Last Call: Make sure your rear wheel alignment is good to go

Jeff Glucker November 16, 2018 All Things Hoon


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Lifting the front wheels on a car through the sheer power of the engine must be an amazing feeling. Carrying that nose lift all the way down a drag strip is amazing. You’d better make sure you know where you’re tracking, because there’s no course correction with a run like this.

Happy Friday every body.

Last Call indicates the end of Hooniverse’s broadcast day. It’s meant to be an open forum for anyone and anything. Thread jacking is not only accepted, it’s encouraged.

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Go experience an NHRA drag racing event in person

The numbers are staggering. At the highest level of drag racing, the Funny Car and Top Fuel race sleds are propelled down the strip by 11,000 horsepower monster motors. In just 1,000 feet of tarmac, a Funny Car will reach 320 to 340 miles per hour and needs less than four seconds to do so. The site is truly awesome, but it’s the sound of these beasts that rocks you to your core.

And the nitromethane fuel will leave you a bit teary eyed while crying out for more.

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The Aston Martin DBX prototype testing is underway

Aston Martin is set to jump into the crossover SUV game just like everyone else. The British automaker is now testing its prototype DBX, and Aston Martin is doing so on a Welsh Rally Stage. That’s a great place to put a machine through its proper paces, as you can stay out in the mud and trees and avoid any confusing road signage set off with an unnerving amount of letters.

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Engineering Explained examines high-performance air filters to see if there are any benefits

Jeff Glucker November 14, 2018 All Things Hoon

Jason Fenske wants to know if a high-performance air filter makes any difference on the performance of your car. Because he likes to explain the engineering behind this sort of thing, Fenske sets out to see what sort of difference a variety of filters make on his car and he does so through science.

We’re looking at Jason’s own Subaru Crosstrek. He’s purchased a clean OEM-equivalent filter, a cheap “performance” filter, and a high-performance K&N air filter. He also has his stock, dirty filter as a baseline against the manufacturer-listed specs for the Crosstrek.

Jason secured time on a dyno so he could register horsepower and torque readings with his Crosstrek for each of the four filters being tested. Going from dirty to clean stock saw a minimal gain. The less expensive performance filter added further gains over the clean stock filter. Finally, the K&N air filter netted the largest gain as it provided a 4.3-horsepower and 5.1 pound-feet of torque boost over the clean stock filter.

Now, we don’t know how much more stuff might be getting by those performance filters. But there’s definitely more air moving into the engine, and it’s enough to see a slight bump in the power output.

Hooniverse Asks: What does a luxury C-Segment sedan need to stand out?

Jeff Glucker November 14, 2018 Hooniverse Asks

I’m driving the all-new Audi A6. It’s the eight-generation example of Audi’s C-segment sedan, and it’s really nice. But at the same time, there’s nothing amazing about the car. It lives in the middle ground between entry-level luxury and full-on flagship cars. Someone looks to upgrade to the Audi world with the A4. Another person has become king of their castle with the new A8. An A6 owner lives in the space between elation and expected excellence.

This isn’t an Audi specific thing, mind you. A BMW 5-Series owner, Mercedes-Benz E-Class owner, and Lexus GS owner all look at their machines as something they’ve worked hard to earn. But they might not be excited about it, like they once were when they bought the 3-Series, C-Class, ES Lexus, or Audi A4. And they pine for the 7-Series, S-Class, LS, or A8.

I’ll tell you that the new A6 has an amazing interior setup, available dynamic steering, and just-fine on road manners. It’s the new interior displays, next-generation MMI, and subtly cool styling that will carry the A6 amongst its own competition.

But what does a C-segment luxury sedan need to stand out? Or should it even try to do so as it’s a transitory piece of automobilia that serves as the bridge between working hard and true success?

Bolster Boost aims to improve your seating experience

Jeff Glucker November 13, 2018 All Things Hoon

Ted Heys saw a problem and sought a way to fix it. He enjoys driving, be it on a race course or on a canyon road, but he also wants to make sure he’s sitting tight in his seat. The average street car, however, is designed to mix daily comfort with some level of bolstering. Nothing out there replicates the race car seat experience and that’s exactly what Heys wants. So he’s created the Bolster Boost.

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Jaguar built a rally-ready F-Type droptop

I mean… come on! Look at that photo. Sure, it could be cropped from the factory and the car is barely off the ground. But that’s still a rally-prepped Jaguar F-Type convertible and that’s the best kind of ridiculous.

Why this car? Well, Jaguar claims it’s to celebrate the XK120, which was first built back in 1948. Some brave wonderful idiot rallied one back in the day, and thus Jaguar is able to sell this rally F-Type to its internal accounting boffins. We’re not complaining, mind you because this thing is pretty bad ass.

This is just the four-cylinder version too, but that would still prove plenty of fun as its flung down a dirt road. 

Hop the jump for one more pic.

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Hooniverse Asks: With EVs, do you care more about total range or quick charge times?

Jeff Glucker November 13, 2018 Hooniverse Asks

I’m sitting at a dinner with other automotive journalists and a handful of PR folks. The latter work for a German automaker that’s prepping an electric vehicle for the market. I mention that I’m impressed with the Hyundai Kona Electric and its EPA-posted range fo 258 miles. Plus the rest of the car is pretty solid. The PR folks argue that range isn’t the concern anymore, but the charging times.

I argue from there that for luxury and premium EVs, that seems to make sense. But for those buying Bolts, Leafs, and Kona Electrics, the total range is still a selling point. It was an interesting conversation and actually shows a potential dividing line for EV buyers. Those with means, want an EV that charges quickly. A standard EV buyer would prefer greater range and might not be inclined to charge their car every night.

What say you? As total range rises, will charging times overcome the marketing messaging? Or does total range still win out?

Hooniverse Asks: What’s the dumbest vehicle one could steal?

Jeff Glucker November 12, 2018 Hooniverse Asks

Over the weekend, someone stole one of the Roadkill cars. Well, not a car but a truck. The Mazdarati. This is not a common truck, and with its yellow paint it stands out much more. There’s also the fact that the bed houses an Oldsmobile 455 in the bed.

While stopped for the evening, the Roadkill crew were staying in a Hampton Inn in Blythe, California. Mazdarati was tucked away on a trailer. Which means someone waited until late in the evening, rolled the truck off the trailer, hooked it up on another trailer, and disappeared into the night.

There’s no driving the truck right now since the engine is blown. As is the transaxle. Roadkill were prepping the truck for a shot at a 10-second quarter mile run. That hasn’t happened yet and the truck is pretty beat up as a result of trying.

So now someone has a broken, yellow, relatively rare pickup truck sitting in their garage. The automotive enthusiast community knows this truck and social media is keeping an eye out for it (many folks where sharing Freiburger’s post).

Is this one of the dumbest vehicles to steal? If not, tell us about some others.

This Baja adventure is brought to you by Subaru power

Jeff Glucker November 9, 2018 Featured

Wide open. That’s the position you’re looking to place the throttle. It’s also the name on the side of the chase truck, buggies, and a nondescript building in Ensenada, Mexico. Wide Open Baja has been serving up the truest off-road experience for 21 years, and it’s the closest you’ll get to real off-road racing outside of spending the dough to line up at the start of the actual Baja 500 or 1000. Actually, if you have the dough, Wide Open Baja will let you do that too. And the entire adventure is spurred on by a powerplant initially destined to spend its life shuffling the kids to and from school in an Impreza.

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