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James May goes low-res to unpimp a Honda CBR Fireblade

Jeff Glucker September 14, 2018 All Things Hoon 8 Comments

James May is a low-resolution man. He likes his vehicles stock and he is willing to take the time to “un-pimp” his ride. The ride in question here is a Honda CBR Fireblade motorcycle. It’s wearing a tinted windscreen and that just cannot be on a vehicle fit for Mr. May.

He removes it. Removes the tint. Then reinstalls the windscreen. It’s a simple video. Yet it shows why May is the best of The Grand Tour trio. He can be funny with little effort. Even in a short clip, displayed at 240p, and showing a basic bike fix.

This is a perfect appetizer clip for the rest of your Friday, enjoy.

  • neight428

    It’s all very odd, but you kind of feel happy for him in finding such pleasure.

  • Fred

    I wish I had that kind of room in my garage. I’m thinking of taking down a wall to expand the garage to get both my Lotus and Sportwagon in.

  • onrails

    If you haven’t seen The Reassembler, look it up on YouTube. Couple hours of happy puttering in the garage for your viewing pleasure.

    • Jeff Glucker

      The reassembler is excellent

      My favorite is still when Oz Clark and May go on a wine adventure together.

    • mrh1965

      Great show, we need more episodes. Somebody find something for Mr. May to reassemble!

  • Sjalabais

    Why would this be tinted to start with? Does that improve instrument readability in sunlight? Or is it just pimped?