Forza Horizon 4 arrives with gorgeous vehicular mayhem unleashed upon the UK

Jeff Glucker September 25, 2018 All Things Hoon, Featured

The Aussie outback, forests, and beaches from Forza Horizon 3 have been replaced with the stunning English countryside. There’s a new Horizon festival and it’s landed in the UK, and to kick start the party Forza Horizon 4 plops you down right into a McLaren Senna.

This is a trick. You’ll want to fall in love with the insane machine and it’s blinding speed. The other trick is that rather than simply get you hooked on the car and the stunningly upgraded graphics, Forza Horizon 4 is using this first date as a means to show off its goods. That would be the all-new changing of the seasons, and each season brings different gameplay dynamics along for the ride.

And this is definitely an improve ride… albeit one that’s still extremely familiar for anyone that’s picked up a controller for the past three iterations of the Horizon series.

[Disclaimer: Microsoft Studios tossed us a review code to sample the latest from developer Playground Games.]

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Is there a new lap record at VIR courtesy of the Porsche 919 Evo?

Jeff Glucker September 24, 2018 All Things Hoon

Neel Jani is a superhero behind the wheel of a race car. Recently, the Swiss driver made headlines when he set a new (non race) lap record at Spa-Francorchamps while piloting Porsche’s insane 919 Evo. That lap has since been bested by Sebastien Vettel and his Formula 1 car, but it’s still a hell of an achievement for Jani and the Porsche. Now Jani is Stateside, and he’s spending a bit of time at Virginia International Raceway, as evidenced by the tweet posted above.

Could Jani have set a new fast lap at VIR?

This is speculation on our part, but it’s highly likely that Jani is in town to get in some seat time with the 919 Evo before the car is shipped off to Laguna Seca for the Rennsport Reunion.

While Jani is in Virgina, perhaps he and the car are working to break yet another track record. Right now, the top time (Full Course) is 1:35.434 and it was set by Klaus Graf in 2012. He used a Honda Performance ARX-03a, which is basically an open-top prototype race car. Jani’s 919 Evo should be quite a bit faster.

It’s almost certain that Porsche will set to top the fastest time at Laguna Seca. Perhaps it’s already done so at VIR.

This E36 BMW M3 and Toyota Supra collaborate in a smashing new video

Jeff Glucker September 24, 2018 All Things Hoon

When filming video of a car doing silly things on public roads, its best to err on the side of caution. While we don’t recommend you go out and try your hand at hardcore hoonage, we’d be hypocrites at the same time if we fully admonished all forms of vehicular shenanigans. This video, however, demonstrates exactly why you need to take your idiot behavior to places where the only person you could possibly hurt is yourself. Empty roads, vacant lots, and the other places devoid of people and other cars are prime spots for Safe Stupid (patent pending).

(Example: Happy National Donut Day, from Hooniverse)

What we have in the video above, per the video description, is a shop filming a video of a BMW E36 M3. The driver attempted to drift a corner despite the presence of oncoming traffic. We assume the Mazda spooked the BMW driver, who then pointed the modified machine right at an idling Toyota Supra. The aftermath of that decision if a painful one.

Both cars are in terrible shape. Both humans are probably fairly banged up. What’s even worse is the fact that the M3 belonged to a customer of the shop. We’d be willing to wager that said customer wasn’t down with the idea of the shop using his or her M3 for the purposes of vehicular dumb.

We’re not sure where this took place, and the license plates are blurred. Those seem like British Columbia license plates, but that’s pure speculation on our part. Regardless, there’s a shop out there that’s in for a world of legal hurt. And two great sports cars are in need of serious repair… hopefully at a different shop.

Let the BMW/Toyota collaboration jokes being in the comment section below.

[Source: Reddit r/Cars – ]

Judge Phil has been doling out 24 Hours of LeMons punishment for 10 years

Jeff Glucker September 24, 2018 All Things Hoon

Our favorite saucy minx Murilee Martin, also known as Judge Phil when his boots are on the ground at your local LeMons race, has now been doling out vehicular justice for the past ten years. When he’s not off being a Famous Automotive Journalist™, Phil is a fixture in the world of 24 Hours of LeMons.

The powers that be in the LeMons trailer office have put together a look back at some of Phil’s great moments. This has been a decade in the making and we raise our oil-crusted hands holding a glass of the finest bribes money can buy to salute Judge Phil.


Here’s to ten more years, unless everyone in charge at LeMons gets bored of this insane experiment and fully sells out to a tire or oil company.

Hooniverse Asks: When will you buy an electric car?

Jeff Glucker September 24, 2018 Hooniverse Asks

There are a number of EV choices on the marketplace today. From the Chevrolet Bolt on up to the Tesla Model X, you have a range of options. Each one boasting plenty of range for your daily commute. Beyond the new EV market, you’ll find a healthy used space as well. The Fiat 500e can be had for a great price, and it’s the best driving version of that particular car when compared against its gas-drinking siblings.

