Driver on Driver: Episode 1 – Chris Forsberg

Presenting the first episode of Driver on Driver.

Hosted by our friend Sam Nalven (aka Drift Idiot). Sam will interview different drivers each week as the 2015 Formula Drift Season rolls along.

Up first? Machete owner and 2014 FD Champion Chris Forsberg

Podcast: Episode 105 – Uncomfortable Moistening


The whole team is back for this one, and we even have a few guests hanging out in the studio. I’m joined by co-host Blake Z Rong, producer Chris Hayes, and guests Rick Radcliffe and Jason Connor.

Our chatters revolves around the Nürburgring, Aston Martins, our various project vehicles (HoonTruck, Rick’s Z06, Jason’s Eleanor), and we also head off on many wonderful tangents.

Hooniverse – Uncomfortable Moistening

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Falken Hits The Drift Circuit… The R/C Drift Circuit:

YouTube Preview Image

Falken and Drift Cars go together rather nicely. The tire manufacturer has been a major sponsor of the Formula Drift series since it came to be over 11 years ago, and their logo is gracing some of the top rides in the series today. Apparently Falken is also nuts about drifting even when it’s scaled down a bit.

Oh say to 1/10 R/C car levels.

Falken teamed up with HPI Racing, a talented video team, and a crew of super skilled scale drift pilots. The result is a video that shows off the work of everyone involved (especially the builder of the scaled-down circuit!). It’s a slick little clip, and it makes me want an R/C drift car even more.

If you’re curious how a video like this comes together, it’s worth a look at the Falken blog for some behind the scenes insight.

First Drive: 2016 Honda HR-V

YouTube Preview Image

Believe it or not, the sub-compact crossover is pretty much a new class of vehicle here in the States. The luxury or premium versions hit the market first, and now the standard machines are ready to flood the streets… and flood the streets they will.

Which will be crowned king? Well, with our first taste of this segment being the 2016 Honda HR-V, we might have just met his majesty.

We love wagons, but we live in a crossover world… and this will surely be one of the best ones out there.

[Disclaimer: Honda wanted us to check out the new HR-V so they flew us to Miami. I tried a hand-rolled cigar after dinner, and yep… I still don’t love cigars. Also, they had a selfie contest during the trip and I won. You can think less of me now if you’d like.] 

Project Car SOTU: HoonTruck & Wombat

YouTube Preview Image

My journey of wrenching exploration continues with HoonTruck. Queue the cartoon cat because I feel like I take a step forward, and then I wind up two steps back. Regardless, it’s been an enjoyable process learning how to “fix” things on the truck, and I’ve not been demoralized to a point where I’d ever feel like giving it up.

Recently though, there were a few things I needed to do that required a bit of help. So I reached out to friend of Hooniverse Rick Radcliffe. This time it would be me learning alongside his students in the garage classroom.

Watching young folks excited to wrench on an old car… that’s a pretty awesome sight.

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Podcast: Episode 102 – Commence Shortness


We’re 102 episodes old now, which means we’re tired. Hence the short episode…

Blake tells us about life at the Petersen, I tell you about life with my truck, and Chris has no voice.

Hooniverse – Commence Shortness

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The News for April 24th, 2015

Jeff Glucker April 24, 2015 The News!


Welcome to the Hooniverse News! As always, this is a weekly recap of some of the biggest stories in the automotive industry without the fluff or bull. I just throw in a little opinion of mine because I can. This week:

  • A bit of new car stuff

  • Some new car news

  • There’s a touch of stuff happening to this one new car

  • Hey did you hear about that new car?

  • What’s your automotive news?

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Podcast: Episode 101 – That Old Car Life



Zack Klapman from the Smoking Tire and AJ Gordon from The Petersen Museum join myself and producer Chris Hayes in the podcast studio. In this episode we learn what it’s like to drive an old truck in a city filled with new cars. Also, Zack tells us about some of the stuff DRIVE has been up to, including the recent Middle East TV special, and AJ talks a bit more about what’s going on at the Petersen.

Oh and the first few minutes we talk about beer instead of cars… ENJOY!

Hooniverse – That Old Car Life

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Norman Timbs Streamliner from Automodello is a 1:43 Scale beauty


In the 1940s, a man named Norman Timbs set out to make a car of his own design. In 1948, that goal came to fruition when the Timbs Streamliner roared into existence. Its sleek all-aluminum body was hand-formed by the man who stuck his own name on the car, and the resulting shape is truly a work of art.

With a curb weight of just 2,500 pounds, the 248 cubic-inch Buick straight-eight had no problem pushing the Streamliner to a top speed of 120 miles per hour. The car became a cover girl for the second ever issue of Motor Trend, before it moved on to private ownership.

As happens to nearly all old vehicles, the car disappeared before it was discovered in a yard in the California desert. It was intact, however, and soon restored to its former glory. From there it was off to Amelia Island, where the Streamliner took home some hardware and has continued to do so ever since.

Now it’s arrived on my desk… in 1:43 scale, thanks to the excellent artisans of Automodello.

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F Stands For Friday Fun

Jeff Glucker April 17, 2015 All Things Hoon
YouTube Preview Image

No new review this week… so we decided to just have some fun.

Next week there’s a new Hooniverse Garage as well as an update on the HoonTruck.

For now, enjoy your weekend… and your car


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