2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed: A taste of the glorious noise

Jeff Glucker June 29, 2016 Featured, Goodwood
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This, friends, is merely a taste of the amazing machines and the tremendous noise you’ll find on Lord March’s estate. Taking in the Goodwood Festival of Speed needs to be added to your automotive bucket list.

Podcast: Episode 158 – 42 Chargers! w/ Ken Anderson and Carlos Lago


Once again Los Angeles traffic has split Chris and I from our hosting duties, however all is not lost. Ken Anderson head of Mountune here in the states and Carlos Lago join Chris for an extended chat.  Ken shares pretty much everything he can about the development work they’re doing on the Focus RS; making it even more impressive.

Carlos joins in shortly after we start and the turbo Ford talk turns into an appreciation for all things small 4 cylinder and turbo.  In addition we spend a little time on the hypercars of 2015 we all adore but few will touch.

Hooniverse – 42 Chargers! w/ Ken Anderson and Carlos Lago

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Podcast: Episode 157 – Race Recap 4


It’s time we return with another Race Recap. Duncan Ende joins me in the podcast studio and we briefly cover the races we’ve missed, and then dive into the ones we’ve just watched. The topics at hand include, most notably, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Put on your helmet, attach your HANS device, and hit play to listen in!

Hooniverse – Race Recap 4

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First Drive: 2017 Jaguar XE

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Jaguar makes some good looking cars, and it’s a company that still has an air of exclusivity around it even though it’s not quite as expensive as its competition. It’s a brand that’s looking to sell more vehicles too, and to do that it needs to actually offer a wider range of products.

There’s a two pronged attack on this sales goal coming up, and the first prong is the Jaguar XE. This is the leaping cat’s compact luxury sporting sedan, and it will do battle with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, BMW 3 Series, Lexus ES, Audi A4, and a few other premium machines.

We trekked to Aspen, Colorado to get a first look at this latest small saloon. On the menu for today is great roads, good weather, and one Jaguar XE packing a 340 horsepower supercharger V6 and another with a 2.0-liter turbodiesel that produces 318 lb-ft of torque.

So how does it stack up? Click play to find out.

[Disclaimer: Jaguar put us on a plane and gave us a hotel room in Snowmass so we could sample the new XE. There was also food and some drinking when the driving was over.]

A Fantastic Figaro for Friday


Small, quirky, JDM cars are just delightful. There’s something special about these machines and they’re both appealing and alluring. Rarely do you see them here in the States, of course, and that’s probably part of the appeal. Here, however, is one for sale and it’s currently parked in Philadelphia.

This is a 1991 Nissan Figaro and you can buy it if you head to BringATrailer.com and bid on it. It’s up for auction on the site and there are six days of bidding left. The current top bid is (as of this writing) $8,250 for what appears to be an excellent example of the Figaro.

Turn heads in a way no exotic supercar out there can, and do it with just 75 horsepower under the hood.

[Source: Bring A Trailer]

Podcast: Episode 156 – Talking about a little place called…


I’m on the road, which means you get a shorty podcast today… but surprisingly not a drunk one. I’ve traveled to Aspen where I just got done testing the new Jaguar XE and F-Pace. Next I’ll be on my way to Phoenix to see how an automaker does its hot-weather testing, and then the following week it’s time to check a bucket list item off my travel list. It’s time for the Goodwood Festival of Speed!

Also this week, there’s talk of the Audi S8 Plus and the HoonTruck.

Hooniverse – On the Road: Talking about a little place called…

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1961 Corvair wagon: awesome at any speed

1961 Corvair Wagon

You see the occasional Corvair. You don’t often see the wagon version, because Chevrolet didn’t make a lot of them. Here’s one for sale on Craigslist with an asking price of $9,000 or best offer. From the ad:

Up for sale is a 1961 Chevrolet Corvair Lakewood station wagon 700 series. These are the lowest production Corvair ever produced, only being in production for a year and a half. This wagon is a blast to drive! It has been updated with 1964 corvair front and rear suspension (rear traverse leaf and front sway bar). It also has front disk brakes to make stopping a breeze. A list of other modifications and upgrades follow:
-recently rebuilt power glide transmission
-new rebuilt carburetors
-pertronix ignition and matching coil
-new spark plugs and plug wires
– custom under dash Stewart Warner gauges: tach, vacuum, volt gauge, oil pressure, and oil temperature
– Retrosound stereo with Bluetooth and iPad hookups
-stereo speakers in stock location in dash and two Custom Autosound speakers underneath the front seat
-Custom aftermarket 14″ wheels
-the entire floor pan has had sound dampening material laid on it
– original green tinted glass all around (see details below)

