’80s Ad Weekend Edition – Peugeot 205 GTi


What, more 205? Well, this one is in the same vein as the earlier Fuego clip: promotional material from the ’80s, combined with a modern retro electro soundtrack. The secret agent business with the 205 GTi has been turned to the megamax with absolutely pulsating sounds by Perturbator.

And like the YouTube description puts it: HELICOPTER ! ROCKETS ! TRAINS ! EXPLOSIONS !

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’80s Ad Weekend Edition – Renault Fuego


This video is a collection of Renault Fuego advertising material, set to a retro electro soundtrack. It works pretty well, and Myrone’s Exclusive Coupé is a cool “hero car” sort of tune. It has also been combined with a BMW 850 promo with definitely satisfying results.

I’m not quite sure I need a Fuego in my life, but the clip makes for a strong case for it.

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’80s Ad Weekend Edition – Ford Sierra XR4 (Argentina)


Despite being available as only pretty shoddy quality upload – it’s been on YouTube since 2006 – this Argentinian ad for the Ford Sierra XR4 is very likeable. Sure, it’s dated and revolves around the idea that the Charlton Heston lookalike behind the wheel uses a black Sierra to woo an impressionable catwoman, but somehow it all works pretty well together.

And the music is as ’80s action theme as it can be. That’s always a good thing.

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’80s Ad Weekend Edition – Peugeot 205


What a better way to start a 1980s themed weekend edition than posting a video dated to 1990? Well, to some people 1990 was still ’80s, and I haven’t actually even stopped living in the 1980s either, so I do think it’s all good. In any case, it’s likely this awesome piece of advertising was shot in ’89, so it’s legit.

Now that I’ve preceded the Peugeot 205 ad with babble not actually describing the ad at all, we can move on to the clip itself. It’s very much reminiscent of the ending of A Man and a Woman, where the hero drives his Mustang quickly to catch up with the train. A 205 is a nice alternative for American muscle.

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Project Car SOTU: 1993 Mazda MX-5


The Project Car State of the Union rolls around again, and the last time I introduced you to my humble, burgundy Sierra. I had just recently gotten it, as it was last summer, and I wanted a RWD car for the winter again.

This post won’t tell you much of anything about the Sierra. Well, I still have it, it’s at a friend’s greasepit and we’re working on the still-too-tall suspension when there’s time. It still runs, it still works, there’s nothing too complicated about it.

That’s pretty much why I bought this 1993 Mazda MX-5 instead.

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Weekend Edition: Vårmønstringen 2015 by Norsk Sportsvogn Klubb


Quite a headline, isn’t it? The event is an answer to the question I’m sure many of you have been pondering, “What is the sports car scene like in Norway?”

The Vårmønstringen is a spring awakening of sorts. Held by the Norwegian Sportscar Club, it’s one of the biggest yearly automotive events in Norway, and this year’s gathering was the 40th so far. These photos by Hooniverse reader and power enthusiast Adrian Jektvik show just how diverse the scene can be.

And yes, there was a Koenigsegg there.

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Weekend Edition: 1973 Volkswagen SP2


The Volkswagen SP2 is one of the “most from the least” sort of sports cars. Built from humble Type 3 origins in Brazil, it manages to look absolutely brilliant for the money.

With an air-cooled 1700cc engine and a Variant floorpan, the dimensions promise a front-mounted V6 or the sort, but all the 75hp business is in the back and there’s a frunk up front. But as Volkswagen-based specials come, the SP2 is simply beautiful compared to the fibreglass contemporaries one could assemble in the comfort of your own garage.

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Wagon Wednesday: The Lada Wagon that conquered USA


A Lada station wagon is pretty awesome by itself. Especially the round-headlight 2102 ones, as they have the most simple and classic appearance of them all.

But one of the most significant ones, at least with Finnish plates, is this exact ochre one I photographed at the Classic Motorshow last weekend. The 2102 wagon, originally bought for two packets of coffee and driven by a brave team called The Hoponderos made it through the United States in one piece, and back to Finland. No mean feat.

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Blast from the Past: 1971 Citroën SM


Nestled among the classic Citroëns at the Classic Motorshow’s parking lot, next to a slightly dented CX GTi turbo was a Feuille doree gold coloured 1971 Citroën SM. It wasn’t the only SM at the event, but it was the most interesting one I had yet seen.

This particular “Special Maserati” was registered new in the Eastern Finnish town where my dad grew up. The car was ordered by a Citroën enthusiast, the owner of a plumbing company, and my dad knew his son. Apparently, the car did spend quite some time at the shop already when it was new, but that is probably par for the course when you have a very rare, very quirky and very exotic personal luxury coupe somewhere in Eastern Finland.

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More of that Good Stuff from the Classic Motorshow 2015


Eagle-eyed weekend readers might have noticed that there simply wasn’t an awful lot of weekend content posted on Saturday or Sunday. That’s entirely down to me: the schedule for me this past weekend was such a tight one, that there unfortunately was no time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

The good thing is: there’s post-worthy content for you to see right here, just a little later. I’ll be posting the interesting Classic Motorshow parking lot single shots after the Weird Neighbors you saw first.

That includes this bagged Mercedes right here.

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