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Hooniverse.com speaks to a wide range of automotive enthusiasts. From classic cars to super cars, and everything in between, as long as it has wheels – we enjoy talking about it, and so do our readers.

Why is Hooniverse.com a great place to advertise?
-From a traffic standpoint, Hooniverse sees unique visitor counts in the hundreds of thousands every month (and growing). This translates into millions, of available ad impressions on a monthly basis. Our articles are picked up by other major automotive sites and forums across the internet, including Autoblog, Jalopnik, and the various High Gear Media outlets.

-Our core readership is built  by a network of automotive enthusiasts that span a wide range of interests. They don’t just like reading about cars specifically, but also about books, movies, aftermarket parts, races, shows and anything else that falls under the spectrum of interest for the automotive world.

-Enthusiasts have a hidden hand in helping to drive in-market auto shoppers while they make their purchasing decision. Most people have “that friend who knows about cars”, and they turn to that person for advice when shopping for a new or used car. Where does that “friend who knows about cars” spend their time on the internet? Hooniverse.com

We can offer ad packages to suit your needs, for ad-units that follow the current IAB guidelines. A bulk of our advertising is handled by the BuySellAds.com network, and you can find our marketplace listing here. Through the BSA network, we offer a variety of ad options to suit your needs. These options include the following:

Large 728×90 Header Banner – This ad-unit is the first thing readers see when coming to our page. It sits at the top of all pages, as it is a run-of-site spot. If you secure this spot, it’s all yours for the month because we only allow one advertiser here at a time.

Sidebar 300×250 – This ad-unit sits at the very top of our sidebar, which appears on all pages of the site. Up to two advertisers can share this spot over the course of a month.

Sidebar 100×300 – Here is an affordable space that can be shared by up to four advertisers, all displayed at the same time. Like the other two spots, this space is a run-of-site ad unit.

We’re not limited to these ad spaces, however, and if you’re interested in discussing other opportunities, please feel free to reach us directly: by email: Jeff@Hooniverse.com or by cellphone: 617-869-8477


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