Basic Car Wash Tips with Meguiar’s and the HoonTruck

I am not one who longs to burn a weekend day toiling at every crack and crevice on a car. There are some amongst us who love the idea of getting closer to their vehicle by way of giving it a proper cleaning. I prefer a quick wash, maybe even just some sprays from a bottle and a wipe with a cloth. I typically use Meguiar’s products for this, and I’ve even popped into their HQ from time to time as it’s about 15 minutes from my house.

I‘ve learned the car wash basics from them, once before with an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. This time I’ve brought something different… my truck. I also brought a video camera this time. Let’s learn some car care basic tips on an old truck, that definitely needs a good rinse.

Podcast: Episode 170 – Lots of questions


I’m joined in studio by Chris and Zack for this latest episode, and we dive into what’s been going on over the last week. No news, but rather talk of driving the F-Type SVR at the Coronado Speed Festival, spending time with the F-Pace, and taking in the Audi R8 that’s arrived for this week.

Additionally, we go over all the Facebook questions we missed in Episode 169 and tackle all the fresh questions for this episode.

Hooniverse – Lots of questions

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Motor Trend Hot Laps should be filling up your YouTube screen

Jeff Glucker September 20, 2016 All Things Hoon

Motor Trend is currently out somewhere handling all of its Car of the Year and Best Driver’s car bits at the moment. The crew is quite occupied. Thankfully though, the video crew is cranking out a ton of videos right now. All of the Best Driver’s Car contenders are given a Hot Lap video. It seems the formula is a bit of insight into the car from our friend Jonny Lieberman then the car is thrashed by hot shoe Randy Pobst.

Pretty good formula, if you ask me. That’s the Camaro 1LE Hot Lap above. There are a ton more sitting on their channel for you to take in, and I suggest you do just that.

Motor Trend on YouTube

Let Alex Lloyd introduce you to Terry Fullerton
The man Senna could never beat

Jeff Glucker September 19, 2016 All Things Hoon


If you don’t know who Alex Lloyd is, you need to expand your automotive reading horizon. He’s a young British gent who’s landed on our shores and traded in his racing career for one spinning lovely tales concerning our shared passion. Formerly of Yahoo and Jalopnik, Lloyd now heads up content development for Beepi, which is a new portal where you can buy and sell cars. He’s also a heck of a nice guy, and insanely skilled and quick behind the wheel of a car.

Today he’s telling the tale of another fast Brit. This time the subject is of a man named Terry Fullerton. That might not ring a bell for you, but it would with Ayrton Senna were he still alive today. That’s because the two raced as teammates and competitors on the world karting stage.

And Senna could never quite pull out the victory against Fullerton. Alex knows all about this, because he wound up becoming a student of Fullerton’s en route to his own success in the karting world.

This is a story you’re going to want to read, so head over to Jalopnik to do so.

This is an expensive old Jag nearly taking out a far more expensive old Ferrari

Jeff Glucker September 16, 2016 Goodwood, Motorsports

I can’t stop watching. I’ve hit play so many times already, and each time I see this near-hit again I can’t believe it. This scene unfolds at the Goodwood Revival, which is where folks take their very valuable old racing machines and let them loose on the Goodwood Circuit. It’s supposedly an amazing event, and I hope to experience it one day myself, but I don’t want to be the driver of that Jag in this specific case.

The Jaguar in question is a properly wonderful old E-Type. It’s battling hard for a turn and in front of the Jag sits a Ferrari. It’s not merely an old Ferrari though, as this one is particularly rare. This is a 250 GTO. Actually, it’s more rare than that. This car was a 250 GTO that was sent back to Scaglietti to be rebodied.

It’s worth between $30MM and $40MM. Maybe more if the right (insane) rich person is in the room ready to bid.

Now, you have to be able to afford to fix it if you’re going to race it. Still, the repair bill here would’ve been… immense.

Podcast: Episode 169 – #PlayaForLife


Zack returns from Burning Man. Chris is not toiling away with all of his work. I didn’t have to record at home alone. This is a full-on in-studio recording and we’ve got plenty to talk about.

Volkswagen is killing the two-door GTI. Ford has massive numbers for the Raptor engine. Bridgestone and Pirelli are making tires for a nearly 25 year old British Supercar. Finally, Gymkhana Nine is here.

There’s more than that, but isn’t there always?

Hooniverse – #PlayaForLife

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Cadillac CT6: A confused large luxury sports sedan

There was a time when Cadillac produced the greatest cars in the world. Those days disappeared but the brand certainly builds and sells some of the greatest sporting luxury cars out there right now. The ATS-V and CTS-V are simply stellar. Additionally, the reworked Escalade is now truly a luxury SUV.

Today we’re talking about the CT6 though, which is a size-straddling luxury sedan that can pack a deceptive punch. It’s larger than a mid-size yet not quite a full-size car. Our tester here is equipped with a 400+horsepower 3.0-liter V6 aided by a pair of turbochargers.

The car is polarizing.

It’s great in some areas. Confused in others. And downright disappointing in some spots.

This isn’t the large luxury Cadillac we need right now.

[Disclaimer: Cadillac tossed us the keys to the CT6 and included a full tank of fuel. We drove it and scowled at the audio system the entire time.]

Apple’s New iPh-Just kidding, here’s a crazy-ass hillclimb car

Jeff Glucker September 7, 2016 All Things Hoon

Hill climb cars are insane beasts designed with the singular purpose of going from Point A to Point B in the most manic way possible. That route isn’t a straight line either, mind you. A hill climb is a rising chorus of twists, turns, drop offs, houses, people, and pretty much anything else that can make your drive more treacherous.

The car above is an Alfa Romeo 4C… at least it was once. Now, it’s a 600-horsepower demon that wants to make Italian sex magic to any bit of tarmac it can find. It does this with all that extra power, quite a bit of added downforce, and a longer wheelbase over the stock car.

Hit play and prepare your ears for rainbows to shoot out of them.

[Source: Found on Road&Track]

How much NOS is too much? Engine Masters finds out

Jeff Glucker September 7, 2016 All Things Hoon

Take one part mostly stock Chevy 305 small block. Add in a smart yet devious team from Motor Trend’s Engine Masters. Give them access to a very large bottle of Nitrous, and then sit back and see what happens.

That’s essentially the premise for the 13th episode of this excellent series. David Freiburger and his crew put the 305 on the engine dyno and get a base-line run of just how much power it’s making. From there they add in some nitrous. There are a few more runs with a bit more nitrous, until the expected happens.

The engine can only take so much, and you’ll get to see the destruction that too much nitrous on an un-prepared engine can cause.

Podcast: Episode 168 – Planning 32 episodes ahead…


This week I’m solo on the podcast, but I’ve got plenty to talk about. Up first is that spectacular Ford Focus RS Drift Mode crash. After that there’s some discussion of the upcoming Challenger AWD and Hellcat Widebody rumors. Last week I drove the Infiniti Q50S Red Sport and this week I’m in the Nissan Titan 5.6L V8.

There’s mention of autocrossing a fast Jag, filming an old Porsche, and closing in on 200 episodes.

Hooniverse – Planning 32 episodes ahead…

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