1956 International Travelall: Bring ALL THE THINGS to ALL THE PLACES

1956 International travelall 4x4 for sale

Apologies for the memey title; it’s late. While Jeep lives on as the brand synonymous with Barbie 4x4s, International gave them a run for their money back in the middle of the century. Case in point? This Travelall Model S120, which looks like a medium-sized bus with rare-for-the-time four wheel drive. I’ll be 100% honest and say no one here knows much about these, so there’s not much to add. Even the requisite Wikipedia search tells us they the S120 is the heavier-duty option and that straight six is a 220ci unit (probably making something like 90hp). I fully expect commenter Scoutdude to weigh in with more details and perspective.

international travelall 4x4 for sale (1)international travelall 4x4 for sale (2)international travelall 4x4 for sale (4)

So, what you see is what you get: a bus-like thing that you could spend countless dollars and hours restoring to original, or a canvas to create your own camping/mountain lodge shuttle/gigantic family off-roading masterpiece. It’s sitting with 1 day to go an a $5,500 Buy-it-Now.

1956 International Travelall S120 4×4 for sale – eBay Motors


Partially Reconstructed Espada For Sale Two Months Later

Tim Odell August 12, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale

1971 lamborghini espada for sale

Back at the end of May, we marveled to see one of the roughest Lamborghini Espadas in recent memory sell for $78 grand. While the Jalpa, Jota and Jarama take podium in the oxymoronic Bargain Lamborghini contest, Espadas aren’t supposed to be that expensive. The plot thickens today, as the same overpriced car from a little over two months ago is back on the Bay of e. In the previous listing, the majority of the interior sat next to the car in piles, “ready to go in”. It appears the current seller installed all of those bits along with glass and trim. Additionally, they’ve upgraded from “turns over” to “running, but needs carb and fuel system work”.

$78k seemed expensive for a pile of parts with potential. The bidding’s at $20k with an unmet reserve as I type this; I wonder what they’re hoping to get for their trouble? $85? $90? $100 grand? What’s the rattiest (but now slightly less ratty!) Lambo around worth? Auction ends this weekend!

1971 Lamborghini Espada for sale – eBay Motors

$16,000 BMW CS Coupe Might be the Cheapest Intact One You’ll Ever See

1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale

We should do a Hooniverse Asks about what car is so beautiful you don’t care how much pain it will cause you. Such is the BMW E9 CS Coupe for me. Unless properly addressed, their rust issues are terrifying. The interior tends to degrade horribly in the presence of excess dryness or moisture, they’re not all that fast and many are automatics. But dammit man, they’re so gorgeous. Tragically, examples with the correct drivetrain and minimal bodywork issues range in price from a nice E46 M3 to a new F80.

1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale (1)1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale (2)1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale (4)1974 bmw 3.0 cs coupe for sale (5)

So, at a $16,000 asking price, this not-quite-perfect-but-not-quite-hopeless E9 tantalizes. It’s had the engine upgraded to a later 3.5L M30, has 30 years of service records, and a claimed absence of structural rust. Sure, it’s still got the three-speed auto, but there are no shortage of donor four or five speeds to be dropped in. Then again, for 16 large, one could buy a large fleet of nearly mechanically identical 6-series’ at about $2k each. Or, you know, a decent M3. But they wouldn’t be as pretty.

1974 BMW 3.0 CS Coupe for sale – SF Bay Craigslist

1960 Ford F100 Panel Wagon, Because Vans are Too Mainstream

1960 ford panel wagon for sale

Oddly enough, Ford didn’t introduce the Falcon Econoline Van until 1961, so if you wanted a Ford box on wheels in 1960, this was your only option. This panel wagon, based on the third generation F-100 truck sports an early straight-six and three-on-the-tree. If the setting of the photo shoot weren’t a giveaway, this one’s a “ran when parked” special, having spent 12 years in the weeds. Prior to parking, the engine was rebuilt and a new clutch fitted. Alas, the rear main seal is shot (some rebuild…) and it’ll need a full going through to do more than sputter and set the tall grass on fire. The good news is it doesn’t get much simpler than a straight-six Ford pickup. The bad news is there are no pictures of the back of the interior. Spiderwebs, hornets’ nests, dead hobos or a ’70s sex grotto are all within the realm of possibilities.

Leaving out those possibilities, let’s think about what we could do with this thing. Think time’s over: Camping Rig is the proper answer. While I’m a big fan of period correctness, originality isn’t my cross to bear. Instead, I’d grab the 4×4 chassis of a number of Ford trucks being parted out on Craigslist and swing that sweet, sweet heavy duty drivetrain right into place. A good set of mud tires, a winch and a locker or two and you’d be good to wander to the ends of the earth in your rolling hobo mausoleum/sex grotto.

Two final details: the seller’s asking $2000 and also suggests that this would “make a great first truck for a teen”…which is both terrifying and awesome at the same time.

1960 Ford F100 Panel Wagon – Stockton Craigslist

Ultimate Oldsmobile Buick Sleeper Wagon: Cream Paint, White-Walls and a 455

Tim Odell August 5, 2014 eBay Insanity, For Sale

1964 oldsmobile wagon for sale My dad can’t get over wagons being Mom Cars. Even so much that he shoots down my hypothetical ideas for a hypothetical Pinto Wagon LeMons team for the wagon-ness alone. Such are generations, as minivans induce the same cringe in me. Anyway, it’s the juxtaposition of total 60s Mom Jeans (did they have mom jeans in the 60s?) and a stonking 455ci V8 that has me all hot and bothered.

