Project Car SOTU: 1964 Falcon, 1969 Wagoneer and 1959 Project House Hell

Tim Odell July 16, 2014 Project Cars


When I penned “Zen and the Art of Overdoing it“, I confessed that three project cars, a kid and a blog were probably too much to deal with at once. Oddly enough, I’m right back in that situation as I type this: two kids, two and a half project cars, a much more involved day job and one hell of a project house. Hit the jump to find out what’s been fixed, upgraded and broken on my 1964 Falcon daily driver, 1969 Jeep Wagoneer family dirtwagon and 1959 Project House.

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These 50 Vintage Technical Education Films will Teach You Everything but How to Get your Afternoon Back

Tim Odell July 15, 2014 Hoonivercinema

Vintage Instructional Video

What better way to wile away the afternoon than listening to bold voiced mid-century American male narrators explaining the principles of operations of various pieces of equipment? What’s nice about these old technical videos explain technologies as they were being introduced as new. While automotive engineering has moved on in leaps and bounds, these were the building blocks our current machines evolved from. Hit the entire list on Jeff Quitney’s YouTube channel or click past the jump where we’ve got the playlist embedded for your time-wasting pleasure.

Hat tip to Josh!

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Seconds Saturday at Hanzels Auto Body Works, 12 July, 2014


Last weekend at Hanzel’s Auto Body works we saw one of the biggest Seconds Saturdays turnouts yet. On a typically overcast morning such notable automobiles spanning the spectrum from a Pinto Cruising Wagon to a Rolls Royce Phantom appeared. Coffee was consumed and project cars were schemed. Hit the jump for a gallery.

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Get Your Vintage 4×4 Fix for Cheap with this Scout 800A

1968 scout 800 for saleVintage 4x4s are getting more expensive by the day. This guy just got $31 grand for a ’69 Wagoneer (which puts the scheming portion of my brain into overdrive). Land Rovers, Cruisers, Classic Broncos and K5s are rapidly graduating to collectible status, with the accompanied price jumps. Bare-bones utilitarian vehicles meant for park rangers, selling as luxury items, huh. Luckily, Scout 800s are still widely acknowledged as being the crappy little 4x4s they always were. As such, they’re still available with prices like “will trade for 5hp chipper shredder”.

1968 scout 800 for sale (1)1968 scout 800 for sale (2)1968 scout 800 for sale (4)

This one’s a nice exception to the general crappiness of the 800, as it’s equipped with a 266ci V8 and a 4-speed manual. That said, plan near total dis- and re-assembly to get drain every fluid and replace every seal and hose. There’s more rust than we’d expect from an Arizona car, but it’s still on the low end for an ancient Scout. The nice part is you’re really under no obligation to restore it beyond grinding down the worst of it and getting the thing running. I’d keep it basically stock, save a grumbly exhaust and skinny mud terrain tires.

Opening bid is a mere $1500: 1968 IH Scout 800A for sale – eBay Motors


Crypto NASCAR/TransAm Road Runner Begs for a Flogging

Tim Odell July 10, 2014 For Sale

1971 plymouth road runner for saleKnow how to make a small fortune in vintage racing? Start with a large one. That’s particularly true when it comes to very strictly controlled classes and cars with historical provenance. The 1971 Road Runner we’re looking at today has no such pretensions.

While it looks like a classic racer pulled from a garage or museum, it was created from scratch in 2000 as a promotional tool for MicroSleeve, as a mish-mash of early 70s racing cues. The upgrade list is extensive, including a built 426 wedge (not Hemi), full cage and HD suspension that leaves a perfect stance over the massive tires stuffed in expanded wheel wells. Oddly, it’s equipped with a 727 automatic, but has a four-speed shifter and a clutch pedal. The add copy suggests it’s set up that way to help expedite the assumed four-speed swap the next owner would perform.

1971 plymouth road runner for sale (1)1971 plymouth road runner for sale (2)1971 plymouth road runner for sale (4)

Unfortunately this car suffers from the “collection of racy parts” treatment. It’s not clear it’s legal for any vintage class anywhere and is a few key details (like headlights) away from being street legal. Save for a few open test days, it’s not clear where you could ever drive it. Personally, I’d consider de-stickering it and throwing some headlights back on and making a scene at vintage rallies.

So…price: the reserve’s unmet at $8,100 right now. Final sale price? Probably mid $20s would be our guess.

1971 Plymouth Roadrunner for sale – eBay Motors

Kit that’s Not a Replica: 1970 Manx SR

Meyers Manx SR for saleWhat’s your take on kit/replica cars? Thankfully (sort of) we’re past the 70s-80s heyday of terrible fake Bugattis, Fieraris and the like, having moved on to actually well engineered Cobra, Shelby Daytona and GT4o Replicas worth a damn on a racetrack. Personally, the only kits that interest me are Miata-based Locosts and other “Se7en” ilk. These are already about as minimalist of a car as you can get, so there’s not much to “copy”. Meanwhile, driving a replica GT40 makes as much sense as walking around in a Batman outfit, expecting people to take you seriously.

Anyway, the arguable genesis of the “hey, let’s make a different car out of this car” movement was the Meyers Manx. As the knockoffs of Mr Manx’s Manx spread, he tried to evolve and differentiate my making the “Street Roadster” Manx SR. Unfortunately, the SR is a more complicated operation than the original Manx. In the end people still preferred the iconic dune buggy look, though not enough to buy the an original over a copy kit. Meyers sold everything and got out of the business, so the SR rights passed through a few different manufacturers, this one being made by Heartland sometime in the early 80s.

