How to Drive the Tail of the Dragon and Have a Badass Camping Trip


Unless you’re local to them, the “roads you must drive before you die” regularly featured in listicles don’t often actually merit the expense of a road trip. It’s just not practical to spend a day traveling to some remote road that takes 20 minutes to drive through when you can just pay a couple hundred bucks to run a track day an hour or two away, then sleep in your own bed that night. For those of us of modest means, there’s gotta be something else to do at the destination to make such a trip worthwhile. I found out quite by accident that the Tail of the Dragon is one such place, even if you have a minivan, a toddler, and a wife prone to carsickness.

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Justy Little Project Car: 10 Percent of the World’s Supply

Alan Cesar May 9, 2016 Project Cars


When you order OEM car parts from some of these third-party resellers, they’ll ask for a VIN so they can confirm that you’re ordering the right part. After I placed my order, I received an email that said this:

“There is an issue with the VIN # you provided. If this is a US market vehicle, then the number provided is incorrect, please double check it for accuracy. If this is a foreign market vehicle, please be aware we cannot specify parts or check fitment.”

Weird. The steering wheel is on the correct side. All the controls are in English. This has to be a US-market Subaru Justy, right?

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Lemons at Barber Live Blog

Alan Cesar February 5, 2016 All Things Hoon


I’m parked next to what I think is a peanut field alongside U.S. Route 82 in rural Georgia, cutting through the state along slightly more entertaining roads than the wonderful but dull interstate highway system. I stopped here to put together this short update before the day is up, because this weekend, Barber Motorsports Park plays host for the third time to the 24 Hours of LeMons—a series I don’t have to explain to you Hooniversitarianites (or whatever it is we call ourselves).

I’ll be posting live updates from the event throughout the weekend, so check in regularly with this post or follow Hooniverse on Facebook to see the ridiculous cars that show up. Pictured above is the incredible Smokey And The Bandit-themed Geo Metro campaigned by the Knox Vegas Lowballers. It’s got a mid-mounted V6 from a Ford SVT Contour. That’s not this year’s livery, nor is it last year’s, but Knox Vegas has always impressed with their presentation—albeit not always with their car’s reliability. Stay tuned throughout the weekend to see what they and other LeMons teams bring.

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Justy Little Project Car: The joy of a good machine shop, and a rogue Nissan Axxess


I don’t understand it. Even though I live near the birthplace of speed and some kind of important race track, engine machine shops are hard to come by. I drove 40 minutes one way to the machine shop when I rebuilt my WRX’s engine, and they even had to send the crankshaft out to another shop to get serviced because its journals were too small for their machines. My co-workers at a car magazine at the time had no suggestions.

I expected triple the hassles when rebuilding an abandonware 3-cylinder, but shortly before I tore my Justy’s engine down, I managed to find a more local shop. A friend stumbled across a pamphlet of theirs that listed a bunch of services and standard prices. When I saw lightening and balancing, crank knifing, and head work services all at attainable prices, visions of a high-revving, high-compression, 100-horsepower Uber-Justy danced in my head.

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HCOTY Nominee: Google’s Autonomous Car

Google’s self-driving car isn’t new for 2015. It also isn’t particularly fast: It’s limited to 25 mph. Regardless, it did reach an important milestone this year. The self-driving car got pulled over, and its “passenger” had a chat with a police officer. This happened in Silicon Valley, because of course it did.

This story was trending on November 12, when Zandr Milewski posted it to Facebook. Milewski works at Electric Imp, a tech company in Los Altos, Calif. that specializes in the so-callled Internet of Things. IoT refers to the expanding world of Internet-connected devices, of which the Google Car is likely one. If you think about those thermostats you can control over the Internet using your smartphone, you’ve got the idea. Connected devices can range from thermostats to washing machines to commercial jet engines. In the case of the latter, it’s common for jet engine manufacturers to constantly monitor and collect all kinds of operating data as a plane carries you and 200 other people to your snowbird destination in Boca Raton.

But I digress. Milewski recalls this event:
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Justy Little Project Car: Engine Teardown and Inspection


The engine’s out, all 1.2 liters of it. Since my last post, I separated it from the transmission and hung it on an engine stand. There’s not much left to do except to start taking it apart and see just how bad I’ve got it.

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Race Championship Recap: 2015 SCCA Runoffs at Daytona International Speedway

Alan Cesar November 9, 2015 Featured, Motorsports


The SCCA‘s national championship Runoffs has been a rather static thing for long stretches of time in terms of location. Five years here, 20 years there, 10 years there. This gave a significant annual advantage to racers who had the track’s nuances committed to muscle memory. It was also more difficult for those who live far away from, say, Road America, to travel there for the club’s annual championship event.

The club announced a few years back that, after the 2013 Runoffs, it would begin moving the championship around the country: a different track every year. Last year was Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. For 2015, they came to Daytona International Speedway. I stopped in to check it out.

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Justy Little Project Car: Pulling the Engine

Alan Cesar October 19, 2015 Featured, Project Cars


I’m done with half-measures. This Justy engine—with its frighteningly uneven compression figures across its three cylinders, thrust bearing slop, huge oil leak and worn motor mounts—had to come out. I could have tried to take care of these things with the engine in situ, but odds are good that it would require pulling the engine anyway. Removing the engine makes all of these jobs quite a lot easier. Now that my AMC Eagle Hell Project is gone, I actually have the space to do it.

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Justy Little Project Car: Suspension Maintenance and Specs

Alan Cesar October 13, 2015 Featured, Project Cars


When I was still driving the Justy regularly, it wandered all over the road whenever a tire hit a bump or found a curve. It darted left and right as far as a foot in some cases. I learned to watch for irregularities in the surface and countersteer in anticipation. I needed new front strut mounts. This was a good opportunity to measure suspension components and prepare for future upgrades.

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Former AMC Headquarters Auction Starts at $500

Alan Cesar October 8, 2015 All Things Hoon


The old American Motors headquarters is up for auction. It can be yours. Bidding starts at $500, but you’ll also have to deal with a possible piles of filler dirt, a building that might be partially gutted, and six figures’ worth of overdue taxes by next summer. Which begs the question: like a cheap Mercedes, is there really such a thing as a cheap world headquarters building for a dead automaker?

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