Craigslist: First-Gen F150 Lightning Muscle Truck


Yeah, it’s got a lot of miles, but it’s a Ford F150, it’ll probably run forever without any problems, right? Too much wishful thinking? I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been a really big fan of these first-gen Lightning trucks. There’s something about 1990s ‘sport trucks’ that I really dig, and the fact that this “full size” is about half the size of the current F150 is a laughable concept. Remember when you could get a small single cab pickup with a hot V8 up front, and rear wheel drive? Pepperidge Farm remembers. I remember.

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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 49 – Emotional Eleanor


Cam and Tub and Jason get together again for another episode of your new favorite car podcast. We’re just a trio of car guys that like talking about car stuff. Come along on the journey with us.

This episode’s topics include: Drinks, “What’s on your desk”, Jason’s Eleanor Issues, Brad rants about racing, Cameron went to the Hershey Porsche swap meet weekend, we have a short interview with Eric Shea of PMB (he restores vintage car brake systems, and does a great job of it), the new BMW 7 Series, and profess our love of expensive Yurpeen sedans. Jason may have had a bit too much Scotch. Maybe as much as Jeff had in Scotland…

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Emotional Eleanor

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Hooniverse Dream Racing Series: GT3 World Series Championship

Bradley Brownell April 20, 2015 Motorsports

Motorsports / 24h-Rennen Nürburgring

If you’ve been following international FIA GT3 racing for the last few years, like I have, then you’ve likely noticed a huge influx of talented drivers, top-rate teams, and some truly fascinating race cars. You’ve also probably noticed that the level of competition in this category has gotten very tight all over the world. There are 24 hour races that are decided by mere seconds, usually with a half dozen or more cars on the lead lap. Just this year, we’ve seen some exciting finishes at Bathurst, Daytona, Sebring, etc. Now just imagine if there were an international GT3 championship on the line for those races. That’d just spice things up further, wouldn’t it? Putting all of the teams through the ringer in an attempt to see who is the best throughout the world. Yeah, I’d love to see how that plays out.

Warning: I get very sports car nerdy in this post, and probably only Eric Rood will read it in its entirety.  Because all of the races that comprise my ‘championship’ already exist and are already contested by pro-level drivers and teams, I will be calculating out the points totals of all drivers and teams throughout the season, and I absolutely will have a cheesy bowling trophy constructed in the honor of the series victors and mail out a teams and drivers championship trophy when this is all decided. Yes, it is entirely possible [Scratch that, probable] that a team and driver will win a series that they had no idea they were competing for.

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Cars You Should Know – “The Jail Car”


The year is 1992. Ted is a Volkswagen enthusiast, and has recently purchased a Giugiaro-designed sport coupe/hatch second hand. He loves the car dearly, and his ambition is to modify it just so, you know, like one of those cars you see on the cover of European Car Magazine. Ted bought those sick 3-spoke wheels, and even gave his lovely coupe an eye-searing laser yellow repaint. In order to get his car *just* right, ready for the lime light, he needs more money. He decides to hold up a liquor store. With a gun.

Unfortunately for Ted, he was apprehended. He was tried. He was convicted. 25 years to life. Fortunately for Ted, he got out with good behavior. His dear sweet mother knew how much he loved that stupid little Scirocco, so she kept it nice for him while he was “living with his new wife in Tokyo”. She kept the car garaged, kept it covered, and once a month she’d start it up, drive it to the car wash, give it a nice spit shine, and bring it back and cover it up again. Annual fluid changes, even. She’s a good mother to Ted. When Ted got home, his beloved VeeDub was waiting for him, just like the day he’d left it. After a few years in the klink, Ted was ecstatic to get back behind the wheel. First stop, Costco. Yee Haw!

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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 48 – The Honeymooners


The dorky car guys on the block are back with a brand new episode. Put your hands together for the Cammed and Tubbed Podcast! We’re closing in on 50 episodes of this show, and it’s still just as fun as when we started. There’s just something so entertaining about sitting around for an hour or so every week with some friends talkin’ ’bout cars. Sometimes life gets so hectic, you don’t get the opportunity to do that very often, so we made it a podcast.

