McLaren 650S Spider: An open-top time machine

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What happens when you have an automaker that learns about going fast by winning races on one of the world’s greatest stages? You wind up with truly superior road-going cars, and you’re obviously talking about McLaren.

It’s been decades since the McLaren F1 rocked our minds, yet we still speak of that ultra-speed machine to this day. McLaren has been hard at work creating cars for a new generation of go-fast well-heeled enthusiasts, however, and the 650S Spider is proof positive of that.

The McLaren 650S Spider is the fastest, greatest handling vehicle we’ve tested in the Hooniverse. It’s not even the fastest, greatest handling vehicle that McLaren makes… and that thought warps our mind, yet makes us smile.

Racing knowledge and technology can certainly come together to produce tremendous sports cars, and exotic experiences. The experience of the 650S is one we won’t soon forget…

It’s an open-top time machine that warps the world around you.

Aston Martin Will Sue Henrik Fisker Over The Thunderbolt

Jeff Glucker March 26, 2015 All Things Hoon

Henrik Fisker Thunderbolt Match_Front - High Res - EMBARGOED UNTIL 10AM ET 031415

Remember the special Henrik Fisker-designed Thunderbolt we recently showed you? Apparently it’s not as special or different as Aston Martin perhaps expected it to be, and the British automaker has filed suit related to design-based intellectual property of the Vanquish-based machine.

It seems that there are design elements of Fisker’s Thunderbolt that Aston Martin feel are too close to, or even taken from, existing design elements. That’s not a total shock, considering Henrik Fisker is a former Design Director for Aston Martin, and helped create the shapes of some of their beautiful, timeless machines.

“We want to protect the Aston Martin brand and our intellectual property; Aston Martin’s Crown Jewels. Our customers and the public want to know that if they see an Aston Martin trademark, they’re getting the genuine article. Henrik Fisker’s Project Thunderbolt infringes our intellectual property rights and is being marketed in a misleading manner.”
    -Matthew Clarke, Aston Martin PR & Brand Communications Manager

You don’t mess with intellectual property. If a company feels that’s happening to them, they’re absolutely going to take action. Aston Martin sees various aspects of its own property in the exaggerated styling of the Thunderbolt, which means they’re right to create the suit and try to shut this down.

Fisker has stated the Thunderbolt is a one-off design study. Those words have been carefully chosen, we imagine. Still, it’s been said that if there is enough interest that the Thunderbolt would be made available through Galpin Aston Martin. I don’t think Galpin is interested in stepping on its relationship with the mothership, so it won’t be surprising to see the Thunderbolt fade away.

Podcast: Episode 97 – Pop pop pop…


In this episode Blake and I are initially joined by producer Chrisy Hayes before taking a brief break and returning with Friends of Hooniverse Cory Burns and Zack Klapman.

We talk about Blakes Miata, my HoonTruck, and the 2015 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Supercharged that I’m driving this week… and then shit gets real.

Mad real.

Hooniverse – Pop pop pop…

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The Secret Mazda Basement Museum

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Mazda loves that Zoom-Zoom tagline. It means quite a bit to them. They take the idea of making driving entertaining quite seriously.

This is a brand that loves the very act of driving itself, be it on the street or on a trace track… and they’re good at both.

Hidden in a basement in Irvine, California sits proof of that….

HoonTruck: Adventures in wrenching…

2015-03-06 17.10.28-2

Now that I have the truck in my garage, it’s time for me to get my hands dirty and turn some wrenches. I’ve picked my first test and for most of you it would be considered a simple one. I want to change the thermostat. This means draining the coolant, removing two bolts, and then popping the one thermostat in.

Sounds easy, right?

You clearly don’t know me very well…

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Podcast: Episode 96 – The gang is all here


Blake, Chris, and myself are all together again for the first time in over a month. It’s a spring-time miracle!

Our guest this week is Hooniverse’s own Jason Connor, who serves as the camera car driver and occasional editor of cool car stuff. We briefly chat about some new car news but then drive into what we’ve been driving and our own car chatter.

This includes talk about the McLaren 650S Spider, Corvette Z06, Jason’s two fords, Blake’s Miata, Chris’ own Ford, and the HoonTruck.

Hooniverse – The Gangs All Here

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First Drive: 2016 Acura ILX

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The entry-level luxury market is a hot spot right now in the industry. Strong competition amongst the offerings typically breeds great options for the consumer. You have plenty of ways to get in with an upscale automaker, so deciding on the best course of action is a good problem.

Acura has an updated answer to the problem with its 2016 ILX. This is the second go-around for the car, which launched a few years ago and was viewed as not more more than a slightly more fancy Honda Civic.

Acura knew it needed to bring more to the table, so let’s dive in and see if that’s the case here…

[Disclaimer: Acura flew me to Napa and let me toss the ILX around on the backroads around wine country. I’m still waiting on the day that we switch to beer and cicerones over wine and sommeliers.]

HoonTruck: The Video Intro…

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You’ve met her in pictures, but now say hello to HoonTruck in video form. I’ll admit there hasn’t been much progress yet, but we have many parts now in the garage. So I had to get off my ass to shoot this so I can start diving in and getting some parts put on the truck.

Our new friends at LMC Truck have helped us out with a slew of items. There’s a new RF fender, rollpan, steering wheel, and a truck cover. Additionally, I’ve sourced a Retrosound radio from them, which looks old school but features bluetooh connectivity and USB inputs in the rear. Also, the truck has a set of Cragar D Windows (or Daytonas) ready to go on once the new rubber arrives.

The first upgrade we’ll be doing? New eyes! Our friends at Peterson lighting sent over a set of new seven-inch round lamps that allow us to get rid of the stock lights. These new units are LED and will throw a greater beam while drawing less energy.

On the mechanical side, there’s a new (and correct-facing) fan under the hood, and I’ll be changing the thermostat this week. Stay tuned for much more soon…

Podcast: Ep 94 AND Ep 95 this week!


I’ve been a bit of a busy traveling bastard as of late and haven’t been able to record a podcast. Thankfully, our producer Chris Hayes is a better man than I and he’s remained vigilant on the Hooniverse Podcast front.

So I’m dropping in this weeks episode as well as the one that ran last week. In Episode 94, Hayes is joined by The Smoking Tire’s Zack Klapman. Episode 95 sees co-host Blake Zanzibar Rong and Chris Hayes chatting with Ben Hsu, the founder of Japanese Nostalgic Car. Good times abound in both episodes, so your ear holes are lucky as hell today.

Hooniverse – Many F*ck$ Given
Hooniverse – Japanese Nostalgic Car

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Fantasy Finds Friday: A New Home… For Any Port

FFF tug

Today I’m going big… much bigger than the random assortment of cars and trucks I posted in this series. I want a boat, but I want to find a boat big enough that I could live on it. That sounds expensive, and it is but relative to the cost of a house or condo (especially where I live now), it’s dirt cheap.

At least, the initial purchase price isn’t terrible.

I have found a 72-foot tug boat that would allow me to live out my ocean-going fantasies but also provide me a place to live (and live comfortably) while I’m tied to a dock. You might expect some insane number for a boat like this, but what if I told you the asking price was just under $140,000?

Hop the jump for more…

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