Hooniverse’s Los Huevos Rancheros Battles Top Gear USA for Class F Domination at 24 Hours of LeMons Arse-Freeze-Apalooza

hooniverse class f

After a mad-dash to fix a million problems, we’re here and ready to DOMINATE. Specifically, we’re here to dominate Class F, where they throw us yahoos from automotive media. Us yahoos being Hooniverse and Top Gear USA. Ain’t no way we’re doing fewer laps than those guys.

Here’s the thing: Top Gear has more resources than us, what might be a better car than us (90s Crown Vic) and at least one good driver. However, looking at their track record, the more time they spend with a car the worse it gets. In our case, the more time we spend with a car the better it gets.

We coasted through tech at 4:59 without any (major) issues and spent all afternoon and night debugging old-car crap (carb and timing issues). Now the Ranchero’s running better than ever before. But as I understand it, they haven’t passed tech yet. We’re already ahead!

There are only two places in Class F, first and last. We know where we’ll be.



Somos Los Heuvos Rancheros! The Ranchero’s Ready to Dominate at Sonoma and You Can Watch Us Live!

We’re here. After a week straight of scramble-wrenching, and one practice lap immediately followed by an afternoon and evening of scramble wrenching at the track, we’re ready to rock for tomorrow. We’re all set up to live-stream on Racecast.me from RacerConnect. Click here to see our (and a bunch of other teams’) feeds.

A quick summary of what’s gone down recently:

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Wrench Scramble 2015: It’s ALIVE! LeMons Domination is but 13 Trillion Little To-Dos Away

If you recall, this car fired (and actually drove) earlier this year. However, the oil pan had a stripped plug and the exhaust manifold was so warped you could see fire through the gap between it an the head. Also the carb was leaking gas right above said exhaust manifold. It was cheaper to find a whole new setup than replace the individual parts. So after re-assembling the head, rebuilding the carb, replacing the fuel pump and starter and doing a bit of tuning, it fires right up. That burble is courtesy of about 18 inches of leftover exhaust pipe.

Funny story: when cranking endlessly to get the thing to start, we noticed the throttle rod linkage was sparking and getting hot. WTF? Turns out in re-EVERYTHING-ing, we forgot to hook up an engine-to-chassis ground. With no driveshaft in place, there’s nothing but rubber mounts between the starter and chassis ground. Well, nothing but the throttle linkage. Thus, we were pumping a couple hundred amps through a series of clipped-together metal bits.

But hey, it runs (idles and revs) with no major issues.

With that out of the way, the to-do list as of tonight is… … Continue Reading

Wrench Scramble 2015: Witty Title about a Battery Box

battery relocation box

For those of us with good-but-not-great fabrication skills, 1/8″ X 1.5″ Ell channel steel is wonderful stuff. Thick enough to weld without blowing out, thin enough to weld with even the most mediocre of welders. With a halfway decent intuition of solid mechanics, you can sturdy built boxes, frames, etc. Case-in-point: LeMons grade battery box and hold-down. Follow along for a simple kinda-tutorial for keeping these joules in place…

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Love that Vintage Racing Poster Aesthetic? Heritage Racing Can Help You Out

Porsche 356 Tach clock

Heritage Racing is a father-son duo of Jeff and Casey Maciejewksi. They’ve combed the archives and have created a number of posters, clocks, shirts and other merch inspired by classic racing posters and events. Their clocks look like famous racing car tachs, as shown above. Their calendar doesn’t just list they typical holidays, but also includes major racing events throughout the year. This means that, as you gaze up from your desk full of TPS reports at the gorgeous artwork of a car you’ll never own or drive, you can sigh wistfully that you’ll be missing this year’s LeMans as well. (Cut me some slack for the glum attitude; it’s late and my LeMons car is coming along slowly).

Normally we don’t do much in the way of PR like this, but Jeff and Casey are a small outfit trying to put their talents to good work, so we’ll make an exception.

So long as you promise not to forget we have our own coming out very soon, you can check out their calendar on Amazon.

Their calendar as well as the rest of their posters, shirts, decals and clocks are here on Etsy: Heritage Racing

Wrench Scramble 2015: Two out of Four Ain’t Bad

carburetor adapter

Have you ever met someone with extensive knowledge of the minor engineering changes made within a model or brand? Someone who can say “oh, this is an early ’82 car, so you need the EA44517 starter, not the -524″ or “don’t get the Moog part for that bushing, their book is wrong”? You know how they know that? Because at least one time a thing that was supposed to fit, didn’t.

I’m becoming such a guy with this build…

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Wrench Scramble 2015: Don’t Do Cage Me In

24 hours of lemons roll cage ranchero

LeMons is all about cutting corners, be it in build quality or literally in driving technique. I’ll admit that the cage I put in The Uberbird was very much My First Rollcage® grade fabrication, likely to help in the event of a big crash, but not something you really really trust. Which, of course, defeats the whole purpose.

