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How not to overland

Kamil Kaluski October 4, 2018 All Things Hoon 16 Comments

Those that are not aware, overlanding is the hottest current trend. The idea is to take an off-road capable vehicle and transform it into something that is even more capable for increased payload and ability to conquer more difficult trains. Recovery and emergency gear is part of the deal. The vehicle then has to be able to carry the essentials, and not much else, needed multi-night camping. Call it hiking in your car – it has a lot of appeal. 

See the Jeep above? That is the exact opposite of what overlanding is supposed to be. This very stock-looking JK Sahara is clearly significantly overloaded. The custom looking, if sketchy AF, roof rack seems to have everything on it and the kitchen sink, probably literally. But what can’t been seen in the above picture is the hitch mounted rack. Click below…

This is not only insanity, it’s downright dangerous. It’s dangerous because it is overloaded. It is dangerous because all this crap significantly raises the center of gravity on an already tall, and already tipsy, vehicle. It’s dangerous because the driver can’t see anything around or behind the vehicle. There is ever stuff attached to the sides, undoubtedly blocking the side mirrors. 

The person loading and driving this Jeep may have planned an awesome road trip, call it an expedition, but he or she is also a complete moron. There was clearly no plan, no research, and thought given to this thing. It’s so dumb I almost want to think it was done as a joke… but I don’t think it was. 

Images: found somewhere on the internet, I forgot where

  • GTXcellent

    Is that a hockey stick and a golf bag in the second pic? Surprised they didn’t shove some wood blocks in the rear springs, given how slap dash the rest of this nightmare appears to be.

    • Tank

      Where’s the kitchen sink?

  • Ben_Wojdyla

    The weirdest part of this situation is it could easily be resolved with smarter loading. “Hey, let’s put the bike and likely empty coolers up top in the middle and 40 lb water cube and 30 lb gerry can over the rear bumper!”… what? The Jeep could probably handle that hardware pretty easily if it was just loaded correctly.

    Also, can we please not put bro stickers over the rear passenger windows? Can that please not become a thing?

    • outback_ute

      A trailer would also do wonders.

      Reminds me of old photos of Depression era Model T’s loaded with a family’s worldly possessions

      • SlowJoeCrow

        yeah, this is definitely the upscale Okie look. It also reminds me of the stanced VWs with random junk on the roofrack.

      • Troggy

        A trailer was always my answer. You can also unhitch it to head offroad, or just to lighten it a bit for day tripping.

  • smalleyxb122

    Clearly not a disciple of Lone Star.

  • neight428

    Looks like he drove through my garage and everything stuck.

  • Sjalabais

    Is there really only one bike? Comes across as a marketing attention stunt…or a pre-family guy too cheap to rent a moving truck.

    • outback_ute

      Yep, trying to save money but then spending money to build some shonky racks and no doubt to replace stuff that falls off on the road.

  • tonyola

    Wonder what happens when this rear-heavy thing goes a little too fast on a rain-slick curve? Perhaps drivers of old Porsche 911s could tell us.

  • Batshitbox

    Just having that many stickers on the windshield should attract the attention of the highway patrol. Not that they ever pull over anyone with two cell phones and a GPS stuck to the inside of the windshield.

    • I saw an Uber driver with a huge tablet clipped to his windshield. I wanted to run him off the road just to save someone from being killed by him.

  • Alff

    Roma Edition