There are a few trouble areas on the passenger rear door and behind the driver side rear door, but overall this is an excellent solid car. It does need door panels to be installed, but I am including a new set of Clark’s Corvair door panels. Also the rear hatched was replaced with a 1962 hatch with out the green glass. I have the other hatch and will include it with the sale.

This car is extremely reliable, I drove it as my daily driver for over a year with no troubles. I have always ran synthetic oil in it and changed it regulary.

May be interested in trades for classic cars, trucks or motorcycles. Either trade plus cash in either direction.

Feel free to ask any questions or for more pictures. Thanks for looking

Someone needs to jump on this longroof.

[Source: Craigslist]

HoonTruck: A fresh throttle cable equals a brand new machine


Sometimes the simple fixes yield big results. The throttle cable in my 1965 Ford F100 was in sorry shape. The unsheathed, stainless cable was fraying near where it connected to the carburetor with no ferrule in sight. In the cabin, my throttle pedal was fairly lifeless. I had about an inch and a half or so of pedal travel that actually did any work with the throttle cable. Also, the pedal itself moved like a grumpy fossil that had long since filed for retirement and was unsure what it was doing being put back to work.

A new cable was in order, and that mean’t a trip to the Summit Racing website. I found the Lokar cable, which has great reviews and I ordered it alongside the new bracket it requires. A call into Rick Radcliffe, our friendly neighborhood shop teacher, saw him freeing up some space and bringing his pal Mark along to help with the install work.

The result? As you can see in the photo above, it looks pretty sweet. What you can’t see, however, is just how much it’s transformed this truck for me. I was essentially driving the fuel economy miser version of my own truck, never dipping into those other two barrels of the carb. Now? Oh my does she like to roar through the glasspacks.

Sure, it’s made more clear that I need to redo the valve seals and my fuel economy is going to fall… but the already fun truck is now so much more fun. Sometimes, what seems like a simple fix can yield massive results.

2016 Range Rover Td6: Graceful Brutality

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Recently, we said that the XC90 is the Swedish Range Rover you want to buy. Well, here’s the real deal 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Td6… and if you have the means, it’s the *real* one you’re going to want.

Graceful brutality is the name of the game here, as the 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 engine brings torquey prowess to the luxurious world that is a top-shelf Range Rover.

This is a luxury machine that can do.
This is a capable off-roader that looks nicer than 99% of the vehicles at the valet stand.
This is the real deal Range Rover in full-size glorious diesel-drinking trim, and it’s one of the best vehicles on the planet.

[Disclaimer: Land Rover tossed us the keys to this Range Rover Td6 and included a tank of diesel.]

1972 Chevelle Wagon is sitting low but full of potential

chevelle wagon

It’s Wednesday. That means it’s time for me to talk you into buying a wagon, and todays example is primed and ready to go. The seller states that this ’72 Chevelle wagon is fast. Based on the ad, it’s quite possible that this is true:

72 Chevelle Wagon 383 Stroker Motor with Cam, Turbo 400 Transmission, P/s, P/B, front Disc Brakes, two way tail gate, Dougs Headers, Flow Master Exhaust, Air Ride Suspension front and rear, new KYB rear Shocks, Optima Battery, Classic Rev wheels, Cooper Cobra tires, Engine and Trans has about 35,000 miles use, car is very fast, would make a great surf wagon. I don’t need any help selling my car, If you see the add that means the car is still for sell. 5500.00 or best offer, call Joe 714 290-7092. Thanks for looking.

Head to the listing to see all of the photos. Once there you’ll find some great things, and some things that need a bit of attention. If the air-ride suspension is in good shape, that could be a fun bonus here. Those front seats, however, should be tossed immediately. Other than that, along as this Chevelle runs as strong as the ad indicates, the asking price is right in the ballpark.

If someone can step in and snag this for just under $5,000, then you’ve got yourself a whole lot of car for not a whole lot of money.

[Source: Craigslist]