and Miata news.

As a heads up, after episode 100 we’re heading out to the Alibi Room in Los Angeles. We’ll record on Monday the 13th, then head over for a few drinks and some grub around 8pm. If you’re in the area, come say hi and join us!

Hooniverse – The Cult of Harbor Freight

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Modern Art Monday: The Autostadt Museum

Autostadt 000

A few years ago, I trekked to Germany to sample both the Volkswagen GTD and the XL1. It was my first trip to Europe. Being an automaker’s press launch, there wasn’t a whole lot of sightseeing as, believe it or not, this is still a work trip.

Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed taking that GTD down the Autobahn at a speed just a tick higher than the engineers had listed the top speed. Additionally, piloting the XL1 through the streets of Wolfsburg was more exciting than it sounds, and a driving experience I won’t soon forget.

Still, there was a sliver of time set aside to explore the campus of all-things Volkswagen group while we were in Wolfsburg. It’s an area called the Autostadt, with sections dedicated to VW, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Seat, etc. Of much more interest, however, is the Autostadt Museum.

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I saw Furious 7 last night…
and you should go see it too

furious 7Last night I trekked up to the garage space of Hot Rod to take a look at some cars. No, it wasn’t a peek at some of the oh-so-wonderful Roadkill projects, but rather a chance to eyeball three of the cars used in the latest installment of the Fast and Furious franchise; Furious 7. After a bit of food and car eyeballing, it was a short walk to a nearby theater to take in a slightly advanced screening of the film, which opens today.

If you’re a fan of ridiculous over-the-top (like… way over) action movies and all-things automotive (you’re here, right?), then you need to go see this movie.

If you think you’re better than this movie, I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

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Exploring the Hooniverse Mountune Focus ST

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Our man Jason Connor typically handles driving duty when it comes to the camera car. What do we use for said vehicle? Why Jason’s own Mountune-modified Focus ST. It’s a car that actually deserves its own video… so that’s what’s happening here. In fact, we’re going to let Jason tell us all about it.

Mr. Connor took a stab at shooting and editing this whole this as well. It’s his first go at it, and we think he did a pretty damn good job for his first go ’round.

Podcast: Episode 98 – Two away from 100


On this episode, we dive right into talk about Blake’s Miata. He’s about 300 miles into the 500-mile break-in period of the new engine. From there it’s some talk of my truck and Chris’ Fiesta before we move on to the world of New Cars.

Hooniverse – Two away from 100

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McLaren 650S Spider: An open-top time machine

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What happens when you have an automaker that learns about going fast by winning races on one of the world’s greatest stages? You wind up with truly superior road-going cars, and you’re obviously talking about McLaren.

It’s been decades since the McLaren F1 rocked our minds, yet we still speak of that ultra-speed machine to this day. McLaren has been hard at work creating cars for a new generation of go-fast well-heeled enthusiasts, however, and the 650S Spider is proof positive of that.

The McLaren 650S Spider is the fastest, greatest handling vehicle we’ve tested in the Hooniverse. It’s not even the fastest, greatest handling vehicle that McLaren makes… and that thought warps our mind, yet makes us smile.

Racing knowledge and technology can certainly come together to produce tremendous sports cars, and exotic experiences. The experience of the 650S is one we won’t soon forget…

It’s an open-top time machine that warps the world around you.

Aston Martin Will Sue Henrik Fisker Over The Thunderbolt

Jeff Glucker March 26, 2015 All Things Hoon

Henrik Fisker Thunderbolt Match_Front - High Res - EMBARGOED UNTIL 10AM ET 031415

Remember the special Henrik Fisker-designed Thunderbolt we recently showed you? Apparently it’s not as special or different as Aston Martin perhaps expected it to be, and the British automaker has filed suit related to design-based intellectual property of the Vanquish-based machine.

It seems that there are design elements of Fisker’s Thunderbolt that Aston Martin feel are too close to, or even taken from, existing design elements. That’s not a total shock, considering Henrik Fisker is a former Design Director for Aston Martin, and helped create the shapes of some of their beautiful, timeless machines.

“We want to protect the Aston Martin brand and our intellectual property; Aston Martin’s Crown Jewels. Our customers and the public want to know that if they see an Aston Martin trademark, they’re getting the genuine article. Henrik Fisker’s Project Thunderbolt infringes our intellectual property rights and is being marketed in a misleading manner.”
    -Matthew Clarke, Aston Martin PR & Brand Communications Manager

You don’t mess with intellectual property. If a company feels that’s happening to them, they’re absolutely going to take action. Aston Martin sees various aspects of its own property in the exaggerated styling of the Thunderbolt, which means they’re right to create the suit and try to shut this down.

Fisker has stated the Thunderbolt is a one-off design study. Those words have been carefully chosen, we imagine. Still, it’s been said that if there is enough interest that the Thunderbolt would be made available through Galpin Aston Martin. I don’t think Galpin is interested in stepping on its relationship with the mothership, so it won’t be surprising to see the Thunderbolt fade away.


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