Podcast: Episode 123 – A TI-85 To The Taint with Regular Cars Reviews


We’ve been off for two weeks sorting out some tech issues, so we’ve decided to come back in a big way. This is a longer episode because our friends Mr. Regular and The Roman are in the podcast studio. It’s the Regular Cars Reviews team, and we’ve got plenty to talk about.

Sit down, strap in, shut up, and hold on.

Hooniverse – A TI-85 to the Taint with Regular Cars Reviews

Driver on Driver: Episode 6 – Jarod DeAnda

In this charming episode of Driver on Driver, Formula Drift announcer Jarod DeAnda confronts Sam about his interview techniques, they share some craft beers, and Sam gets assaulted..

If you missed it, here’s:

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Other Makes Monday: 1966 TVR Griffith Series 200 Pops Up On EBay

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 9.17.19 AM

I’m trying out a new type of post here, and I’m going to call it Other Makes Monday. The concept is simple. I’ll comb through the Other Makes section of eBay Motors and find appealing stuff to share here. What you do with this information is up to you, but if it’s in your price range you should totally buy it.

We are kicking things off with a vehicle that I actually own, albeit in a much smaller scale. I have a 1:43 version of a TVR Griffith Series 200 on a bookshelf in my office. This life-size version only appears marginally larger, but infinitely more appealing. Under the hood sits the original Ford 289 and it’s paired with a four-speed gearbox.

The car was sitting for the last 40 years, yet it appears to be in excellent condition all things considered. It’s going to need some love to come back to life, as the ad states it will need a full restoration. We say freshen up the running gear and drive it as is. You’ll likely never pass another one on the road.

[Source: eBay Motors]

Hooniverse Goes To: Hot Import Nights San Pedro

YouTube Preview Image

Hot Import Nights has been around for a number of years now. I’ll be honest though, I hadn’t heard of a HIN event anytime recently. One of the largest dates on the HIN calendar happens a few towns over from me so I had to experience it for myself.

Our friends at Valvoline invited us over to take in the event from start to finish and really see what it’s all about. My expectations were filled with visions of stanced cars competing for space with vehicles flooding the ground with neon lights. A few of those cars were there, but they were the minority machines packed into a sea of far more interesting bits of metal. Track-prepped Honda S2000 and Subaru WRX examples were plentiful, and they were surrounded by other cool cars from Europe and Asia.

Additionally, the HIN family welcomes domestics to their events. I saw current-generation Mustangs, prior-generation Chargers, and a C7 Corvette. What I also saw was thousands of people gathered to share their love of cars… and that’s pretty much always a good thing.

[Disclaimer: Valvoline invited us out to take in Hot Import Nights, and helped us put together this video.]

On The Topic Of Potential
Or Hauling Her Home From The Hospital In A Hellcat

Jeff Glucker September 30, 2015 All Things Hoon, Featured

Dodge Charger Hellcat Hospital Story_3

I’m not going to start this off in that cliche manner by citing Webster’s definition of the word. Instead I’ll define “potential” in my own way. It’s the concept that something is existing in possibility. What that something is, exactly, is part of the excitement of discovering what it all means. Potential exists in all facets of life, and I recently had the chance to get a stronger glimpse of this than usual.

Five days prior to what happens in this story, I was out on the canyon roads of Southern California. Cameras were being pointed at a Lamborghini Huracan for the purposes of turning its angular lines and menacing growl into a video of sorts. The potential for a relaxed day gave way to one of intensity, anxiety and, eventually, amazing happiness. You can read more about that first bit here.

This story is about bringing it all home, and doing so in a car with tremendous potential of its own; the Dodge Charger Hellcat.

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First Drive: 2016 Infiniti QX50

YouTube Preview Image

One of the main reasons you wouldn’t have purchased an Infiniti QX50 (Formerly the EX35), was that the rear-seat legroom bordered on cruel and unusual punishment. Fix that issue and you might just wind up with something enjoyable for those of us who actually like driving their cars and crossovers.  Infiniti did just that with the refreshed 2016 QX50, so we trekked down to San Diego to see how it stacks up.

Under the hood sits a 325-horsepower 3.7-liter V6 and it can send power out to the rear wheels or through an all-wheel-drive system, depending on which model you opt for. The performance is solid, the styling is lightly updated, and there is now room to sit in that second row.

Add in the value proposition for those shopping in the compact luxury crossover segment, and the QX50 might have just bought itself a few more useful years until it needs a full redesign.

[Disclaimer: Infiniti put us on a train and put us up in a San Diego hotel so we could sample the all-new QX50. I “sampled” some beers in the hotel later that night…]

Ready for a 360-degree Off-Road Video Experience?

Jeff Glucker September 24, 2015 Hoonivercinema
YouTube Preview Image

Through the use of witchcraft and Santeria, Nitto Tire has created a mind-blowing video. It’s not the content in the video specifically, but how you can view it that has our admittedly small brains blown. It’s footage of Shannon Campbell testing out the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T with his Ultra4 buggy. The video was shot using a special seven-camera rig that captures the action from every angle.

We mean every single angle you could possibly get as if you yourself were sitting shotgun. Using your mouse, you can control the view inside the player window by clicking and dragging it around. Want to get crazier? Watch the video on your phone, because simply moving your phone around will change your view.

Like we said, witchcraft and Santeria… either way, it’s awesome and we can’t wait to see more videos done with this sort of setup.

Would it be terrible to make this Corvair Pickup into a LeMons racer?

Jeff Glucker September 23, 2015 All Things Hoon


It’s for sale right now on Craigslist. The asking price is $1,250 and you’ll need to bring a trailer because there’s no engine in the vehicle. Does it make me a terrible person to think that this would make an exceptional LeMons platform?

By exceptional, I mean that it would take tremendous effort to get it into racing shape but it would certainly have a strong chance at winning the Index of Effluency prize.

So, would you feel alright turning it into a racer, or should someone save this? A third option is always tossing in some snorting V8 engine and going rat rod. Here’s the full ad for you to take a look at.

First Drive: Rezvani Beast
Coachbuilding is back?

YouTube Preview Image

You don’t hear about coachbuilt cars anymore. Back in the day, you used to pick a chassis or platform, and then you’d bring it to the company you’d want building the body for it. It still happens, but it’s quite rare and often quite expensive.

Ferris Rezvani wants to alter that a little bit. His latest creation is called the Beast and at $140-$150,000 it’s still expensive. Considering what you’re getting, however, maybe it’s a bit of a deal. It’s certainly a return to the day good ole days of coachbuilding passed…

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A few updates on HoonTruck…

Jeff Glucker September 18, 2015 All Things Hoon

Hoon Truck

So it’s been a bit since I’ve updated you on the progress on HoonTruck. I figured it was time for a brief overview of what’s been done so far.

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