Meyers Manx SR for sale (1)Meyers Manx SR for sale (2)Meyers Manx SR for sale (3)

As a general suggestion, leading with your car on a flatbed isn’t the best way to open an eBay ad. The seller gets points for honesty, pointing out that this is a total project that’s partially disassembled. Most interestingly, it’s never even seen the road. The kit was partially assembled, but never completed. Ever the optimist and bad influence, I’ll point out it’s a pretty simple collection of parts to be resurfaced, replaced and reassembled…not sure how that translates to the current $3,000 price tag, though.

Meyers Manx SR Kit for sale – eBay Motors

1965 Mercedes Benzamino Inspires Junkyard Quest

1965 Junkyard BenzaminoThis is a picture of a 1965 Mercedes Benz 220 station wagon (or possibly sedan) at the Newark, CA Pick-N-Pull. You now know what I know. However, I’ll be stopping by tomorrow to take advantage of their 4th of July weekend sale and I will investigate further.

Care to speculate what this thing was or where it came from? It really has the look of the hacked up vehicles one finds in war-torn failed states. Those folks know what lasts and what doesn’t, and an ancient MB will outlive its owners if treated well. I’m hoping some junkyard archaeology will reveal if this was an enterprising farmer’s sheep hauler or some stupid art car from Burning Man.

Found courtesy of the craigslist-for-people-who-want-something-below-the-bottom-rung: Row52.

Two WTFaminos and Two Wagons for a Tuesday Afernoon

Tim Odell July 1, 2014 For Sale

We love classic wagons here, but unfortunately searching for wagons brings things that used to be wagons. Like a bad disease, we can’t help but pass these along to you, our friends. We’ll make it up to you with a soothing balm for your seared retinas at the end.

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Pinto Cruising Wagon Twofer – Buy them before I end up living in them!

I’ve got a sick attraction to the Pinto Cruising Wagon. It’s so very of its time. Plus, a Pinto is a remarkably buildable platform, being light and easily accommodating a Ford smallblock or any of the descendants of The Pinto Four Cylinder, be they later Ranger motors or 2.3L turbos. I’m told there’s some crossover there to Mazda and Volvo motors as well.

But I get ahead of myself; let’s focus on the cars at hand. Yes, plural: two Pinto Wagons. One’s a run-of-the-mill two door wagon, the other a proper Cruising Wagon. The price? $1000 for the pair. I’m hyperventilating at the idea of being able to run a two car, ten person LeMons squad. I’m thinking a split theme: the Cruising Wagon is a crew of late-70s Quaalude-popping, polyester jumpsuit wearing scumbags, obviously. The brown wagon will be their contemporary Bible-thumping, sweater-wearing Moral Majority folks on a quest to save their souls. Chick tracts will be mandatory.

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Hooniverse Slave Labor Penalty: The GM Banned Words List

Big Red Racing 24 hours of lemons

[Ed: Back in 2008, "Old GM" employees were instructed to keep their commentary when filing reports on vehicles to purely matter-of-fact technical terms and avoid terms with emotional connotations. "New GM" says they've changed their ways. Proprietor of Evil Genius Racing, LeMons tech and safety boss guy and generally kickass fellow John Pagel thought it would make a great LeMons penalty. Car #99 of rookie team Big Red Racing managed to be the right combination of lovable, terrible and clueless enough to end up writing this post using all 69 words.]

Fellow Hoons, as always it is with suicidal tendency and crippling humility that we come before you. We have been bad. Our tomblike deathtrap has had a cataclysmic catastrophe on a greater scale than the Titanic and the Hindenburg combined. Our startling and flawed attention to safety has resulted in a Kevorkianesque rolling sarcophagus. Bandaids should never be seriously used to correct a problem in a car. Defective safety related equipment can cause grenade-like spontaneous combustion.

Apocalyptic failure of our rolling powderkeg could result in a horrific inferno dangerous to the entire race, potentially ending in genocide. Defect can cause the car to detonate and the resulting conflagration can result in asphyxiating and suffocating conditions on the track. The unstable nature of our car can only be described as pure evil or maybe Corvair-like (those widowmakers are almost as bad as Challengers [I think GM meant the shuttle, not the competitor's muscle car - Ed]).

The roll cage failed, resulting in gruesome impaling and mangling, mutilating and disemboweling our driver. Our terrifying car brakes like an “X” car and even though we have dreams of the big time, the chaotic suspension at times seemed to be malicious and condemns all drivers to a grisly death. We cannot annihilate our competition, even though we desperately want to scream at them, “You’re toast!”

We considered enfeebling our car in order to make it less life-threatening, but the car came to life and in a maniacal rage began maiming and decapitating everyone, which left them hobbling. The ghastly results of our now alive Frakencar, have resulted in a critical threat to all life on earth, he won’t stop until he has eviscerated Kurt Cobain, who is already dead, so the car will never be satisfied. Now he is terrifying the countryside, lacerating farm animals and debilitating tractors until he explodes, in a potentially disfiguring blast. May God help us all!

[It's good to know they're consistent, writing as well as they race =p -Ed]


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