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BMW finally puts the M in motorcycles

Jeff Glucker November 6, 2018 Two-Wheel Tuesday 8 Comments

BMW’s Motorrad is taking a page out of the playbook from the automobile side of the family. It’s all about M as the motorcycle family will soon be able to option up their bikes with new options and performance parts. The goal here is performance, exclusivity, and individuality. And mucho dollars, of course.

First to receive the M goods is the new BMW S1000 RR. There is now an M package available and it consists of:

  • Motorsport paint finish
  • M carbon fibre wheels
  • M light weight battery
  • M Chassis Kit with rear ride height adjustment and swingarm pivot 
  • M sport seat
  • Pro Mode

The timing is great, as the S1000 RR is all new itself. This is a bike that now makes 205 horsepower (207 outside of the US) from a freshly developed 4-cylinder inline engine. BMW have completely reworked the suspension for improved traction while also increasing and improving rider feedback at the same time.

BMW have fitted the bike with four rider modes as well, with Pro Mode unlocked by that M package. In Pro Mode, the bike makes use of launch control for race starts and a pit lane limiter.

We don’t know how much the new bike costs, nor what those M package goodies will run. But M bits are irresistible to enthusiast-minded BMW buyers… if it translates to bikes the way it does with cars, this will work out rather well for BMW Motorrad.


  • Fred

    They need to add money to their list of Ms.

  • Looking sharp, the first new BMW in a while that I just like.
    I hope they won’t introduce a front driven entry-level model down the road..

    • Number_Six

      For ten years the S1000RR has secretly been BMW’s greatest product, and by a large margin. BMW cars can piss right off, but they’re getting the bikes very right.

      • Ten years? I’m following them really, really loosely…

      • Rover 1

        And that is the double pirate version, the Arrrr, Arrrr.

        • Number_Six

          Aye, the S1000R is only 50% as ferocious

  • Monkey10is

    The start of a slippery slope: by next year this will be known as the ‘M1000 RR iDrive Grand Coupe’, then it will get bigger wheels and a lift kit to become the ‘X1000M RR xDrive Active Tourer with MSportline trim #Dynamism’.

    • You won’t need a helmet, thanks to the roll bars, and the wheels under the auxiliary pods make it handle really stable at low speeds…