East Coast exploring in the 2017 Audi Q7

Jeff Glucker October 20, 2016 Featured, Road Trip


It’s amazing how much can actually change over the course of a year. Nothing made that quite as evident as the fact that I was holding my daughters hand while we were standing in an airport. The hand holding isn’t the part that stands out, but rather the fact that she’s now capable of taking clumsy steps of her own. Just one year prior, I was bringing home a bundle of flesh, blood, and nerves that would some day become an actual little human. That day has come and I’ve never experienced a complete trip around our solar system as quickly it’s passed between the summer months of 2015 and 2016.

In order to celebrate our little one’s journey into marking her life in years instead of months, we had to travel back east. That’s where old friends, family, and familiar haunts remain waiting for Sloane’s arrival. Seeing as a trip back home is never a simple affair, it would make sense that my wife and I would make this one longer and more difficult than the usual exploration of all things New England.

No, this time we’d be starting it all off by landing in Dulles and then driving out to a town I’d never heard of on the border of Virginia and Maryland. Our vehicle for the endeavor? The new 2017 Audi Q7, and it was sitting in an airport parking lot ready to soak up all of its cubic space with our luggage and bodies.

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Podcast: Episode 174 – Make-Up Episode Part I


This is the first of two make-up episodes this week. I’m doing this because last week’s episode was nearly finished when the recording equipment took a dump. So this episode answers the Patreon and Facebook episodes from last week before diving into a small bit of other chatter.

The next episode will have new questions and hopefully a guest as well… instead of me in my room, by myself, drinking a beer.

Hooniverse – Make-Up Episode Part I

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Say “Good Morning” with this V8 Lotus driven in the rain

Jeff Glucker October 19, 2016 Hoonivercinema

The Goodwood YouTube channel is the gift that keeps on giving. What it’s “giving” you today is a video of WTCC driver Rob Huff wheeling like a mad man in the rain. He’s behind the wheel of a Can-Am Lotus V8, which has a steering wheel that wants to go any direction other than straight. This is mental wet-weather driving here, and it’s all being done in what I assume is a Lotus 30.

That means there’s a Ford 289 providing power out to tires that just want to dance. Huff is a willing partner, and he’s got all the right moves.

That was the most cliche auto-journo-esque thing I’ve ever written and I don’t care… just watch the damn video and have your coffee.

How much power is too much for a Volkswagen GTI?

Jeff Glucker October 18, 2016 All Things Hoon


I was never really a fan of the Mazdaspeed3. It was too much power routed through a front-end that wanted to break your wrists if you goosed the throttle. In theory, it was a pretty cool ride but the actual application never quite came together for me. Here’s an interesting variation on that idea, but with a whole lot more power routed to the front wheels.

Our friends at Everyday Driver sampled the Integrated Engineering Volkswagen GTI. It’s a MkVI car, and it’s pushing 360 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque to those front bits of rubber. All of that power is routed through an open differential and the standard DSG gearbox.

Apparently the torque steer issue here is a non-issue. The main problem is simply getting the tires to hook up…

Read more about it all here.

[Image courtesy of Everyday Driver]

A Safari Porsche 911 is motoring perfection

The Porsche 911 is, without question, one of the greatest motor cars in the world. I’m no disciple of the world of Porsche, but I can recognize the amazing ability provided by the Porsche driving experience. There is a way to make a Porsche 911 far more entertaining though, and that’s accomplished by turning it into a Safari 911.

Matt Farah and the /DRIVE crew take their /Tuned cameras into the woods to experience a car owned by race car driver Leh Keen. The car is a 1981 911 SC that’s been transformed into a truly glorious machine.

My Life As A Rallyist returns for Season 2 on /Drive

Do you like rally racing? That’s a dumb question because of course you do. So does a young chap by the name of Ryan Symancek. He’s traveling all over to document his love affair with the sport, and he experiences it both behind the wheel as as a driver, in the right seat with some pros, and behind the tape as a fan. He’s also quite handy with the camera and he’s documenting the whole adventure.

Season 2 premieres this month and it sees Ryan traveling from Vermont to far flung spots like the Isle of Man and Ecuador, and even down to New Zealand. The trailer is above and it looks like season 2 will be one hell of a journey.

Shameless promotion time! I’m actually in the background of one of the Isle of Man shots… from my time at the race two years ago.

I met Ryan on my trip over there, and I have to say he’s a pretty interesting dude and a heck of a nice guy as well. Also, I drove faster than him in the Group N STI. Sorry Ryan, I had to add that part for my own ego. I’m pretty sure you’d mop the floor with me if we were back in the car again.

For Sale: 1961 Corvair Lakewood longroof

Jeff Glucker October 12, 2016 Wagon Wednesday


It’s Wednesday. That means it’s time to look at a wagon, and this one is pretty damn sweet. This is a 1961 Chevrolet Corvair Lakewood 700. The seller states the car has been updated with the front end and rear suspension from a ’64, and and the front stoppers have been upgraded to discs. The seller is also open to trades on this one, and the asking price is currently $8,500.

Here’s the full ad.

HoonTruck: Steering Fix… Again

A HoonTruck update is overdue, so that’s what we’re getting this week.

I apologize for the lack of new car reviews lately. We’ve got some good ones brewing in the editing bay that is the laptop sitting on my lap, but we’ve just been slammed with some other projects.

Shot and waiting to be edited:
-Audi S8 Plus
-Infiniti Q50S Red Sport 400
-Range Rover SVR
-Audi R8
-Jaguar F-Type SVR on track at Coronado Speed Festival

So for now we’re taking a quick peek at a steering fix I needed to do on my 1965 Ford F100. The steering coupler shredded again, so it was time to put a new one in. You also get a sneak peak at my new audio system, which I love…

I don’t know how some of you will feel about it, but the good news here is that it’s my truck and not yours.


Also, I know there’s a number of you who prefer this video to any new car video, so enjoy. Maybe?

Podcast: Episode 172 – Not So Glamp


Zack and I are in the studio, and we’re joined by guest Jonathon Klein from Automobile. We talk about the Land Rover Range Rover SVR, my Airstream camping adventure, and the fact that ZACK SOLD THE CROWN VIC! He’s got his new ride parked outside the studio, and it’s a good one.

Saddle up for episode 172

Hooniverse – Not So Glamp

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Hot Rod Garage drag races all of its project cars

Jeff Glucker September 30, 2016 Hoonivercinema

Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa have brought all of the current Hot Rod Garage project vehicles out to the drag strip. The location is the quarter-mile stretch at Fontana’s Auto Club Dragway. The lineup is a wide array of muscle machines; ranging from a diesel-burning truck to a ratty Camaro, a wagon, and Tony’s own rather wonderful Dodge Demon.

There are a few others in there as well, and they’re all getting fired up and ripped down the strip. The fastest one? It’s not going to be the most expensive one…