2016 Audi TTS: Not So Mellow In Yellow

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You want a coupe. You also want a hatchback. In addition, you’d like it to be sporty, have a touch of luxury, and boast the latest in interior tech. That’s not a long list of vehicles you’re going to be looking at… in fact, there’s pretty much just one and it’s called the 2016 Audi TTS.

Luckily for you… it’s pretty damn good.

[Disclaimer: Audi tossed us the keys to the 2016 TTS, and included a tank of gas.

Looking For A Longroof For LeMons? Buy This Benz

mercedes benz wagon

For just $700, this 1995 Mercedes-Benz E320 wagon could be your new ticket to LeMons greatness. Now, I don’t mean that you’re going to win any races but you certainly have plenty of room to come up with one hell of a theme… hell the car is already blank-slate white.

Additionally, you could probably sell off so many parts from this rig that not only would you duck under that $500 max racing price but you’d wind up ahead. That’s before you then factor back in the costs of getting it running right, adding a rollcage, and all of that other goodness that goes with turning a street car into the scorn of the EPA.

Regardless, someone should buy this and turn it into one of the following:

  • Some manner of Star Wars vessel.
  • An aircraft carrier that launches RC planes or drone-copters.
  • A wagon version of the Red Pig (seriously that would be the shit)
  • A Nürburgring support vehicle

Choose one of those and have a blast on the crap can racing circuit.

[Source: Craigslist]

Podcast: Episode 139 – Running Solo


Rejoice all ye faithful, we’re back with a semi-normal episode. Apologies for the SEMA glut, but Chris and I have been slammed as of late. Rather than keep that train rolling, I sat down to record a solo episode. No… this won’t be like Scotland.

Instead, I talk about driving the:

  • Acura RLX Hybrid
  • Audi S4
  • Subaru WRX STI Series HyperBlue
  • McLaren 675LT

Additionally, the HoonTruck is back and running better than ever… and I still managed to break something. Also, there’s chatter regarding the EPA vs SEMA debacle, talk of an upcoming LeMons race, and a few answers to some social media questions.

Hooniverse – Running Solo

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2016 Cadillac CTS-V: Catch Me If You Can, Germany

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It has 640 horsepower under the hood. It’s capable of hitting 200 miles per hour. It’s well under $100,000. It’s also an American luxury sedan built by Cadillac, and it seats five people.

Four of them could be screaming…

The all-new 3rd-generation Cadillac CTS-V is an extraordinary machine. It’s a super sedan that’s been had its German rivals in its crosshairs for decades. Now, however, it’s the Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz offerings that could be looking to catch up.

[Disclaimer: Cadillac tossed us the keys to the CTS-V and included a tank of gas. I returned the car with fuel but with a bit less rubber.]

2016 Mazda CX-3: Tiny CUV Packs Plenty Of Fun

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Crossovers suck! …said the average enthusiast, who might be looking to eat their own words in the near future. Crossovers have gotten a lot better, and a whole lot more engaging to drive. Exhibit M: The Mazda CX-3.

It’s a sub-compact CUV packing in a whole lot of driving enjoyment.

Do we wish there were more wagon options out there? Yes, no question.
Are there finally crossovers we can actually enjoy driving? Yes, absolutely.

The Mazda CX-3 is near the top of that list too, as long as you don’t have serious cargo space needs.

[Disclaimer: Mazda tossed us the keys to the CX-3 for a week and included a tank of gas. We drove the car hard and didn’t put much of a dent into that fuel gauge.]

Audi Shoots For The Moon With New R8 Super Bowl Spot

Jeff Glucker February 3, 2016 All Things Hoon
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I miss the days when Super Bowl ads were first shown during the actual game. Still, there’s no denying that these spots command top dollar for a reason. The amount of eyeballs on your brand or product is in the many millions. That’s why these spots cost many millions. A number of automakers have produced some great ads over the years, and the new crop of spots are just starting to trickle out on the Internet.

Audi has already nailed it for me with its new R8 commercial titled “Commander”. The car itself looks wonderful, but Audi is appealing to my love of all things space. If this ad doesn’t leaving you smiling at the end, you might be on the  wrong site…

Aston Martin DB9 GT: A Lovely Way To Say Good Bye

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The Aston Martin DB9 is bowing out. It’s a grand Grand Tourer riding on a grand-old platform, and it’s time to make way for the future of Aston Martin machines. The automaker has created one final version of the car, and ti’s called the DB9 GT. It’s a pumped up version of the standard car, boasting a bit more horsepower, some badges, and the updated center stack that’s also found in the Vanquish.

This, friends, is the proper way to say good bye.

(And it makes us extremely excited for what the DB11 will bring to the table…)

[Disclaimer: Aston Martin gently placed the stainless and sapphire key to the DB9 GT in our hand, and had a tank of gas ready in the car. We turned that fuel into glorious noise and lots of forward motivation.]

Car Lister And Their Epic Giveaway

Jeff Glucker January 29, 2016 All Things Hoon

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 1.42.10 PM

We often get approached by folks looking to advertise on our site. More often than not, sadly, it’s for a product or service that has little to no appeal for you, the Dear Reader. This one though, is a bit different. The nice folks at Car Lister reached out to see if they could run an ad on the sidebar of our site. The goal is to promote their service by way of alerting you to a unique sweepstakes the company is running throughout 2016.

Each month during this calendar year, Car Lister is going to award someone out there with a $25,000 voucher that can be used towards the purchase of a new car. That’s not too shabby, and it’s something that makes sense for part of our own audience.

Still, like the rest of you, we really love our old cars. Now you can’t win a voucher to buy one of those, but the site does have old car listings on its site as well. It’s essentially as if someone took Craigslist and made it look a hell of a lot nicer.

So with that in mind, we think it’s worth a look from you. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Just know also, of course, that we’re about to start a small ad campaign with these people… they’re not paying us to tell you this, but after checking it all out I thought it was worth sharing the site with you. They are paying us to run that small ad that will be popping up soon.

For Sale: BMW 540iT Is Affordable Sport Wagon Goodness

bmw wagon

You know I love wagons. You know I love German wagons. Someday I hope my own German wagon is on the road, but I think we’re still quite a ways away from that happening. In the meantime, something like this 1999 BMW 540iT might be a nice daily driving alternative until my Wombat is ready to run.

The seller is listing it with a price tag of $4,000 and those three lovely letters OBO attached as well. It has a high count on the odometer with over 168,000 miles, and you’re always taking a chance on used German sheetmetal. Still, if you can handle some of your own basic work and the car is in solid shape, this could be a good buy for someone out there.

Add in the rarity factor, and you have one interesting ride to play with on a daily basis.

[Source: Craigslist]

Subaru BRZ Series.Blue
It’s Not A Miata… Thankfully

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You love driving. You’re in the market for a new car. Luckily, the world is currently your oyster because there’s pretty much a great option for you at every price point. Mazda recently released their updated MX-5, the Mustang is a great buy, and there’s always the Hellcat if you hate money and tires but love noise and shenanigans.

Maybe though, you should forget all of that and look at the Subaru BRZ…

[Disclaimer: Subaru tossed us the keys to the BRZ Series.Blue for a week, and included a tank of gas. I tried and was able to fit a baby seat in the back.]