This episode’s topics include: “What’s On Your Desk”, “What’cha drinkin”, the new Smart Car, that wrecked BMW M1 that was floating around this week, Jason being on the Hoon 100, “putting the wood down”, Cam’s Dad’s Infiniti, my new Michelins, the Porsche 912 Registry, and our shoutouts for the week. Enjoy!

The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – The Honeymooners

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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 47 – Grown Men Crying


I want to begin by thanking everyone who gave our little podcast a chance and listened last week. I really hope you stick around, as we’ve got some fun stuff to talk about every single week. We’re just a few car guys from all around the country that like to hang out together and record it once a week. We mostly talk about car stuff, but it occasionally devolves into discussion about 80s/90s pop-culture, nobody knows why.

This episode’s topics include: “What’s On Your Desk”, Magnus Walker bought a new car, What’s the deal with RWB?, Project Boxster gets some new bits, Project Mazda2 gets some new bits, How awesome was Furious 7 (No Spoilers, sorta), Porsches in the movies, and our shoutouts for the week. Enjoy!

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The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 46 – New Podcast Smell


We’re trying something new. Please give a warm welcome to the second podcast to join the Hooniverse Podcast Network. The “other one” is working well for us, so why stop when we’re ahead. Let it ride! For just over two years (and almost 100 episodes), you’ve been hearing the dulcet tones of Mr. Jeff Glucker, Blake Z. Rong, Esq., and the effervescent Chris Hayes. In the world of podcasts, they’re the Ferrari 250GTO, and we’re the Shelby Cobra. They’re a well-oiled purebred machine, and we’re the hodgepodge amalgamation thrown together over a series of too many whiskey and colas on a Tuesday night. So come join Cam (Cameron VanDerHorst), Tub (Bradley Brownell… that’s me), and our third wheel (Jason Connor) for an hour, plus or minus, of mostly car-related conversation.

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Cars You Should Know – Phoenix Hotel Parking Lot Roundup


A couple of weeks ago I was in Phoenix to drive around on BF Goodrich tires, and be driven around on BF Goodrich tires. It was a riot of a time. During some downtime after our day at the track, I checked out a few of the cars in the hotel’s parking lot. There was a surprising amount of really cool stuff in this on lot. Everything from highly modified sports cars to a weird looking vintage Travco motor home. It was a very hoony parking lot that day, so I had to walk around with my camera. Here are the results.

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Cars You Should Know – Bulk Buy Mister Two


Last night with nothing better to do, my wife and I decided to take an evening trip to Costco (I got like 4 pounds of trail mix in a bag the size of my torso, Big Hero 6 on DVD, and we shared a lovely hot dog and pepsi value meal). On the way out of our little shopping/wasting time excursion, I spotted this lovely little bronze beast. It’s just SOOO 80s! I set down my bags, my wife briefly rolled her eyes mockingly, and I took a few photos. I still can’t get over how clean 1980s Japanese cars can be in this neck of the woods. Aside from the interior being beat, and the front spoiler showing some wear, this thing was immaculate. I wanted to leave a note offering the person cash, but the fact that I’ve already got 5 cars and only one garage space helped me walk away. I don’t know what this car’s owner thought they’d fit from Costco, though. I’ve driven a few of these things, and they don’t offer much in the way of storage.

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Two Wheel Tuesday: Honda Bulldog


This is the Honda Bulldog, which was shown at last week’s Osaka motorcycle show. It’s a concept bike right now, but it looks to be pretty close to production ready. It uses a frame pretty similar in concept to that of the 500 series bikes already in production, and cribs its 399cc engine from the Japanese market CB500F. It’s road ready, and I really realy want one. I’ve always liked the concept of relatively small bore utilitarian bikes, and this one fits the bill to a T.

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