Audi e-tron all-electric SUV is ready for your deposit this September

An electric vehicle doesn’t make sense for everyone, of course. If you live in a rural area, need a pickup for work, or live in an apartment with no access to a plug, then an EV isn’t on your radar. For others though, the time might be ripe to clear space in the garage for an electric vehicle.

If I had a larger garage, an EV presents itself as a perfect Southern California commuter vehicle. The HOV lane is now always accessible and our expensive gas stations fade into the rearview mirror.

So any of you out there thinking of adding an EV addition to your fleet? Those that have done it, how’s it going?

This 1972 Mercedes-Benz O309D is a blank slate for a camper conversion

Jeff Glucker September 20, 2018 Craigslist Crapshoot

I’m a fan of the common Mercedes-Benz, which is why I own a W114. Benz built almost two million of them. Still, it’s the oddball Benz machines that really capture my attention. Such as this 1972 Mercedes-Benz O309D that’s popped up for sale through a Missouri Craigslist post.

The seller says the engine runs strong, and it should considering it’s an old Mercedes diesel. I have no clue which engine is in there, but it likely makes between 60 and 85 horsepower, based on some quick research (*cough* Wikipedia).

The proper name for such an old Benz bus is the T2. Mercedes built them from 1967 on through 1996. Eventually the T2 yielded to the Sprinter, but this one lives on albeit in a bit of a rough state.

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LetsGo.Racing is a marketplace for track time

Jeff Glucker September 20, 2018 All Things Hoon

Jumping into a race car and hitting a track sounds like an excellent way to spend your day or even a weekend. It’s incredibly expensive though, as everything you’ll need adds up rather quickly. One new website aims to take the financial sting out to some degree while helping you find your way into a race car. It’s called LetsGo.Racing (that’s the actual URL, by the way) and it wants to serve as a peer-to-peer marketplace for racing seat time and track services.

Those with race cars can offer a spot on the team, a stint at a race, or a track day. Others with the ability to shuttle vehicles, turn wrenches, or coach drivers, can offer up their skills for teams in need. 

This is certainly an interesting concept. Those seeking an extra hot shoe can fill out their team ahead of a race weekend, while an off-duty wrench can earn some cash at the track.

At the moment, the website appears to be just getting started. There are only a handful of racing and race service offers posted up. This can change quickly though, and we plan to keep an eye on LetsGo.Racing. If you’re itching for track time, it seems you should do the same.

Hooniverse Asks: Which automaker is getting it right?

Jeff Glucker September 20, 2018 Hooniverse Asks


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When visiting the Burbs, dress appropriately… . . . #volvo #chicago #travel

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Every recent Volvo I’ve driven has been as good, or even better than the one before it. From the styling to the performance on over to the luxury and technology delivered at a given price point, Volvo is doing it very right at the moment. The cars and utility vehicles are lovely. There are wagon options available. In the cabins, you’ll find a how-to manual on luxurious simplicity. I find myself nodding along with approval with every new or refreshed model being released.

Even with the entry-level XC40, I walked away impressed. My wife, daughter, and I shuffled around the greater Chicago area one long weekend recently while visiting friends. Inside there’s a surprising amount of space in every zone, including the rear cargo area. The driving dynamics are fine for what the XC40 is and the styling is stand-out without being odd or offensive.

Volvo, right now, is offering up some great machines on a number of levels. Which other automakers are doing it right at this point in time?

Classic Car Studios ’86 Chevy Silverado packs Z06 LT4 heat

Noah Alexander is the host of Velocity’s Speed is the New Black, and he’s the owner of St. Louis-based Classic Car Studios. He swung into California driving his 1986 Chevy Silverado and we got the chance to take a look at his former shop truck.

It’s not much more than that…

Under the hood sits a GM-sourced LT4 supercharged V6. That’s the engine you’ll find on the Corvette Z06, and it makes about 650 horsepower. Backing it up is a Tremec gearbox routed through a sequential shifter. It’s odd at first, but soon it starts to make sense.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06: Bang for the buck… redefined

Beneath the skin of the truck is a full RideTech suspension setup, as this pickup is now used for autocrossing. It corners flat, stops quick thanks to Wilwood brakes, and has plenty of grip with the Continental tires wrapped around the massive HRE wheels.

Besides the engine, the best part is the original paint and patina. This looks like a mellow old truck, minus the clear upgrade in the wheel department. Fire it up though, and the LT4 roars through the Magnaflow exhaust.

This… is a real deal Hoon Truck.

Podcast: Episode 265 – Everyone loves a ten incher [w/ guest Jonathon Klein]

Friend of Hooniverse Jonathon Klein joins us on show this week. First up, we dip into the news where we discuss:

  • BMW not building an M version of the Z4 or giving a manual gearbox option.
  • Audi revealing the e-tron electric SUV.
  • Pricing been announced for the Ford Edge ST.
  • Waze is now usable with Apple CarPlay

After that, Klein tells us what it’s like to drive a Bugatti Chiron. The lucky bastard also drove David Lee’s Monza 3.6 Evo Ferrari Dino restomod.