1964 oldsmobile wagon for sale

The seller tells us the mechanicals are nearly new: less than 1000 miles on a motor and transmission (TH400) rebuild, new front suspension, disc brakes, windshield, etc. The interior “needs work”, seemingly just some POR-15 on the floors, a carpet kit and door panels. The exterior looks like 60s banana creme, but it’s actually epoxy primer. I’ll now confess an unpopular opinion: I really don’t care for white walls or typical factory wheels from the era, as exemplified here. They hang too far inside the fenders and the styled steel/full-face hubcaps just look lousy. I’ll take some 15×8″ Cragars or Rallyes and blackwalls over this setup any day.

As I type this, bidding’s at $1,625 with an unmet reserve. To me, this is easily a mid-to-high four-figure car with a few details keeping it from mid-five-figure territory. Buy it, drive it, upgrade it and sell it and there’s no way you’re worse off than driving a similarly priced used Saturn Vue.

1964 Buick Sport Wagon for sale – eBay Motors

Junkyard Benzamino Verdict is in…

mercedes benz 220s junkyardI stumbled across this 1965 Mercedes Benz 200-amino while using Row52 to hunt for an alternator donor for my Falcon. With only one picture to go by, questions outnumbered answers 10:1. After pulling the alternator I needed from a 1970 Fairlane wagon and a 10 foot battery cable from an e30 BMW (for future trunk battery mounting), I burrowed deep into the SUV section of the yard to find our subject…

… Continue Reading

Volvo V50 T5 MT AWD Flood Car is Quite the Swedish Siren

volvo v50 for saleIn the ’00s Volvo went through an awesome phase, moving on from all FWD automatics to offering a few great vehicles in turbocharged manual transmission AWD form (see also: V70R). Alas, People in General have terrible taste in cars, so very of them were willing to plunk down Volvo’s painful asking price for three pedal turbo wagons (Three Pedal Turbo Wagon: also a great band name). That’s why the $3500 price on this ’07 V50 (T5MTAWDFTMFW) had my jaw on the floor. Then I noticed the picture set has copious amounts of snow in the background. Cars with months-old pictures usually have a back-story. In the case of this Volvo, that back-story involves a big girl named Sandy and an influx of saltwater up to about the level of the shifter.

volvo v50 for sale (1)volvo v50 for sale (2)volvo v50 for sale (3)

The seller does a good job of listing what’s known and unknown in terms of electrical system corrosion, highlighting some major hurdles in the project to turn this back into a runner. Specifically, the main fuse box (which is apparently so over-engineered it needs dealer reprogramming to work again) will need replacing, along with most of the interior electronics. Based on the description, I can’t help but think this would be a great candidate for race/rally car conversion. Gut the (dried out, but suspicious) interior, replace the destroyed circuitry with something simpler, add a megasquirt or other stand-alone ECU and head for your local rallycross event.

On the other hand, why not pull the drivetrain and make the world’s most awesome Pinto Cruising Wagon?

2007 Volvo V50 T5 AWD MT for sale – eBay Motors

1964 Dart GT Gets it Just Right

1964 dodge dart gt for saleWhen shopping for a first project car, 60s-70s compacts from the Big Three make great starting points, with honorable mentions to AMCs and Volvos. The point is: front-engine, RWD, solid axle and decades of shared engineering are your friends. Case in point, somewhere along the way this 1964 Dodge Dart GT dropped its slant six for a 360ci V8 (probably from a truck), but is otherwise stock. The paint looks to be in great shape, in a handsome dark-blue hue. While it seems to be suffering from years of disuse, the 904 automatic and 8.25 rearend are begging for replacement by stouter and more manual pieces, but otherwise it looks to be a prime candidate as a project driver.

1964 dodge dart for sale (1)1964 dodge dart for sale (2)1964 dodge dart for sale (3)

Bidding’s currently a little over two grand, with a few days left on the auction. What’s it worth to you? What do you think it’ll go for?

1964 Dodge Dart GT for sale – eBay Motors

Vintage Service Station with Attached Duplex Makes a Most Compelling Case for Moving to Detroit

Tim Odell July 29, 2014 For Sale

PortageGarage-shop interior

For many of us, a perfect home starts and ends with a giant garage with attached sleeping and eating quarters. Lawns just take up valuable parking space and dining rooms are for people who can’t find good restaurants. With as the ideal, this old service station Siamesed to a duplex is downright palatial. Courtesy of the listing on Trulia, via Curbed Detroit and tipster Merh, the Portage Garage located in Hamtramck has three bays, a hoist and huge extra shop and office spaces. Previously it served as a gas station, but the underground tanks have since been removed. The pictures from the duplex don’t really communicate what’s what (upstairs, downstairs, which unit?), but we see some intact hardwood floors and evidence of non-crackhead tenants.

While any form of continued use and semi-preservation is better than letting it rot, it’d really be a tragedy to see this repurposed for non-automotive uses. Detroit-area Hoons, you know you’ve been looking for a new residence or rental property, right?

2060 Norwalk St, Hamtramck MI – Trulia

Blown 3800 powered Super Stalker is a Se7en that Spent too Much Time in the Weight Room

bruton super stalker se7en for sale

Se7en/Caterham/Locosts occupy about 8% of my Future Car Purchase scheming time. Their adaptability and simplicity attracts me as much as the raw performance. So few things to worry about, so easy to access all the parts, so many options for the “Engine goes HERE” hole. Case in point: a blown 3.8l V6 from a Pontiac Grand Prix GXP motivates this one (to a claimed 3 second 0-60 time). Is it the most traditional/best/whatever powerplant? No, but the combination of an Eaton blower and that chassis would make me smile all the way to the emergency room.

Brunton Super Stalker Se7en for sale – eBay Motors


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