After seeing a Volvo P1800 take a K-rail to the driver’s door at last year’s Thunderhill with an unscathed driver inside, I knew who I wanted to make my cage. John, Grant and crew, at Evil Genius Racing in Sacramento didn’t just slap some tubes in there and call it a day. They added an extra lower-rear bar connecting the back of the hoop that tied into transmission tunnel, some of the last remaining good original metal in the car. The floor plates are all double or triple oversize to met spec, but it was necessary to distribute load and tie into something solid. It’s built from 1.75″ tubing, which is over-spec for the weight of the car, but again, this thing can use all the stiffness it can get. To quote John “there’s just no car to weld to!”

Was it cheap? No. However, the difference between this (arguably the best possible cage I could get) and a cheaper shop or DIY option is really only a few hundred bucks. For all the cash spent to construct a car, why skimp there?

Wrench Scramble 2015: You Know it’s LeMons When…

Transmission Mount

When you score a good deal on a heavy-duty transmission with the rare bellhousing and clutch configuration you need, you put up with it’s non-matching stubby tailshaft. When you have a transmission with a non-matching stubby tailshaft, you find yourself having to add about 9″ of length compensation between the existing transmission mount and the mounting pad on the transmission itself. This is a feat easily (?) accomplished with rectangular tube from the remnants rack and a few bolts from the bucket.

DIY transmission mount (2)DIY transmission mount (3)DIY transmission mount (1)

Yes, it all bolts up and yes, it gets the job done.

This Axle Shaft is a Metaphor for the Ranchero Build

Tim Odell November 3, 2015 24 Hours of Lemons

Things were going so well this weekend. I borrowed a tow rig, brought the car home from being caged and we got the engine in relatively quickly. Given that gas tank crude is the #1 hobbler of old LeMons cars, we pulled the gas tank. Thankfully, it doesn’t look too bad in there, just minor particulate and old gas residue. Thus concludes the good parts of the weekend.

The new rear axle was to follow suit, but upon installing the drivers side axle shaft (in the correct order), we noticed this. Before you start your “tsk tsk”-ing, this is not the shaft I wailed on, attempting to remove it. This was the good side. I’m getting a kick out of Google/YouTube’s attempt to stabilize the wobble out of this video.

In addition to this little snafu, we have rear leaf spring plates and bushings that both literally crumbled upon removal. Oh, and a strap broke while we were lifting the engine, but that’s a video of that for another post.

Thus, the shopping list at Tony the Parts Guy’s place now looks like this:

  • Return:
    • Toploader, header, various driveshafts.
  • Pick up:
    • Longer driveshaft, non-bent 8″ short-side shaft, cheap exhaust components.

More to come later in the week.

Wrench Scramble 2015: One Step Forward, One Step Back. Or: Nothing Fits.

20151028_234129Ever finish behind where you started? Such was last weekend. I stepped on my #$% with an axle shaft, but that only half the story. Our Ranchero arrived with a 170ci straight six and the infamous 2.77/non-syncro/”paper”/”peanut” three speed transmission. We’re swapping the five-main-bearing 170 for a seven-main 200, and the dinky trans for a famously beefy Toploader in cheap-as-free three speed form.


Our transmission is actually out of a six-cylinder F-series truck and has a shorter tailshaft than the “proper” Falcon/Ranchero/Mustang unit. Stopping by our parts hoarder friend, I decided to pick up a less aberrant trans in hopes of getting it all bolted up quicker. It wasn’t until we tried to swap the bellhousing off of the truck transmission that we learned our “proper” toploader was actually a V8 unit with different input and throwout bearing shafts. So…uh…guess we can swap that bellhousing back. Ted did manage to get the manual flywheel and clutch assembled onto the 200ci. On the second try, after snapping off a bolt in the flywheel.


Topping that off, we now have four separate one-barrel carburetor candidates: two Autolite 1100s, a Holley 1940 and a seemingly rebuilt Carter D6H1 Ball and Ball original to early-50s flatheaded Mopars. Yes, we bought the last one in our parts collection spree. It’s unclear why. Just to amplify the insanity, I’m seriously considering eBaying all four and just getting a junkyard Autolite 2100 and 2-to-1 adapter. For all the crap leftover parts I hang onto, I’m currently kicking myself for dumping my Falcon’s old 2-barrel on the cheap.


Oh, and there are three driveshafts on the floor. None of them will work due to wrong U-joints or wrong length (or both!). One came with the car and I honestly don’t even remember why we picked up the other two that we did.

This weekend we’ll have the car back from getting a cage at Evil Genius with the goal of getting the motor, trans and axle dropped in. We’ll see what actually happens…