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Last Call: Proto-shop Edition

Peter Tanshanomi November 7, 2018 Last Call 14 Comments

Back before digital retouching was available, automotive brochures often resorted to hand-retouched and manually composited photos to illustrate their newest vehicles. As with most other aspects of running a car company, American Motors evidently didn’t have the budget to attract the tip-top talent.

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  • Batshitbox

    My New Wave problem.

  • Batshitbox

    My New Wave problem.

    Whenever I see a Nissan Frontier I sing the name of the truck to the tune of Peter Gabriel’s “Games Without Frontiers”*; the bit that’s in French.
    Instead of “Jeux Sans Frontières” I hear Ni-…ssan Frontier”. It’s all in fun, but occasionally I find myself singing the names of vehicles I see in traffic to other New Wave songs. It’s not a habit, I do it for recreation. Please help me.

    I was reminded of this by today’s Mitsubishi Outlander** post, which got me singing a tune that has retained it’s charm, and sadly its relevance, for nearly 25 years. P.W.E.I.’s “Ich Bin Ein Ausländer”.


    *The lyrics to which have a surprising connection to European game shows of the 1980s. Thanks, wikipedants.

    **I really want to re-create the Blues Brothers Illinois Nazis off-the-bridge scene with an Outlander instead of the Bluesmobile. “Bitch I’m an Outlander!”

  • Sjalabais

    I recently learned there was a bus named “FAP Famos” in Serbia. Got to wonder if it came with easy-clean seat covers.

  • Vairship

    Interesting that they tried to add in their brand new car, but forgot to remove the Antiques ‘n Such sign right above it.