Monterey Car Week through the eyes of DWA’s iPhone

Jeff Glucker August 29, 2016 All Things Hoon

Someday I plan to head up to Monterey Car week, camp out, and do it right. I’ve never been. This video from our friends at Driving While Awesome gives me a taste at what it might be like to head on up. You’ll recognize a familiar Audi too.

This video is essentially what your brain would remember if you camped out at Mazda Raceway, then went into Monterey proper to experience a bit of the action. Give it a watch.

BaT is selling a straight-up dream machine, and I want it
Old Land Rover content ahead

BAT Series IIA

If you’ve been reading Hooniverse for awhile, you know that I have a painful aching to own an old Land Rover. This is certainly a terrible idea, as I can barely wrench on my own old Ford. Turning wrenches on an old British farm tool would no doubt result in all of my hair falling out, my brain bleeding, and my eyes falling out of my head.

None of that bothers me (ok, the hair part does a bit) and I want an old Land Rover… and of course I’ve found the perfect one for me on Bring A Trailer. Hell, it’s their own damn vehicle and they’re putting it up for auction.

This is a 1962 Land Rover Series IIA. It’s been restored and the green paint looks great. Most importantly, however, is the 4.8-liter Vortec V8 mounted under the hood. This is very nearly what I’d want to do with an old Landie anyway. Find a clean one, swap in a V8, and have myself a budget version of that Twisted Defender I can’t afford.

The problem is that I can’t afford this one either. It’s already sitting with a bid of $33,000 and there are still five days to go. If my truck were worth it, I wouldn’t even hesitate to swap it straight up for this Rover. I love my truck dearly… but this is one of my dream cars.

[Source: Bring-A-Trailer]

Spend a gorgeous night with the Clarion Builds Acura NSX

Friend of Hooniverse Andrew Maness recently spent time with our new favorite Acura NSX. It’s the Clarion Builds car, and it’s a stunner. Andrew could’ve went the standard automotive video review route (which, admittedly we’re going to do our own version of here soon), but he didn’t. He teamed up with amazing videographer and set off in the middle of the night.

You don’t hear any specs, stats, figures, or random automotive cliches. Instead, you just get a man enjoying a machine during the portion of the day when you’re supposed to be asleep and dreaming. Andrew wasn’t dreaming though… he was living out his dreams behind the wheel of a properly modified NSX.

Jason Drives returns for new on-road shenanigans
except this one is off the road… way off of it

Jason Drives is one of the shows that pops up on the Jalopnik YouTube channel. The basic premise is that Jason Torchinsky finds weird stuff to drive, and then he drives it. That sounds simple, and it is, but the vehicles he pilots and his reactions to them are worth the watch.

The new season kicks off with Jason driving an amphibious Hobby Car. It’s wonderful.

Looking back at the RS badge on the back of a Ford

Jeff Glucker August 25, 2016 All Things Hoon

ford rs cosworth and focus

Our favorite Canadian automotive journalist (Sorry to the rest you, eh?) is Brendan McAleer. His photos are lovely, and his works more so. His latest assignment appears on the virtual pages of Road and/or Track, and it’s a look back at Ford and the various machines that have been granted the RS badge.

To really learn more about the Blue Oval’s history with those two letters, McAleer drives both the new Focus RS and a 1986 Sierra RS Cosworth.

Head on over to Road & Track to see how this all shakes out… and yes we stole that top photo from Brendan and his R&T piece.

Podcast: Episode 166 – The Outlander is better than dying…


I’m on my own this week because Zack and Chris are both off and working. I just got back from a quick personal trip back east, where I wound up driving the Mitsubishi Outlander… and I almost drowned, but not in the Mitsubishi. After getting back to the west coast, I hopped into the Cadillac CT6 where I’m mostly underwhelmed.

It’s a solo-shot, red wine glass, relaxing sort of evening. Sit back, grab a drink, and tune on in.

Hooniverse – The Outlander is better than dying…

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For Sale: Cousin of HoonTruck, the Mercury M100


There are a good number of Ford F100 pickups out there. There are not, however, a ton of Mercury M100 examples unless perhaps you’re up in Canada. This one is a 1964 example with some minor rust in the normal places. The seller states it’s otherwise in great shape for an old truck that spent its not parked in the cozy confines of a garage.

There’s no mention of which engine is under the hood, but assume it’s either the 240 or 300 inline-6. The ad does list the truck as having a manual gearbox though.

The seller stats this is more of a feeler ad to see what sort of interest the truck generates. The asking price is $6,000, but the seller is also open to trades. Seems like a lot of coin based on the condition, but it’s definitely a beast more rare than my own Ford.

[Source: Craigslist]

Classic artwork recreated with a mechanic twist

Jeff Glucker August 23, 2016 All Things Hoon

mechanic art

I took an art history class in college. I remember little, but I do know that I enjoyed learning a bit about art and I’m a fan of a number of classic paintings. Also, one of my favorite scenes in the entire Ferris Bueller film is when they’re staring at all the different works of art, and the scene zooms deeper into Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.

That’s why I’m totally in love with this series I found on Road & Track. The above image is just one of many produced by photographer Freddy Fabris. He was with a friend at a garage while some work was being done on a car. Inspiration struck, and Fabris had a strong urge to recreate famous works of art using the garage and its inhabitants as his palette.

The resulting collection is called The Renaissance Series, and it’s an award-winning collection that you need to explore.

[Image: Freddy Fabris]

A big blue American longroof has found its home in Germany

Jeff Glucker August 22, 2016 All Things Hoon

lucille wagon

Just as we have a fascination with foreign metal here in the States, the same star-crossed love affair springs up across the pond. Depending on the sort of music, television, and movies you’re exposed to as you grow up, your automotive world can be colored in very different ways. That’s why Philipp von dem Knesebeck in Germany knew he needed something big, American, and possessing of a V8 engine under its hood.

He found it in the form of a 1972 Ford Country Sedan. Up front sat 6.6-liters of American grunt, that made more noise than power. It was everything Philipp wanted, and it got it and brought to Europe. Our old friend Blake Z. Rong chatted with Philipp about the car, and also the time he brought it to the Nürburgring.

The full story is over on Jalopnik, and it’s one you’re going to want to read.

[Image taken from the Jalopnik article, photographer credited as Charles Tao]

Roadkill has your Bonneville Speed Week Introduction

Jeff Glucker August 19, 2016 All Things Hoon

bonneville speed week

Friend of Hooniverse Elana Scherr trekked out to the salty emptiness that is Bonneville Speed Week. She brought her camera and a number of questions she had to have answered for the many fans and readers at Hot Road and Roadkill. What’s she’s created out of all of that is your guide to attending Speed Week.

Head over because it’s worth it for the information, but even more so for the lovely photos.

[Image source: Roadkill]