Reader Submission Thur-er, Friday: For the love of the Bullitt


Arguably, one of the most iconic cars in the history of cinema is the Mustang from the Steve McQueen’s Bullitt. I can’t say for certain when I first became aware of the car or the movie, as it predates me by over a decade, but at some point in my formative automotive years, the dark highland green ’68 fastback was revealed to me. It wasn’t necessarily life changing, but it had a profound impact on my aesthetic tastes in cars going forward.

The genius of McQueen’s alleged design on the Mustang’s appearance represents everything that is right about automotive styling to me. A stark contrast to the cars of the Fast and Furious franchise; the Bullitt Mustang has nothing to prove. It knows what it is. It knows exactly how cool it is and requires validation from no one. Cars with outrageous scoops and wings seem to be projecting an insecurity to me.

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Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker: Long name… lots of fun

YouTube Preview Image

You can’t afford the Hellcat. You want more than the 5.7-liter R/T has to offer. Say hello to the Dodge Challenger 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker… if you can remember all of that.

It’s a long name, but it’s a car with lots of fun to pack up all those letters. There’s 485 horsepower on tap, and it’s more than enough to meter out punishment to those rear tires that are just aching for it.

There’s a hole in the hood, and yes it’s supposed to be there. That’s where the shaker scoop pokes through in order to feed some more air into the engine. It’s bolted directly to that 6.4-liter V8, and when you dip into the throttle it starts to dance a bit.

This is a toy for adults.
Adults who enjoy acting like children…

[Disclaimer: Dodge tossed us the keys to this Challenger and we had the car for a week. A tank of gas was included. Not included: fuzzy dice, a black t-shirt and plain jeans, and an iPod with classic rock. We supplied that ourselves… minus the dice.]

Walk the Monterey Paddock With Dr. Orlove and Jalopnik

YouTube Preview Image

Raphael Orlove is a young gushing geyser of automotive knowledge. The man knows his old cars, and he puts that knowledge on full display while walking the paddock at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

Follow allowing with Orlove as he basically freestyles his way through the pits.

Craigslist: AWD Honda Wagon Ready For Grocery/Track Duty

honda wagon

I’ll start this off by saying, it’s a bit overpriced. The seller is asking for $5,000, but there is that delightful three-letter follow-up of “OBO”. The car in question here is a 1989 Honda Civic Wagon, and it’s the rather interesting RT4WD version.

Under the hood will be a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that was originally good for 108 horsepower. Here it’s paired with a six-speed manual gearbox (instead of a four-speed automatic, which was also offered), and it sends power out to all four wheels.

This particular example is lowered and rides on a set of BBS wheels. There’s a bit of bracing in the rear, and the seller states that the car runs perfectly. We love the look. We love the engine and transmission combo. We don’t love the price.

Regardless, if someone can scoop this up for a bit less than the asking figure, we think it will make a great daily driver. It can get the groceries, and then with a bit of under-hood tinkering it can also hit the local autocross circuit.

[Source: Craigslist]

Craigslist: Clean Benz Wagon Offered Up Cheap

1982 mb wagon

I think about my 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300TD pretty much every day. I absolutely can’t wait until that car is ready to be driven, and I miss driving it even when it had the molasses inline five-cylinder turbodiesel engine.

Finding this 1982 example on Craigslist makes me miss my own car that much more. This is a clean example and it’s priced exceptionally well, considering how much people are often asking for 300TD runners. In fact, if you had the means, it would be a smart move to buy this in Southern California and flip it quickly and easily in Northern California for a hefty profit.

Seriously, go check out 300TD prices on Craigslist around San Francisco. The Veggie set loves turning these into fry-juice drinkers, or leaving them as is for hipster street cred. This one will set you back less than $4k, and it seems as if nearly all of the relevant service as been performed for you.

[Source: Craigslist]

Our hearts and minds are with Justin Wilson and his family

justin wilson

IndyCar racer Justin Wilson had a serious on-track accident last night, and the driver remains in a coma this morning. Driver Sage Karam entered a high-speed section of the track and saw the rear of his car break loose. He wound up in the wall nose first, which sent his car and many pieces of it all across the racing surface. Wilson came up on the debris as the nosecone of Karam’s car bounced up and hit Justin in the head.

Wilson was seemingly immediately knocked out, and his car went down into the inside wall. He was unresponsive at the scene, and was airlifted to a local medical facility. There’s been no news of his condition since.

Anytime a racing driver is injured, we cry out a little on the inside. When you’ve met them personally it makes it that much harder to watch the incident and wait for any bit of hopeful news to make its way through. Justin came on the podcast over a year ago. During the recording he was funny, friendly, open, honest, and an all around delight to have as a guest.

I hope we get to have him on the podcast again, not just because he’s a great race car driver, but because it will simply mean he’s there…

eBay Motors looks to celebrate the MotorLife


eBay Motors is looking to celebrate what it calls the MotorLife. In its words it calls the idea “a celebration of the motorhead.” That is something we can get behind because it should cover some of the main bits of everything we love about our own Hooniverse. If it has wheels, we’re interested, and if it has an engine, that’s even better.

The goal of this movement is to, well the real goal is of course to get people to visit eBay Motors. I mean let’s be real here… it’s a marketing movement, but it’s one we can get behind if it really starts telling great stories that need to be told. The eBay Motors blog will be the hub of all of this action, where a number of folks while cover a wide range of events, project vehicle builds, and general automotive awesome.

Additionally, you can get in on the vehicular love fest by sharing your own stories on the eBay Motors blog comment section, through Facebook, and on Twitter. Yes, there’s a hashtag… it’s the hashtag era, get used to this. #MotorLife.

To prime the pump a bit, eBay Motors is having a contest. The prize is $1,000 to spend on parts on eBay Motors, and it runs each day through the 23rd of August (aka this Sunday). Head over to this Facebook page, post a picture, and tag it with #MotorLife and #eBayContest and whatever other zany/witty caption you can think of. Want to enter on Twitter instead? Go follow eBay on Twitter, then post a photo with #MotorLife and #eBayContest, and send it as a reply to @eBay. Non-Private Twitter accounts needed, please.

We know you need $1,000 to spend on parts, and maybe this is your ticket to getting that. Hell, some of you could find whole cars to buy for $1,000 (Helloooo LeMons!).

[This blog post was written as part of a collaboration with eBay]

Podcast: Episode 117 – The Redundant


Coducer/Prodoust Chris Hayes runs the show alongside guest host Jonathon Klein from BoldRide.com. While still ailing from a broken shoulder, Jonathon managed to convince Bugatti to give him some seat time in a Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse. Additionally, Jonathon gives us his take on the 2015 VW Touareg TDI.

There was a lot unveiled at Pebble and the hosts talk about the ubiquity of McLarens, Aston Martin’s new DBX, the new M4 GTS concept (with water/meth injection), the M2, the much delayed Acura NSX, and a comparison of the heavyweights in the hypercar realm, the Veyron, Koenigsegg 1:1 and the Hennessey Venom GT.

Hooniverse – The Redundant

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Driver on Driver: Episode 6 – Mad Mike Whiddett

Mad Mike Whiddett and Drift Idiot finally figure out if Mike is actually from Australia, Mike agrees to put V8 engines into all of his cars, and Sam enters Valhalla, shiny and chrome, in this special episode of Driver on Driver.

If you missed it, here’s:

Episode 1 with guest Chris Forsberg

Episode 2 with Fredric Aasbø

and Episode 3 with Pat Goodin

and Episode 4 with Ryan Tuerck

Modern Art Monday: Your 2015 Pebble Beach Concours Top Dog

1924 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A

Monterey Car Week has come to a close. Our man Mad Science himself was there, and he took in the sights and sounds at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion. Young Greg Catch-A-Durian-Fruit was there with his family, and Parsh-Phanatic Bradley BrownHell was there to sniff the tailpipes of anything with an engine that lay flat.

We weren’t on the lawn though, and your not-so-humble author as actually never been at all for the automotive festivities (I once played golf there years ago, for free, way before I was in this racket… I shot a 112). Regardless, it’s hard not to pay attention to the event, that has seemingly swelled over the years. It’s always been crowded, but now with social media it seems to hit you (welcomingly, for the most part) from all angles.

That means we knew about the top dog the moment it happened. Above is your Best of Show (or Best IN Show, as every other website likes to incorrectly describe it); a 1924 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A, with coachwork by Carrosserie Worblaufen. That’s a longer model and trim name than you standard Isotta Sport plus. Also it has two rear spares, which we assume helped it garner extra rah-rah sticks in the final vote tally procedure.

Regardless, we wanted you to soak in the winner for this year. We look forward to next year, when Pebble Beach looks to celebrate the Grand National and GNX*. It’s a bold move for the event, and we can’t wait to see how the attire on the lawn changes to suit the marque model.

*This may be a rumor.**

**That we started.***

***Which won’t happen until Pebble Beach 3065.


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